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Kershaw Designs Basher Edition Traxxas E-Revo & Summit Chassis
The crew over at Kershaw Designs have just announced their new and improved V3.1 Basher Edition chassis for both the Traxxas E-Revo and Summit. They have now added two 1/4″ aluminum braces that run the entire length of the chassis to make them even tougher for all you extra hardcore bashers. Not only have they made their chassis tougher, they’ve also reduced pricing, making a smaller dent in your wallet. Some of the other features include-

* Receiver box mounting tabs
* Improved tolerances and clearance
* Chassis plates made from 100% heat treated aluminum
* Available in bronze, copper, matte black, green, or in natural aluminum
* Only 2 oz heavier than stock chassis yet much stiffer
* “Uni-body” design that gains rigidity from top and bottom plates
* LCG design for better cornering
* Uses stock center drive shafts or optional center dogbones
* Easy-access, open-air battery trays that include stops for using LiPo
* Comes with all necessary installation hardware

Street price for the Kershaw LCG Basher Edition E-Revo Chassis is $156, while the Summit Edition goes for $159. These are available right now for your bashing enjoyment.

Kershaw makes some cool bashing gear, hit THIS LINK to read more about them right here on BigSquidRC.

Kershaw HPI Savage Flux 5SC Chassis
The crew over at Kershaw Designs are known for coming up with innovative and affordable large scale products. Their latest creation, a new chassis for the HPI Savage Flux 5SC, is a good example of their creativity. The new Kershaw 5SC chassis is designed to not only be stronger than stock, but to also allow the use of larger motors and battery packs for you power hungry freaks out there.

* Motor mount accepts all common 56mm motors and the enormous Castle 2028 motor
* Room for blower fans
* Main chassis made from 4.1mm heat treated aluminum.
* Velcro battery synching system with plenty of room for wide, tall LiPos.
* Chassis designed with 4 degrees of anti-squat geometry in the rear for quicker acceleration
* Battery tray adjusts to 3 different positions forwards and aft for tuning weight distribution
* Available with optional 1/4 scale servo mounting plate
* Also accepts KD’s Direct Drive Gearbox

Street price for the Kershaw 5SC chassis is $430 and they are available right now. For more information hit up the official Kershaw Designs Website.

It’s been a long work week, treat yourself to a TGIF Mystery Link.

Kershaw Savage Mount
Kershaw Designs now has an updated version of their popular universal HPI Savage motor mount. For you guys that are converting your nitro Savages to electric this updated motor mount makes the switch a breeze. The updates to the Kershaw universal mount include a stiffer lower plate and more reinforcements for better pinion/spur mesh. Street price is only $25, and they are available right now. THIS is the link you want for more information.

Have you read the BigSquidRC Kershaw brushless system review? Check it out right HERE.

BS-kershaw (1)

Kershaw Designs showing off product as well. I’ve always thought the chassis designs were pretty cool.  I wonder how that brushless system closest to us looks against some of the other large scale solutions?



BS-kershaw (3)BS-kershaw (2)

Sometimes big, 1/8 scale monster trucks like the Savage, just aren’t big enough.  For those times, Kershaw Designs has their Stalwart V3, brushless powered, 1/5 scale monster truck.  So you’re probably thinking, how could they make a 1/5 scale monster truck brushless powered?  Easy, this big boy actually weighs less than a HPI Baja 5B.  When you order this truck you get your choice of tire style and brushless system, though it does require a radio system.

The price for the base truck is $999, and it takes three to four months for delivery.  But it might be worth the wait to be the biggest dog at the park.  Check out the Kershaw Designs website for more info.

Kershaw Designs has collected too much stuff over the last couple years and they’re tired of tripping over it every time they walk in the door.  Well their frustration is your gain, they’ve taken a ton of that stuff and started putting it up on eBay to get rid of it as quickly as possible.  Right now, at this very moment, one of their Grenadier 1/5 scale electric buggy rollers (no electronics) is up on eBay and bidding for it is at just about $300.  That would be an incredible deal.  But that’s not the only thing you’ll find as they are also selling off brushless motors, battery chargers, electronic speed controls and more, with the additional promise of adding more new stuff every day until they’re done.

Hit up the Kershaw Designs eBay store for all the details

Those fellas at Kershaw Designs are a bit sick in the head.  In a totally good way of course.  You’d have to be a little messed up to come up with the idea to take a Traxxas E-Revo and stretch it out to the same wheel base as a HPI Baja 5T.  That’s exactly what this new chassis conversion kit does.  The chassis is a beautifully machined hunk of metal that adds eight inches to the length of the E-Revo.  Also included in the conversion are giant 7.5″ wheels with 23mm hexes, an optional but probably necessary sway-bar kit, a heavy duty slipper clutch spring, and extra long body posts for mounting the (not included) 5T body.  You can get it all together in one kit for $379.99, or break it down into individual components with the chassis itself costing $249.99, $99 for the wheels and tires, and everything else for a few extra bucks.  Most of the parts are available now, but there is a two week wait on the chassis.

Check out the Kershaw Designs website for more info.

By way of the guys at Kershaw Designs we have news of a new brushless ESC from that behind the scenes company known as Leopard Hobby.  Known more for making the motors on which other companies slap their logos, Leopard stepped out of the shadows not too long ago with a line of their own branded brushless motors.  Now they’re stepping into the ESC game with the Ground 150 amp, 6S ESC for 1/8 scale vehicles.  This ESC is made to run either sensored or sensorless brushless motors and features all kinds of stuff you’d expect from a brushless ESC.  LiPo LVC, thermal protection, multiple timing settings, ABS brakes, plus a ton more.  But probably the best feature of all is the price.  This monster of an ESC is available from Kershaw Designs for only slight over one bill.

The Ground 150 should be arriving just before the New Year, check out the Kershaw Designs web site for ordering info.

Noobs, guru’s, it doesn’t matter, they all have questions….

“Hi, I would like to know what size Lipo you would recommend for the
Evader EXT2? I know I will have to add the LVC, but they say the rest is good to go
with a Lipo. I an new to Lipo technology and not sure how to size (20c,30c and so on).

Cubby- What’s up Robert? Thanks for the email.
First thing (and most important!) to consider when buying a new battery is fit. Check the dimensions of your battery tray and compare to the size of the battery you are looking at. If you are new, you’ll want a battery that drops right in without modification.

Second thing to consider in a new Lipo is how much voltage? A one cell Lipo is 3.7 volts, two cell is 7.4, and three cells is 11.1. The vast majority of Lipo’s sold for use in tenth scale cars are 2S 7.4 volt. This voltage works well for pretty much all stock electronics, and typically they drop right in without modification. Later, if you upgrade to a way-super-dope brushless system, you might want to consider a 3S 11.1 volt for some truly eye opening power levels.

Third thing to consider is- capacity. The higher the capacity of the battery, the longer your run times. Also, larger capacity cells typically hold higher voltage under load, making your truck faster than a smaller capacity pack. But, the higher the mah, the more they’ll cost.

About “C” ratings- I’d be more concerned about buying from a reputable brand name, than what “C” rating the battery is. Internet keyboard smashers loveee to argue about “C” ratings. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these “keyboard experts” have done little to none real world testing, they are just spewing what they’ve read on forums from other “keyboard experts”. Truth be known, some brands 30C packs are better than other brands 40C’s. But, that can’t be known until they’ve been driven and put under a West Mountain CBA, making it extremely difficult for an average consumer to know which is better. Thankfully, most of the better names relentlessly test their products to ensure they are putting quality cells into the marketplace. The better manufactures do all the testing so you don’t have to.

Now, to recommend a Lipo for your Evader, I’d go with the MaxAmps 2S 5250. You can find more info about them HERE!. These are good solid packs that give wheel popping power, and great run times. Enjoy!

“Hi, can you help me I am in california and need 5mm shaft (brushless) pinion
for 1/5 scale conversion. please ***/***/**** I am going to fontana speed
way. Greg H.”

Cubby- So you are venturing in to the world of 5th scale brushless. Awwww ya! I can smell the rubber in your tires burn’n from here. :)

Here’s a couple of links for ya Greg. These two companies are the leaders in the industry for large scale pinions.

The first is RC Monster. Mike and the RC Monster crew have their act together, and I’m certain can help you out with anything you might need. Click HERE for the site.

The second is our good buddies over at Kershaw Designs. Kershaw does a lot of work with large scale pinions, feel free to shoot’em an email. ClickHERE for Kershaw.


Well that’s it for this week, send us your questions, comments, rants and raves to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

YOUR Cub Reporter

Head over to the RC Reviews section for the Kershaw Designs 1:8th Scale Brushless 4S System Review. We get emails all the time asking us for opinions on a low cost brushless system. It’s hard to beat $134! Go check it out!

We just posted in the RC Reviews section our review of the Kershaw Designs 1:10th Scale Brushless Combo Review. A lot of people are always asking us for tips on cheap brushless systems, well they don’t get much cheaper than $99! Head over and check it out!

Despite all appearances Kershaw Designs is not just obsessesed with 1/5 scale brushless conversions.  They also offer plenty of stuff for other scales.  One of their newest products is the Gen 2 Brushless System for 1/10 scale vehicles.  The Gen 2 ESC will support up to 3S Lipo or 4 – 9 cell NiMHs.  The Gen 2 motors are available in 2450, 2726, and 3065 KV ratings.

The Gen 2 system is priced to sell at $69.99 for the ESC, $59.99 for a motor, or an incredible price of $99 for a combo.

Check out the Kershaw Designs web site for more info.

Kershaw Designs loves them some brushless converted 5Bs and 5Ts and to prove it they’ve expanded their line of Mod 1.5 pinions that mesh with the stock spur gears on the Baja Fives.  The full line now includes 12 – 20 tooth 8mm bore steel pinions and 14 – 20 tooth 10mm bore hardened steel pinions.  Prices are $14 for the 8s and $24 for the 10s.

Check out the Kershaw web site for more info.