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Kyosho’ Category

Kyosho Ultima SC6 Kit
Kyosho has a new 2wd SCT called the SC6. The SC6 can be set up in either mid or rear motor configuration, and it was designed to go fast around the racetrack. For now, the SC6 only comes in a kit version allowing you to build it exactly the way you want it.

* 7075 aluminum chassis
* Big bore shocks
* 4 gear mid, 3 gear rear transmission
* Can use saddle, shorty or stick battery packs
* Adjustable ball diff
* Over sized slipper clutch
* One piece front axles
* 12mm wheel hexes

The part number is KYO30070B, it is priced at $669, and you can hit up the official Kyosho website by Clicking Here.

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Kyosho FAZER Ferrari FXX Evoluzione
Kyosho has a neat looking Ferrari FXX Evoluzione aimed at the bashing crowd. It comes completely built and ready to run, and even comes with waterproof electronics for the bashing crowd. A plastic tub chassis and solid camber rods keep things simple and durable, while a 2400kV Orion brushless motor makes sure it isn’t boring when you tag the throttle.

The part number for the Kyosho Ferrari is #30915B, it is priced at $305, and you can get more information by clicking This Link over on the Kyosho America website.

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Kyosho Psycho Kruiser MT
First shown at the Nurnberg Toy Fair, Kyosho has now released full information on their 8th Scale Psycho Kruiser Monster Truck. The Psycho Kruiser is based off Kyosho’s popular Inferno platform and utilizes a long alloy chassis and 3 gear differentials. Long travel shocks are used to soak up big jumps, and a 6S LiPo capable brushless system makes sure you never want for more power.

* 1500kV motor
* Top speeds of more than 80km/h
* 2.4GHz Syncro radio system
* Intended for expert level drivers

The part number for the Psycho is 30886B, it has a street price of $749, and you can find more information at This Link on the Kyosho USA website.

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Kyosho Blizzard iReceiver
Kyosho has announced a new version of their Blizzard Search & Rescue that uses their iReceiver technology. This iReceiver equipped Blizzard comes with an on-board camera & control system that allows you to drive the unit entirely from your smartphone or tablet. Imagine viewing the live on-board images on your smartphone, while you tilt your phone to make it change directions, pretty cool stuff. To use the iReceiver system you will need a smartphone, tablet or PDA on 7 iOS or Android from 4.2.2.

The Kyosho iReceiver Blizzard SR has a part number of #30987 and is said to start shipping in May.

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Kyosho Inferno GT2 VE Ferrari 458
For all you Ferrari fans out there Kyosho has announced a pair or new on-road cars. The new Inferno Ferrari 458 comes two ways, electric with Orion brushless power, or nitro powered by a .25 cubic inch Kyosho KE25 engine. Both come as Readysets, assembled with 2.4GHz radio systems and metal gear servos.

The Electric Powered Version has a part number of #30940 and is priced at $785. The Nitro Version has a part number of #31838 and a street price of $679.

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Kyosho Scorpion B-XXL VE
Kyosho has a pair of unique looking bash-mobiles on display at the Nurnberg Toy Fair. Their new 2wd Scorpion B-XXL buggies are 1:7 scale and look ready to tackle some serious off-roading. The nitro version uses a high performance engine and a 200ml fuel tank for up to 15 minute run times, while the electric version uses an Orion brushless system for power. The part number for the nitro is #31875 while the electric version is #30974.

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Kyosho Psycho Kruiser
It seems like Monster Truck Mania is in full effect for 2014 and below is a video from Kyosho of their latest bash machine. Kyosho’s new Psycho Kruiser is an 8th scale monster truck powered by up to 6S of brushless power and with a name like “Psycho Kruiser”, it has to be a crazy bash machine.

We will be posting more information soon on the Psycho Kruiser, until then check out the video below or click This Link to visit the official Kyosho website.

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Kyosho Mini-z Citroen Sebastien Loeb
For all you rally car fans out there Kyosho has announced a very trick looking WRC 2011 Citroen AWD Mini-Z done up in Sebastien Loeb livery. The Citroen Loeb Mini-Z comes on the Kyosho A-020 platform and utilizes MR-03 variable camber suspension up front. This model is not a readyset, requiring you to come up with a transmitter and batteries before you can hit the track.

The part number is #32152SL-B, the street price is $269 and you can get more information at This Link.

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Kyosho Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Mini-Z
During these cold months people like to stay inside to get their rc fix, the Kyosho Mini-Z series is a good way to get some trigger time in even the smallest of areas. One of the latest Mini-Zs from Kyosho is their Limited Edition MR-03S 50th Anniversary ReadySet. Some of the goodness of the 50th Anniversary model includes-

* Comes as a ReadySet, assembled, ready to drive
* LCG design
* Compatible with all Mini-Z racer bodies
* Comes with newly designed FHS 2.4GHz Perfex KT-19 transmitter
* Adjustable width
* VCS variable front camber angle
* Highly detailed body approved by Toyota Motor Corporation

The part number is #32201JKB-B and it has a street price of $169, hit up This Link for more information.

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Kyosho Fazer Subaru Impreza KX1 VE-X
For all you rally car enthusiasts, Kyosho has announced the Fazer Subaru Impreza VE-X. The Subaru comes on the affordable 4wd Fazer platform and comes as a Readyset, they are pre-assembled ready to bash. Some of its other features include-

* Syncro KT-200 2.4GHz radio system
* Waterproof
* Orion brushless power system
* Oil filled shocks
* Comes with both rally and drift tires
* 2 color choices, white or black

The part number for white is #30913T1, black is #30914T1, and you can expect a street price of around $239. For more information on everything Kyosho simply hit This Link.

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Kyosho MINI-Z MR-03S Lamborghini Murc
Here at BigSquidRC, Cubby is our resident Ferrari fan, while Brian is the big Lamborghini guy. Those two are always talking about which is the better uber car, and both can make some valid points.

Brian isn’t the only one, there are a whole lot of Lamborghini fans out there. For you Lambo fans Kyosho has a new MINI-Z MR-03S Lamborghini Murc that should interest you. The Lambo comes murdered out for that tough look and is a Readyset, Kyosho’s name for ready to run. Some of its features and specifications include-

* KT-19 Transmitter w/ steering trim, steering D/R, and light flashing speed
* Compatible with most MR-03 option parts
* Plastic body shell is pre-painted
* Tread width conversion parts included
* Comes with extra pinion gears
* Requires 8 AAA batteries

The part number for the Kyosho Mini-Z Lambo is #32208MB-B and it has a street price of $199. Check out This Link for more information.

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Kyosho SCORPION XXL Convertible Kit GP/VE
So lets say you want a big 7th scale buggy that comes as a kit and is easily convertible from nitro to electric. Boy are you in luck, Kyosho has announced their new Scorpion XXL kit buggy that comes with the parts needed to go from nitro to electric right in the box. For even more value, the Scorpion XXL convertible kit comes with upgrade parts like high grip tires, universal swing shafts, and steel spur gear. But wait, that’s not all! Also included is a spare parts pack molded in a limited edition neon blue color.

The part number for the Kyosho Scorpion XXL convertible kit is #30972 and you can get more information by hitting up This Link.

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kyosho ireceiver
Kyosho has an interesting new product for the FPV crowd, their iReceiver Wireless LAN Radio System. What can you do with the iReceiver set-up? You can install an app on your smartphone (or tablet) and control your air or surface rc from it. You can also put the optional camera in your truck/boat/plane and drive/fly from an FPV perspective.

The part number for the Kyosho iReceiver is #82260, while the part number for the on board camera is #82261. We’ll have more information on the iReceiver soon, until then check out the video below from the TeamMiniZ crew that showcases what the iReceiver can do.

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