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Kyosho SCORPION XXL Convertible Kit GP/VE
So lets say you want a big 7th scale buggy that comes as a kit and is easily convertible from nitro to electric. Boy are you in luck, Kyosho has announced their new Scorpion XXL kit buggy that comes with the parts needed to go from nitro to electric right in the box. For even more value, the Scorpion XXL convertible kit comes with upgrade parts like high grip tires, universal swing shafts, and steel spur gear. But wait, that’s not all! Also included is a spare parts pack molded in a limited edition neon blue color.

The part number for the Kyosho Scorpion XXL convertible kit is #30972 and you can get more information by hitting up This Link.

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kyosho ireceiver
Kyosho has an interesting new product for the FPV crowd, their iReceiver Wireless LAN Radio System. What can you do with the iReceiver set-up? You can install an app on your smartphone (or tablet) and control your air or surface rc from it. You can also put the optional camera in your truck/boat/plane and drive/fly from an FPV perspective.

The part number for the Kyosho iReceiver is #82260, while the part number for the on board camera is #82261. We’ll have more information on the iReceiver soon, until then check out the video below from the TeamMiniZ crew that showcases what the iReceiver can do.

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Kyosho ULTIMA RT6 Stadium Truck Kit
There was a time when driving a Kyosho 8th scale buggy was awesome, but you wouldn’t even think of racing their tenth scalers. Jared Tebo has changed all that, winning lots of races, and showing that the Kyosho tenth scalers are plenty competitive.

Kyosho has just released pictures and information on their new 10th scale stadium truck, the RT6. While the buggy class has seemingly been getting all the love lately, stadium trucks are still quite popular, and the new RT6 should be a strong contender in the class. Some of its features and specifications include-

* Mid and rear motor configuration
* 7075 hard anodized chassis
* Linear RB6 steering crank system
* Compatible with straight, separate and shorty packs
* Gull wing rear a-arms
* Big bore, velvet coated shocks
* Width: 328mm
* Wheelbase: 290mm
* Gear ratio: 2.6:1

The part number for the Kyosho RT6 is #30069B and it is listed at $599. For more information simply click This Link.

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Kyosho FW06 Aston Martin Nitro 2.4Ghz
Don’t you just love the smell of nitro in the morning? With the Kyosho FW06 Aston Martin its high powered GXR15 engine can fill your need for a daily dose of nitro. Shaft driven 4wd helps put all the power to the ground, and it comes as a ReadySet, helping you hit the cul-de-sac in no time flat. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Kyosho 2.4GHz Syncro radio system
* Efficient 22 bearing drive train
* 2 speed transmission
* Aluminum oil filled shocks
* Quick fill fuel tank cap
* High quality, scale detailed body
* V-One rear hubs and lower suspension arms for greater performance
* Front universal swing shafts

The part number for the Kyosho FW06 Aston Martin is #31368S-B and it has a street price of $385.

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Kyosho AXXE Buggy Readyset
Kyosho has announced a neat looking scale off-road buggy called the AXXE. The AXXE is an introductory level vehicle based on the same platform as the Kyosho NeXXt and Sand Master. The AXXE also sports a very affordable price point for a 2wd 10th scale buggy. Some of its specifications and features include-

* Big bore friction shocks
* Bottom mount battery tray w/ easy access
* 22 turn 540 brushed motor
* Equipped with roll cage
* Bead lock wheels w/ high grip tires
* 2.4 GHz radio system
* Wheelbase: 10.6″
* Width: 9.6″
* Length: 15.5″
* Also available as an EZ build kit

The AXXE comes in three colors, white (#30837T1B), red (#30837T3B), and black (#30837T2B), they have a street price of $149, and they should start hitting hobby shops in November. Hit up THIS LINK for more information on the AXXE over on the official Kyosho America website.

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Kyosho Inferno NEO2.0 Nitro Buggy Readyset RTR
A core vehicle you will find at most any bash spot are 8th scale buggies. Kyosho has been one of the top names in 8th scale for as long as I can remember, and now they’ve announced their latest nitro buggy readyset, the Inferno NEO2.0. The NEO2.0 comes with several updates to make it one of the nicer RTR nitro buggies you can buy.

Some of the new parts/features include-

* 2 piece adjustable clutch
* Blue anodized 17mm hubs
* KE21R engine with recoil starter
* Super air flow body for improved aerodynamics
* Kyosho micro-square pattern tires
* Threaded big-bore shocks

The Inferno NEO2.0 is available in yellow (#31684T1B) or in green (#31684T2B), they have a street price of $485 and should be available later this month. For more information hit up THIS LINK that takes you over to the official Kyosho website.

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Kyosho Ultima RB6 buggy readyset
For all you buggy fans Kyosho has announced that their popular RB6 10th scale buggy will soon be available as a Readyset. Readyset is Kyosho’s word for RTR, which means it will be a lot faster to hit the track than building a kit. Some of its features include-

* Comes with Orion Vortex R10 Sport ESC
* Powered by Orion NEON ONE 2700kv brushless motor
* 2 motor layout compatible, comes in rear motor confirguration
* Anodized aluminum chassis
* Big bore shocks
* Comes with pre-painted “Blade” high down-force body
* 100% compatible with kit version

Kyosho expects a December release date on the RB6 Readyset and it has a part number of #30858B.

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Kyosho Comic Racer Red Toyota Scion
The second car in Kyosho’s new Comic Racer line-up has been announced, a Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S. The Comic Racer cars have exaggerated features and are mounted atop the popular Mini-Z buggy platform.

The Toyota/Scion Comic Racer comes as a ReadySet, complete with radio system and ready to bash. Some of its features include-

* Full time 4wd
* Oil filled shocks
* Slipper clutch
* Front and rear diffs
* Chase mode

The part number for the Kyosho Comic Racer is 32252R and it should start hitting hobby shops later this month.

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THE Kyosho Rage VE 4WD RTR Buggy Review

Kyosho Rage VE Buggy Review

The Kyosho Rage VE is one outrageous looking machine. Part moon buggy, part bash machine, the Kyosho Rage has sparked a lot of interest within the bashing community. Today we’ll be taking a look at the Kyosho Rage and really putting it through its paces. It is intended to be an introductory level hobby grade machine, is it a good buggy to get started in the hobby with? Does it break easily? How does it drive? Hit the “Read More” and lets find out…


Kyosho Rage VE 4wd Buggy Unboxing
One of the most interesting vehicles to be announced lately has been the Kyosho Rage VE 4wd Buggy. Based on a tenth scale platform and featuring big tires and a brushless power-plant, the Rage VE seems aimed right at the heart of a weekend basher.

We recently took some pictures of the Rage VE to show you what it looks like when you crack the box open. It certainly doesn’t look like anything else we’ve ever tested. For size, it has roughly the same wheelbase as a 10th scale buggy like an Associated B4, but is substantially wider with bigger tires. A couple of other things we noticed was the stock Tamiya connector and Phillips head screws.

Our full review goes up on Tuesday morning which will be loaded with action shots and video of the Rage in action.

For more information on the Rage VE simply click THIS LINK.

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Click the “Read More” button to view two more unboxing galleries after the jump.


Rally cars have been getting more and more popular in rc. Kyosho’s Demon rally car proved to be a solid car in our Rally Car Shootout, but Kyosho also offers another rally, their DRX VE Subaru Impreza WRC 2008. Some of the features of the Kyosho Subaru include-

* 2400kv Orion brushless system
* FHSS 2.4GHz radio system featuring dual rate functions
* Big bore shocks
* 4wd
* Aggressive rally tires

The part number for the Kyosho Impreza rally is #30879B, it has a street price of $399, and they are available right now.

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Kyosho Inferno MP9 Readyset
Kyosho 8th scale buggies are legendary for their prowess around an rc track. For those of you that don’t like building kits, Kyosho has announced the Inferno MP9 Readyset. Their new Readyset sports the KE21R 5 port engine for loads of power, and the MP9 platform is already known for great handling. Some of its other features include-

* Stylish 2.4 GHz radio system w/ 4 channel receiver
* Threaded big bore aluminum shocks
* Super Air Flow body
* Gunmetal anodizing
* Endless adjustments
* Shaft driven 4wd with 3 oil filled diffs

The part number for the Kyosho MP9 Readyset is #31888T1B and it sports a price of $699. Expect to start seeing them on hobby shop shelves this September.

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Kyosho Comic Racer
We posted some photo’s a few weeks ago on this one and now Kyosho has released more information on the Comic Racer Mini-Z Readyset. The Comic Racer Subaru Impreza WRX STI certainly has a distinct look, very much like the cartoon’ish Car Town vehicles you see on Facebook.

* Based off the Mini-Z buggy platform
* Full bearings
* Oil shocks
* 2.4 GHz radio system
* ICS interface
* Chase Mode power limiter
* 4wd with slipper clutch
* 130 sized brushed motor
* Wheelbase: 115mm
* Width: 107mm

We have received no word on when, or even if, the Kyosho Comic Racer will be hitting the states.

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