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Kyosho Mad Bug VE

Kyosho Mad Bug VE Readyset

All you Volkswagen fans will be stoked to hear about the new Mad Bug from Kyosho. The Mad Bug is officially licensed by VW and comes as a Readset, fully assembled and ready to bash right out of the box. With 4wd and an Orion brushless system, the Mad Bug was designed to tackle tough off-road terrain. Other standard features include [...]


Kyosho America California Dreamin

California Dreamin Road Trip – Kyosho America

Sure, Kyosho is well known for their high-end racing gear and multiple IFMAR championships, but as of late they have been putting out loads of bashing style products. Their new Psycho Kruiser monster truck and fully RTR Dirt Hog buggy are prime examples of that. Lucky for us, the crew at Kyosho America were nice enough to let us take a [...]


Kyosho FO-XX 4WD Mud Racer

Kyosho FO-XX Electric & Nitro 1/8 4WD Readysets

Well look at what Kyosho has on the way, the FO-XX 1/8 4WD mud basher. The FO-XX will be available two ways, electric driven with brushless power, or with a powerful nitro engine. Based off the Mad Force platform, the Kyosho FO-XX is a big truck that should be a lot of fun to explode your local mud pit with. [...]


Kyosho MB-10 MP9 TKI3

Kyosho MB-010 2.4Ghz BCS MP9 TKI3 MINI-Z CUP 50th Anniversar…

The crew over at Kyosho have announced a special 50th Anniversary Edition of their Mini-Z Buggy. This special MB-010 MP9 TKI3 Mini-Z comes with a slew of upgrades making it extra trick, some of those upgrades include- * GF main chassis * Aluminum motor plate and heat sink * Foam tire inserts * XSPEED motor * Ball diffs front and rear * Universal drive shafts The part [...]


Kyosho Dirt Hog Type 2 4WD Buggy

Kyosho Dirt Hog Type 2 4WD Buggy

For those of you looking for an affordable 4wd buggy, Kyosho has just announced their Dirt Hog Type 2. The Dirt Hog should handle well due to its low buggy center of gravity, while its 4wd should help it get through grass and rough terrain. Oil filled shocks, slipper clutch, and adjustable camber links come as standard equipment. The Dirt [...]


Kyosho Great Planes Hobbico

Kyosho + Hobbico Again?

Will we be seeing Kyosho being sold again at Great Planes & Tower Hobbies this summer?


TBR Rear Skid Kyosho RB5 Buggy

T-Bone Racing Rear Skid for Kyosho Ultima RB5

The T-Bone Racing crew has come up with a new rear skid plate for the Kyosho RB5 Buggy. Made from Delrin, the rear skid mounts up with four screws and helps protect the rear of the buggy. This version is made for the RTR rear motor RB5 and comes with TBR’s lifetime warranty against breakage. The rear skid has a part [...]


RDRP Kyosho RB6 Suspension Mounts

RDRP Kyosho RB6 Suspension Mount Set

On the quest to completely uber-out the Kyosho RB6, the folks over at RDRP have just announced some trick aluminum rear suspension mounts. German designed and made from 7075-T6 aluminum, these mounts make it easy to alter the rear toe of your buggy via Delrin inserts. On the bling side of things, they come murdered out in black anodizing which [...]


Kyosho Lazer ZX6

Kyosho Lazer ZX6 4wd Buggy Kit

The latest vehicle in the “6 series” line-up from Kyosho is their Lazer ZX6 4wd Buggy. Using a 7075 hard anodized aluminum chassis, the ZX6 has received multiple updates to make it the best 4wd from Kyosho to date. * High down force cab forward body * Heavy duty drive train * Diffs use Tungsten diff balls * Can use shorty or saddle packs * [...]


RDRP Kyosho RB6 Front Bulkhead

Revolution Design Aluminium Bulkhead for Kyosho RB6/RT6/SC6

Revolution Design Racing Products have been putting out some pretty snazzy upgrade parts lately, their latest is an aluminum front bulkhead for the Kyosho RB6 Buggy. The bulkhead is made out of 7075-T6 aluminum making it much stronger than the stock plastic part and will eliminate ripped out ballstuds. RDRP parts are known for looking trick and the RB6 front [...]


Kyosho Scorpion

Kyosho Scorpion 2wd Buggy Re-Release

After a full week of teasing, Kyosho has released pictures and information on their upcoming re-release of the legendary 1/10 Scorpion 2wd Buggy. While the buggy retains the classic look of the original, it features some upgrades to increase durability. The re-release uses 48 pitch gears and a modern slipper clutch to put the power to the ground, while higher [...]


Kyosho FAZER VE Audi R8 Matte Black

Kyosho FAZER VE Audi R8 Matte Black Readyset

Murdered out black is all the rage, now Kyosho has announced a matte black Audi R8 Readyset. The Audi is part of their 10th scale PureTen Fazer series of vehicles that comes with a sturdy tub chassis and non-adjustable tie-rods. With waterproof electronics and a brushless power system, the Audi will make a splash down at your local bash spot. * [...]


Kyosho Scorpion re-release

Teaser – Kyosho to Re-Release 1982 Scorpion Buggy

Remember the original Kyosho Scorpion Buggy from way back in 1982? It featured cutting edge technology for the day including oil filled shocks and an aluminum ladder chassis. That may have been 32 years ago, but with classic rc vehicles becoming more popular, Kyosho is teasing that they will be re-releasing the historic Scorpion buggy. Kyosho is supposed to be [...]


Kyosho Ultima SC6 Kit

Kyosho Ultima SC6 2wd SCT Kit

Kyosho has a new 2wd SCT called the SC6. The SC6 can be set up in either mid or rear motor configuration, and it was designed to go fast around the racetrack. For now, the SC6 only comes in a kit version allowing you to build it exactly the way you want it. * 7075 aluminum chassis * Big bore shocks * 4 [...]


Kyosho FAZER Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

Kyosho FAZER Ferrari FXX Evoluzione Readyset

Kyosho has a neat looking Ferrari FXX Evoluzione aimed at the bashing crowd. It comes completely built and ready to run, and even comes with waterproof electronics for the bashing crowd. A plastic tub chassis and solid camber rods keep things simple and durable, while a 2400kV Orion brushless motor makes sure it isn’t boring when you tag the throttle. The [...]