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Check it out, we have the ultimate comparison charts of the Losi 5IVE-T vs the Desert Buggy XL for those that just can’t make up their mind. Sizes, weights, you name it.


5IVE-TvsDBXL_Comparison_Chart_02If you need a part number, the Losi Desert Buggy XL is LOS05001, and has a street price of $999. The 5IVE-T number is LOSB0019 and is about $1599.

Having trouble seeing the charts bigger? Right click them and open in a new tab or window.

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Our friends from Hemistorm recently posted a video Visiting the FG Factory (yes the high-end 5th scale stuff) – and had a chance to interview Mr. F. Gröschl. It’s subtitled for your convenience since these guys are over in Germany. Some interesting stuff, and worth checking out if you are into a little large scale industry stuff. Check the full video below.

Don’t forget to check the Hemistorm website for some of their cool products, or get more Hemistorm News right here on Big Squid RC.

FastLane Machine RC Stand
Have you been looking for a heavy duty car stand for your new rc? The crew over at FastLane Machine have a beefy model that works on everything from 5th scalers on down. Their part number #FLM10 car stand is fully adjustable and is made out of trick looking aluminum. Street price is $150, they are available right now, and you can get more information at This Link.

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Our friends from Mammuth Works have started putting together their first promo video for their giant 1/3 scale trophy truck! Yes, you read that correctly 1:3 scale!

The Mammuth Rewarron looks to be coming along quite nicely. It sounds like a beast! I’m really looking forward to some wheel time on this thing one day! Hey.. I can dream right?

You can head over to the Mammuth Works Day 1 Page for more pics and info, but we have a short video they are teasing us with below. You don’t want to be near this thing when it rolls! LOL

Want more info? Check out all of our Mammuth 1/3 Scale Truck Posts at that link.

Silverback RC 5imian Losi Five T Wheels
If you are looking for a different set of wheels for your Losi FIVE-T the crew over at Silverback RC has the hook-up for you. Silverback has a new wheel called the 5imian that is made just for your FIVE-T. The 5imian wheels are lighter than stock, have a +3mm offset to widen out your truck, and have a great scale look.

You can get the 5imian in three different colors, white, silver or black, and they have a street price of right around $25 per pair. Hit up the Official Silverback Website for more information on these and all their other products.

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fid baja brake

We recently posted information about the new 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brake System from FID Racing, and people went ‘oohhhhh’.

Well, they just let us know there is a video of the system in action. Talk about loosing some rubber on the stops, this system brings that vehicle to a halt! The HPI Baja 5B in the shop may just need a upgrade for 2013!

Don’t forget you can check the FID Racing Website for more details on this and all of their other products.

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FID Racing Disc Brakes for HPI Baja
Driving a modified, high horsepower HPI Baja is loads of fun. There is just something about going 50 mph with a Baja that is quite exhilarating. But at the end of every high speed pass you must get slowed down. The crew over at FID Racing now have a high-end brake set-up for your Baja. Their new 4 wheel hydraulic disc brake set comes with everything you need to get your Baja hauled down from warp speed in no time flat. Hit up the official FID Racing Website for more details on this and all of their other products.

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Kraken Class 1 TSK for HPI 5B/5T/5SC
Looking to turn your HPI 5B into a truly scale looking buggy? If so Kraken RC has a new true scale kit to turn your 5th scale HPI into a Class 1 buggy.

Street price is said to be right around $300, and the kit is rumored to be hitting the market in the next few weeks. Hit up the official Kraken RC Website for more information.

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rb innovations losi 5ive

This is like a RB Innovations mega post! RB Innovations just announced a ton of new hop-up / upgrade parts for the Losi 5ive. Their new parts include a Center Differential with Alloy Gear Cover, a Hyper-Charger air intake system, inner cooler airbox, front and rear aluminum shock mounts, aluminum body mounts, front steering support plate, steering link, front and rear chassis supports, and alloy disk brakes. Wowza! If you are looking to bling out your Losi 5ive-T, the guys from RB Innovations can help!

RB Innovations is also having a contest! You can sign up to win all these parts! You can check the RB Innovations webpage for details on that.

There is also a video with more details about the parts, click through to check it out..

mammuth works

After the last few Mammuth 1/3 Scale Truck Posts we did, a lot of people have been wondering how much is it going to cost, and what do you get for your money? Well the Mammuth Works folks have answered those questions.

The Rewarron Basic model will have:
- fiberglass body
- stainless steel components
- basic 110cc engine
- on-board touch screen controller with the following features: adjustable brake balance, adaptive steering (depending on speed), real abs and traction control with adjustable sensitivity
Price: $14,990 USD

The Rewarron Premium model will have:
- carbon fiber body
- alu components
- tuned engine
- on-board controller
- two sided telemetry
- telemetry center PC which stores the data (and uploads to a cloud if required)
- drive by device (iOS, Android), you can adjust the car setup on a tablet, laptop or an smartphone
- follow the sensors values: fuel level, voltage, G-forces, compass, GPS, RPM, speed, etc.
Price: $29,990 USD.

Imagine showing up to a bash with a $15k rc truck.. and someone says ‘You got the cheap one? Pffft!’

I still want one, just can’t afford another car loan at the moment.

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Losi 5ive-t shock end kit from Fastlane Machine
One of the weak spots on the Losi 5IVE-T is its shock ends. Luckily the guys over at FastLane Machine saw the problem and have addressed it. The new metal shock end kit from Fastlane is far beefier than stock, have a street price of $30, and are available right now. Hit up THIS link for complete information.

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mammuth rewarron
A few days ago we mentioned some news from Mammuth Works about their awesome looking 1/3 scale Trophy Truck they were building called the Rewarron. It’s huge for sure, and we can’t wait to see it in action. We posted a few previous pics with the body on, and wanted to show a few more we just found with the body off. These let you see the chassis and suspension setup.

All very cool! Hopefully we’ll be talking more about it in our large scale news section in the near future.

HemiStorm Penta Fenders

We have talked about the Hemistorm bodies a few times. They are one of the few places making aftermarket bodies for the 5IVE-T. Well they now have their Penta Fenders available for purchase. You can get a set of four for about $100, or $25 for each fender.

It is definitely a cool looking body! We have been posting more and more large scale news lately, so hit the Large Scale News Link for more.