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Reedy 1S 8000 LiPo

Reedy 8000mAh 70C 3.7V LiPo Battery

Need a new battery for your 12th scale pan or World GT car? Reedy has announced a new 1 Cell 8000mAh 70C LiPo to give your car more power and run-time. 4mm bullets are used to connect to the pack, while a hard case is used for maximum protection. The battery has a street price of $105, a part number of [...]


Reedy 6500mAh 65C 14.8V Competition LiPo Battery

Reedy 6500mAh 65C 14.8V LiPo Battery

For all you 8th scale drivers, Reedy has announced a new high-end 4S LiPo battery. Their 6500mAh 14.8 Volt LiPo battery is rated for a 65C discharge and comes with a Deans style connector. A hard case is used to help keep it from being damaged, while its high capacity gives you plenty of run time. The part number is #318, [...]


RB Energy LiPo Battery

RB Energy 100C LiPo Batteries

The crew over at RB Products have added 2 new LiPos to their battery line-up. The new RB Energy packs are both rated at 6400mAh with 100C discharge rates. Both come with protective hard cases, while the 2S pack uses 4mm bullet connectors and the 4S pack comes with a Deans style T-plug. The part number for the 4S model is [...]


Racers Edge LiPo Battery Review

Review – Racers Edge Prime 2S 100C 6500mAh LiPo Battery

THE Racers Edge Prime 7.4v 2S 100C 6500mAh LiPo Battery ReviewWith today’s high powered brushless systems a quality battery can make all the difference between having a really good day, or a really bad one. A good battery can not only make your truck faster and give longer runtimes, but can also supply enough current to help prevent cogging. Today [...]


Speedzone square LiPo

Speedzone Peerless Series Square 2S 80C 6000mAh LiPo Battery

The latest LiPo Battery from Speedzone is a square pack from their Peerless Series. Square packs measure in at 93 x 68 x 25mm and fit in several of the newer 10th scale race type vehicles. The square Speedzone is stated to be an 80C discharge and comes with 4mm bullet connectors. The part number for the Speedzone square LiPo is [...]


Fantom LiPo Battery

Fantom 80C-160C Pro Series 2S 6000mAh LiPo

The guys over at Fantom Racing have announced their latest go-fast LiPo pack, a 2S 6000mAh hardcase. This pack comes in 3 different styles- with Traxxas connector, with Deans, or with bullets, with each sporting a street price of $94. These new Pro Series packs are said to have the lowest internal resistance and highest voltage available in rc. Some [...]


TrakPower Lipo Review

Review – TrakPower 2S 70C 6800mAh Lipo Battery

THE TrakPower 7.4v 2S 70C 6800mAh Lipo Battery ReviewWhat makes for a good Lipo battery? That depends on what you are looking for, but most people look for excellent runtimes, lots of voltage, and a long cycle life. We’ve been using and abusing a TrakPower 2S 70C 6800 for a few months now. How does it stack up to the [...]


Tattu Lipo Battery Review

Review – Tattu 2S 80C 6200mAh Lipo Battery

THE Tattu 7.4v 2S 80C 6200mAh Lipo Battery ReviewTattu is one of the newer names in the Lipo Battery biz. Seeing as how a majority of hobbyists run electric now days, Lipos are highly in demand. Today we are taking a close look at the Tattu 2S 80C 6200 to see exactly how it performs. Should a Tattu be at [...]

Read More... lipo wrist strap

Lipo Battery Wristband

Have you ever had that pesky problem of Lipo batteries catching fire in your pants pockets? Or how about forgetting a Lipo in your pocket and accidentally running it through the washer? I have to admit I’ve never had those issues, but who knows, maybe someone has. The crew at has set out to solve those problems with their [...]



Thunder Power G8 Chemistry Lipos

Thunder Power RC has just announced a whole new line up of lipo batteries with a new chemistry called G8! The new packs are lighter, smaller, and more powerful! Sounds like a win-win to us! Looking forward to getting our hands on some of these! Check out the Thunder Power Website for more information. Need more Lipo news from BSRC? Click HERE. [...]


Traxxas Lipo Batteries are Super Fresh

Traxxas Power Cell Lipo Batteries are Super Fresh

We received a note from the crew over at Traxxas letting us know they have a unique way to ensure the Lipo battery you get with a new Traxxas vehicle is factory fresh. Lipo’s lose capacity over time, even if just sitting on a shelf, so the newer your Lipo is, the stronger and longer run-time that it will have. From [...]


Progressive RC 500 watt the surface sidekick battery charger combo

Progressive RC The Surface Sidekick 500 watt Battery Chargin…

Are you the type of basher that likes to keep all your charging gear in a handy to transport case? If so the crew over at Progressive RC sell charging stations with a case. Each combo case comes with a power supply, battery charger, and everything needed for doing some serious charging. Pictured above is their Surface Sidekick, a 500 [...]



Thunder Power 1S 6800mAh 65C Advanced Energy Series LiPo

New from Thunder Power RC is the Thunder Power 1S 6800mAh 65C Advanced Energy Series LiPo. If you are into the carpet racing scene, this is probably a pack you want to put on your shopping list. The Advanced Energy Series batteries from Thunder Power claim more voltage with longer run times, and are also lighter than their competition. If [...]


Orion Battery Safety Bag

New Orion Battery Safety Bag

The guys over at Orion have introduced a new Battery Safety Bag for use while storing and/or charging your battery packs. The Team Orion bag is made out of a fire resistant material and uses a hook and loop flap for easy access. The bag holds up to two 2S Lipo batteries and you can expect a street price of [...]


Stainless Steel Battery Tray Insert MaxAmps

Stainless Steel Battery Tray Insert From MaxAmps

An 8th scale buggy (or truggy) can pull some serious g-forces while bashing. Casing jumps, lawn-darting, or slamming curbs is a fairly common occurrence on the bash scene, all of which can cause damage to a battery pack. MaxAmps has introduced a new stainless steel battery tray insert designed to protect your battery during extreme use. The MaxAmps insert is [...]