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MIP CVD Vaterra Halix
The previous hop-ups we performed on the Vaterra Halix didn’t take much elbow grease. Installing pre-mounted wheels & tires can take as little as 5 minutes, while installing a pre-painted body might take less than half an hour. On the flip side of the coin, installing MIP CVDs on the Halix might be the most time consuming hop-up to be found. While installing CVDs on most vehicles is a snap, because of the design of the Halix, both differentials must be removed and fully dissembled, meaning this job might take you well over an hour. However, the stock driveshafts have a tendency to break, so installing MIP CVDs should be considered an absolute must if you plan on bashing hard.

How to install MIP CVDs on a Vaterra Halix -

1. Bust the MIP CVDs out of their package and fully assemble them. Follow their supplied directions, taking extra note to use the supplied thread locking compound on the grub screws used to secure the CVD pins, and make sure the grub screws mate up to the flat spots on the pins. Also make sure to use the supplied grease on the mating surfaces to reduce friction.

2. Use the four way wrench that came with your Halix to remove the wheels.

3. Use a 2mm hex wrench to remove the wheel hexes from the axles.

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MIP Wrench Wraps
MIP Wrenches are the best you can buy and we use them every day around the BigSquidRC offices. However, they do have one downside, when you have a half dozen of them laying on your pit table, it isn’t easy to tell from a glance which size is which.

The folks over at MIP have now solved that problem with their new Wrench Wraps. The wrench wraps are color coded making it easy to pick the size you need out of a pile. Pricing is $1.25 each, but they also sell metric and SAE sets. Hit up This Link for more information over on MIP’s website.

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MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System Serpent Spyder SRX-2
For all you Serpent buggy owners, MIP has announced their Puck CVD System for the SRX-2. The Puck Shiny System comes with steel CVDs to handle mod power, plus the replaceable pucks will keep your outdrives & CV bones from wearing out so quickly. Oh ya, they look sharp and help with quicker acceleration too.

The part number is #14125, they are priced at $75, and This Link will take you over to MIP’s website for more information.

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All you Vaterra Halix owners can now rejoice, the crew over at MIP have designed some ultra-durable CVDs for your truck. The units that MIP designed for the Halix feature splined telescoping shafts that should handle a lot more power than stock without breakage.

* Heat treated, all metal design
* Grease and thread gel included
* 100% made in the USA

The part number is #14185, they have a retail price of $80, and you can get more information at This Link over on the MIP website.

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MIP Stickeez Strips
MIP has a new product that allows you to bond your closed cell foam tire inserts to the wheel called Stickeez. Using Stickeez has a couple of upsides- a more consistent feel while driving, and they help keep your wheels from becoming out of balance after every run.

* Helps sidewall of SC tires
* Reusable, semi-permanent
* Easy to install
* Made in the USA

The Stickeez have a part number of #5115, an MSRP of $7, and you can get complete information at This Link on MIP’s website

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MIP Puck System Schumacher
The latest product from MIP is one of their Shiny Puck CVD drive systems for Schumacher KR and SV2 buggies. The Shiny CVDs are made from steel to be more durable for modified motor use, and MIP Pucks are said to provide smoother acceleration and better handling out of corners.

* 100% made in the USA
* Two sets of holes in CVD bell
* Replaceable pucks make it easy to keep drivetrain fresh

The part number is #14100, they have an MSRP of $85, and you can get more information at This Link over on the official MIP website.

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MIP Bypass1 kit associated 12mm shocks
We are big fans of the MIP Bypass1 shock pistons here at BigSquidRC. They are super tunable and can help your ride soak up some very rough terrain. MIP recently announced a Bypass1 kit for Team Associated 12mm Big Bore shocks. If you have the 12mm shocks on your B4, T4, or SC10, this is the piston kit for you.

* Full scale suspension technology for rc cars
* Infinite valve adjustability
* Dyno tested to match stock pistons
* Precision machined from bearing grade plastics
* Made in the USA
* Includes Fast, Medium, and Slow valves

The part number is #13230 and they are priced at $32. For more information simply click This Link.

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MIP Speed Tip Hex
MIP makes the best hex wrenches on the market, hence the reason we were stoked to see them introduce their Speed Tip Metric Hex Set. With this set you get the three most often used sizes, and their design allows you to quickly pop them in your cordless drill or screwdriver. Then you can let your cordless drill do all the work while you save wear and tear on your wrist.

The part number for the MIP Speed Tip Metric Set is #9512 and they are priced at $39. You can get more information at This Link.

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MIP Super Ball Diff for Pro-Line PRO-2
Ever thought about putting a ball diff into your Pro-Line PRO-2 SCT or your Pro-Line Performance Transmission? Well now the folks over at MIP have the hook-up for you. The MIP ball diff for the PRO-2 fits with no modifications and is lighter than stock.

The part number for the MIP Super Diff is #13375, it is priced at $60, and you can get more information by clicking Right Here.

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Mip Race Duty CVD Traxxas
If you are looking to shave some weight and rotating mass MIP has announced Race Duty CVDs for a bunch of Traxxxas vehicles. The lighter weight of the Race Duty CVDs can help your truck accelerate faster. The Race Duty series CVDs are recommended for no higher than 2S use and are not recommended for bashing.

* #13265 for Traxxas electric Rustler VXL, Stampede VXL
* #13255 for Traxxas Slash, Nitro-Rustler, Nitro-Stampede
* #13270 rear for Traxxas Slash 4×4, Stampede 4×4, Rally
* #13260 front for Traxxas Slash 4×4, Stampede 4×4, Rally

To get more information on MIP products HERE is the link to their website.

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MIP Axial Wraith SCX10 Center Driveshafts
If you want the toughest driveshafts in the business you have to look no further than MIP. Now MIP has center driveshaft kits for the Axial Wraith and SCX10. The stock plastic driveshafts can twist or break, the heavy duty MIP units are built to take punishment. Some of their key features include-

* Spline drive technology
* Made from tough heat treated steel
* MIP includes Loctite & grease with each set
* Pin set screws
* 100% made in the good old USA

The part number for the MIP SCX10 set is #13360, the part number for the MIP Wraith set is #11116 and they are each priced at $75.

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MIP Pro8 Conversion kit
Want to turn that beast of a Losi SCTE 2.0 you have into a lightweight 8th scale buggy? The crew over at MIP now make a conversion kit that makes it a snap. The kit contains new towers, new wheel hexes, wing mounts, and body mounts, as well as handling upgrades like springs and shock pistons.

The part number for the MIP conversion kit is #13300 and they should start shipping before the end of the month.

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MIP Pucks drive system for SCTE 2.0
In the never ending battle to go even faster, MIP has announced a new center driveshaft system for the TLR SCTE 2.0 and MIP Pro4mance Pack equipped SCTEs. The MIP Pucks Drive System comes with lighter 7075-T6 aluminum bones that reduce weight in half compared to the stock parts. More importantly, it also includes MIP Pucks that remove backlash helping to make your truck whisper quiet.

The part number is #13120, street price is around $55, and these should hit the shelves at your local hobby shop in early September. Simply click THIS LINK for more information.

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