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Kyosho Plazma Mazda

Kyosho PLAZMA Lm MAZDA 787B Kit

With scale detailing being all the rage, the Kyosho Plazma Lm Mazda 787B brings it in force. Featuring an incredibly detailed Le Mans style Mazda race body, this 12th scale pan car comes as a kit so you can make sure it gets assembled right. Some highlights of the Mazda include- * Comes with door mirrors, wipers, LED light bases and [...]


rcMart Axial Wraith Sale

Axial Wraith Upgrade Parts on Sale at rcMart

rcMart wanted us to let you know they are having a Big Sale on Axial Wraith Upgrade Parts. Save up to 40% off until June 11th on various Wraith parts to make your truck stronger or to simply give it some bling. Hit Up This Link to get more details over on rcMart’s official website. Happy Friday and welcome to the [...]


Futaba 4PX Software Update

Futaba Releases Software Update for the 4PX

New for you Futaba 4PX owners is the Version 1.2 software update. Some of the changes that come along with the new update include- * Position of the throttle trigger to start a timer is changed to 50%. * Repeating trim operation is temporally stopped when a value assigned the trim reach zero position. * The grip vibrator is activated at not only [...]


Pro-Line Lower Kit Pricing

Pro-Line Lowers Pricing on Kits

Here is some great news for you bashers looking to save some cash, Pro-Line has announced lower pricing on their PRO-2 SC Truck, PRO-2 SC Buggy, and PRO-MT kits. All three are loaded with trick parts and have developed a reputation as being incredible bash machines (with the PRO-MT being our Bash Vehicle of the Year in 2014). $319 is [...]



Overdose Adjustable Suspension Mount for the Vacula, DI…

What’s up drift peeps? Evol here with a midweek second look at a piece of kit that some of you may have overlooked. I know I did! So here is how it happened. When I see parts listed for the Overdose Vacula my eyes tend to glaze over as I daydream about having enough expendable income to drop such a [...]



SCX10 Hop-Up Sale at RCMart

A quick heads up, RCMart has a sale going on for a lot of the SCX10 parts that they carry. The sale goes from now to May 16th, so if you are looking to upgrade your ride, you should check out the sale at this link over on RCMart’s website.


asiatees motor sale

10% Off All Motors at Asiatees Hobbies

Not only is Asiatees Hobbies running a special of 10% off their motors, but they have also posted up a short article to help you figure out the right type of motor for you. Asiatees stocks lots of different brushless motors from companies like HobbyWing and Leopard Hobby, hit up This Link to find out more. Take a chance on a [...]



PPR Reptile Radio Wheel Grips – Lower Price

Remember a while back when we did a Product Spotlight on the PPR Reptile Radio Wheel Grips? If you don’t remember, or you missed it, you can check it out HERE. We just got word that they have lowered the price on them. You can head over to the official PPR Grips website to check them out. What’s great, is they [...]


Build Notes Team Durango DEX8 Buggy

Build Notes – Team Durango DEX8 Buggy

What is the hottest new 8th Scale Buggy to hit the market? That would be the DEX8 from Team Durango. We recently got a chance to put the DEX8 kit together, while doing so we took plenty of pictures and took a whole bunch of notes. How did our build go? Overall, it went exceptionally well. Our kit wasn’t missing any [...]


Asiatees Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt at Asiatees Hobbies

Each year our friends over at Asiatees Hobbies put on an Easter Egg Hunt. No, not in their backyard, but on their website so that everyone can play. Hidden on various blog posts on the Asiatees website are a bunch of eggs, find one and post the URL to the Asiatees Facebook page and you could be a winner. Finding [...]


Castle Power Up Program

Castle Creations Announces New Power Up Program

Castle Creations has announced a new Power Up Program where you can trade in your working stock brushed power system for special pricing on a new high powered Castle brushless system. The Power Up Program will be available for a limited time and you can hit up This Link for all the details over on the official Castle website. Find more [...]


P-L Winter Sale

Save 15% at Pro-Line’s Winter Meltdown Sale

To celebrate Spring finally making its arrival to the Northern Hemisphere, Pro-Line Racing is a having a sale. For a limited time you can save 15% off your order on Pro-Line’s website that is chock-full of sweet gear for bashers. Want more details? Hit up This Link over on Pro-Line’s website. Now this is a classic TGIF Mystery Link!


RC Mart MST OMG Special Deal

Special Offer on MST Drift Cars with OMG Servo at RCMar…

RCMart has a special deal going right now where they bundle one of their high-end MST Drift Cars with an OMG Servo. This allows you to save some cash while scoring a premium drift machine. This special offers extends to over a dozen different MST cars and you can hit up This Link over on RCMart’s official website to get [...]


asiatees st patrick sale

St Patrick’s Day Sale at Asiatees Hobbies

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day and to celebrate Asiatees Hobbies is offering 15% off of green, gold and silver color upgrade parts. This special runs through March 20th and you can get full details at This Link over on Asiatees website. Get More Asiatees news on BigSquidRC.


Asiatees tamiya upgrades

Asiatees Hobbies Aluminum Upgrades For The Tamiya CC01

If you are looking to throw some Aluminum Upgrades on your Tamiya CC 01, the crew at Asiatees Hobbies has you covered. They have a slew of parts from Boom Racing and GPM to make your truck stronger and better looking than ever. To see all the upgrades they have available, simply hit up This Link over on Asiatees website. What [...]