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Estes Proto-X Canopy TheToyz
If you’ve ever flown a bunch of Estes Proto-Xs at the same time then you already know how hard it is to tell them apart. On the same note, if you are a big fan of the Proto-X then you know there just aren’t many aftermarket upgrades available either.

Lucky for you TheToyz are big fans of the Proto-X and have announced some new colored canopies. These takes just seconds to install and come in either green or yellow. Finally your Proto-X can stand out in a crowd.

The part number for yellow is TOYZ 101 Yellow, green is TOYZ 101 Green, and they are street priced at just $3.99 each. Hit up This Link to get complete details over on TheToyz’s website.

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PR Racing SB401 4wd Off Road Buggy
What’s new over at PR Racing? The 1/10 scale SB401 4wd buggy kit. The SB401 is PR’s first 4wd 10th scale buggy and was designed to be ultra-adjustable to suit a wide variety of conditions. Some of its highlights include-

* Aluminum 12.75mm big bore shocks
* Carbon fiber towers and top deck
* Can use shorty or saddle packs
* Hard anodized aluminum chassis
* Full bearing set
* One piece aluminum motor mount

The part number is #SB401 and you can get complete details at This Link over on the PR RC website.

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Team C TC02C Evo Buggy
While it may be blazing hot outside right now, the indoor season is right around the corner. For all you guys headed indoors in a couple of months, Team C has announced their latest 1/10 2wd buggy called the TC02C Evo.

The Evo is loaded with many popular features and comes in a mid motor configuration for high bite surfaces. Some of the highlights of the Evo include-

* 4 gear mid motor design
* 8mm longer chassis
* Cab forward body
* Threaded 12mm big bore shocks
* Aluminum arm mount & rear sway bar
* Gear diff
* Fits shorty or saddle packs

The part number is #TC02C Evo and you can get more details by hitting up This Link over on Team C’s website.

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TheToyz Scale Accessories
So you’ve got your trail rig tough as nails but you need the final touch, some scale accessories. Lucky for you the crew over at TheToyz has just announced three new 1/10 scale accessory sets. All three sets sport the realistic look you are after and are hand painted.

The #TOYZ 335 set includes a pair of red fuel cans with mounts. These are street priced at $9. The #TOYZ 337 is street priced at $19 and comes with a scale winch, a hi lift jack, pry bar, shovel, axe and a gas can with mount. The #TOYZ 336 is a realistic fire extinguisher with mount and is priced at $9. Hit up This Link to head over to TheToyz’s official website for more details.

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Yokomo Toyota 86 SD Sport
It seems like every company is upping their game when it comes to scale realism, with their new Toyota 86 it looks like Yokomo is too. Trick wheels, scale realistic exhaust tips, windshield wipers, and rear view mirrors are sure to turn your buddies heads while out cruising the local bash spot.

The Toyota 86 comes on Yokomo’s tough SD Sport molded chassis and features full time 4wd with a diff in the rear and a spool in the front. The part number is #MRTC-86, it is set for an August release date, and you can hit up This Link for more details over on Yokomo’s website.

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Thetoyz proto x blade sets
While the Estes Proto X has been a massive seller, there just haven’t been many aftermarket parts for it. The crew over at TheToyz is out to change that, first off by offering three new Colored Rotor Blade Sets for the Estes. With color options that include red, yellow, and green, the new rotor sets are sure to help your Proto X stand out in a crowd.

Each set of four is priced at $3.99 and they are available right now. To get more information all you have to do is Click Here to head over to TheToyz’s website.

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Himoto Bowie Monster Truck
The folks over at Asiatees Hobbies wanted us to let you know they now have the Himoto Bowie in stock. The Himoto Bowie is a 10th scale monster truck that comes RTR with either a brushed or a brushless powerplant. The brushless version goes for about $240, while the brushed version is priced at only $110. Want more details? Find them at This Link over on Asiatee’s website.

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Serpent Asiatees
If you’ve been in the hobby for any length of time then you already know about Serpent. If not, they are known world wide for putting out high-end cars, buggies, and trucks. Recently our friends over at Asiatees Hobbies picked up the Serpent line and they wanted us to let you know about it. Hit up This Link to read more details on buying Serpent products directly from Asiatees.

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The folks over at FreqesKinz wanted us to let you know they are giving away two free Urban Camo sets of sKinz for the Axial G6 Jeep over on their Facebook page. Click Right Here to make the jump over to the FreqesKinz FB page for full details and to get entered.

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KO Propo EX-1 KIY Options
The KO Propo EX-1 KIY is pretty trick right out of the box, but now KO has announced some new items to uber-it-out even more.

First up is a new 3D Drop Down Wheel Extension Unit. The new drop down is lighter than the previous version and helps reduce the distance between the trigger and the wheel. It has a part number of #10549.

A new Base Battery Stand is also available from KO Propo. The stylish new base makes it easy to mount a Lithium battery to the KIY for a change in weight balance and for longer runtimes. The part number is #10546.

To fit in the base is a new 2S 1550mAh Li-Fe battery. Using a Li-Fe pack in your transmitter is definitely the way to go, expect longer times between charging and a better weight distribution. To charge the pack KO has also announced a new battery charger. It is a fast charger with up to a 2 amp charge rate and features easy one button operation. The part number for the Li-Fe pack is #73018 and the part number for the charger is #51201.

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Asiatees Hobbies Scale Accessories
Scale rc continues to be hot again this summer so Asiatees Hobbies wanted us to let you know about some of their scale accessories. They now stock scale accessories from Boom Racing to give your rc garage a real authentic look. From a female scale figure to bottles of Coke, they offer a bunch of different scale items that you can check out At This Link on their official website.

Find out more about Asiatees at This Link on BigSquidRC.

RealFlight Mobile
It seems like nearly everyone has a Smartphone or Tablet, now that is all you need to practice flying an rc airplane. How? RealFlight Mobile has just dropped and is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android. RealFight Mobile comes with one flying field and two different airplanes to get you started, but 6 other planes and 3 more flying areas are also available for download. RF Mobile simply makes it very easy to learn how to fly.

* Presets for beginner, intermediate & realistic
* Uses onscreen joysticks for control
* Two different camera modes
* Adjustable control sensitivity
* Adjustable physics for speed, stall severity, & autopilot assist

Get more details at This Link over on the RealFlight website, or simply Click Here to get it for your Apple device, or Click Right Here to get it for your Android.

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Carisma M40DT LED Light Kit
Since we reviewed the Carisma M40DT it has become one of our “go to” bash machines. Recently we were out driving the Carisma but ended up running out of daylight, needless to say that was an absolute bummer. Why should the fun stop at sundown?

The good folks over at Carisma make a nifty LED Light Kit made specifically for the M40DT that helps keep the fun going when the sun goes down. We installed the kit on our M40DT and took some notes & pictures to show how easy it is to put on your truck.

How To Install an LED Light Kit on the M40DT-

1. Get everything you’ll need together. You will need the Carisma M40DT Light Kit (#15154, $25), some CA glue, and a body reamer (or drill) to make a hole in the body. A couple of zip-ties can also come in handy to tidy things up.

2. Make a hole in the top of the body so you can run the lights to the roof mounted light buckets that came on the body.

3.. Slide the LEDs into the light buckets on the roof. Add a tiny dab of CA glue to keep them from ever popping out.

4. Mount the control box for the LED light kit. There is a spot perfect for this just above the servo and the box even comes with double sided tape on its bottom to make this step extra easy.

5. Plug the wires that are coming out of the control box into the receiver. The M40DT also makes this step easy because it has a pigtail coming out of its receiver specifically for this purpose.

6. Grab a zip tie and tidy up the wire bundle coming out of the receiver. This helps keep the wires out of harm’s way during hard bash sessions.

7. Slide the LEDs into the light buckets provided on the M40DT’s front bumper. Once again use a tiny dab of CA to keep them from coming loose.

8. Plug the wire harness from the LED lights into the LED control box.

9. Hit the “on” switch on the LED control box and take a look at your job well done. It took us less than 10 minutes to do the install, and that included the time spent taking notes and pictures. The kit uses 6 amber lights for the roof, 4 for the front bumper, and we found they did a decent job of lighting up the night for some after hours bashing.

You’ve just read what it takes to mount an LED light kit on the Carisma M40DT, check out This Link for more “how-to” articles right here on BigSquidRC.