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AsiaTees April Giveaway TopCad SCX10
Our friends over at AsiaTees Hobbies have announced they are giving away a fully loaded TopCad SCX10 as their April giveaway. This beast is loaded up aluminum bling parts and for every $20 you spend at AsiaTees you get an entry. Click Right Here to get all the details.

Also in the news over at AsiaTees is their Easter Sale. You can get 15% off your order by enter a special Easter code and this offer runs through 4/28/2014. To get the scoop on this offer simply Click Here.

They also have one more piece of news they want to spread, AsiaTees are now stocking Boom Racing Orange Anodized parts for the Losi Night Crawler. To find out which parts you can get in orange just click Right Here.

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RealFlight 7 Update M
The latest update to RealFlight 7 is now available and for all your multi-rotor fans it includes something really cool, Quadcopter Trials. The Update M starts out with two easy quadcopter challenges – making a pinpoint landing on a reactive touchpad and flying through a rectangular gate, then gets progressively harder. There are 10 challenges in all and pilots who fly well enough can receive a medal and earn the coveted Quad X to fly.

The update is free for RF7 owners, to learn more hit up This Link over on the RealFlight website.

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PRO BUILT ARTR Hobby Pro Vehicles
Want a really good race buggy, but are a little unsure of building one yourself? Just don’t have the spare time to build one? The crew over at Hobby Pro USA have announced their new line of Pro Built vehicles. These vehicles are built by professionals right here in the USA, and come with their race team’s latest set-up. Their pros will build your kit in either mid-motor are rear motor configuration, and the person that builds your kit will engrave their name and serial number into the vehicle. Each pro built even comes with a hand completed set-up sheet.

Right now they are pro building the Hobby Pro PS1 2wd buggy and they are priced at $359. You can hit up This Link to get more information over on their official website..

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Vaterra Halix hop-up tie rod turnbuckles
This week in our Vaterra Halix upgrade series we’ll be showing you how to install new turnbuckles. There are a couple of good reasons to do this, the first being that the stock units can break during hard bashing, the second is that the stock units are not adjustable. Being able to adjust tire camber and front toe-in comes in mighty handy for dialing in your Halix to your local bash spot.

How to install new tie-rods on the Halix-

1. Use the four way wrench that came with your truck to remove the wheels.

2. Use a 2mm hex for the bolt heads and use either the supplied four way wrench or needle nose pliers for the nuts to remove the stock turnbuckles.

3. We used two pairs of Traxxas #3644 ($7 per pair) for the front and rear camber rods. When you install these take note that one side has a wide ball in the rod end, while the other uses a narrow. On the Halix you will want to install the wide ball towards the hub, with the narrow mounted to the shock tower. The Traxxas tie-rods are also directional, there is a groove in each tie-rod that donates direction. You will want the groove on all the tie-rods pointing the same direction. This is done so during adjustment the same rotation of the tie-rod will result in either tightening or loosening for all six units.

4. We used a pair of Traxxas #3745 ($8 per pair) for the steering turnbuckles, these are slightly longer than the 3644s and work well in the Halix.

5. We will also note that we drilled new camber holes in the rear tower of our Halix. This was done to lower the roll center and change the camber gain on the rear of the truck. The higher mount gives the rear of our Halix a more planted feel in the low bite conditions we normally drive on. We used a 7/64 bit to make the new holes and removed the bumper and top of the rear shocks to gain easier access.

6. After all six tie rods and the wheels are mounted back up, you will need to adjust camber. You will need to set your Halix on a flat surface and use an RPM #70992 (or better yet their #70950, $12) camber gauge and a turnbuckle wrench. We used a slightly modified Lunsford wrench to set front and rear camber at negative 1 degrees. Also of note, set camber with a battery in the truck while it is sitting at its normal ride height.

7. One step left to go, adjust the front toe-in. We used our Lunsford turnbuckle wrench with a metal ruler to set toe-in to zero degrees. Zero degrees is a fairly common setting that works well on the Halix. Setting the toe-in is easy, we used the metal ruler to measure the distance between the centers of the tires from the front side, then from the rear, until they both measured the same. Many people just “eyeball” the toe, as long as both front tires are pointed straight forwards, not in towards each other or pointing outwards, you will be close to zero toe.

8. With the turnbuckles bolted up and the camber and toe-in set, your Halix is ready to drive. It took us about 30 minutes to do the job, we have yet to break one of the new turnbuckles, and the additional tuning flexibility has allowed us to really dial the truck in.

Next week we’ll be installing a new servo, until then you can Click HERE to read more Halix hop-up articles on BigSquidRC.

Murfdogg Physco SCT
The crew over at Murfdogg have announced their new Physco Short Course Truck. The Physco was designed for high traction surfaces and uses a four gear mid-motor configuration to help stay flatter over jumps and to rotate better in the corners. The Murfdogg is littered with carbon fiber, aerospace grade aluminum, and all the trick goodies you would expect on a high-end truck.

* Ceramic bearings throughout
* Uses genuine MIP CVDs
* Comes with Pro-Line F-11 wheels & Evo body
* Gull wing front arms
* Includes Associated big bore shocks
* Uses MurfDogg’s Trans4mer 4-Gear transmission

The Physco has a part number of #MD-6081, it has a street price of $579, and you can get more information at This Link over on Murfdogg’s website.

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TheToyz Drift Tuner Kits
The crew over at TheToyz have a cool new Tuner Kit to take your drift car from bland to show worthy. Each kit includes rear view mirrors, an inner-cooler, chrome mufflers, brake discs, two different styles of windshield wipers, and all the necessary mounting hardware. While the tuner kit is aimed at the drifting crowd, several of the parts can be used on just about any build to add the scale realism you are after.

You can get the tuner kits with red, blue, or chrome brake discs, and they have an affordable street price of $8. To get more information simply Click This Link to head over to TheToyz official website.

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Aluminum Upgrades Thunder Tiger MT4 G3
One of the main vehicles that we use during BigSquidRC demonstrations is the Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 Monster Truck. The MT4 is a great demo vehicle- it goes huge on the jumps and is generally tough as nails.

Our friends over at AsiaTees Hobbies know how much we thrash our MT4 so they sent over a care package of GPM Racing Products Aluminum Upgrades. The GPM aluminum parts are available in a wide variety of colors and we found them very easy to install on our demo truck. If you are looking to up the bling factor of your MT4, hit up This Link to get more information on the GPM parts over on the AsiaTees website.

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Basher Bearing Tips
Bashers just might be harder on bearings than anyone else on the planet. We run them through water, mud, sand, and dust, then subject them to the high RPMs of our power systems, pretty much a worst case scenario for the life of a bearing. Recently I got with Thomas Boothe over at Boca Bearings to see if he had any bearing tips for us bashers. This is what Thomas had to say-

“The most important thing to realize is that just like tire compound and spring stiffness, different bearings should be used in different environments. The first and simplest thing to understand this is that metal shielded bearings are for on road use (clean environments) and rubber sealed bearings are for off road (dirty environments). Boca offers many different options in both varieties.

For bashers running in mud or off road conditions a great option is our Econo rubber sealed bearings with contact seals. Contact seals will touch the inside and outside race and will keep dirt out and lube in, making these bearings maintenance free

For on road we first recommend our Econo metal shielded bearings with a light oil for lubrication.

For bashers looking for an upgraded off-road experience, our Green Seal and Yellow Seal bearings are great places to start. Green seal bearings would be the first step, being a tried and proven bearing with slightly less drag than the Econo version, they retain the maintenance free aspect. The next option would be the Yellow Seal Ceramic Hybrids, again these are for off-road use, maintenance free, and slicker and faster than both the Econo and Green Sealed versions.

The upgrade option for on-road use would be the Ultra Seals, which are a non-contact labyrinth type Teflon seal, also maintenance free. The ultra seal is also available in the ceramic hybrid version for the next upgrade.

If you are looking for the highest level of performance, Boca offers a high performance Orange Seal Kits that will give you the ultimate competitive advantage. These are non-contact Ceramic Hybrids and are virtually friction less. These are used by our ultra competitive guys looking to save every 10th of a second off there lap time.The orange seal bearings are available for on-road with oil lube and off-road with grease lube, both maintenance free.

No matter which route you choose you will always have the piece of mind knowing Boca stands behind everything 100%! Not only that, all of our bearings will out last stock manufacturer ones.”

So there you have it from Thomas the bearing expert, use good quality shielded bearings to keep your off-roader running smoothly. Feel free to hit up the Boca Bearing Website for more information on all the different bearings they produce.

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Boca RC Bearings rebates
The folks over at Asiatees Hobbies have a lot of deals going on. Right now you can get a $3 store credit as a new customer, plus you can get up to $35 off on qualifying purchases until March 28th. Hit up This Link to get all the details over on the Asiatees Hobbies website.

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Model Aero Drifter Air Boat
While at E-Fest a few weeks ago we walked by the Model Aero booth and their Drifter caught out attention. The Drifter is certainly something different than what we normally drive, so we picked one up.

The Model Aero Drifter is made mostly from 6 mm Depron foam and takes a couple of evenings to glue together. It is just a chassis, so you will need to supply all electronics to get it going. We ended up using a Hitec HS-81MG for steering, a Castle Talon 90 ESC, a SuperTigre 1250kV outrunner brushless motor, a Traxxas 3S 1400mAh LiPo, and a APC 7×7 prop. The Drifter went together well for us even though we are used to putting together cars not foam aircrafts/boats.

Driving the Drifter was a completely new experience for us. The first big surprise was how fast it was. We were expecting it to barely get around, but it was actually about as fast as a normal short course truck. The second big surprise was – no brakes. This took some getting used to, but once you remember the only “brakes” you have is the friction on the bottom of the boat, you start to plan accordingly. Oh, there was one more big surprise, the Drifter turned really well. We expected it to push like a freight train, but it could literally turn on a dime. However, there was one caveat to turning, you had to be on the gas producing a lot of air for it to turn.

We had an absolute blast driving the Drifter. It was fast and loads of fun to drive on grass and water. On pavement the added friction took out some of the fun, as did bumpy areas that would sometimes let air get under the boat and cause it to flip over. We did break the boat a couple of time after roll overs, but we were always able to repair it with some foam safe CA glue.

The Model Aero Drifter chassis comes in at a very affordable $44 and we highly recommend it if you are looking for something fast and different. To get more information on the Drifter, simply Click This Link.

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AsiaTees Leopard Brushless Giveaway
Each month the crew over at does a product giveaway for their customers. This month AsiaTees is giving away a Leopard Brushless Combo. The combo consists of one motor, one ESC and one program card, all from Leopard Hobby. To find out what it takes to win simply hit up This Link over on the AsiaTees website.

Click Here to read more brushless motor news on BigSquidRC. St Patrick's Day
AsiaTees is known for having a big selection of hop-up parts for a bunch of different vehicles. We just received word they are offering a St Patrick’s Day Deal. Today through March 21st you can get 15% off of green and silver parts. To get all the information simply click This Link to head over to the official AsiaTees website.

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Rogue Element Lug Nuts
After 8 years of limited release, Rogue Element Components is gearing up for a final production run of Scale Alloy Lug Nuts. These ultra scale detailed lug nuts are what put REC on the map, if you want to get your hands on some, now is the time to get your order in.

There are 2 different styles to choose from, 8-bolt and Warn Lockers, and they are priced at $29 a set. The lug nuts are 3/8″ in diameter and use a Nylock nut that is threaded for M4x.7 Tamiya & Axial axles. A special wrench is included to make it easy to get them on and off.

To get your set pre-ordered you can hit up the Official Rogue Element website.

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