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Pro-Line Pro-MT Monster TruckAs we were finishing up the Pro-Line Pro-MT review that goes up on Tuesday, we started talking among ourselves about our first experience with the truck. You see, the first time we got to pull trigger on the Pro-MT was nearly 2 months ago during our California Dreamin Road Trip. Our first drive included a big parking lot, a dirt area, and the Pro-Line crew even let us jump it off the top of their tractor trailer (a few times for good measure of course). The Pro-MT proved tough as nails during our initial test drive, just like it has during our further testing back home in the Midwest.

To find out how tough the Pro-MT is check out our full review that goes live this coming Tuesday. To get full details and to get one on pre-order, hit up This Link over on Pro-Line’s website.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday, how about a BSRC Mystery Link?

Himoto Bowie Monster Truck
The folks over at Asiatees Hobbies wanted us to let you know they now have the Himoto Bowie in stock. The Himoto Bowie is a 10th scale monster truck that comes RTR with either a brushed or a brushless powerplant. The brushless version goes for about $240, while the brushed version is priced at only $110. Want more details? Find them at This Link over on Asiatee’s website.

Click Here to read more Asiatees news on BigSquidRC.

maximum destruction

Today Wrench (aka Bill) and I loaded up the families and headed to check out this years Monster Jam event in Rosemont Illinois. While everyone had a good time, it all seemed very scripted. Like we were watching WWE with trucks. Grave Digger won all 3 competitions. The race, the wheelie, and the freestyle. And while the truck put on a great show, it almost seemed like the other guys held back a little, and of course Grave Digger was the FINAL truck in the freestyle to end the evening.

There was some AWESOME freestyle quad action that my son thought was incredible, especially when it came to the backflips. Those guys are nuts! There was also quad racing, where it was again very scripted to have the ‘Chicago Team’ win in the final race after all but two vehicles were ‘black flagged’ leaving 1 quad from each team to battle it out on the last lap.

There was one mention of Traxxas when they gave away a Traxxas Monster Jam vehicle to a kid in the audience.

The Jet Powered Smart car shot is for Jim S. Seriously, you need to do this to yours!

In the end it was a good show, and the family was very entertained. The only part that really left the sour taste in my mouth was the price gauging. (This does not include food and souvenirs, that’s expected) I have no problem paying $32 a ticket to be entertained. I HATE paying TicketMaster their $8 convenience fee PER ticket (how is it a convenience for me to do ALL the work? And why is it PER ticket? All I had to do was use type in a 4) I had to pay another $4 to print my tickets myself! And finally to top it off $20 parking fee! Weird.. it was FREE parking a few weeks before for people going to Disney on Ice, and $10 for a previous event.. but this one was $20. Would rather spend that $20 on Monster Truck Snow Cones!

Bill has posted a few of his pictures over on our Facebook Page you can check out as well.

Electric Bigfoot 20 Car Crushing
Electric power has been the dominant force in rc for years now, and we see it creep more and more into the full size scene. The guys over at Bigfoot 4×4 Inc have taken full scale electric to a whole new level with their new Bigfoot #20. Take a look at the video below to see their latest creation using all that electric torque and power to crush a pair of passenger cars. We can’t wait to see more of the new Bigfoot #20 in action.

Interested in full scale monster trucking? Hit up the official Bigfoot 4×4 Inc Website. Looking for more information on rc monster trucks? Hit up This Link.


I got a quick question. Can the Evader DT take LiPo batteries stock? If so, would I need to install a LVC? Thank you

Cubby- What’s up Jordan? Is it just me or do we get this question a lot? Well… if it’s getting asked this much I better man up and answer it.

Can the Evader DT (same goes for the entire Evader line) take LiPo batteries? Yes, they fit just fine and your truck will be extra fast while running one.

But… no, the stock speedo does not have built in low voltage cut-off (LVC) protection. When running LiPo batteries I highly recommend running an LVC to keep from ruining your batteries. Ideally you never want your LiPos to go below 3 volts per cell, an LVC can help you prevent this.

One tip not mentioned often enough is- a lot of LiPo batteries are ruined each year because drivers only turn off their speedo (via the on/off switch) but forget to unplug their battery pack. You see the speedo will still pull a slight amount of current even if the switch is turned off, so for storage purposes (more than just a few hours) you must also unplug the battery to prevent it from being over discharged.

Keep on bashing Jordan, and remember it isn’t bashing unless it gets broke.

I had a blast at Bash-a-palooza, but it made me realize that I need a monster truck. Between the Savage Flux HP and the Thunder Tiger MT4 which would you recommend and why?

Cubby- Hey now Fletch, thanks for taking the time to write in an email.

Universally I’ve heard nothing but good things being said about Bash-A-Palooza 2011. Brian and Wrench worked their butts off to put on a good event, glad you guys appreciated it. Next year I promise to make it on time, seriously, I promise.

First off, do you really need a monster truck? If you’re truly a basher then heck yes ya do! The larger tires help in getting over crazy obstacles and generally make for a wilder ride. Oh and, it’s also great fun watching them become pizza cutters on high cell counts. :)

So… HPI Savage Flux or Thunder Tiger MT4? Boy thats smells like a dern good shootout to me but I’m not going to dodge the question. If I had to go out and buy one tomorrow it would be the Thunder Tiger MT4.

So why do I pick the Thunder Tiger over the HPI? Because the Thunder Tiger has proven tougher during our testing. We’ve bashed the MT4 like we stole it, even on 6S, with virtually no problems or broken parts. We’ve done things (horrible, nasty, unspeakable things) to that truck on purpose to destroy it and it didn’t break. Seriously, it’s an amazing truck who’s biggest downside is the lack of parts support at local hobby shops. But… because the truck rarely breaks the parts support issue becomes rather moot.

On the other hand… no doubt the HPI is a burly truck. No doubt the HPI has a better reputation, it has been out a long time and has more than proven its worth. IMO the HPI has more power out of the box, and there are a whole lot more hobby shops that stock parts for the Savage than for the Thunder Tiger. But… we’ve broken more than a handful of parts on the Savage Flux, and I’d much rather be huck’ing it off the roof than wrenching on it.

Lastly, just so you know, while I picked the Thunder Tiger there are others in our office that would pick the Savage. Both are great trucks, no matter which one you pick (out of those two) you are going to have a fantastic time.

Little tip for when you do buy one- 6S might not be “that” much more voltage than 4S, but it feels twice as fast! Have fun!

That’s it for this weeks edition of ASK The Goofy BigSquid Pundit Guy, submit your questions (in broken Engrish, those are always the most fun to read) to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

YOUR Cub Reporter

HPI Racing Nitro GT 3 Body

If you are like me, and just want to get out there and bash, and you don’t have a whole lot of talent with the spray can or air brush, these new Nitro GT-3 Pre-Painted monster truck bodies from HPI are for you! They come painted, and with decals already applied and holes pre-drilled to bolt onto your Savage X truck, but will fit most monster trucks, and comes in grey/red/black or yellow/pink/black.

Hit the HPI Racing website for details.


Hey just wondering did you do most of your testing on LiPo batts or the original NiMH batts with the Basher Review absolutely thrill’d to hear it took a couple full speed runs into a brick wall and stayed together. And just wondering when are you goin to do a LiPo test for this truck to see if the 20t has what it takes to run them?? Or just burn like some other stock motors??
Fellow smasher….
Lucky Vandy

Cubby- The vast majority of testing on the Electrix Ruckus was done using 2S Lithium packs. Well after the test period ended we did have a problem with the stock brushed motor arching and running hot. I plan on water dipping the motor to re-seat the brushes and get even more life out of it. If you just bought a brand new truck, it would be optimal to water dip it first, but if you don’t, no big worries, it ran fine for a long time without it. Overall, the stock motor gives “good” yank for a decent period of time on 2S. The stock motor is easy to drive, yet has enough yank to have plenty of fun and even make some pretty respectable double jumps. If you are sitting on the fence about the Ruckus, get one, it’s a ton of fun to bash with (and it’s a tank!).

Hey Brian,
What’s going on? Just got my stickers in the mail the other day, and I wanted to send a big thanks by sending a picture of a few of my cars rocking the new art work.

Absolutely love the site. If it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have bought the Futaba 3PL which I am absolutely in love with. Also, you guys taught me everything I need to know about LiPo power and chargers. So needless to say, your site has done me some good, and I really do appreciate it.
Cheers from Canada,
Vince M.
Associated GT2 and Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo (brushless + 2S LiPo!)

vince traxxas picsCubby- I stole this one out of Brian’s email box.
What’s up Vince? Thanks for the love, we are working our asses off around here to try and change the face of rc media.
The two reasons I posted your letter are-
1. To prove not every letter we get here is hate mail.
2. Because you gave me a great idea for a series of rc articles.

Because of your email Vince we’ll be doing a series of articles called “Everything you need to know about…”. We’ll do them on Lipos, brushless systems, tires, heck everything. After talking to Brian about the idea we’ll keep’em as noob friendly as possible, just the basics, the kind of info it takes to get noobs up to speed fast.

Thanks for reading, and your trucks look much more uber with the BSRC stickers on them!

Cubby- Now for a couple responses I received after I asked readers to write in and give us their opinion on whether the TTR MT4-G3 should be included in a shootout with the Traxxas Brushless E-Revo, E-Maxx and the Savage Flux. Click through to read the rest READ MORE

Thunder Tiger MT4-G3

Earlier today we saw the announcement of the Thunder Tiger MT4-G3. It’s cool to see people starting to do monster trucks again. (tired of all the SC news lately). So what better way to celebrate the announcement then with the worlds first unboxing photo’s of the truck!

At first glance, it’s big, the metal chassis with the encased top is kinda slick. It comes with a 2.4GHz radio and a wheelie bar! I didn’t install it yet, but you can bet that’s the next thing on the truck! I like the fact that the instructions show how to wire two lipo’s for maximum power, and they even include the wires needed to do so!

Something I noticed, the box/presentation could use a little work. I think the last 5 RC vehicles to come into our office have all had full art all the way around, where this one does not. I also have to say the ‘window’ shot could use a little help. Out of the box, the truck screams basher! And we are looking forward to the beating!

Enjoy the pics!

Make sure you check out Thunder Tiger for all the specifications and details!

If you’re looking for some serious monster truck action, Thunder Tiger may have the answer with their new 1/8 scale MT4 G3 Brushless 4WD RTR Monster Truck. The truck features a Ripper 2200kV motor and 150A ESC, high torque, metal gear servo, and Cougar PS3i 2.4GHz radio system. It also has a 3mm aluminum chassis, full CVD drive shafts, ball bearings, and steel gears and rings in all three diffs. Just add batteries with a Deans plug and a charger and you’re ready to rock. Available in blue and orange or red and yellow, it will set you back about $530.00, but is ready to ship right now.

Make sure you check out Thunder Tiger for all the specifications and details!

We finally have our review up of the DuraTrax RT-X 27, and guess what.. it has officially gotten a Basher Approved rating! Head over to the RC Reviews section and check it out! If you are in the mood for a new RC Nitro truck this might be what you need! Read it here: DuraTrax RT-X 27 Review.

RC Monster Truck Helios Body If that title sounds to good to be true.. well it’s true! The awesome Helios body which was only for the RC Rock Crawling scene has finally been up-sized to fit RC Monster Trucks! Pro-Line Racing did a great job with this body, and I hope they keep them coming! This body fits T-Maxx, E-Maxx, Revo and Savages.

While doing our server and software updates, it looks like we broke are event manager! While we work on getting it fixed and up and running, I wanted to remind everyone about some upcoming events!

If RC Drag Racing is your thing, then the Lynwood RC Drag Way is where you want to be this weekend! It’s the second event of the Midwest RC Drag Racing Series May 17th and 18th! For all the details and information, check out the official Midwest RC Drag Racing forums Right Here!

If RC Monster trucks are your thing, then check out the NO LIMIT R/C 2008 Monster Truck World Finals coming up May 23-25! This event is really becoming “THE” event to attend! Over in our forum is a big thread with all the details. You can read it Right Here!

Finally we have our own BASH-A-PALOOZA event! Hosted By: Leisure Hours Hobbies at the amazing Leisure Hours Raceway June 14th!

The official event page is Right HERE! Or click the new link over on the left! This event is going to be awesome! We are giving away a HPI Racing Savage Monster Truck!!! Plus a TON of other great prizes! Check out the Event Page for all the details you need!
RC Monster Truck Bash Event

RPM Revolver Wheels We just received a press release from RPM RC about their new Revolver Monster Truck Wheels. They are now available in two offsets (normal and StableMax) and two hex options. (14mm & 17mm) The Stable Max adds 1.2″ of width to the truck. All versions are backed by their breakage warranty. RPM has always made quality stuff, so make sure to check these out! The full press release will be in the NEW Product Forum.