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Mugen MBX7R ECO BuggyThe latest warrior to enter the battle for 8th scale buggy supremacy is the Mugen MBX7R ECO. The ECO is based on the MBX7R but offers refinements to improve its handling and durability. Big 16mm shocks improve stability, while a new chassis increases strength. New wing mounts, drive shafts, and front hub carriers are among other changes.

The 7R ECO starts shipping next month and you can get complete details over on the official Mugen Seiki Website.

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Mugen MBX7R Buggy
The 8th scale buggy World Championships are quickly approaching. As such, expect to see a lot of new products being announced for debut at the big event.

Mugen knows what it takes to win world championships and they have just announced their latest uber race machine, the MBX7R. The 7R is based off the highly praised MBX7, with updates and refinements to make it an even more lethal racing machine. Some of the highlights of the 7R include-

* New 16mm big bore shocks
* Re-designed front hub carriers
* More camber adjustability in front arms
* Front and rear universal driveshafts
* New rear wing mounts
* Re-designed baffle in fuel tank

The part number is #E2015 and you can get complete details at This Link over on the official Mugen website.

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Big Air RC Jump Lee Martin McDonalds Mugen
Everybody digs big air and McDonalds UK has just released a promotional video featuring a Mugen truggy going huge. To put their new sandwich on the map, McDonalds enlisted uber pro driver Lee Martin to jump some semi-trailers with a Chicken Legend strapped to the back of his truggy. Needless to say they certainly got our attention and it’s awesome to see McDonalds featuring our hobby in one of their ads.

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Mugen MTX-6 Nitro Touring Car
Mugen has a long history of high-end 10th scale nitro touring cars, their latest is the MTX-6. The MTX-6 starts with a new chassis and has many updates over the previous model. The updates were designed to make it more durable, to give it more steering, and to generally make it a better overall car for club racers. Some of its updates and features include-

* New disc brake set-up that mounts to the 2 speed shaft
* New servo saver and clutch
* New towers and shock springs
* Stiffer chassis with twin braces
* New front bulkhead for easier diff removal
* Wider pinion and spur gears for increased durability

The MTX-6 has a part number of #T2003 and has a projected release date of August. You can get more details over on Mugen’s website.

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Mugen MBX7T-ECOThere are a pair of new truggies from Mugen Seiki coming out this spring, the nitro powered MBX7T and the electric MBX7T ECO. As per the usual with Mugen, you can expect both versions to be high end race oriented machines, with specific upgrades and price points to be announced soon.

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Mugen MBX7 M-Spec Nitro Buggy
Mugen are known for making some of the best 8th scale buggies that you can buy, now they’ve introduced their MBX7 M-Spec. The M-Spec comes pre-assembled with a race set-up and a clear body, perfect for getting on the track in no time flat. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Clear mid-cab body
* 5mm front and 4mm rear tower
* 3mm A7075 chassis
* Straight cut conical & ring gears
* Heavy duty clutch shoes

The part number for the Mugen MBX7 M-Spec is E2011 and it should start hitting hobby shop shelves next month.

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Mugen MBX7 ECO M-Spec 1/8 BuggyOne of the most highly regarded names in rc is Mugen Seiki Racing. They have long been known for putting out durable, high-end machines. Their latest is the MBX7 ECO M-Spec 4wd 8th scale electric buggy. Some of the features of the new MBX7 ECO M-Spec include-

* New battery tray
* New mounting for receiver and servo
* Stylish mid-cab polycarbonate body
* Heavy duty motor mount
* Eco chassis with better weight distribution
* Comes pre-built

Part number for the new Mugen is #E2010, the price point should be right around $800, and they should start hitting hobby shops in mid-September.

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Mugen MRX5 WC-Spec 8th Scale On-Road Nitro Kit
Want to go fast, like really fast? If so, an 8th scale on-road car should be on your list. They have a lot of top speed and are on rails in the corners.

The crew over at Mugen Seiki have just announced their latest 8th scale on-road car, the MRX5 WC-Spec edition. The WC-Spec edition comes with a bunch of upgrades to not only improve durability, but to also make it even more of an animal on the track. New chassis, rear arm mounts, front arms and bulkheads lead the list of changes.

The part number for the newest Mugen is #H2005 but we have not received pricing or release date information. Hit up THIS link to read more Mugen news right here on BigSquidRC.

Mugen Seiki MBX7 8th Scale Nitro buggy Kit
Mugen Seiki are known for producing some of the most elite 8th scale off-roaders on the market, and today they have officially announced their new MBX7 Kit. This is an 8th scale, 4wd nitro buggy that should offer world class performance on the track, or be one tough customer while busting huge tricks at your local bash spot. It utilizes a lighter drive-train and features a lower center of gravity than previous models to gain corner speed and generally be a better handling machine. Some of the features and specs include-

* 3mm A7075 hard anodized aluminum chassis
* Straight cut conical and ring gears
* Lightweight spur gear
* Lightweight conical gears
* 5mm A7075 aluminum front shock tower
* 4mm A7075 aluminum rear shock tower
* 5mm A7075 aluminum lower suspension mounts for optimized geometry
* Fully adjustable steering with new geometry, servo saver and ackerman plate.
* 15mm hard anodized threaded shocks
* 3.5mm shock shaft with rubber shock boots
* Specialized brake system with new brake cam front/rear brakes
* Small composite molded receiver box & low center of gravity battery holder
* Special designed fuel tank with an internal fuel clunk pick up
* E0710 heavy duty aluminum clutch shoes
* Stylish mid-cab body
* High down force wing

The MBX7 has a December 2012 release date and you can get more information on all of Mugen’s products on their Official Website.

Hit up THIS link for more Mugen news right here on BigSquidRC.

Mugen MRX5 We just received some renders from Mugen Racing of their soon to be released MRX5 on-road nitro car. It’s got some pretty slick looking features, and a lot of carbon. I’m willing to bet this thing can scream down the straights!

Mugen MRX5 Mugen MRX5
There’s a bunch of pics, so click through to see them all.

You can visit the Mugen Racing site for more info.


RC Pro Products Clutch Looks like RC Pro Products has a new clutch called the Viper Clutch. It’s a 3 shoe clutch set with 3 spring setup to fit Mugen/Xray pin size flywheels.

Check out RC Pro Products for their complete line.

Pro-Line Shift Body It looks like another sweet Pro-Line Racing body is making it’s way to the Mugen MBX-6T. This time the Pro-Line SHIFT body is ready for your 1/8th scale truck action! It’s got a cab forward design, good engine head exposure and made from .060 Lexan.

You can visit the Pro-Line Racing site here.

Team Novak Brushless Conversion Kit Team Novak has just issued a press release about the new Brushless in a Box HV Pro 6.5 conversion kits. The kit comes with the HV 6.5 brushless motor, steel pintion gear, motor heat sink, two battery boxes, ESC cooling fan, motor cooling fan, antenna mount, hardware kit and instructions.

They now have a ton of kits available, and I’m guessing there will be one for the now popular Hot Bodies D8. We’ll have to wait and see, but till then, here is the current list!

#3100 HV Pro 6.5 System / Conversion Kit Combo: Associated RC8
#3101 HV Pro 6.5 System / Conversion Kit Combo: CEN Matrix
#3102 HV Pro 6.5 System / Conversion Kit Combo: Hot Bodies Lightning2 Evo
#3103 HV Pro 6.5 System / Conversion Kit Combo: Kyosho Inferno
#3104 HV Pro 6.5 System / Conversion Kit Combo: Mugen MBX5
#3105 HV Pro 6.5 System / Conversion Kit Combo: OFNA 9.5 Ultra
#3106 HV Pro 6.5 System / Conversion Kit Combo: OFNA Hyper 8
#3107 HV Pro 6.5 System / Conversion Kit Combo: OFNA Hyper 7
#3108 HV Pro 6.5 System / Conversion Kit Combo: X-RAY XB8
#3109 HV Pro 6.5 System / Conversion Kit Combo: Losi 8ight.

Make sure to check out the NEW Product Forum for the full press release and details!