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Helion Volition SCT
The latest release from Helion is the Volition short course truck. The Volition is a brushed 2wd ready for a beginner or a day of fun at the local bash spot. To save you time the Volition comes RTR, it’s ready to drive right out of the box. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* 12 turn 550 size brushed motor
* Capable of 30+ mph with stock set-up
* 2.4Ghz radio system
* Oil filled shocks
* Comes with 7 cell, 3000mAh NiMH pack
* Lipo compatible 30 amp ESC
* Full bearings
* Waterproof

The Volition is priced at $225 and you can hit up This Link for more information.

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hobbytown_orland We just found out that our local Orland Park Illinois Hobby Town along with Iwata will be holding an Airbrush Class this Saturday from 1-3pm cst.

For details, information, and to go sign up call their store at (708) 349-8697. There is a fee of $35, but if you have been thinking about trying airbrushing, but afraid to drop the $$ on a machine, this is a good way to feel it out!

If I knew about it sooner, we would of had some of the Big Squid RC crew there, we could use the help! Make sure to tell them Big Squid sent ya! Have fun, and paint something!

hobbytown usa ihobby 2013
Our favorite chain of hobby shops is HobbyTown USA and they have a nice booth at iHobby this year. Their booth showcases some of their exclusive Helion and Ares products. One of the newest machines they have on display is the Ares Chronos FP 110 ultra micro helicopter. The single rotor FP 110 has an attractive price point of only $99 and they are available at your local HobbyTown USA right now.

On the surface side of things, we got a chance to talk with Gil Losi JR about the Helion line-up of off-road machines. Helion is aimed right at bashers and their new Criterion buggy is really fast right out of the box, look for our full review in the near future.

To get more information on everything at HobbyTown USA hit up This Link.

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BigSquidRC HobbyTown Bash and Swap Meet 2013
On Saturday, HobbyTown USA in Orland Park Illinois was the host for our 2013 BigSquidRC Bash and Swap Meet. In the big open parking lot on one side of the HobbyTown we put on bashing events and held an open bash session, while on the other side of the building people set up tables to sell old gear in an rc swap meet. Blessed by good weather and a very organized HobbyTown USA staff, the event went off without a hitch.

Four events were held at our bash this year- Obstacle Course, RC Sumo, Shopping Cart Slam, and Demo Derby. The events turned out to be quite challenging for the drivers, and tough on the vehicles, but everyone was having a great time. The drivers got even happier when it was door prize time. Pro-Line sent in a ton of their uber gear to give away to all the bashers, Futaba supplied some cool shirts, and the big prizes were a new HPI Blitz short course truck and Helion Invictus monster truck. We had a great time meeting and bashing with everyone, we can’t wait to do it again next year.


Demo Derby- Dylan Stevens (HPI Blitz)
Shopping Cart Slam- Xerxes (ARRMA Raider)
Obstacle Course- Tim Mohr (Castle/MIP/STRC Losi SCTE)
RC Sumo- Bill Stevens (Thunder Tiger ST4 G3)

To see other event coverage, click THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Hit the “Read More” button to see four more galleries of pictures from the big event.



Just a quick reminder, if you haven’t seen our Helion Invictus Contest Post, check it out.

With just 5 days to go before the drawing, we are going to make it even EASIER to enter since the posts on the Facebook pages has moved down the page. All you need to do is go LIKE the Hobby Town USA Orland Park page. It’s THAT easy! We have been keeping track of all the likes on the posts, and will also keep track of all the new likes on their page. How simple? Click LIKE on their FB page and you are entered!!

For those attending the Big Squid Bash and Swap Meet you will also get special tickets for liking the page for a chance to win the Animus at the event!

So what are you waiting for? Go Click Like!

Hobbico at HobbyTown USA Convention
Industry leader Hobbico had a large suite showcasing their product lines at the 2013 HobbyTown USA convention. Among their featured lines were Duratrax, Futaba, and Axial, among many others.

One of the highlights of the Hobbico booth was their AirCore technology for airplanes. AirCore is basically a power cartridge that can quickly be popped in and out of various planes. The power cartridge contains a brushless motor, esc, receiver, and 3 digital servos and takes about 2 seconds to pop into an AirCore airplane.

We would like to thank the good folks at Hobbico for allowing us to use some of their gear during our demo at the HobbyTown USA show. I was driving a demonstration, jumping/bashing a Thunder Tiger MT-4 monster truck and Duratrax 835E buggy, while Brian was using an HPI Blitz to hold a “pit stop” contest for the HobbyTown USA dealers. Our gear from Hobbico put on a great show and helped add to the fun for all the dealers.

For more information on everything that Hobbico offers simply hit THIS LINK. To see more Hobbico news here on BigSquidRC THIS is the link you want.

Killer Body RC at HobbyTown USA
One of the new exhibitors at the 2013 HobbyTown USA Convention was a company called Killerbody RC. Some of you industry types might know them by Sun Trade LTD which is based right down the road from us here in Chicago.

Killer Body RC makes all types of licensed aftermarket bodies, from 1/28th scale all the way up to 1/7th scale. Some of the products in their booth was a 7th scale licensed Corvette body and their new short course truck inner body cockpit. Besides bodies they are also big into scale accessories like seat belts, protection netting, and seats, among many others. Killer Body RC also produces a lot of licensed die cast products. To see everything they offer simply click THIS LINK.

Looking for a new body? Try THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

HPI Octane Savage
While HPI America has gone through some changes the last few months, they had a nice suite at the HobbyTown USA convention with lots of cool products. HPI looked alive and well at the show and we had a blast hanging out in their suite.

The biggest news was that the Octane Savage is getting closer. From getting a close inspection some of the parts were still rapid prototypes, but it looks like they have got everything figured out and are looking for a fall release date. The price point still hasn’t been set.

HPI also announced two new additions to their Micro RS4 line-up during the show, one being the new Ken Block edition with the other being a Justin Pawlak Ford.

Special thanks to the HPI crew for joining us live on our Wednesday night Google Plus show, get more information on everything HPI by simply Clicking This Link.

Want to read more HPI news? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

HRP at Hobbytown usa
HRP Distributing was at the HobbyTown USA Convention showing off some of their new gear. One of the coolest items was their new Racers Edge Pro4 Enduro short course truck. It looks tough and comes with a very affordable price tag.

HRP also had a bunch of Spaz Stix paints on display. These have become very popular the last few months and are available in a wide range of colors.

Perhaps the biggest news for the bashing crowd was the fact that HRP is now a distributor for CEN Racing. So all you bashers out there that have been looking for a place to get CEN products, just have your local hobby shop give the guys at HRP a call.

To see everything that HRP now offers hit up THIS LINK.

Want to read more Racers Edge news? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Horizon Hobby Booth HobbyTown USA Convention 2013
Horizon Hobby had a large suite at the HobbyTown USA Convention this year. They had nice displays for ECX, Vaterra, and for some of the Losi line-up.

The biggest news was in their air products, most notably their new E-flite UMX Habu DF BNF Basic and their Blade 350 QX RTF/BNF quadcopter.

The E-flite Habu jet uses a ducted fan for propulsion and has a street price of $124, while the large Blade quad comes with all sorts of flight control making is super easy to fly (street price $479 on the RTF). The Blade 350 QX is even big enough to tote around a Go Pro camera to get some cool video shots.

The Horizon suite also had a nice table full of food and ice cold drinks, making it favorite among the BigSquidRC Bash Crew. Special thanks to Horizon’s Andy Miller for showing us around the suite, and if you want more information on any of Horizon’s fine products simply click THIS LINK.

Looking for more Horizon news? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Pro-Line Booth HobbyTown USA Convention

The good folks at Pro-Line made the trip to Lincoln Nebraska to show their support to the HobbyTown USA dealers at their convention. Pro-Line was showing off their latest releases like the Trencher pre-mounts for 16th scale Traxxas vehicles and their ’66 Ford “Hay Hauler” body.

Other news from the Pro-Line camp included the announcement of them doing more Thumbwasher body mount kits for different vehicles, and its sounds like their Pro-2 truck is getting close to being a full on kit (heck ya!). Gerardo Gonzalez was also nice enough to join in our Google Plus live show Wednesday night to give our readers even more insight on what’s new at Pro-Line.

To get more information on all of Pro-Line’s fine products simply click THIS LINK to head over to their website.

Have you read our interview with Pro-Line’s Gerardo Gonzalez? If not, hit THIS LINK.

Traxxas Booth HobbyTown USA

Traxxas was out in full force this week at the HobbyTown USA national convention. They had their new LaTrax 18th scale 4wd Rally Car on display, as well as their entire line-up of Traxxas bash machines.

For accessories, Traxxas had their GPS Module (#6551) and Telemetry Expander Module (#6550) on display for people looking to know exactly how fast their cars are going. They also had their LED Kits for their 16th scale E-Revo (#7185) and Summit (#7285) on display. Traxxas was also showing off their two newest Ni-MH chargers.

To get more information on all the fine products from Traxxas simply click THIS LINK to head over to their webpage.

Looking for more Traxxas news right here on BigSquidRC? THIS is the link you want.

Helion Criterion
We have finally made it back home and can start posting everything we saw at the 2013 HobbyTown USA Convention in Lincoln Nebraska.

Firelands Group is sold exclusively at HobbyTown USA. Their Helion Invictus has been a big hit with bashers this summer, and the Helion product line just keeps getting bigger. Helion premiered their new Criterion 10th scale 2wd buggy at the HobbyTown show. It’s 2wd and comes completely RTR with a 7 cell Ni-MH pack and brushed power system. The price point is $189.

On the air side of things, the biggest news was the Ares Ethos QX 130 quadcopter. This is a bigger brother to the Ares that won our quadcopter shootout and comes with advanced flight control, the ability to do 360 degree flips, and some really cool accessories like water blaster, rocket launcher, winch, and bubble machine.

Hit your local Hobbytown USA dealer to see Helion and Ares products in person, or hit THIS LINK to view all their products on-line.

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