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roughneckscalers-trailrun6Happy 4th of July!

I recently had the pleasure of heading out to one of the first official trail runs for the Roughneck Scalers Missouri Chapter and had a heck of a time. The club originally hails from California but recently expanded to St. Louis, MO due to the exploding scale off-road scene in the area.

The trail spot was Bangert Island Park in St. Charles, MO. The densely wooded trails run along the banks of the Missouri River and are a popular destination for those looking to get their scale on. While the park generally houses a wide array of terrain (river silt, rocky creek, dirt paths) today it was mud, mud and mud. The area saw torrential rains the night before but there are no rain outs in scaling. You kwitcherbitchin’ and get out there!

Despite the thick mud and awful Missouri humidity about 20 people showed up and we had a blast. It was also a lot of fun watching a few tug-o-war competitions take place on the sandy river banks. Motors were smoked, parts broken and a good times were had by all. Big thanks to the Roughneck Scaler guys for having me out and letting me wheel my trusty old “Missouri Mule” Axial SCX10 with them. For more info on the Missouri branch of the Roughneck Scalers you can check them out on Facebook right here. Have a safe holiday weekend everyone!

To see 5 more galleries of scalers getting very, very dirty click the “Read More” below.


Horizon Hobby Road Trip
The crew over at Horizon Hobby are hitting the road and they invite you to join them. This summer Horizon is hitting various full size events across the country to show off their products, put on demonstrations, and to hang out with you, the rabid rc hobbyist. Check out their schedule below, and you can hit up This Link for more information.

* June 21-22 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals, Springfield, MO
* June 27-29 Street Machine Nationals, Du Quoin, IL
* July 11-13 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals, Bloomsburg, PA
* July 18-20 Chevy Car Craft Summer Nationals, St. Paul, MN
* August 9-10 Quad City Airshow, Davenport, IA
* September 19-21 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals, Indianapolis, IN
* September 26-28 Route 66 Mother Road Festival, Springfield, IL

Click Here for more Horizon Hobby news on BigSquidRC.


The Trigger King R/C Mega Truck Series held it’s first official event last weekend in Wentzville, MO (suburb about 50 miles west of St. Louis). The series was put together to combine the fun of scaling/bashing with the excitement of full scale elimination mud racing. While the aforementioned mega trucks are the main event of the show, there is also a “run what ya brung” open class where any vehicle that can safely fit on the track is welcome.

The track consists of two similar “lanes” featuring jumps and mud holes where the drivers race against each other heads-up style. The event starts out with qualifying. Drivers are allowed to run each lane once and take their best of the two times. Qualifying not only seeds the elimination bracket, but the highest qualifier between trucks will always get lane choice. Once the brackets are set, it’s time for elimination racing. After each class crowned a winner, the track lane markers were removed and people started to freestyle bash on the open course.

The most popular setup for the mega class is combining Axial running gear with a CPE Barbarian chassis. The scale rice & cane tires were mainly narrowed Traxxas Maxx, Tamiya Clodbuster, or RC4WD Mud Bashers. All the trucks looked really scale (including replicas of the famous King Sling and Opielicious 1:1 mega trucks) and most of the drivers have finally figured out how to set these beasts up. The open class saw everything from Axial Wraith’s to Traxxas Slashes compete and were extremely wild to watch. When all was said and done, the event belonged to Jeff Bourgoine as he swept both classes (light blue Chevy Axial/Barbarian mega and black Traxxas Slash).

The series is something that myself and a few buddies have been wanting to launch for sometime now, so it was great to see everyone’s hard work pay off for a fun first event. And while us hardcore scalers got our fix, it was also great to see some of the noobs bash the crap out of their rigs. I had a blast running my “Mega Mule” and look forward to beating the snot out of my truck all summer long.

Click the “Read More” below to get event results and see a ton of pictures.


RC Freaks Speed Challenge 2014
Everybody likes to go fast and last weekend we had the pleasure of attending a High Speed and Drag Event put on the RC Freaks. The RC Freaks are a Facebook Group that are very active on-line, and they also like to put on various rc events. Last weekend they invited anyone and everyone out to have some fun going really, really fast.

The RC Freaks are based out of St Louis Missouri, so they found a big empty parking lot in Fenton Missouri (a suburb of St Louis) to host the event. There were two different style events held, a 300 foot high speed run where the winner was decided by top speed on a radar gun, and 100 foot side-by-side drag racing.

In the unlimited 300 foot speed run there were all sorts of different entries. From 5th scale buggies to 2wd stadium trucks, you name it and it was going really fast. In the end it was Roderick and his 96 mph XRay NT1 (converted to electric) that posted the fastest speed. Second place went to Chad (one of the event organizers) with a run of 89 mph by his Ofna DM-One. Third place went to Franklin at 85 mph with his XRay 8th scale off-road buggy.

The 100 foot drag event was up after the high speed run. Drivers could call out other drivers and race the best 2 out of 3 to determine a winner. Roderick, Phoenix, Jamie, and even our own Hawaiian Chris got in some wins during the drag racing. Once again a wide variety of vehicles were used, some were nitro, some were electric, and everyone had a good time seeing if they could beat the person in the lane next to them.

Special thanks to RC Freaks for organizing the event and to all the guys from the STL Drag Racing Club for coming out and supporting the event. The RC Freaks event had a solid turn-out (my guess was around 40 drivers) so hopefully we’ll see more events like this one in the near future.

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Suburban AeroClub of Chicago  Memorial Day Float Fly (22)I attended the Suburban AeroClub of Chicago (aka SAC) Memorial Day Float Fly last weekend and checked out all the float plane fun going on. There were planes powered by electric, nitro, and gas and it was fun to watch them fly off the water and sometimes bounce and nose over on landings only to be rescued by boat when landings didn’t go so well.

There were lots of neat planes (and a helicopter or two) and I can’t wait to check out their other events, which can be found on the SAC website Right HereRead More to see more galleries and video from the event!


cliff-cave-rc-trail-run12With beautiful weather on tap, last weekend my scaling club decided it would be a good time to explore a new trail. We hit up Cliff Cave Park, just south of St. Louis, MO (a popular spot with the Big Squid Bash Crew), and decided to run a very tight stretch of mountain bike trail to see what it held. Batteries were charged, parts were packed, and off we went into the woods.

The pack of vehicles was very diverse with many manufacturers represented; Axial, Gmade, Tamiya, RC4WD, Vaterra, TraxxasRedcat, and various scratch built rigs were out roaming the wild. Variety is the spice of life and it’s great to see so many quality options available right now.

As we trekked uphill in a single file line we kept finding rock formation after rock formation to tackle. The best part about trailing is finding a good spot and seeing who can make it over or through…even if it destroys your vehicle in the process. The wooded forest canopy finally gave way to what we were looking for; expansive craggy bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. The view of the river and park from the high vantage point was spectacular. The terrain was also top notch as the jagged rock was a blast to crawl. We eventually made our way back down to the trail head and decided to play in the adjacent creek before calling it a day.

By the end of the afternoon we were all tired and many of the trucks were broke or waterlogged. Nonetheless, a great time was had by all. Days like this are why I love scaling.

Click the “Read More” below for more pictures.


RC Freaks St Louis Bash
Yesterday we got the chance to attend the first rc bash of the season put on by the RC Freaks of St Louis. The event was held in a city park in Arnold Missouri, and luckily for all of us the weather was absolutely perfect. The turnout for the event was very large, there were bashers, and their cars/trucks, everywhere you turned.

In the bashing world there are generally two types of bashes, those with events, and those without, and most of the RC Freaks events don’t have organized events. This is cool from the aspect that you can just show up and run whenever you want, then leave whenever you want. At the RC Freaks event over the weekend, BigSquidRC and Hitec donated the X1 Touch Charger that we used in our review to be the prize of a long jump contest, and quite the contest it was. Small plastic bmx type ramps were used and each driver got two shots at hucking the longest distance they could. In the end Adam Bailey would take the win (and the Hitec charger) with a jump of 49 feet driving a Losi 8ight nitro powered buggy.

The rest of the day was spent bashing with friends. There was plenty of pavement to run on if that was your thing, and there was a huge grassy area to get crazy with your off-roader. Every type and style of rc was represented at the bash from micro scaled trucks, to 5th scales, to crawlers, to 8th scale on-road, to drag cars, the people at the RC Freaks bash showed how diverse their taste in bashing equipment truly is.

The RC Freaks hold an organized bash about once a month. If you are in the Midwest and would like to attend, or simply want more information on bashing, This Is The Link to RC Freak’s Facebook Group. We would also like to thank Kyle, Tim, and the rest of the RC Freaks for all their hospitality at their event yesterday, we look forward to bashing with them again in the near future.

Click Right Here for more event coverage on BigSquidRC.

Hit the “Read More” button for 7 more photo galleries after the break…


iron-mountain-depot-recon-g6-20The Axial Iron Mountain Depot RECON G6 was held this past weekend in St. Louis, MO, and it was quite the event. It set the attendance record for the traveling tour (i.e. not Axialfest) with a staggering 143 day / 97 night entries, and 9 states were represented So how did the event actually go? What exactly is an “Iron Mountain Depot” anyways? Click the “Read More” below to see our full coverage.


rc-mega-truck-raceEver since I held a scale mud bog last year, the wheels have been turning in my head to do a mud racing series with purpose built trucks. Once I started building a Mega Truck I knew it was going to be “when” versus “if”. When I found out that the Axial RECON G6 series was descending upon my hometown (St. Louis, MO) I figured it would be the perfect time to get something together. Last weekend the event finally took place and it was a blast! Well, until I had to clean up that is. Click the Read More below to see some sweet rigs get VERY dirty.


A-Main Speedway Spring Fling 2014Save the weekend of March 22nd and 23rd for A-Main Speedway’s 2nd annual Spring Fling in Pueblo, CO with a special event sponsored by us here at the Big Squid RC. You can get your fill of off-road racing with classes for pretty much every type of off-road rc vehicle in existence. 1/8th scale buggy, truggy, monster truck, electric, nitro, 2 and 4wd short course, a sportsman class for the newbs, and more.

Qualifying takes place on Saturday, the racing commences on Sunday. After the racing is done, it’ll be time to bust out some hang time in the Big Squid RC Big Air event thingy.

A Main Speedway is my local hobby shop and I will be there shooting a lot of pics. If you’re nearby come on down, find me and say “The crow kaws at the dawn of the first full moon.” That’ll be our secret code for “Give me free stickers or something*.”

You can sign up for this event at the RC Signups website and you can get more info by looking at that flyer up there or by hitting up the A-Main Speedway Facebook page and clicking over to the Events Section.

There’ll be door prizes, t-shirts, and more for competitors, plus lots of fun.

*  Something may include, but is not limited to, a passionate embrace.

2014 BigSquidRC Quadcopter Championships
The 2014 BigSquidRC Quadcopter Championships are officially in the books. Hosted by HobbyTown USA Orland Park Illinois last Saturday, it marked one of the first organized quadcopter competitions ever held. The event was made possible by its major sponsors- Ares RC, Blade, and Heli-Max.

Several events were used to determine winners in three different size classes. A tricky obstacle course was set-up to test the precise control a pilot had over his quad, drag racing tested speed and how quickly a pilot could land, and 5 lap pylon races were held to really let the pilots open up the throttle on their quads.

The pylon racing seemed to be everyone’s favorite event as it was a good mix of speed, skill, and competition. Drag racing, which consisted of taking off from the ground and landing on a pedestal about 40 feet away, sounded easy enough, but under the pressure of racing proved to harder than anyone imagined. Many pilots would quickly get to the landing pedestal, only to miss the landing, giving up a bunch of time. The obstacle course was quite challenging with the more skilled pilots navigating the course in about 50 seconds, while it took up to 4 minutes for others.

In true BigSquidRC fashion, the word “Championship” may have been in the title, but the event was extremely laid back and focused more on fun than anything else. A friendly helping hand could always be found and there were smiles all around. The 2014 Quadcopter Championships will not only be remembered for being one of the first of its kind, but also for being an incredibly fun day of flying with some great people.

BigSquidRC would like to thank everyone that participated, as well as Kevin and 3D Bill for all their hard work making the event happen, and Steve from HobbyTown USA for providing the facility. We consider the event a success and are looking at doing another one this summer, as well as a 2015 Quadcopter Championships again next year.


Nano 2″ Class-

1. Brian Smolik – Estes Proto-X
2. Jared Bachman – Estes Proto-X
3. Bill Smith – Estes Proto-X

Micro 6″ Class-

1. Jared Bachman – Blade Nano QX
2. Brian Smolik – Heli-Max 1Si
3. Kevin Ragauskis – Blade Nano QX

Mini 8″ Class-

1. Bill Smith – Blade MQX
2. Kevin Ragauskis – Blade 180 QX
3. Tim Mohr – LaTrax Alias

Overall Champion – Jared Bachman

To read more about the 2014 Quadcopter Championships, check out This Link right here on BigSquidRC.


We just finished setting up the obstacle course and I think it turned out pretty good. Did a few trial runs, and had a blast! even if you don’t want to participate in the event, you should stop by the Hobbytown in Orland Park, and spectate, it will be fun to watch!

Need more info? The Big Squid RC 2014 Quadcopter Championships link and flyer is RIGHT HERE. The event is this Saturday (March 1st, 2014) which is today! Hope to see you all there!


Last weekend I made the trip from St. Louis to Sturgeon, MO to take part in some pulling action. Sturgeon may be a sleepy little town (nestled just north of Columbia, home of Mizzou) but it’s one of the hottest locations in the world of r/c pulling. The Mid Missouri R/C Truck & Tractor Pulling Assocation (MMRCTPA) calls the area home and each winter puts on an awesome semi-weekly program.

I was really excited to get down there because it marked my first pull of 2014. I had two brand new vehicles, my Ford 9600 “Mad Mule” pro stock tractor and my blue 1979 Ford “Missouri Mule #2″ (currently no graphics on the side) super modified 2wd pulling truck, that were itching for some action. My tractor had only made a few test hooks and the truck was literally finished at the pull site so yeah…didn’t do too hot against all these strong runnin’ rigs. I was way off on weight placement and had some hitch issues but as a wise man once said, “The worst day of tractor pulling is better than the best day of work”.  I still had a great time and will get my team of Mules re-weighted and try ‘er again later this year.

The sheer variety of scale machinery on display was awesome. Everything from relatively stock Axial SCX10′s to handbuilt tractors; Fords, Chevys, Dodges, John Deeres, Allis Chalmers, Case IH; if the real thing pulls you’ll probably see a scale representation here. Big thanks to Travis Sutton (of Sutton Motorsports Pulling Products) and the MMRCTPA for all the help and hospitality. Until then, for more information on MMRCTPA please click here for their website. To see where else the Big Squid Bash Crew have been lately click here.

Hit the Read More button below for more galleries from the pull.