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Pro-Line Big Give 2014Pro-Line is known for several things- sharp bodies, great tires, winning championships, doing a lot of charitable work, and generally just going huge when they do something. On the charity side of things, Pro-Line has started their annual BIG GIVE event. This runs through Thursday December 18th and gives you a chance to not only win some very trick Pro-Line products, but to also have Pro-Line give some big cash to a charity in your name.

Each day a winner will be given a Pro-Line Prize Pack that consists of a new PRO-2 SCT, a PRO-2 SCB, or PRO-MT, a Pro-Line apparel pack, and a $50 to $100 gift certificate. Also in the prize pack is a donation to a charity in your name ranging from $1000 to $5000. All in all, Pro-Line’s BIG GIVE gives away over $30,000 in donations and prizes.

How do you enter? It is very simple, just hit This Link to head over to the BIG GIVE page over on Pro-Line’s website. To get more Pro-Line news on BigSquidRC simply hit up This Link.

Pro-Line thanksgiving saleStarting November 28th and running until November 30th, Pro-Line is holding an After Thanksgiving Sale. For those three days you can get 15% off your order by using promo code THANKS15.

Pro-Line is also holding a Cyber Monday Sale. Depending on the size of your order, you can get between $5 to $50 off. To get the promo codes for the Cyber Monday Sale click on the picture below. Click Right Here to visit the official Pro-Line website for more details.

Want more Pro-Line news? Find it Right Here on BigSquidRC.

Nic Case Castle 200 mphAll across the world people grab their rc car and make speed runs on the weekend. Some do it in their driveway, while others meet up with friends in parking lots to see who can go the fastest. It looks like all those people now have a new record to shoot for. A video has been released showing Nic Case and his RC Bullet going 202 mph. Nic has been the king of the high speed hill for years and now he has put his car past the 200 mph barrier. Click on the video below to watch Nic pilot his Castle Creations, NeuMotors,, and Dinogy LiPo powered car up to 202 mph.

Looking for more information on speed runs? Check out This Link on BigSquidRC.

Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3Over the last few months the single most asked question that we get is, “Is the Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 discontinued, and if not, where can I buy one?”.

We recently talked directly to the folks over at Thunder Tiger to get the full scoop on one of America’s favorite monster trucks. The good news is that no, the MT-4 G3 has not been discontinued and new units are still being made. The bad news is that to get your hands on one you’ll have to buy it overseas where shipping costs will not be cheap.

So where do you buy one from? Click Right Here to get one directly from Thunder Tiger. Right now they are priced at $587 and the cheaper of the shipping options will run another $80 or so. Definitely not as cheap as in the past, but for one of the Best Bash Vehicles on the planet, still well worth with.

Want to read more Thunder Tiger news? Get more on BigSquidRC.

Axial WaterproofingThe good folks over at Axial Racing recently posted a very detailed explanation of exactly what the term “waterproof” is. Some hobbyists might think that waterproof means you can just throw your truck into a swimming pool without worry, but that is not the case. The Axial crew took the time to explain, in depth, exactly what water does to each part of your truck. They also explain the IPX industrial ratings often used on waterproof electronics. It’s a great read and very informative, Click Right Here to check it out over on Axial’s blog.

Get More Axial news on BigSquidRC.

losi 5ive-t saleSeveral months ago our readers declared the Losi 5IVE-T the winner of our annual March Bashness contest. What does that mean? It means our readers voted the 5IVE-T as the king of the bashing hill, and for good reason, it is big, mean, and can take a beating.

The folks over at Horizon Hobby have announced a special offer on the 5IVE-T BND that extends until December 31st. When you purchase a new 5IVE-T BND you can now save $200 instantly. You get the discount at any participating retailer or on the Horizon Hobby Website.

Click Here to see how our March Bashness 2014 unfolded.

Quadcopter Championships Jared Bachman
Last weekend one pilot rose above the rest to take home the overall win at the 2014 BigSquidRC Quadcopter Championships, that pilot was Jared Bachman. At only 14 years of age, Jared easily won the Micro 6″ class and finished second in the Nano 2″ class, giving him more than enough total points to secure the overall title.

In the Micro 6″ class Jared used an unmodified Blade Nano QX controlled by a JR X9503 to out fly the other pilots, while he used a bone stock Estes Proto-X to finish second in the Nano class.

While Jared has been flying airplanes for 2 years, he has only been flying quads for about 4 months, but that didn’t stop him from flying circles around the other guys. Congrats to Jared on a job well done last weekend, he really showed what could be done with a quad in the hands of a skilled pilot.

To read more about the BigSquidRC Quadcopter Championships check out This Link.

Axial Jeep influencers seriesAxial has been a front runner for the mass scale movement the last few years and recently they got a chance to sit down and talk with Mark Allen and Ray Durham from Jeep. They talk about things like how cool the Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler is and the tight relationship between Axial and Jeep. After watching the video’s you see just how serious Jeep and Axial are about putting out great products. To see the interviews simply click THIS LINK to head over to the official Axial blog.

Looking for more Axial news? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.


So a few days ago we posted a very dedicated Spektrum fan and his Spektrum Tattoo! Shortly after we got an email from another hard core RC fan with his Axial Logo Tattoos! Check it out. This was from Jeremy H. from Toronto Canada. Awesome stuff!

Are you this hardcore, and you’ve also gotten an rc related tattoo? If so, shoot us an email right HERE.

It’s Friday.. that means it’s MYSTERY LINK TIME.

Spektrum Tattoo
I know a whole lot of guys that are hardcore for rc, but I think Eric Callaway has taken it to another level. While at the ShowMe R/C track last weekend I met Eric and found out he is really into Spektrum radio gear. He uses their transmitters, receivers, and servos, pretty much everything they make. In fact, he likes their gear so much he decided to get a full blown Spektrum Tattoo on his forearm to permanently show the world.

Eric isn’t sponsored by Spektrum, it wasn’t done on a dare nor did someone else pay for it, he got it because he really likes their gear. We have to applaud anyone so hardcore for the hobby and I would be surprised if the Horizon/Spektrum crew doesn’t get a hold of Eric to give him a hook-up after seeing his tat.

Are you so hardcore you’ve also gotten an rc related tattoo? If so, shoot us an email right HERE.

Want more to read more Spektrum news here on BigSquidRC? Check out THIS LINK.

BigSquidRC on Tumblr
What is the most popular social media site for the teenage crowd? No, it isn’t it Facebook, it is Tumblr. Maybe you’ve never been to, or even heard of, Tumblr, but it is all the rage among the teen crowd. Our new Tumblr page is now up and we have put our resident teenager in charge, Adam “The Intern”. You won’t find any press releases or other “rc news” on our Tumblr page, just some cool rc pictures and information about life in the hobby. What else will you find on the BSRC Tumblr page? That is totally up to Adam, he is known for his creativity so it should be interesting to see what he comes up with.

Whether you are a teenager or not, we cordially invite you to check out the new BigSquidRC Tumblr page.

If you are the “tech” type you might also want to check out the BigSquidRC Google+ page.

We are also giving away a new Axial Exo Terra Buggy as part of March Bashness over on the official BigSquidRC Facebook page.

It looks like Team Durango is going all out to support their new RTR vehicles. They are working on a new Team Tech Tips webpage that will give setup tips, and general maintenance suggestions as well as videos! THIS LINK has a few videos that are already up! They are pretty interesting, and there is no voice over. So it’s all about teaching by example.

We have posted a useful slipper tuning video after the break for you to check out.. so keep reading.

I couldn’t help but think “Why didn’t I think of that?” when I saw this extremely practical gadget from Hammacher Schlemmer. Although not huge by any means but what an awesome concept for the RC/Cold Beverage lover in all of us? Stats say the RC COOLER will hold a dozen cans or bottles plus ice, but I am thinking probably less so you can keep things extra cool. It will apparently tote around 22lbs of your chilled libation of choice and  will conveniently collapse down to 6 1/2 inches tall when not in use. This just gets the rusty cogs turning…. what else can we make RC??