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Pro-Line 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Body

2 New Pro-Line 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Bodies

A lot of people like the lines of the 2017 Ford Raptor, now Pro-Line has brought that look to the Traxxas Stampede and Pro-Line PRO-MT. Both bodies are fully licensed by Ford and have the scale detailing that is demanded by today’s consumers. Both come in clear so you can throw on your own custom paint scheme, and of course [...]


Dromida Kodo HD Drone

Dromida Kodo HD Camera Drone

New from the good folks at Dromida is the Kodo HD Camera Drone. Yes indeed, the Kodo HD shoots in 1080p for true high-def images and video. It is also lighter weight than the original Kodo, giving you better response in the air and longer flight times. * 1080p video at 30fps * Weight- 12 grams * Fail-safe * New body * LED lights * Auto-flip [...]


Pro-Line 1981 Ford Bronco Clear Body

Pro-Line 1981 Ford Bronco Clear Crawler Body

Just announced by Pro-Line is the 1981 Ford Bronco Scale Crawler Body. The Bronco is a legend in off-road circles, now the P-L crew has designed one to fit 12.3″ rock crawlers. The body is officially licensed by Ford and Pro-Line made sure to capture all the fine details, making it look as scale authentic as possible. The body comes [...]


STRC Axial Aluminum Upgrades

New STRC Aluminum Option Parts For Axial Trucks

For all you Yeti/Bomber/Wraith owners, ST Racing Concepts has some new aluminum upgrades for your rig. All of them are CNC machined from high quality aluminum and are available in a variety of different colors. First up are Lower Link/Shock Mounts. These feature multiple mounting positions to help you dial your truck in and are priced at $31. STRC also now has [...]


VBC Racing WildFireD08 Dynamics Edition Touring Car

VBC Racing WildFireD08 Dynamics Edition TC

Ok, so not many bashers are going out and buying high-end touring cars now days. However, they are still a lot of fun and can come in handy while doing uber on-road projects. The latest elite style touring car to hit the market is from VBC Racing and it is called the WildfireD08 Dynamics Edition. What makes it so special? * [...]


Pro-Line Badlands MX28 2.8 Tires

Pro-Line Badlands MX28 2.8″ Tires & Pre-Mounts

Take our money now!!! Pro-Line knocks it out of the park again with their new Badlands MX28 2.8″ Tires. These are sure to become the “must have” tires when bashing your monster truck this summer. The new Badlands MX28s have a true motocross inspired look and were designed to give your 2.8″ shod monster truck maximum traction on a variety [...]


Xiro Xplorer Handheld Gimbal

Xiro Xplorer Handheld Gimbal Holder

A lot of hobbyist enjoy shooting video of their bashing antics. To make this easier, Xiro has announced a new Xplorer Gimbal Holder. The holder allows you to mount your gimbal to it so that you can shoot better video, plus it has a mount for your cell phone so you can watch the video while you shoot, thus making [...]


RISE RXS270 Extreme Race Drone

RISE RXS270 Extreme FPV Racing Drone

Have you been thinking about entering the world of high speed drone racing? You aren’t alone, a lot of people have been adding a race drone to their rc garage. Aimed right at new FPV racers is the RXS270 from a new company called RISE. The RXS270 is a pure-bred drone racer sporting a light, yet tough, carbon fiber chassis. [...]


XRay XB8 2016

2016 XRay XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

During the summer time, 8th scale nitro racing rules the outdoor tracks. To compete in the outdoor wars, XRay has announced the updated 2016 version of the XB8 Buggy Kit. The XB8 uses high-end construction materials and was designed for elite track performance. The latest edition of the XB8 has a plethora of all new parts, some of them include- * [...]


RC4WD 2 Speed Transmission Conversion Kit Trail Finder 2

RC4WD 2 Speed Conversion Kit For The Trail Finder 2

New from the good folks over at RC4WD is a 2 Speed Transmission Conversion Kit for the ever popular Trail Finder 2. The kit comes with a steel drive coupling, plus the R3 tranny and servo mounts that you need to make the conversion. The aluminum parts have been CNC machined to ensure an easy install. Street pricing for the kit [...]


Axial SCX10 II 2000 Jeep Cherokee 4WD Kit

Axial SCX10 II 2000 Jeep Cherokee Kit

New from Axial Racing is the SCX10 II 2000 Jeep Cherokee Kit. The second version of the SCX10 has numerous updates over the original version. Some of its highlights include- * Chassis mounted servo * Red diff covers * Forward mounted battery * Revised steel chassis * New scale transmission w/ 2 speed option * Improved steering, up to 45° steering angle * Super scale axles * Helical [...]


Mickey Thompson Metal Series MM-366 1.9" Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Mickey Thompson Metal Series MM-366 1.9″ Wheels

Everybody loves a set of high-end wheels. The kicker is, everyone likes a different style of look. That’s why RC4WD has a plethora of different wheel designs. RC4WD’s latest 1.9″ beadlocks are Mickey Thompson Metal Series MM-366s. RC4WD made sure the Mickeys are extremely detailed to give you the authentic look that can set your truck apart in a crowd. [...]


Team Redcat TR-MT10E Monster Truck

Team Redcat TR-MT10E Monster Truck

In case you didn’t get the memo, Team Redcat trucks are a higher-end product from the crew at Redcat Racing. Last fall we tested their 1/8th scale Team Redcat MT and were very impressed. Now there is a 1/10th scale Team Redcat Monster Truck called the TR-MT10E. Like the 1/8th scale truck, it comes as a RTR with a potent [...]


Futaba 4PV Transmitter

Teaser – Futaba 4PV Transmitter

Being teased now by Futaba is the 4PV radio system. While very few details have been released, the 2.4GHZ/T-FHSS 4PV will have features like telemetry, an optional drop down wheel, LCD display, and 4 channel output. The 4PV will be available with either a R314SB-E or R314SB-Ex2 receiver and should be a great option for consumers looking for a high-end [...]


Associated Limited Edition RC10 World's Car Race Roller

Team Associated Limited Edition RC10 World’s Car Race Roller

Now available only on is the Team Associated Limited Edition RC10 World’s Car Race Roller. That’s right, now you can get an expertly assembled RC10 World’s Car to save you time getting ready for your next big vintage race. The RC10 World’s Race Roller comes with features like a hard anodized aluminum chassis, Stealth transmission, V2 slipper, and updated [...]