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Pro-Line Mounted Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 3.8 TiresPro-Line Interco Super Swamper tires are a great combination of traction and scale looks. Today the P-L crew has announced they will have Pre-Mounted sets of their 3.8″ sized tires available for your bashing pleasure. The pre-mounting makes them amazingly easy to put on your truck, and once installed, you can look forward to high levels of side-bite and forward traction. They come installed on black Pro-Line F-11 (1/2″ offset, 17mm hex) wheels to help give your truck a tough look and are a great fit for trucks like the Traxxas Summit, Revo, and a bunch of other monster trucks.

The street price is $45 per pair, they have a part number of #10111-13, and Here Is The Link to more details over on the Pro-Line website.

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Yuneec Q500 Typhoon RTF CGO2-GB CameraHave you been looking for a serious camera equipped quadcopter? If so the folks over at Horizon Hobby have announced they are stocking the Yuneec Q500 Typhoon with CG-02 Camera. The Yuneec is loaded with features for those people that take their quadcopter flying seriously.

* Easy to shoot high quality video and stills
* Shoots 1080P video and 12 megapixel still photos
* Self stabilizing, brushless motor equipped 3 axis gimbal
* ST10 2.4GHz transmitter/personal ground station w/ telemetry
* 5.8GHz digital video downlink for FPV flying
* Prop diameter- 13″
* Width w/o blades- 16.5″

The part number is #YUNQ500RTFUS, the street price is $1,299, and these should start shipping to local hobby shops next week. To get more details check out This Link over on the Horizon Hobby website.

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Killerbody RC Marauder Crawler BodyNew for all you scale/trail/crawling fanatics is the Killerbody RC Marauder. Inspired by the Land Rover Defender, the Marauder brings serious amounts of scale realism to the crawling world. To help toughen up the polycarbonate body, Killerbody designers came up with an innovative plastic reinforcement plate and the body was designed to be a great fit on the Axial SCX10. There will be a ton of scale accessories so you can make it look exactly the way you like, many of them are shown in the pictures but don’t come with the stand-alone body.

We have not received any word on pricing or when the Marauder will hit the streets, but you can hit up the official Killerbody RC Website to check out all of their other products.

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Rogue Element Components 1.9 alloy wheelsIf you are looking for some very trick (and very limited edition) wheels for your next build, the guys over at Rogue Element Components have some good news for you. The REC crew has announced they are doing a small run of 1.9″ Super Scale aluminum wheels. These are designed to fit most any 1.9″ tires and are being produced in 8 slot, 10 hole, and solid designs.

* Machined from 6061-T6 billet
* 12mm hexes
* Zero offset with 1.9″ bead
* 20 degree angle on faces
* Separate self-centered face-plates
* SS Acorn-head bolts
* Engraved axle nuts

These are priced around $109 per set, they are shipping at the end of January, and you can hit up This Link to visit the official REC website.

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Pro-Line Prime Buggy TiresThe new Prime slick tires from Pro-Line Racing can be good for the track or for bashing. At high-bite tracks they can save the time it takes to prepare/grind down a normal set of tires, while for bashing they can give you great traction with very little wear when driving on pavement or other hard surfaces. The Primes come with long lasting closed cell inserts and are available in a wide variety of tire compounds and sizes to fit virtually any 1/10th scale buggy.

The Primes are priced around $20 per pair and Right Here is the link to full details over on the official Pro-Line Racing website.

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Serpent Natrix 748 TQA snowy winter’s day might not be the best place for a high-end nitro touring car, but spring will come, and when it does the need for speed is sure to come with it. When your trigger finger gets itchy this spring the new Natrix 748 TQ from Serpent just might be the best cure. It is a 1/10th scale 4wd nitro touring car that is sure to have some serious speed. Some of its notable features include-

* New 748 gear-differentials used front and rear
* New XLi 2-speed gearbox
* Centax TM clutch
* Laser engraved 7075-T6 aluminum chassis
* Carbon fiber 2mm radio plate and 3mm shock towers
* Super short RCM-SS shocks
* Ball bearing equipped sway bars

The part number is #804008 and you can get complete details over on the official Serpent Website.

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RC4WD Wheel Adapter for Toy BlocksIt isn’t uncommon for rc hobbyists to also be big fans of Lego toy blocks. To help make your latest Lego build even more uber, the folks at RC4WD are now making Wheel Adapters for toy blocks. These adapters allow you to bolt up some pretty trick RC4WD wheels and tires to your new Lego truck.

* CNC machined from billet aluminum
* Fits an M4 wheel nut
* Has black anodized finish
* Weight- .25oz each
* OD- .89″
* Length- 1.05″

The wheel adapters are priced at $29 per pair, they have a part number of #Z-S1361, and they are available right now. Give This Link a try for more details over on RC4WD’s website.

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XRay X1 F1 CarOver the past couple of seasons the Formula 1 class has taken off at many local tracks. It has the scale realism that many hobbyists are after, plus, who can resist emulating their favorite F1 driver at their local rc track. The latest car manufacturer to throw their hat into the F1 car ring is XRay with their new X1. The X1 is a 2wd 1/10th scale F1 car that is sure to be a hit with the racing crowd.

The X1 was designed for the rigors of both outdoor asphalt racing as well as indoors on carpet. 2.5mm carbon fiber is used for the chassis and was designed to use a “shorty” style LiPo pack. The LiPO can be mounted in two different positions on the X1, inline or cross chassis, and a laydown servo position is used for a lower center of gravity. The design team at XRay set out to make the X1 the premier car in the F1 class, time will tell, but for now the X1 looks to certainly be a serious contender. To get more details on the X1 simply hit up This Link over on the official XRay website.

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Futaba T4GRS T-FHSS TransmitterThe latest high-end surface stick radio from Futaba, the T4GRS, has been teased since May but looks to finally be on its way to the market. Some of the highlights of the T4GRS include telemetry, ball bearings on the sticks, and a backlit 128×64 LCD screen is used to make it easy to read. The 4 channel Futaba T4GRS has 40 model memories, it can transmit in FHSS, S-FHSS and T-FHSS, and has an ultra fast 2.9ms response time.

We do not have a street price or shipping date at this time but will post that information as it becomes available. Until then you can Click Right Here to read more Futaba news on BigSquidRC.

Pro Boat Rockstar 48-inch Catamaran Gas RTR
Horizon Hobby has announced a new version of their burly Rockstar 48″ Catamaran that features a significantly lower street price. The big 26cc gasoline engine remains, while the previous model’s push button R.O.S.S. starter system has been dropped to reduce the street price by about $200.

* Capable of speeds over 40 mph
* 270 oz-in rudder servo
* Wide hull for increased stability in rough water
* For safety, a centrifugal clutch prevents the prop from spinning at idle
* Anodized aluminum hardware to match Rockstar livery
* Comes with Spektrum DX2E DSMR radio
* Length- 48″
* Beam- 17.3″
* Weight- 20.2lb

The Rockstar 48 has a street price of $999, a part number of #PRB09003, and they are expected to start shipping in late December. You can get More Details over on the official Pro Boat website.

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T-Bone Racing Lower Link Guards Axial YETIFor all you hardcore rock racers out there, T-Bone Racing now has Lower Link Guards for the Axial Yeti. The guards hang 2.5mm below the lower links to take all the punishment so your links don’t have to. Made from tough .125″ Delrin, the lower link guards come with everything you need for a perfect install.

The street price is $9, it has a part number of #12013, and these are available right now. Click Right Here to get more details over on the TBR website.

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Schumacher Stagger 1/8The crew at Schumacher has unveiled Stagger tires for 1/8th buggies. While these are intended for use on AstroTurf, they can be used on a wide variety of surfaces. Their Stagger design gives them good steering while reducing traction rolling. Best used on the front of an 1/8th buggy, they can also generate good forward bite when used on the rear do to a center row of horizontal bars.

The 1/8th scale Staggers come in two different compounds and are also available pre-mounted. They are street priced from £12.99 to £18.99 and you can hit up This Link for more details.

Learn More about Schumacher right here on BigSquidRC.

RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Truck Kit SWBRC4WD has announced a new short wheelbase version of the TF2, the Trail Finder 2 SWB. The SWB was designed specifically for shorter bodies like the Jeep body from Tamiya. The SWB comes standard with an R3 tranny, as well as Yota II axles.

* Short wheelbase aluminum ladder chassis
* Realistic transfer case
* Leaf spring suspension
* Mud Thrasher 1.9″ tires & 5 lug stamped beadlock wheels
* Chassis mounted servo
* Comes with full bearing set
* Wheelbase- 9.53″
* Width- 8.46″
* Length- 15.35″
* Weight- 62.08oz

The truck has a street price of $379, a part number of #Z-K0045, and these are shipping right now. Click Right Here to get more details over on RC4WD’s website.

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