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xo-1 rumor

File this deep in the Rumor Mill box, but we have heard that Traxxas was recently doing some driving and filming of some down hill speed run action featuring the XO-1. Our informant mentions a group of guys in a Traxxas ‘wrapped’ Hummer (maybe) were up north of us running vehicles down some huge mountain side. When our ‘guy’ stopped to chat a bit, he said the Traxxas guy was claiming they were in the 140mph range with the vehicle. Cubby, just about coughed up a lung when I mentioned this to him. We have ALL run high speed here, and we know how difficult it is. We also know how difficult it was getting the XO-1 even close to 100mph. Down hill or not, there are a lot of physics and air things happening at those speeds that really raise the bar on making that work.

Only time will tell if we see something officially from Traxxas on this. Maybe there is a Traxxas XO-2 in the works being tested? Or maybe some new hop-ups?

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X-Ray XB4 4wd buggy teaser
X-Ray has recently released a teaser for their upcoming 10th scale 4wd electric buggy, the XB4. This will be X-Ray’s first foray into a 10th scale dirt machine, and it should present quite a challenge to other buggies in its category like the Team Associated B44.1. The new XB4 is rumored to have- shaft drive, metal gear diffs, ultra fast diff removal, big bore shocks, and easy chassis flex adjustment. There is a lot more information to come on this one, keep your eye on BigSquid’s X-Ray News Section and on the official X-Ray Website.

Kyosho MP9 King and Cody King and Kanai Edition Buggy
The crew over at Kyosho have been very busy this year coming up with all sorts of new and unique products. The latest looks to be MP9 Mini-Z’s that are signature editions of 2010 IFMAR 8th Scale World Champ Cody King and 2000 IFMAR 8th Scale World Champ Yuichi Kanai. Not much is know about these new buggies, but we sure hope they get released here in the states. All we can do is keep waiting and keep checking out Kyosho’s official WEBSITE.

Check out THIS link for more Kyosho news right here on BigSquidRC.

Robby Gordon Traxxas Speed Energy Traxxas RC Truck
Between racing, Speed Energy Drinks, and getting his new Stadium Super Truck series going, Robbie Gordon has been one busy guy. We first reported HERE about a very trick Speed Energy Robbie Gordon Traxxas truck, and today we have a few more pictures. We don’t have any official information from Traxxas on this one, but it looks to be a 2wd Slash with a replica of Robbie’s 2011 Dakar rally Hummer body on top. We will post more information when, or if, it becomes available.

We have loads of Traxxas news here on BigSquidRC, click HERE to check it out.

Kyosho Teaser Picture
We haven’t seen a good teaser for a while, well, not until today when Kyosho America posted this teaser picture. Is it a bird? Is it is plane? Is it Superman? Whatever it might be, it looks scale, and scale is HOT right now. We will post more information when it becomes available, until then here is the LINK to Kyosho America’s website.

Have you read our Kyosho DBX VE 2.0 review? If you would like to, HERE is the link.



Kyosho is in the rumor mill with the next Mini-z Moto to be the Team Desmosedici GP11 #46 Ducati.  The photo is representative of what we can EXPECT the bike to look like but is not a photo of the actual bike.  Until then, enjoy some more photos Kyosho released of the first Yamaha bike.

BS-rated K moto (3)(6)BS-rated K moto (1)(6)BS-rated K moto (2)(6)

HPI Racing posted a couple photos of what may be a new car and chassis on their Facebook page earlier today.  No info was provided other than the LMP designation and a question that asked “Electric or Nitro?”  LMP, for those that don’t know, is a common abbreviation for Le Mans Prototype.  It’s a class of cars that race in the 24 Hours at Le Mans, American Le Mans and Le Mans series.  Some are speculating that this might be HPI’s response to the Traxxas XO-1.  That remains to  be seen though and is purely a rumor.  So until more info becomes available, head on over to the HPI Facebook page and have a look.

xtreme rc This is never the sort of news we like to post. Rumor has it, that Xtreme RC Cars magazine is closing up shop! While there has been no official press release or anything like that, we have heard from several sources that they are indeed done.
Our hearts go out to their employee’s and families, and we hope they all land on their feet real soon! We knew some good people over there, and it’s another sad day for the industry, especially when it happens to one of the better magazines! Those guys had some basher heart over there, and they will be missed.

Cubby would like me to mention, if any professors are looking for new positions, he may have a few for you. (He has a evil grin on). While we are at it, any experienced writers/bloggers over there looking.. drop me an email.

Traxxas has something new coming out on the 30th of  November 2011! And that’s it really… We don’t know any more! There have been guesses that it could be a 1/5th scale or a 1/8th scale buggy, but nobody is 100% sure. At the rumor price close to $1000 it’s not going to be a 1/16th scale! Personally we are leaning towards hoping for a 4×4 5th scale!

Other rumor news surrounding the vehicle is that the official Traxxas model number is 6407.

Traxxas New Release

Keep an eye on the Traxxas website for the upcoming release!

File this one firmly under the Rumor Mill. A friend of Big Squid RC, who happens to be in the know, just dropped by the IHobby booth and gave us this tidbit about the next Traxxas release. It could hit in the next few weeks, Traxxas is already taking dealer orders for it, and dealers are being told it will have a quite a bit higher price point than the Revo. We all know what kind of vehicles cost in the $1000 range (*cough*1/5 scale*cough*), so could this Traxxas be one of those vehicles? We don’t know yet. It’s also possible that it’s a 1/8 scale brushless buggy, those are typically around $800. Or it’s something completely new and different.

Not really. The only news out of the Traxxas booth at this year’s IHobby is some new paint jobs for the Summit. That’s all. Seriously.

Ok. While they aren’t showing it at IHobby, one of their guys told us they are definitely working on something new that should be out by the Christmas shopping season. It’s an entirely new platform. If/when we get more info we’ll pass it on to you.

DuraTrax VW Bug

We have been breaking a lot of RC news lately, and here we are again with another world exclusive! We need to file this all under the ‘rumor mill’ because nothing is official till the press release ships.. but here is the scoop! Coming soon from DuraTrax is an officially licensed VW Bug! It sounds like it’s going to be based on the Evader DT which we were pretty big fans of! (Click that link to read all about it). It is going to come with several bodies, but this one is one of my favorites as it already looks dirty right out of the box! The details are great with everything from a roof rack, side mirrors, and a detailed exposed engine in the back! Thanks for listening to us DuraTrax when we ranted last year about how realism is the direction companies need to go! We had to be a little creative with the photo because we didn’t want anyone getting in trouble or finding out where we got it from.
Other information, we hear it’s coming with a 2.4gHz Futaba radio system.. yes a FUTABA system! A 19T brushed motor.. and it gets better for us bashers, it’s going to be waterproof! Aww yea! Call us excited! Of course we will give you more details as they come in, but for now we know a lot of the important stuff!

Get ready to place that order because it’s also rumored to be coming in November.

Traxxas Slash 1/16 with 2.4GHz

Looks like Traxxas is getting around to updating all their vehicles to their Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz radio system. We will file this under rumor mill since it hasn’t been officially announced, but the scoop is the new Traxxas part number should be 7009, and will be listed as the Traxxas 1/16 Slash 4×4 VXL 2.4 RTR. As of this posting, there is no information on the official Traxxas site, so we are unsure if there is anything else new in the box. An included Traxxas LiPo would be nice, but we are not holding our breath.