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Ofna Hyper GT
The latest release from Ofna is their 8th scale nitro Hyper GT on-road car. The Hyper GT uses a big block .28 engine and a two speed transmission to pump up the pulse factor, while it uses on-road optimized suspension to put all the power to the tarmac. Some of its other features include-

* Black anodized 17mm shocks
* Polished tuned pipe
* Large front bumper
* One piece radio tray
* Soft rubber semi-slick tires
* Front & rear sway bars

The part number for the Hyper GT is #14362 and you can get more information by hitting up This Link over on the official Ofna website.

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Ofna SSe Electric Buggy
If you want to go really fast on dirt, brushless 8th scale buggies are the weapon of choice by many a basher. The guys over at Ofna have a new brushless 1/8th scale buggy hitting the market, the Hyper SSe. The SSe comes with a high performance brushless power system and has a deep battery tray with velcro straps that allow for a variety of battery pack configurations. The SSe also comes with a tough anodized aluminum chassis and big bore shocks to handle the roughest terrain at your local bash spot.

The part numbers for the SSe are #14360 for orange, #14361 for blue, and they have a street price of $459. To get more information simply Click This Link to visit the official Ofna website.

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Ofna X3-GT 8th 4WD nitro car
Ofna has just announced a new on-road machine, the X3-GT 4wd Nitro Touring Car. The car is set on Ofna’s race oriented X3 off-road chassis for a smooth drivetrain and plush suspension, and has a futuristic looking Cosmic GT body on top. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Force .28 nitro engine
* 2 speed transmission
* Rear diffuser
* 16mm short stroke shocks
* Full bearing set
* Hardened diff gears
* Width- 12.5″
* Length- 22.7″
* Weight- 7.8 lbs

The part number is #34939 and you can get more information at This Link over on the official Ofna website.

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OFNA Hyper Sprint 1/8th Dirt Oval Car
We often throw around the saying “Go fast, turn left!” as a type of good-bye around the BigSquidRC offices, but there aren’t that many oval cars introduced to the rc market each year. For all you oval fans out there, say hello to the Ofna Hyper Sprint. The Hyper Sprint is an 8th scale nitro powered dirt oval car that should be a lot of fun to blast around the local oval track or to slide around an empty dirt lot with your friends. Some features and specifications of the Hyper Sprint include-

* .28 JL nitro engine
* Detailed scale appearance
* 4wd with 3 gear differentials
* C-hub suspension
* Dirt tread tires
* Front & rear sway bars
* Wheelbase- 12.75″
* Width- 12″
* Length- 19″
* Weight- 8.5 lbs

The part number for the Hyper Sprint is #14333, it has a street price of $419, and you should start seeing them in hobby shops mid-December. For more information simply click This Link.

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Ofna Hyper Cage Buggy
Getting burnt out on the electric scene and looking for a fun nitro buggy to bash with? If so, check out the new Hyper Cage Buggy from Ofna. The Hyper Cage buggy uses a big .28 nitro engine for power and keeps it real with a simple cage look. Some of its features and specifications include-

* C-hub suspension
* 17mm big more shocks
* Stand up servo
* Orange anodized aluminum parts
* Sway bars front and rear
* Large capacity fuel tank
* Length- 18.1″
* Width- 11.8″
* Wheelbase- 12.6″

The part number for the Hyper Cage Buggy is #14357 and it has a street price of just over $400. Hit This Link for more information.

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Ofna X3 Sabre RTR
Ofna is known for their affordable 8th scale nitro buggies and now they have announced their latest, the X3 Sabre. The X3 Sabre RTR is based off the X3 Sabre 2.0 Pro Kit and comes with a powerful Force .28 sized nitro engine. Other features include-

* 16mm V2 shocks
* 2.4GHz radio system
* Weighs under 7.5 lbs
* Front and rear sway bars
* One piece radio tray
* Lightweight fiber brake discs
* Forged steel bevel and pinion gears
* 3 shoe clutch

The part number for the X3 Sabre RTR is #34932 and you can get more information at This Link.

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Ofna H4e Pro Kit
Ofna has announced a new touring car called the H4e Pro. The H4e comes with a rear motor, right side battery layout, and diagonally split front and rear bulkheads. Big bore shocks and roll bars help keep it under control, while closed design a-arms help it drive away from big hits. Some of its other features include-

* Stiff Duralite suspension arms
* Narrow carbon graphite Tractune chassis
* Floating servo mount
* Shortstack large bore shocks
* CNC machined 12mm wheel hexes
* Heavy duty body mounts and foam bumper
* CNC machined spool
* Fully adjustable

The part number for the Ofna H4e is #14343 and you can expect a street price of $359.

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OFNA X3 Sabre Pro Kit Buggy
Eighth scale buggies are still popular among the bash crowd because they drive so well and take a good beating. There is also a large population of hobbyists that enjoy building their own cars.

Ofna’s latest 8th scale buggy is the nitro powered X3 Sabre Pro. The X3 Sabre Pro comes as an un-assembled kit letting you put the buggy together the right way. Some of its updates include-

* 7075 T6 aluminum chassis
* Adjustable front caster
* More forward weight distribution
* Long travel, heavy duty suspension
* Adjustable gear diffs
* Fiberglass/steel brake pads
* Version 2 shocks w/ 3.5mm shafts
* 2080 ERFA Pipe

The part number for the Ofna X3 Sabre Pro is #34930, click on THIS LINK to get more information on the official Ofna website. For even more Ofna news check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Ofna GT-V2e 8th scale on road electric car
If you haven’t noticed yet, more and more companies are coming out with “XO-1″ killers, 8th scale electric on-road cars built to take huge power and be stable at insanely high speeds. Ofna has a new big on-road car called the GT-V2e, built to take on all comers at your local bash spot. The GT-V2e comes as an 80% roller, the car is fully assembled but you’ll need to install your own electronics. It looks like the perfect car to slap in 6S of Monster power and go for some speed records. Some of the features and specs of the GT-V2e are-

* Full bearings
* Front, center and rear CVA’s
* Dual battery trays w/ adjustable battery straps
* High density front bumper
* Big bore, nitride coated, aluminum bodied shocks
* Hard-coated 7075 3mm thick aluminum chassis
* Aluminum center diff mounts
* Center spool
* Front and rear gear diffs
* Rear diffuser bumper
* 5mm thick hard anodized shock towers
* Captured hinge pins
* Front and rear sway bars
* A choice of 2 different clear lexan bodies
* Length: 23.2″
* Width: 12.2″
* Wheelbase: 14.2″
* Weight: 5.7 lbs
* Part number: #14283 or #14284

Street price is $530 and they are available right now. Hit up the official Ofna Website for more information.

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Ofna TS2 Pro 2wd SCT
For you guys that have all of your own electronics, Ofna has announced their new TS2 Pro 2wd short course truck. This Pro version of their TS2 2wd short course truck does not come with electronics allowing you to pop in your own uber gear before hitting the track. Some of the features and spec include-

* Aluminum big bores shocks w/ nitride coated shafts
* Full set of rubber sealed bearings
* C-hub suspension
* Composite chassis
* Mud flaps
* CVA drive shafts
* Slipper clutch
* Black mag wheels
* High impact bumpers
* Clear lexan body
* 12mm wheel hexes
* Adjustable steel turnbuckles
* Ball diff
* Width- 11.5″
* Wheelbase- 13.25″
* Weight- 3 lbs
* Part #14308

“Retail” price for the TS2 Pro is $350 and you can get more information about it on the official Ofna Website.

Is it Friday ALREADY?

Ofna TS4 Pro 4wd Electric Short Course Truck
Ofna was one of the first companies to put out a 4wd Short Course Truck and now they’ve announced a new and greatly updated model, the TS4 Pro. With all the changes made, the new TS4 Pro should be an animal around your local track. Some of the features and specs include-

* New chassis layout featuring black aluminum chassis plate
* Transverse rear battery mount
* Long travel suspension with tough a-arms
* High impact bumpers
* CVA Drivetrain
* 12mm hex “Black Hole” wheels
* 12mm aluminum big bore oil shocks
* 3 oil filled gear diffs
* 8mm thick aluminum motor mount
* Front and rear sway bars
* Wheelbase- 13.25″
* Width- 11.5″
* Weight- 3 lbs
* Part #14310

Street price is $425 with an expected release date of mid-December. Hit up the official Ofna Website for more information.

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OFNA RTR TS2sc 2wd 1/10 short course truck
Many hobbyist got their start with an Ofna 8th scale buggy or 4wd short course truck. Recently the crew over at Ofna announced their new TS2sc RTR. The Ofna TS2sc is a 10th scale, electric, 2wd short course truck that is bound to be a blast in the dirt. Some of its features and specs include-

* 2.4 GHz Radio System
* Ball differential
* 12mm Hexes at wheels
* Slipper clutch
* Rear CVA’s
* 15 turn brushed motor
* Composite Chassis
* Oil Filled Shocks
* Full Rubber Sealed Bearing Set
* C-Hub Suspension
* Adjustable Turnbuckles
* Pre-Painted Body

Street price is $199 and you should be able to lay your hands on one in mid-October. Hit THIS link for more information on the official Ofna website.

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Looks like OFNA is ready to release the RTR Hyper SS. It’s a 1/8 scale nitro buggy, with all sorts of newly designed features like the C-Hubs, front and rear suspension, radio tray and more. It features 17mm shocks, a oil filled and sealed center diff, and composite front and rear chassis braces.

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