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Interesting story recently about Nate Burleson of the Detroit Lions teaming up with on-road racer Dave Johnson. Apparently Nate is big into the RC world, but like most of us, is a long ways away from ‘Pro-Level’ racing, so he’s a team sponsor for Dave.

Sadly, ABC News won’t let you cleanly embed video, so click here for the link to the video.

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Thanks to Ken for the tip on this one.


Need more proof that quadcopters are taking over the world? Check out this new Lexus commercial that is 99% quadcopters, 1% Lexus car headlights. It’s a great little commercial showing some cool swarming stuff. Sure some of it is CGI but it’s still awesome to see.

Ohh. and make sure you check out the behind the scenes making of for some information on how they made the quads.

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So I have seen the Living Portrait of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Mountain Dew commercial a ton of times, but just caught towards the end that he’s driving an RC NASCAR Monster Truck around! Got to love more RC on TV!

Check out the video below:

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On a recent episode of Mythbusters, they started talking about a video showing someone hydroplaning a motorcycle over a large area of water. They talked about the physics and how it may or may not work, and decided step one was to try it with RC motorcycles!

I’m surprised they didn’t give a call to our own hydroplane expert Craig the Crazy Ramp Builder! That guy can hydroplane anything! As always, it was cool to see someone showing off RC on television, and it seems our friends at Mythbusters usually give us what we want at least a few times a season! Also cool were the scale Jamie and Adam!


They tried a few times, but discovered in the hi-speed video that their RC motorcycle wasn’t hydroplaning, but just cutting through the water and riding the bottom, so they had to up it to a full scale tire. Might have to send this one over to Craig so he can show them how it’s done!

Now with video!

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It’s Friday, so that means we need to include a Mystery Link! I’m always surprised when I hear from readers that they didn’t know we had THIS PAGE.

Have you ever tried to hydroplane an RC vehicle? If so.. what? And how did it go? Let us know in the comments below..

Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver Features Axial EXO Terra Buggy
We were amazed the other night while watching the Monster Energy Cup live on SpeedTV. One of the commercials run during the broadcast was from Kobalt Tools and it featured a hobby grade helicopter as well as a Axial EXO Terra Buggy. Kobalt was advertising their new Double-Drive Screwdriver and it was cool to see them using hobby grade rc’s to help illustrate how their new tool works. The new Kobalt commercial is more proof that hobby grade rc’s are getting more and more mainstream.

If you haven’t heard about the Kobalt Double-Drive Screwdriver its claim to fame is the fact that it is twice as fast as a normal screwdriver. Some of its other features are-

* Patented Double Drive™ technology 2 times faster than standard ratcheting
* Ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber grip
* Convenient thumb switch reverses gear drive
* Multiple sizes for all applications
* Bits storage function in handle
* 32-Piece Double-Drive Screwdriver Set with Bonus Pouch and Extension Bar

Street price on the Double-Drive is $20 and they are available right now down at your local Lowe’s store. Hit up the official Lowe’s Website for more information.

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traxxas rally commercial

For those of you watching the Monster Energy Supercross on SpeedTV, you have been treated to a new Traxxas commercial, this time featuring a bunch of different Traxxas vehicles including the new Traxxas Rally car! It’s nice to see them update from just the mostly Slash commercials.

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So there’s this sport thing going on called the Olympics, you may of heard of it or seen it. Well, if you haven’t it’s on TV, and it’s kinda cool. The reason we mention it is that the Olympics allowed us to add yet another post to our RC On TV section. Several people have sent this one in, thanks guys!

Basically what’s happening is they have a few pretty good sized RC vehicles running around the track and field area returning things like javelins, throwing hammers, stuff like that. This saves time, and makes it a little safer while keeping people off the field when others are throwing things around. I believe there has been a BMW and a Mini Cooper involved over the last week or so.

I’d like to thank the Olympics for helping promote the RC hobby, but seriously guys, get some controllers with wheels! ;)
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nathan adrian

One of our readers sent this in, thanks Cory! For those caught up in the Olympic madness, we bring you somewhat of a RC On TV moment with U.S. Swimmer Nathan Adrian talking about his love for his RC helicopter. It’s cool to see him talking about is, and helping spread the word of the hobby!

click through to see the embedded video..

traxxas torc series joliet

For those of you in the Chicagoland area, a few of the Big Squid RC crew will be in attendance tonight at the Traxxas TORC Series. So if you need a Cubby autograph, make sure to stop by!
If you can’t make it out to the track, it looks like there will be live coverage tonight (July 20th) on Speed TV!

I’ll go ahead and call it now as a RC On TV sighting, since I’m sure there will be Traxxas vehicles sometime during the coverage. Heck.. last year Bill (aka Wrench) and I were seen on tv during the coverage.

Hey guys it’s always a pleasure to see this tiny obsession of ours get some good airtime on the boob tube. If you are a Scale Crawler fan of any size or shape you have heard of RC4WD, personally I feel like they have one of the best selections of scale gear around. Stacey David’s show about modifying all things automotive is just awesome and having him showcase any form of RC is just that much sweeter!

Check the video:

Thanks to the readers who sent in this tip! Click here to see some other RC on TV spots.

ton jones
Team Associated has just announced that Ton Jones is one of their newest celebrity partners. I’m not sure if that means they hook him up with stuff to drive or what.. but still cool. Ton is one of the dudes from the Auction Hunters show on Spike TV, and is also a serious RC guy off camera. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also into reptile rescue and wildlife services. A man of many trades. Anything that helps promote the world of RC, we are down with. Maybe we’ll have some more RC on TV stories to bring you soon.

Check out the website or head over to Facebook site and see what he’s all about.

rc plane at baseball game

rc plane at baseball gameThe dodgers and Diamond Backs had a bit of a distraction when this RC On TV moment has a Mini RC Plane flying around the stadium. The crowd was digging it, but obviously the players and announcers didn’t feel the same way. The barrel roll was a great addition to the flying! Sadly, it does not end well for the plane… check the video after the break.


Milwaukee Brewers rc

This one actually made me laugh at the end! Another RC On TV moment has the Milwaukee Brewers driving around their stadium with a RC buggy. The video is embedded after the break so keep reading for a little chuckle!