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Wow! Do you want your mind blown by an amazing video from OK GO? To make it even better, it’s filmed by a RC copter! No quadcopter this time around, the shadow makes it look like a octocopter.

The above shot is one of the only I could actually spot the Octocopter, actually just the shadow in action. I’m sure the OK GO guys will follow up with a ‘Making Of’ because this video is truly amazing (like all of theirs) but this has really gone to the next level again! Keep up the great work guys!

Spotted the shadow around the 58 second mark. Enjoy!

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We always love pointing out seeing RC vehicles on television. It’s like free advertising for the hobby! This latest sighting was in the new Capital One BuyPower card. It allows you to earn points towards getting a full size Chevy, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac.

The commercial follows a few different people, but one of them is a guy who starts off in a Hobby shop, buys a rc plane, and then later it shows him flying. The interesting part I thought was that not only does he appear to take off flying towards himself, but then once the plane does get in the air, he aims it to fly directly over his head. LOL. Pretty sure nobody flying a plane would consider doing that, but hey it’s a commercial, and I’m sure the director told whoever is actually flying to keep it close to the guy so it stays in the shot.

Check out the video below:

Few more screen grabs.

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Similar to Mythbusters here in the states, we can always count on Top Gear UK (yea yea, the good one, we know) to include some sort of RC madness every few episodes. Hey their intro used to show them holding rc controllers!

This episode had Jeremy Clarkson pretending to be a police officer, and he was showing off all the new hi-tec gadgets they could use to fight crime. Though I don’t believe they actually strap explosives to RC vehicles and drive them under criminals cars. I’m also pretty sure Jeremy wasn’t flying that ‘Drone’ so easily from a briefcase on his own.

Either way though, we are always happy to see RC being shown to the general public, and hopefully someone gets off their couch and says ‘heck yea, I want to do that too!’

You can watch some of the police chase parts here.

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In the latest LV Home Insurance Commercial from our friends across the pond, a young boy has set up quite the RC drift track in hit house. Around furniture, the family dog, and even up onto the dinning room table. (I still can’t get away with that!)

We love any time a company uses an RC vehicle in their commercials as it just helps spread the word about our wonderful hobby.

You can watch the full eposide below.

Hard to tell what vehicle is under that body, but if we had to guess, we’d probably go with a HPI Racing Sprint 2. Thanks to fan Justin for sending in the tip.

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We always love to see RC on TV, and nobody delivers more often then our friends at Mythbusters!
On a recent episode called ‘Fire in the Hole‘, they were testing the myth if a grenade could be shot out of the air and diffused if it was coming right at you. Good info for sure, but they needed to come up with a way to retrieve the grenades in case they were not sure if it was diffused or not. Or if it went rolling away. Nobody wants to just go hunt down and pick one of those things up.

They created this retrieval robot thingy, added some arms, and a baby head to go hunt down and pick them up. It looks like they started with a HPI Savage, and check out those tires! Talk about serious traction getters. Where do I find a set of those?

You can watch the full eposide below.

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Normally we post RC On TV when we spot a cool RC segment, but this weekend we found RC in our Comics! This weekend’s Zits featured a ‘drone’ doing a little reconnaissance on Jeremy and his girlfriend.


For this weekends comic, or any others, make sure to check out the official Zits Comic website.

The newest Subaru commercial, which for some reason I can’t find a link to online, has a good amount of RC footage in it.

Thanks to BigTime in the comments, here’s the video!

It starts off showing a completely trashed rc buggy, like it was reviewed at Big Squid or something. The dad picks it up, and the kid asks if he can fix it. The dad thinks for a moment, and says, yep! He puts the car in the passenger seat, and then starts driving in this big open area, and when the kid steers, the RC car wheels turn, and the dad turns the full size car, so it’s as if the kid is driving the full size one.

It’s entertaining, and I always wondered where Cubby learned how to hold a controller….

We love to see RC On TV. Need more? Click that link!

It’s Friday! Have a BSRC Mystery Link.

Bonus points: What kind of buggy is it? Leave a comment..


Noticed on last week’s episode of Street Outlaws on the Discover Channel, that Big Chief (Justin Shearer) has a good amount of short course vehicles on the wall of their garage!

Love it or hate it, it’s still great to see them up there, getting the word about RC! I think Big Chief needs to give us a call, and we can show him how it’s done in the RC world.

Just thought I’d do a quick mention of it as part of our RC On TV category. Need more? Click that link!

It’s Still Friday! Have a BSRC Mystery Link.

X Factory Discovery Channel
Here is a reminder that our hobby will get some nice mainstream exposure tonight on the Discovery Channel. On a show called Showdown Of The Unbeatables, the X Factory RC crew will not only be showcasing one of their products, but also helping to show the world how much fun hobby grade rc products are in general. Also, it sounds like they might be doing some pretty cool things on the show tonight, here is a quote from the X Factory PR-

“We have not seen any R/C product do anything like this before, and have not seen any prime time exposure for R/C racing like this. This is not a paid commercial, not an infomercial; X Factory is part of the show, which will be seen by millions. We hope it gives a great boost to the popularity of our sport.”

Where and when can you tune in? Tonight is the night at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central time. Spread the word on this one and lets see if we can show Discovery Channel that there are a whole bunch of people out there that want to see more RC on TV.

Hooray for Friday, check out yet another BSRC Mystery Link.


Interesting story recently about Nate Burleson of the Detroit Lions teaming up with on-road racer Dave Johnson. Apparently Nate is big into the RC world, but like most of us, is a long ways away from ‘Pro-Level’ racing, so he’s a team sponsor for Dave.

Sadly, ABC News won’t let you cleanly embed video, so click here for the link to the video.

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Thanks to Ken for the tip on this one.


Need more proof that quadcopters are taking over the world? Check out this new Lexus commercial that is 99% quadcopters, 1% Lexus car headlights. It’s a great little commercial showing some cool swarming stuff. Sure some of it is CGI but it’s still awesome to see.

Ohh. and make sure you check out the behind the scenes making of for some information on how they made the quads.

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So I have seen the Living Portrait of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Mountain Dew commercial a ton of times, but just caught towards the end that he’s driving an RC NASCAR Monster Truck around! Got to love more RC on TV!

Check out the video below:

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On a recent episode of Mythbusters, they started talking about a video showing someone hydroplaning a motorcycle over a large area of water. They talked about the physics and how it may or may not work, and decided step one was to try it with RC motorcycles!

I’m surprised they didn’t give a call to our own hydroplane expert Craig the Crazy Ramp Builder! That guy can hydroplane anything! As always, it was cool to see someone showing off RC on television, and it seems our friends at Mythbusters usually give us what we want at least a few times a season! Also cool were the scale Jamie and Adam!


They tried a few times, but discovered in the hi-speed video that their RC motorcycle wasn’t hydroplaning, but just cutting through the water and riding the bottom, so they had to up it to a full scale tire. Might have to send this one over to Craig so he can show them how it’s done!

Now with video!

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It’s Friday, so that means we need to include a Mystery Link! I’m always surprised when I hear from readers that they didn’t know we had THIS PAGE.

Have you ever tried to hydroplane an RC vehicle? If so.. what? And how did it go? Let us know in the comments below..