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Everybody’s Scalin’ – That Thing Got A Hemi?

Just a few years ago it was really unique to be able to purchase a scale Hi-Lift Jack. Nowadays anything you can purchase for a 1:1 rig you can find in 1/10 form with relative ease. I mean come on, you can get a freakin’ beer keg and set of Red Solo Cups! Yep, scale accessories are all the rage. While these super specific items may [...]


Parma 68 Muscle copy

Parma 68 Muscle

Been drooling over all the 1st generation Camaros whizzing by on all the car auction shows on TV lately? Why not order one of these awesome shells a build your own and mount it up to pretty much any short course or rally car on the market? The bodies are .040” come clear with window paint masks decals and EASY-PEEL body [...]


Parma iHobby 2014

Parma Booth at iHobby 2014

Today we dropped by the Parma booth here at iHobby 2014 to check out some of their new products. New bodies on display in the Parma booth included the SpeedFlo SCT, the ’71 Muscle SC, and the ’69 Muscle Baja SC. The SpeedFlo SCT looked dialed for short course truck racing or hardcore bashing, while the Muscle series bodies offer [...]



Parma 71 Muscle Baja Short Course Body

Keeping with their current trend, Parma has delivered another awesome looking muscle car body! Their 69 was great, and now those looking for a change can pick up their new 71 Muscle Baja Short Course body. It has plenty of wheel clearance and it will fit most 1/10th scale short course vehicles, and even some of the rally cars with [...]



Parma 69 Muscle Baja Short Course Body

Everyone knows we are big fans of looking different. Nobody wants to show up to their local bash spot or track, and be running the same looking vehicle as anyone else. That’s what makes us like the folks over at Parma, they know how to give us something different. Their new 69 Muscle Baja Short Course Body has a cool [...]


Parma Speedflo 2.0 Body

Parma SPEEDFLO 2.0 Clear SC Truck Body

The folks over at Parma have redesigned their SPEEDFLO body with more cab forward styling and updated aerodynamics. The new body, the SPEEDFLO 2.0, fits all popular 1/10 short course trucks and is said to have more front down force than the previous model. The updated aerodynamics can give your truck more steering and less chassis roll, while large vent [...]


Speed Shop Delivery SC Truck Body #1242

Parma Speed Shop Delivery Short Course Truck Body

New from the guys at Parma is their Speed Shop Delivery SCT Body. Its uses a classic sedan delivery body to give your SCT a different look than all your bash-buddies and is made from .040″ clear polycarbonate. The Speed Shop Delivery body requires tall rear body mounts (not included) and comes with Easy-Peel body film and window masks. The part [...]


parma ihobby 2013

Parma Booth iHobby 2013

The friendly folks over at Parma have a cool booth here at the iHobby Expo 2013. They are also showing a brand new body, the Speed Shop Hauler. The Speed Shop Hauler looks like a chopped mid-50’s pick-up truck, offering an unique alternative to pop on your short course truck. You can see Cubby holding one below in the first [...]



Parma Fifty Six Fastlane SC Baja Body

Not everyone likes the same old look for their short course truck. With that in mind, the guys over at Parma have a new body called the Fifty Six Fastlane SC Baja. The Fifty Six Fastlane fits all popular tenth scale short course trucks like the Slash, SC10 and SCTE with just minor body post modifications. Along with the clear Parma [...]


Parma Rally Xtreme Clear Body

Parma Rally Xtreme Clear Body

What is the latest and greatest from the crew over at Parma? Glad you asked, it’s their new Rally Xtreme Race Body. The Rally Xtreme is a direct fit on the Traxxas Rally Car and also fits well on most short course trucks. To take a beating, the Rally Xtreme is made out of .040 clear polycarbonate and it comes [...]


Custom PARMA Body Winner!

We have a winner in our Custom Parma Body Contest! Congrats to Kenneth Anders! You have been randomly chosen by our automated software and a message will be sent to you to get your mailing info! Special thanks to Parma/PSE for the contest, and making a cool looking body. Didn’t win?? Don’t worry, another contest will start this Monday, so [...]



WIN This Custom Painted Parma Fifty Five SC Body!

We got our hands on this awesome custom Parma/PSE body at the iHobby Expo last month where artist Charlie Barnes was painting up some killer stuff, and people could ask questions and check out his awesome painting skills. You can see the article we did on their booth HERE. The body is the new Parma Fifty Five SC Baja, and it’s [...]


Parma SpeedFlo

Parma PSE iHobby Booth

The crew at Parma/PSE is in full effect here at the show. On display is their new Fifty Five SC body that fits on most popular short course trucks (like the Traxxas Slash). If you are looking for something a little bit different for your SCT, the Fifty Five is it. Parma is also showing their short course racing body, [...]


parma speedflo body


It’s been a while, but we have word from Parma about a new body! The new Parma Speedflow SC Truck Body. The SPEEDFLO SC body has strategically placed cutouts to help with air flow and to minimize that parachuting effect that can really mess up a short course truck on the jumps! The body comes with bolt on number plates, [...]



iHobby 2011 Booth Tour – Parma PSE

As part of our coverage on iHobby 2011, we are going to try and bring the show to you, by posting up info on some of exhibitors here. If you can’t make it, you can at least see what you’re missing! The guys over at PARMA/PSE have you covered if you’re looking for car and truck bodies, and the paint [...]