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X Compound Pro-Line Blockade
Pro-line Blockade tires aren’t new, in fact they are one of the most winning tires of the last couple of years. However, it is big news that they are now available in Pro-line’s new X Compound. Why would you, Mr Basher, care that you can get them in X Compound? Because the new X Compound is all about long tire life, it’s a compound made especially for abrasive surfaces. Basically, if you are looking for outstanding traction on a prepped dirt surface, and are looking for outstanding wear characteristics, Blockades in X Compound should be the tire of choice.

Blockades are available in X2 Compound (Medium #9039-002) and X3 Compound (Soft #9039-003), with a street price of right around $22 a pair. For more information, hit up the official Pro-Line Website.

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Pro-Line Pro-2 Front Hub Kit
Pro-Line has just announced some new performance accessories for your Pro-2 Traxxas Slash. If you want the best performing Slash at the local bash spot, Pro-Line performance parts are the way to go.

Part #6101 is a high performance PRO-2 Front Hub kit. This comes with all new Steering Knuckles and C-Hubs, it has extra camber adjustment holes, and is more durable than the stock parts. Expect a street price of around $25 on this one.

Part #6102 is their hard anodized pivot ball and rod end set. Stock Traxxas rod ends are prone to binding, the Pro-Line set-up is said to be buttery smooth. Street price $29.

Part #6104 is a hard anodized front hinge pin brace. This aluminum brace is light yet strong, and has the Pro-line logo laser etched on the front. Street price $10.

For more information on these and all of Pro-Line’s fine products HERE is the link to their official website.

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Pro-Line Track Bag with Tool Holder
Need a sturdy bag to organize your rc gear? Want to show up to the local bash spot with a bit more style? Pro-Line has just announced their über new Track Bag. Some of the highlights on this hip hauler are-

* Luggage quality zippers and material
* Comes with a huge P-L logo on the side
* Supported by an inner corrugated plastic housing to protect your gear
* Holds tires, tools, chargers, batteries or basically anything else
* Small enough to easily fit in the trunk of your car
* Features a 13 slot Tool Pouch and 3 see through mesh pouches
* Adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport
* Completely open top for easy access
* Measures 23” x 11” x 8”
* Part #6058-02

Street price for the PL track bag is right around $50 and they should be available in a few weeks. Hit up the official Pro-Line Website for more information.

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Pro-Line Performance Transmission Optional UpgradesThe good folks over at Pro-Line have just announced some new tuning options for their performance transmission. If you are looking to really dial in your PL tranny, these items will come in quite handy. Among these tuning options are 2 new spur gears and 3 different anti-squat blocks. Also now available are Pro-Line heavy duty washers & motor screws to help keep your motor in place during big hits.

* Part #6092-12 anti-squat blocks- comes with 2, 4, and 5 degree blocks, street price $8

* Part #6092-13 and #6092-15- 78 and 82 tooth spur gears, street price $5 each

* Part #6092-16- heavy duty motor washers and screws, street price $5

For more information on these and all of Pro-Line’s products, hit up their Official Website. For more Pro-Line news right here on BigSquidRC, THIS is the link you want.

Pro-Line Masher 2.8″ Tires Mounted on Desperado Black Wheels for 1:10 Truck
Pro-Line Racing has just introduced some new shoes for you hard-core bashers out there- pre-mounted Masher on Desperado Black Wheels for the Traxxas Stampede and Monster Replica trucks. The heavy duty chevron tread on the Masher makes it perfect for finding traction in loose dirt or muddy conditions, and being a pre-mount, they save you the time and hassle of gluing tires. Part numbers are #1192-12 for Stampede Nitro (rear), electric Stampede (front), and Stampede 4×4 (front & rear), and part #1192-13 for electric Stampede (rear). Expect a street price of right around $32 per pair, and you can hit up the official Pro-Line Website for more info.

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For those that may of missed it in our ION post, Proline is having a Huge Contest! For their 30th Anniversary (Congrats BTW!) they are giving away over $20,000 in donations and prizes! From December 9th to the 20th they are giving away a HUGE prize pack every day for all 12 days! And besides all the prizes they are donating $1000-$2000 in your name to a bunch of charities. How cool is that? We have always said the Pro-Line people are good people. Hit this link for their Contest!

And if you are still wanting a Friday mystery link, here is an on-topic classic from the vault.

Pro-line Racing ION 2wd and 4wd rear tires and 4wd fronts
Pro-Line ION tires have been a popular choice in 8th scale racing for quite some time. Pro-Line recently released a teaser picture of their new ION tires for 10th scale buggy. The new ION’s will be available in 2wd/4wd rears, in 4wd fronts, and should hook up quite well at your local indoor track. Look for more information on these soon, but until then check out the rest of Pro-Lines fine products on their Official Website. When there, don’t forget they have an Epic Huge Contest going on!

Hummm… dare you click on THIS TGIF mystery link?

Pro-Line Racing Tuned Traxxas Rustler VXL
The Traxxas Rustler VXL is an extremely popular bash machine, but like any truck, with the right parts its performance can be raised to an entirely new level. The crew over at Pro-Line just did a hop-up article on the Traxxas Rustler showing you how to “Uber-Out” your truck. Taking the Rustler from mild to wild, they show you all the Pro-Line hop-ups that bolt right up on the Rustler. These hop-ups include the Pro-Line Pro-Trac suspension kit, Pro-Line hinge pin set, performance transmission, Powerstroke shocks, Pro-2 clamping hexes, PL serrated wheel nuts, extended body mount kit, performance steering kit, 2.8 Desperado wheels, Pro-Line tires, and Bulldog body. If you are interested in doing the Pro-Line mods to your Rustler hit up THIS link to view all the information on their official blog.

Looking for more Pro-Line news here on BigSquidRC? THIS is the link you want to click.

Pro-Line pro-bond tire glue
Today’s ultra high powered brushless vehicles mandate the use of quality tire glue. All that beautiful brushless torque and power just love throwing tires off the rim. The crew over at Pro-Line have just announced their new Pro-Bond tire glue. The new Pro-Bond glue features not only a hold strength of 3,200 PSI, but also comes with an improved bottle and tip to make application easier than ever. Pricing on the Pro-Bond is $9 and you can hit up the official Pro-Line Website for more information.

Pro-Line makes some sic gear, check out more of it right HERE on BigSquidRC.

Pro-Line 1973 Ford Bronco Clear Body
It looks like Pro-Line has another hit on their hands with their new 1973 Ford Bronco clear body. The new Bronco body is made to fit longer wheelbase monster trucks (like the Savage, Summit, and E-Revo with extended body mounts) and is fully licensed. Pro-Line uses crystal clear GE Lexan and of course it is made in the good ole’ USA. Street price is expected to be just over $30 and you can get more information on all of Pro-Line’s gear at their Official Website.

HERE is the link you want for more Pro-Line news on BigSquidRC.

Pro-Line Traxxas Rally Car Upgrades
The crew over at Pro-Line have done a post on their blog about all their hop-ups that bolt right on to the new Traxxas Rally Car. In the post they explain exactly which of their hop-ups work, from Pro-Trac suspension parts, to adding a Pro-Line Ford Rally body, to using their uber Thumb Washer Kit that we can’t get enough of. Check out all the mods they performed right HERE.

Can’t get enough information on Pro-Line? Check out THIS link for more Pro-Line news right here on BigSquidRC.

Pro-Line 2.8" Masher Tires
The crew over at Pro-Line Racing have brought back their popular Masher tread design for a new 2.8″ tire made to fit right on your Traxxas wheels. Masher’s have a great rep for providing good traction off-road while resisting wear when used on the occasional on-road excursion. These chevron tread tires should be a great replacement tire for your Stampede or Monster Jam Replica and have a street price of $20 a pair (part #1192-00). For more information on these and all of Pro-Line’s product hit up their Official Website.

Have you read our Pro-Line Pro-2 Performance Chassis review yet? If not, check it out HERE.

We have a winner in our Pro-Line Monster Body, Tires and Swag Contest. I want to thank everyone for all the awesome photo entries! Our readers rock! We loaded all the names of valid entries into a list, used a random number generator, and it picked the winning entry.

Our winner for this contest is Gilberto! (theoriginalgarelano@) Congratulations!!
Here is his winning entry: (remember they were random.. so please don’t send us emails saying you sent a better picture.

An email will be sent to you shortly to get your shipping information so we can get the prize pack out to you.

Thanks again to the awesome folks at Pro-Line for being a contest sponsor! If you didn’t win this time, maybe head over to their page and buy something. Also, don’t worry, we have another contest coming VERY soon!