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THE Pro-Line Traxxas Performance Transmission Review

pro-line transmisison

Traxxas has sold roughly 9.412 zillion 2wd Slash’s/Bandit’s/Rustler’s/Stampede’s, and while they are a bashing staple and are generally solid trucks, they aren’t without fault. For example, how many of you Slash owners out there have blown out more than a few (dozen) spur gears? How many of you Stampede owners have cooked a few motors? Hey, you Bandit owners, how many slippers have you melted down when running big brushless power? The stock Traxxas transmission certainly has plenty of room for improvement. Pro-Line saw the need and decided to have a go at fixing all those issues (and more) with their new performance transmission. Did they succeed? Read on…


pro-line transmisison

We just got our hands on the Pro-Line Performance Transmission, and everyone is fighting over who’s going to get to install it and review it! Cubby literally had Wrench in a headlock while they were trying to get their hands on it. Maybe hanging it from the ceiling like a pinata and telling them winner gets it was a bad idea.. uh oh, here comes Adam the Intern with a crowbar! I can’t look!

Check the Pro-Line Site for all details, and come back soon for our full review of the Pro-Line Transmission!

proline tires pl shock shaft

Pro-Line sent a sneak peak of a couple of new products that they will probably be officially announcing soon.
We love the sneak peaks, so here ya go! They have a new Shock Shaft coming soon. No details, so I’m not sure if it’s only for their shocks, or if they will fit all sorts of other sizes. They also sent a sneak peak of some BOW-TIE rear and CRIME FIGHTER front tires for 1/10th scale buggies.

Check the Pro-Line Site for more details.

Our buddy Matt from Pro-Line posted a second video with a little more information about the Pro-Line Performance Transmission for the Traxxas Slash (And other similar Traxxas Vehicles).

Watch for our review coming soon!

Check the Pro-Line website for more details.

Brian handed me a Pro-Line Early 50′s body and basically said ‘wow me’.

Had to do something different with this one so here goes…. I wanted something that was easy enough that anyone could do it with some basic household items and a little imagination. The only paints used are common rattle can paints available at any local hardware store or even Wal-Mart. No Airbrush’s … No Vinyl cutters just run of the mill stuff…

Keep reading for the step by step…


Our good friend Matt from Pro-Line has posted a video talking a little bit about the upcoming Pro-Line Performance Transmission for the Traxxas Slash (And other similar Traxxas Vehicles).

We are really looking forward to getting our hands on this thing!

Check the Pro-Line Site for more details.

proline savage flux xs

Looks like Pro-Line posted up another cool build. This time around they added some hop-up parts and a sweet paint job to the HPI Savage Flux XS. New tires, rims, shocks and a few other things make up this new ride.

Check the Pro-Line Blog for all the details!

pro-line memorial day sale
There is a holiday coming, and you know what that means… it’s Pro-Line SALE TIME!
Save an additional 15% off everything with the promo / coupon code: MEMORIAL15
The sale runs from May 25th – 28th, 2012. Head on over to the Pro-Line site via THIS LINK for a little Memorial Day history.

Looking for more Pro-Line news? Click our Pro-Line category link to get all the latest PL info.

1973 bronco pro-line

Axial Wraith fans, Pro-Line has something for you! The new Pro-Line 1973 Ford Bronco body for the Axial Waith. Comes with a detailed grill, headlights, and body molding trim. One of the coolest features I think is the separate molded doors, so you can run the Bronco with our without them! Finally a cool new Wraith body!

Looking for more Pro-Line news? Click our Pro-Line category link to get all the latest PL info.

pro-line masher tire

Monster truck bashers unite! Pro-Line has just announced they are bringing back the Masher 3.8″ Monster Truck Tire. The Chevron Style treads are huge for digging into the rough stuff and powering your monster truck through just about anything. They use the Traxxas Style Bead design which will fit a ton of wheel options. They come in the Pro-Line M2 compound, and foams are included. Makes me want to dust off the T-Maxx!

Looking for more Pro-Line news? Click our Pro-Line category link to get all the latest PL info.

We just saw that Pro-Line posted this awesome Traxxas Slash F-150 Raptor SVT Pre-Runner Build over on their blog! They cover all the parts they used, hop-ups installed and details to bring this piece of art to life! It really makes you realize how much more Pro-Line does besides bodies now a days! They also give a sneak peak of the Pro-Line Slash Transmission and their new HID Light Bar Kit.

I seriously need to get Adam the Intern on building one of these because it has me drooling.

Check the Pro-Line Blog for all the details!

Sometimes it’s the small things that get us the most excited. As if their new performance transmission for the Slash and Stampede wasn’t big enough news, Pro-Line is also showing, for the first time, these new clipless body mounts. Rather than using a traditional body clip to hold the body on the post, these new mounts have a twist on cap. Advantages of this you ask? Well, how about no more tiny body clips stabbing you under the finger nail as you try to push them out. Or maybe you won’t have to worry about a clip tearing through your body on a hard landing. Those are two I came up with, I’m sure there are others.

These haven’t been officially announced yet, so we don’t have many details, but they are apparently required for the new Ford Focus body that Pro-Line has coming.


Pro-Line Racing announces a new bolt on transmission replacement for the 2wd Slash and Stampede. Vented disk racing style slipper clutch, 3mm thick aluminum motor mount with cooling fins, 20% less rotational mass, sealed and tunable differential,  and more!  I know it is targeted for racing but an upgraded transmissions for my bashers that tend to run hot at times? I’m looking forward to it!