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Pro-Line Suburbs 2.0 SC MX Blue Groove Tires
There is only one leader in the tire game and that is Pro-Line. Part of being a leader is making tweaks to an already good design to make it even better. Such is the case with Pro-Line’s new Suburbs 2.0 SC short course truck tires. The Suburbs were already a very popular high bite/blue groove tire, the 2.0 version is wider for more traction and also features more pins and a deeper tread. If you run on blue groove outdoor tracks or on indoor clay you’ll definitely want to try a set of the new Suburbs 2.0 SC’s.

The part number for the MX compound Suburbs 2.0 SC’s is #1171-16 and expect a street price of around $25 per pair. More information can be found by visiting Pro-Line’s Official Website.

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pro-line bulldog

For you Team Associated B44 guys, Pro-Line has just announced a new BullDog body for the 1/10 buggy. It’s specifically for the B44.2, with a longer and narrower chassis, so it needed a little longer and sleeker body. Street price is around $25.

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Make sure you skip the Friday mystery link, you know you want this!

Pro-Line iHobby 2012
Our friends over at Pro-Line Racing are here iHobby showcasing all their ultra-trick bodies and tires. New for iHobby is their front and rear Slash bumpers that not only look a lot better than stock, but are engineered to really take a beating.

Also showcased in the Pro-Line booth is their new Bulldog cab-forward style bodies for the Traxxas Stampede and Rustler. The Bulldog bodies for the Traxxas trucks help keep the front end down at high speeds and also enhance steering.

One of the coolest things on display at the show is Pro-Line’s new Chevy Silverado HD clear body for the Traxxas Slash and Slash 4×4. The Chevy body looks good in pictures, but absolutely gorgeous in person.

For more information on all the fine products Pro-Line manufactures hit up their Official Website.

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Pro Line Duratrax Evader Brushless hop-ups
Over on their blog, Pro-Line just posted a make-over for the popular Duratrax Evader Brushless truck. During this make-over Pro-Line used some of their existing products to not only increase performance but to also bump up the Evaders trick factor a few notches. The Pro-Line items used in their Duratrax Evader Brushless upgrade were-

* 6063-00 Front and 6063-01 Rear PowerStroke SC Shocks
* 6063-05 Universal Shock Mount Kit
* 8170-01 Gladiator 2.2 M2 Compound tires
* 3349-00 Associated T4.1 BullDog body
* 2635-00 Velocity Front Wheels
* 2636-00 Velocity Rear Wheels

You can get more information on Pro-Lines official Website, and if you are in the greater Cleveland area be sure and visit their booth this weekend at the iHobby International Expo, booth 431.

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The awesome people at Pro-Line are celebrating their 30th Anniversary! To thank all their fans, they are giving away a officially painted Pro-Line body and gift certificate EVERY DAY for 30 days!! How great is that? We know you guys like the free stuff from our weekly contest, and here is a chance for more free stuff! If any readers from Big Squid RC wins a body, let us know and we will hook you up with stickers! And feel free to thank us for the heads up in the acceptance speech.

For all the info and details Check the Pro-Line Blog Link Here.

Congrats on the 30 Pro-Line! Here is to 30 more!

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proline chevy

Remember our Pro-Line Short Course Kit contest, where the winner could pick if they wanted the body clear, or if they were brave enough to let one of our guys paint it for them? Well lucky for the winner, Manny grabbed the body before Cubby could get his hands and crayons on it! Here are a few shots of the finished body before we boxed it up and sent it out! We hope he likes it! Thanks to our scale dude, and painter extraordinaire Manny for the work on this one! I really dig the PL on the top!

Keep in mind, we didn’t cut any holes for body posts since we don’t know what truck it’s going on, the the body isn’t quite sitting right in the pics.

Thanks again to Pro-Line for the awesome prizes for the contest! And guess what, we will have information about another Pro-Line Contest coming VERY soon. So keep your eyes on the front page, this next one is going to make the entries real interesting!

Pro-Line Silverado HD Traxxas Slash
This one gets my vote for best looking body of 2012- the Pro-Line Chevy Silverado HD clear body for the Traxxas Slash and Slash 4×4. If you are looking to go for that uber scale lifted truck look with your Slash, Pro-Line’s new Silverado HD will work perfectly. Pro-Line’s extended body mounts are required, street price is $37, and you can get more information at THIS link on Pro-Line’s official website.

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Pro-Line Bulldog Traxxas Stampede
Here’s yet another incredible body from Pro-Line, their Bulldog clear body for the Traxxas Stampede. The Bulldog design yields increased front down-force thus helping to keep the nose of your truck down during speed runs, and giving more front end bite in high speed corners. Street price is $25, and you can get more information at THIS link on Pro-Line’s official website.

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Pro-Line Ion SC Tires
What’s that old saying, “Power is nothing without control.”? Well mount up a set of Pro-Line Ion SC tires and be dialed for your local high bite clay track. The new Ion’s come in Pro-Line’s popular MC clay compound, run about $25 a pair, and come with closed cell inserts. Hit up THIS link for even more information.

Have you read our Pro-Line Traxxas Performance Transmission review yet? Check it out right HERE.

Pro-Line Clear Bulldog Body Traxxas Rustler
Pro-Line has always lead the pack in quality and style. Yesterday they announced their new clear Bulldog body for the Traxxas Rustler. If you are looking to make a bold statement while out bashing with your crew, the Bulldog will do it. Some of the features are-

* Gives improved high speed stability
* Tough Bulldog race truck styling
* Made with uber genuine GE Lexan
* Made right here in the USA
* Instantly become the coolest person your friends know

Street price is right around $25, and you can get more information on the Bulldog for Traxxas Rustler right HERE.

Can’t get enough Pro-Line news? THIS is your cure.

pro-line pro-2 lcg chassis

Way back in July we we posted pictures and some info about the new Pro-Line Pro-2 LCG Performance Chassis for the Traxxas Slash 2wd truck. Today we got some shiny new pictures along with a little more info. It sounds like it will be shipping VERY soon, and the price will be $127. For those that missed the info before, it has an aluminum chassis, that extends front to rear. The battery and ESC placements are adjustable to help you tune in that perfect balance you are looking for, and it also have aluminum steering posts and servo mounts. We have been salivating over this one for a while, and hopefully we won’t have too much longer.

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pro-line sc contest Congratulations to Nathan Myers who was randomly chosen for our Pro-Line Short Course Prize Pack with Possible Custom Surprise Body Contest! A message has been sent your way to get your info, and see if you are brave enough to let us paint it for you. (Evil Grin)

Special thanks to Pro-Line Racing for helping us out with this contest! If you didn’t win this time, we are going to be working with Pro-Line to bring you another one VERY soon! If you can’t wait, there is also our Mystery Vehicle Contest you can sign up for!

Congrats again Nathan, no pressure…

pro-line sc contestTo all our Facebook people, don’t forget tonight is the LAST DAY to sign up for our Pro-Line Short Course Prize Pack with Possible Custom Surprise Body Contest!
Hit the link for all the information you need to get entered! Good luck!