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The guys who do it best when it comes to tires have given us a sneak peak at their new Blockade SC tire. Pro-Line is bringing their kick-butt 2011 ROAR Gas National tire to the masses very soon. Promising great side and front bite, these tires will be great on a variety of surfaces and are coming soon!

If you need more info, check out Pro-Line’s website.

Blue Foam! Having the right insert can make a huge difference on the track. Pro-Line now offers new 1/10 scale Closed Cell 2WD Front Inserts! These inserts should provide a slightly firmer feel, but last far longer than conventional foam inserts. These babies are water safe, reusable, and should last a long time, without feeling like they made out of stone. If you’d like more information, jump over to Pro-Line’s website!

If you’re a hardcore street basher, big, knobby tires just aren’t for you. If you happen to bash a Traxxas Stampede 2×4/4×4, Jato, or Rustler on the street, check out Pro Line’s Street Fighter 2.8″ tire built specifically for Traxxas Style bead rims! These tires are built to be a direct replacement for Traxxas tires on Traxxas style rims, or Pro-Line rims of the same style. These tires should help keep your vehicle hooked up when you need it to be, and burning out when it comes time to show off.

Take a look at Pro-Line online for more info!

If you’re looking to add some real bead locks to your scale crawler, be sure to check out Pro-Line’s new Titus 1.9″ 12mm hex Bead-Locks! These come in an easy-to-assemble 3-piece design, aluminum die-cast rim with the Pro-Line logo, and 12mm hexes for use with stepped or non-stepped hexes. These would like sweet on a 1/18 scale or 1/10 scale crawler!

Be sure to check out Pro-Line for all the details!

Got a Losi XXX-SCT or XXX-SCB and want to run Pro-Line’s 12mm ProTrac wheels or any other “zero-offset” 12mm wheel? Grab yourself the new XXX-SCT/SCB Front Inboard Hub kit! This kit replaces the hubs and axles to run a 12mm floating hex which allows you to then run the wheels mentioned above. This also includes any wheels made for the Losi-Ten SCTE or the Associated SC10 4×4. This kit does add 0.1″ of width to the front of your vehicle, but still ROAR legal!

Be sure to hit the Pro-Line website for more info!

It’s new release time over at Pro-Line and first up are a few new PROTOform lexan bodies! PROTOForm has a wide range of bodies to choose from. 190-200mm, 1/10 on-road, oval, 1/8 on-road, etc. All the bodies come clear so you can customize just the way you like it.

I’ve only included one body here, so blaze over to the PROTOForm section of Pro-Line’s website for all the options!

Pro-Line has given us a sneak peak at their new 2WD Buggy Front Closed Cell Inserts. Not much information is known on these guys just yet, but I can say they will be waterproof, reusable, balanced and lightweight. Expect to see them soon on Pro-Line’s website!

Pro-Line has a few new bodies for a few of Traxxas’ most popular vehicles.  Shown above is the new, officially licensed Chevy Silverado 2500 HD body for the Stampede and Stampede 4×4.  Also available is a body based on the over-compensating GMC TopKick medium duty road truck for the various T-Maxx and Revo platforms, including the Summit and E-Revo, and also HPI’s Savage line.  And finally, for the on-roaders out there, they have an officially licensed 2012 Ford Fiesta ST body for the 1/16 Rally cars.  All of these will come with all the usual officially licensed decals, masks, and overspray film.

MSRPs start at $26.95 for the Fiesta and go up to $36.95 for the TopKick and they are all available now.  Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

Sunday is Father’s Day, and to celebrate Pro-Line is having a Father’s Day sale this weekend.  Orders placed starting today and going through Sunday are eligible for an extra 20% off when you use the coupon code #1PLDAD20 on checkout.  While you’re busy ordering stuff for yourself your dad, don’t forget to give him a call and wish him a happy Father’s Day.  For all the Father’s out there, make sure you get what you want by telling your kids about this sale.

Head on over to the Pro-Line website to get your order on.

Last week Pro-Line snuckily sneaked a sneak peak of their new ROAR 1/8 Buggy national championship winning tire, the Blockade.  Well today they’ve provided the official info.  Pro-Line says of this new tire that the large lug design offers great tread life while the balanced tread spacing gives excellent forward bite.  The tire will be available in the M2, M3, and new M4 compounds and each pair will include closed cell inserts.

The prices are $24.95 for the M2, $25.95 for the M3, and $26.95 for the M4.  Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

In Pro-Line‘s blog post talking about their recent success at the ROAR 1/8 nitro nationals they posted a pic of the yet to be released Blockade tire, which was part of the combo used by the winner, Ryan Cavalieri.  There isn’t any info about price or availability, but a version for 1/8 scale buggies is a good bet.  And I’d also bet that it’ll be available in Pro-Line’s soft and squishy M3 compound.  And a further bet would be a retail price of around $25 for a pair with foams, and possibly $39 for a pair of pre-mounts.  But I’m just guessing.

You can see the pic and more of Pro-Line’s race info at the Pro-Line website.

Owners of Pro-Line‘s excellent ProTrac suspension upgrade will be delighted to hear about their latest addition to the ProTrac family.  Their new ProTrac Renegade Red & Black bead lock wheels will add a bit of flair to your dull and ugly ride. You know what I’m talking about. Your all murdered out, flat black, not a hint of color anywhere ride. Yeah, it’s ugly and boring, stop it, that’s sooooo 2003.   But not only that, they’re bead locks, that means no more glue!  Yay!  The wheels, as the name implies, are made in the ProTrac offset, so they’ll fit on any Slash that’s been upgraded with the ProTrac suspension kit or many other popular short course trucks.

These new Renegade wheels will be available later this month.  Check out the Pro-Line website for all the details.

Some days I think about just copying and pasting the old announcements for these bodies and just changing the name of whatever car it’s for now.  But that wouldn’t be fair, not to you, not to Brian, not to Pro-Line or the other companies.  But trying to be original when writing about a new BullDog body, this time for Kyosho’s uber Lazer ZX-5 4wd buggy, is a bit tough.  I mean, you know I’m going to tell you all about the cab forward design that increases down force all along the body and improves driving performance.  And you know that it will include window masks, decals, and overspray film.  So what original, unique thing can I say about it?

Anyway, this new version of the BullDog body will be available toward the end of this month, with an MSRP similar to the other versions of the BullDog buggy body.  Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.