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If you need some new front shoes for your 1/10 scale 4WD buggy, Pro-Line has you covered with their new Scrubs 2.2″ tires. They are avaliable in soft, super-soft, and clay, come with foam inserts, and an angled bar design for superior bite. They are avaliable later this month.

As always, be sure to hit up the Pro-Line website for all the specs!

Pro-Line has some new Desperado 2.8″ rims avaliable in black for a bunch of different Traxxas vehicles (Electric/Nitro Stampede, Rustler, Jato). They have an aggressive 6-spoke design, and work with all 2.8″ style bead tires. These look sick!

Be sure to check out Pro-Line for all the details!

The guys at Pro-Line have some new 1/10 scale buggy stuff coming later this month. Their new BullDog body can be ordered to fit the Kyosho ZX-5 or Losi 22 in either the mid or rear motor mount configuration. They come unpainted, with decals, window masks, and wings. If you’ve already got a body, but need a wing, they also offer some 1/10 scale buggy wings to give you ride that extra downforce.

Make sure you check out Pro-Line for more details.

A friend at Pro-Line sent along this exclusive photo and a brief description of their next wheel in the pipeline.  It goes by the name Desperado and is a 2.8″ wheel made for various Traxxas vehicles like the nitro and electric StampedesJato, and the Rustlers.  It uses the Traxxas style glue bead, so it’s compatible with Traxxas’ 2.8″ tires in addition to Pro-Line’s extensive new line of 2.8s, which includes the Trencher, Road Rage, Badlands, Bow-Tie, and Dirt Hawg treads.  Black is the color right now with chrome under consideration, so if you’d like to see chrome, let us know by voting in our little poll below and maybe Pro-Line will hear your cries.

Nothing about this wheel is up yet, but check out the Pro-Line website anyway for good measure.

Black or Chrome, which would you rather have?

  • Black (77%, 125 Votes)
  • Chrome (23%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 162

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Our friends over at Pro-Line have just released a ton of new tires! You can now get the ever-popular Caliber 2.0 SC 2.2″/3.0″ mounted on either ProTrac Renegade or Renegade Black Wheels in medium or soft compound. You can also get the Trencher SC 2.2″/3.0″ or the Gladiator SC 2.2″/3.0″ mounted on black Renegade wheels in medium compound. They also offer the Revolver 2.0 M3 (soft) mounted on V2 White Wheels for all you 1/8 scale buggy drivers. Lastly, Pro-Line now offers a M4 (Super Soft) Revolution tire line featuring the Caliber VTR 4.0″ and Hole Shot VTR 4.0″ for 1/8 scale trucks, and the Hole Shot T 2.2″, Caliber 2.2″, and Suburbs T 2.2″ for any 2.2″ rear truck wheels.

All of these tires and combos should be shipping by Mid May. Make sure you bounce on over to Pro-Line’s website to check out all the specs, pics, and info on these new tires!

If you’re looking to add a little “bow-tie” to your short course truck, check out Pro Line’s Chevy Silverado 1500 Pro-2 body. This new body comes clear, with all the window masks and decals for you to custom paint and design to look however you want. It even has 1-piece bolt-on number plates and side dams to give this thing a true authentic race look.

Made to fit the Slash, Slash 4×4, Blitz, SC10, and Ultima, this body should be avaliable soon. Check out Pro-Line Racing for all the details.

Short Course bashers and racers rejoice! Pro Line has a new body specifically designed to cut down on SCT “parachuting”. For those of you that don’t know, short course trucks tend trap a ton of air under their big bodies, which creates sort of a floating “parachute” effect whenever the truck is in the air. The new Flo-Tek body is designed with futuristic styling and large vent holes to help eliminate this effect.

This is just awesome! Nothing is more frustrating than hitting a big jump when a gust of wind flares up, turning your SCT into an airplane that almost never lands on its wheels. Bashers and racers won’t have to drill massive holes in their bodies anymore! Make sure you check out Pro-Line Racing for all the details.

Need some better bite out of your short course truck? Pro-Line has something to help with their new Caliber 2.0 SCT tires. Brian first posted a little sneak peak on these guys, but we now have some official specs. They come in medium, soft, or super soft compound, have a wider contact patch than the original Caliber design, and are avaliable for the SC10, Blitz, Slash, Slash 4×4, and Ultima.

Head over to Pro Line for more details!

Pro-Line Caliber 2.0 SC tires

Looks like Pro-Line has decided to get off the diet and pack on some inches! We got this sneak peak of the new Caliber 2.0 SC tires, and they are getting big! Looks like more traction for everybody! There wasn’t much other info with the sneak peek, so we’ll have to wait for some official numbers.

Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

NEO: Whoa.  Déjà vu.
TRINITY: What did you just say?
NEO: Nothing.  Just had a little déjà vu.
TRINITY: What happened?  What did you see?
NEO: A F-150 Raptor SVT body went past us and then I saw another that looked just like it.
TRINITY: How much like it?  Was it the same F-150 Raptor SVT body?
NEO: It might have been.  I’m not sure.

Pro-Line has another Ford F-150 Raptor SVT body ready for you to purchase.  This time it’s made to fit the good ol’ Stampede and the new hotness Stampede 4×4.  It’s formed out of some bulky .060″ Lexan so it should handle all the rough-and-tumble you can throw at it.  You can expect to find decals with officially licensed Ford logos, window masks, and overspray film.  Just paint it and mount it and you’ll be good to go.

You can expect to find this version of the F-150 Raptor SVT body on store shelves around the 23rd of this month at a list price of $28.95.  Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

proline m4 caliber Looks like
Pro-Line is bringing their super soft M4 tire compound to the off-road series. The Revolver, Hole Shot, and Caliber tires will all be getting the M4 treatment in the near future. If you have a 1:8 or 1:10 off-road, and need some soft and traction grabbing action, watch for these coming very soon!

Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

Badland Traxxas Tires Got a Traxxas vehicle you like to run, or some Traxxas 2.8″ wheels that need some new rubber?
Pro-Line has just announced a bunch of new Direct Fit Tires for the Traxxas 2.8″ Wheels. The Road Rage, Badlands, Bow-Tie and Dirt Hawg will now be available to slip right on those Traxxas Rims.

Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

So who had four months in the “How long before Pro-Line releases a BullDog cab-forward style body for JQ’s THE Car” pool?  Personally, I had three days, so I lost by quite a bit.  I think Brian gets the prize money.  Anyway, you can expect to find all the usual kind of stuff that normally accompanies a new body, such as decals, window masks, overspray film, and all that jazz.  It’s made from some nice and beefy .040″ Lexan, so it’ll be lightweight while also being durable.

THE BullDog body for THE Car will be shipping from Pro-Line on the 23rd of this month, but you can pre-order it now at a cost of $29.95.  Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.