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The Pro-Line blog is hosting up a picture of a new short course truck racing tire based on their well known Hole Shot tread.  They aren’t giving up any details yet, like compounds, price, or ship date.  All they are saying is “Coming soon…”

Normally here is where I’d say “click on over to the Pro-Line blog for more info,” but there really isn’t much more.  Soooooo… I guess you could go there anyway.

Pro-Line has a new F-150 body for the Ford lovin’ HPI Blitz drivers in the crowd.  It’s officially licensed and features all the Ford styling that all the Ford fans seem to love for some reason.   This body comes molded in durable, clear Lexan and includes all the usual stuff: decals, masks, and over-spray film.  It’s a quick and easy drop on replacement for your, no doubt, beat up and tired Blitz body.

Get some more info and pics at the Pro-Line web site.

Hey Pro-Line? Where’s the love for RAM fans?  A Tundra body would be cool too.

Pro-Line‘s got a new pair of shoes for your short course truck.  The Suburb SCs feature the same tread design that’s won national championships in 1/8 scale, but now they are appropriately scale looking for short course trucks.  They also feature reinforcing ribs and webbing to keep the tire in the right shape during cornering and acceleration.  You can get them in various Pro-Line rubber compounds: M3 (soft), M4 (super soft), MX (blue grove conditions), and MC (clay).

Many of the Pro-Line factory drivers are (shockingly) impressed with this new tire, you can read all their testimonials at the Pro-Line site.

With a little help from the fine folks at Pro-Line, The KU EcoHawks Team Slayer took a 1/8 scale nitro buggy and added a parallel brushless motor to make a truck that will run from the nitro engine, the brushless motor, or both at the same time.  In addition to creating some special mounts for the engine, motor, and 3S LiPo, they also designed a special differential that balances the power output of the engine and motor when they are used together.

Pro-Line provided the wheels, tires, and body for testing and they have a complete article on their blog with more photos, video, and an interview with the team leader.  It’s a very interesting read, check it out.

Pro-Line tansou

Aww Yea!! Looks like Pro-Line is looking for a little drifting action with the new Tansou 190mm drift body! (3331-00). Drifting is one of those areas of RC where your into it, or your not. But if you are, it’s hard core! The look, style and details are almost as important as the driving! This is our first sneak peek at the body. We will get you more details they are available. I recently picked up some drift tires for one of my on-roads, looks like I need to add a new body to the shopping list!

Check the Pro-Line website for more bodies.

Remember those Pro-Line Trencher SC tires we posted about a while back?  No?  Oh…  well…  Anyway that tread pattern has been jumbo sized for monster trucks.  The Trencher 3.8″ (40 series) tire has a 1/4″ tread that is good for all kinds of grip on just about any surface.  They’ve also got an increased sidewall thickness to prevent tearing at the bead when things get just a little too crazy.  The Trenchers will be molded in Pro-Line’s M2 compound so they should last a good long time.

Check out Pro-Line’s web site for more info.

Pro-Line P56 Pro-Line P56

For all you on-road guys, Pro-Line introduces the P56-N (Nitro)
body. It’s legal for just about every sanctioning body on earth, and comes in two weights, ‘Lite’ and ‘Pro-Lite’. Not sure exactly how they do that.. but we’ll take their word for it. Looks pretty sweet though.

Check the Pro-Line website for more on-road rc body info.

Pro-Line Chevy Silverado Pro-Line Chevy Silverado

Just in is the new Pro-Line Chevy Silverado 1500 body for the HPI Blitz! Excellent detail with pronounced fenders make this body stand out in a crowd. Throw a little paint on it and tear things up!

Stop by Pro-Line for more information.

Pro-Line topkick Looking for a new and different truck body? Pro-Line Racing has just introduced the new GMC TopKick for the Traxxas T-Maxx, E-Revo, Savage and MGT vehicles. It’s an official GM licensed body of a semi-truck style big rig!

Visit the Pro-Line Racing site for more info.

class 1 body class 1 body

proline bulldog d8 class 1 body

Ok, recently I have been ranting about ROAR and their infinite wisdom over scale realistic bodies. But now they seem to have gone and gotten the whole RC world in an uproar! And I’m not sure I can even take all the credit! ROAR recently announced that the Pro-Line Racing Bulldog body will not be legal to race in 1:8 scale buggy because it does not look correct. Uhm WHAT!? I have posted a few pictures here. The top two are pictures of real Class 1 Unlimited Buggies. There are a ton out there, feel free to google it. The bottom two are Pro-Line bodies. The one on the left is the Bulldog body that is illegal. The one on the right is the more ‘standard’ CrowdPleazer 2.0 body.
Looking at these, it seems like a no brainer. The Bulldog body looks much closer to a actual race vehicle, then the standard 1:8 scale buggy bodies people have been racing for years. So what gives? Did someone step on some toes? (Trust us.. we have stepped on them, and seen the wrath, lucky for us, we don’t sell anything they can ban.. uh oh.. maybe they will ban BSRC stickers!)
Now as you know, the Big Squid crew aren’t racers! (well.. some of us are..) But here we are helping defend them! (Take note you racers! You owe us.) What does it take to get the royalty to realize their mistake? Do we need a petition? Do we need protest at upcoming events? Maybe we’ll make signs! I have a feeling this feud is going to get more messy before it’s resolved, but in the end, I have a feeling Pro-Line and the racers will come out on top. You can’t say you want more realistic, then ban the body that is actually more realistic! You discredit yourself, by doing so, and it’s going to look worse when the decision gets reversed. (Remember.. you read that here first! I can see it in the stars!)
I think it’s going to take some of the ‘big names’ in racing to help them see the light.. it might take them talking to the queen bee at an event… but it needs to be done.
Good luck racers! Fight the good fight!
(And yes, I’m aware it’s not a Monday or Thursday .. but I couldn’t wait)

YOUR Cub Reporter

Does ROAR have a beef with Pro-Line? They must have, because their recent ruling against the new PL Bulldog buggy bodies makes no sense otherwise. 8th scales have always looked Martian- they’ve never had a full size counterpart to emulate. To deem the Bulldog “illegal” because it doesn’t look realistic enough is a farce, and a waste of time and resources. While Traxxas, Losi, and Associated are pouring literally millions of dollars into cross advertising to the mass market, ROAR is fart’n around deeming one Martian body illegal, while every other Martian looking body remains legal. Just an FYI to the powers that be, your primary focus now should be keeping all those mass market noobs that Traxxas, Losi and AE are recruiting in the hobby. If done right, ROAR will have numbers that were previously unthinkable, if done wrong, they’ll have the same 1,500 members they’ve had since 93′. If the racing side of the hobby is to grow, the rules at the local level must suit the mass market noobs, not the local fast guy, and screwing around banning the Bulldog does nothing to accomplish this task.

I’ve driven (ridden?) the Duratrax DX450 dirt bike, and it’s a ton of fun. The DX450 is arguably the best motorcycle ever released in our hobby and is truly way super dope. But, the editors at one of the rags have voted the DX450 as their “Car of The Year“. Motorcycle of the year, Hell Yes, without a doubt, but “car” of the year? What in the hell were they thinking? Not just myself, but others in the industry and end consumers think this raises a lot of questions. Certain mags have steadily lost the trust of their readership by constantly printing kiss a$$ reviews, and now having a motorcycle as “Car of The Year” only worsens the problem. After this latest debacle, the consumers I talked to now question the validity of all the rag awards, not a pretty site for any of the mags or the companies that have been named as “winners”. Might I suggest having an impartial outside party handle all the votes next year to ensure there is no hanky panky going on?

BigSquidRCs first “Uber Charger Shootout” is set to begin 2 weeks from now. If you are a manufacture and want in, contact brian at BigSquidRC dot com, if you are a reader, you’ve got another shootout to look forward to.

The first edition of my new column “RC Myths, Fact or Fiction” will hit the front page this week. Ever hear that running a Lipo battery below 3 volts per cell ruins it and also makes the battery dangerous? Well that’s the focus of the first edition, where I do real world tests to determine if that is completely true or just bogus manufacture hype to make you buy another battery pack. Look for a full report with pics around Saturday. Btw, if you have an rc myth you’d like to see tested, shoot it to cubby at BigSquidRC dot com.

That’s it for this week, as always, support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

Pro-Line Logo
Looks like Pro-Line Racing is having a sale! If you head over to the official Pro-Line Racing site here and use coupon code: PLTAX* you will get a extra 15% off your order! Not a bad deal! This sale only goes to April 15th! So you better hurry!

Pro-Line V2 Split Six wheelsThe Pro-Line blog is showing off a new set of wheels that they’re currently testing. The only info they give is that the new V2 Split Six wheels for 1/8 scale buggies are extremely light and are going to be the ‘Hot’ setup for buggies and short course trucks with the proper adapters. Looks like they’re going to be sporting a faux bead-lock look as well.

Check out the Pro-Line blog for a couple more pics.