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Have you ever been completely disappointed by your Slash’s stock steering system?  Pro-Line has a solution in their new Steering Kit for the Traxxas Slash.  It’s a strong bellcrank system that rides on a full set of ball bearings and features a built in servo saver.  The  price and release date are still undetermined at this point but it should be within the next few months.  Keep an eye on Pro-Line‘s site for more official information.

Here’s something that’s been a long time coming.  Pro-Line‘s showing off the new Street Fighter SC tires for short course trucks at IHobby.  These are a directional street tread for all the bashers and parking lot racers out there.  This tire is going to be available in the M2 compound for now, so it should  have a good, long life for all that on-road driving we do in these off-road trucks.  The Street Fighter will be available “soon” with a retail price of $24.95.

Check out the Pro-Line web site for more info.

Columbus Day isn’t just a day for bankers and government workers to have another three day weekend, it’s also a day to save some cash and get some extra merch from the gang at Pro-Line.  Starting October 8th (holy crap, that’s today!) and going through the 11th you can get free shipping when you spend $100 or more at the Pro-Line store.  But wait, there’s more!  While supplies last Pro-Line will also include a free hat of varying size, style, and color.  So head on over to the Pro-Line web site and do some shopping.

Pro-Line let us know they have another new video out to help with dialing in your SC closed cell tire inserts! Enjoy!

Pro-Line review contest
Looks like Pro-Line has found themselves a winner for their ‘write us a review’ contest. Congrats to William Watson for turning in the winning article.

Head over to the Pro-Line Contest page the winning review.

Pro-Line Power Stroke shocks

Have you been jealous of the Traxxas Slash drivers and their Pro-Line Power Stroke Shock Kits? Well Pro-Line has just announced their new PowerStroke SC Universal Shock Mounting Hardware Kit! So for just about all short course owners, Slash, Blitz, Ultima SC, SC10, you can mount up their shocks!

Check out the Pro-Line web page for details.

Pro-Line has been filling up their You Tube channel lately, and some of their how-to’s are pretty good. Since we just posted about the new Swampers, I thought the new video for them would be appropriate.

Pro-Line interco super swamper 2.2

Looks like Pro-Line is keeping with their trend of knocking out the licensed products. That’s probably a good call with more and more people digging the ‘scale’ or ‘realistic’ look.
These new Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 2.2″ Tires are licensed and created from the same data that creates the real deal! They are available in G8 (rock terrain) compound and come with the memory foam inserts. Cubby has been claiming that the future of the hobby is realistic, well it looks like Pro-Line has been listening and thinking the same thing.

Pro-Line Interco swamper Pro-Line interco swamper tires

Check out the Pro-Line web page for details.

Pro-Line review contest
Over at the Pro-Line site there is a new contest! Write a review, and you have a chance to win $1000!

Only one week left!! Get writing!

Head over to the Pro-Line Contest page for details!

Pro-Line bulldog body Pro-Line bulldog body

Pro-Line will be shipping a new body called the Pro-Line Bulldog for the B4 buggies. It has the same aggressive cab-forward design that has proven itself well in the 1/8 scale classes, and now is set for the 1/10th scale folks.

Get over to the Pro-Line web page and check it out.

Looks like a new Pro-Line short course body is on it’s way! The Pro-Line Desert Militia body is can fist most short course trucks with a little trimming, comes with window masks and stickers. I really dig the look of this one, might have to paint one of these up.

Visit the Pro-Line web site for more details.

We just posted in the RC Reviews section the Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit Review. If you are a 2WD Traxxas Slash owner, and you have been having suspension issues, you may want to read this! The kit is a nice upgrade.
Click the picture or link and check it out!

Pro-Line sniper tire Looking for a new short course tire? Pro-Line has the new Sniper SC 2.2″/3.0″ M2 tires. These tires use the same design as the Hole Shot tires but scaled up for dustier track conditions. So if your track isn’t getting watered enough.. check these out. Sized to fit Slash, Slash 4×4, Slayer, SC10 and the Blitz.

Get over to the Pro-Line web page and check it out.