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Can you believe there are only two weeks left in 2010? Geez does time fly. Next week I’ll be doing my annual “best and worst of” column, it should yield some juicy reading for you guys. But first I have to bust out this weeks Cub Report…

It’s pretty rare when something really-way-extra-super-dope gets released but last week Pro-Line delivered the goods. No, it wasn’t tires, or rims, or even a body, it was something different, something really cool on a couple different levels. So just what the hell was it? It’s quite obvious the current trend in rc is towards scale realism, a trend that not only gives us old hardcore guys a reason to smile again, but realism is exactly what our hobby needs to bust into the mainstream. On that note, last week Proline showed their uber new short course truck interior, complete with driver. Now, the holier than thou “race” crowd will laugh and say that a truck interior is just a freak’n joke (and a waste of space…. and worthless added weight), but those are the guys who are experts at running people off from our fun loving hobby, not at bringing them in. The new Pro-Line short course interior is a great step in the right direction, towards greater scale realism. The new Pro-Line unit helps bring your 10th scale truck one step closer to looking like a full scale rig. Major props to Pro-Line on that one, I hope they sell a (few) million of’em.

One step forward, two steps back.

Because of it’s scale realism, short course is currently our hobby’s best shot at breaking through to the mainstream. The Pro-Line interior is a real step forward, but the class has slowly, but surely, been losing it’s scale authenticity since day one. Remember when the first Traxxas Slash hit your area? Remember its scale looking tires? Remember how it leaned and slid around in the corners, just like the real thing? Have you looked at the tires being run on short course trucks lately? If you haven’t seen them, they look nothing like those on a Slash, nor like any tire you’ll ever find on a full scale rig. Tracks and sanctioning bodies that allowed “non-scale” looking tires was the first shot towards the death of short course, then last week Pro-Line and JConcepts introduced ribbed front tires for use on short course trucks. For years ribbed front tires have given optimal steering to “stadium rc trucks”, but I dare you to hit a TORC race and find a full scale rig using them. At some point someone has to put their foot down. At some point someone has to grow some balls and make a stern decision to not allow non-scale rims, tires and bodies in the short course class. If this isn’t done the short course class WILL slowly transform right back into the old stadium truck class. Someone in this industry needs to make some “non-popular with the race crowds” decisions. The hardcore racing crowd wants to go faster regardless of how screwed up the cars/trucks end up looking. Who’s gonna step up and do what’s right to keep the short course class true to scale? Thus far, nobody. To be blunt, it’s bad for our hobby to kill off short course, but it appears the writing is already on the wall. What a shame…

That’s it for this week, my sincere thanks go out to all of you for taking the time out of your day to read The Cub Report. Till next week, support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

Pro-Line, always at the forefront of forming polycarbonate, has a new way for you to add some awesome detail to your short course truck.  Their new Pro-Driver SC Interior adds a good looking cockpit and driver to most any short course truck on the market, you might need to trim a little here and there to get a good fit for your particular truck.  The Pro-Driver SC is formed out of clear polycarbonate and comes with a decal sheet and overspray film.  Just spray some paint on it, trim it to fit, then put it in your truck for a quick and easy shot of detail.

It’ll be hitting later this month.  Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

Pro-Line has added a couple new tires to their vast collection.  The Slicer SC reaches back to those heady days of stadium trucks and their ribbed front tires.  Featuring six ribs across the width of the tire, Pro-Line claims that the Slicer SC offers the best steering performance on all types of track conditions.  Each pack comes with reusable, closed-cell foam inserts and fits all 2.2″/3.0″ short course style wheels, including Pro-Line’s own Bead-Loc wheel.  They will be available in the soft and sticky M3 compound or the longer lasting M2 compound and they should start shipping later this month.

1/8 scale buggy drivers shouldn’t feel left out, the new Revolver 2.0 is made just for you.  They’re based on the old, world championship winning Revolver with some changes to the tread pattern that are said to increase traction on a variety of surfaces.  You can also expect to find a pair of closed-cell foam inserts included.  These will also be available in both M2 and M3 compounds and be hitting the market later this month for prices just north of $20 per pair.

Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

mythbusters axial truck mythbusters axial truck

So last night while watching Mythbusters, we had another RC ON TV sighting! They were trying to cause a truck to flip similar to a scene in the Hellboy movie where something smashes the front end of a truck, and the vehicle flips end over end. Mythbusters does a lot of RC, but usually it’s some home made contraption, or a on-road vehicle. This time it looked a lot like a Axial SCX10 Honcho! Sorry for the blurry shots, but it was cool to see! Hopefully Axial sell’s a few hundred SCX10′s this weekend!

Update: Someone else sent in pics, and pointed out that the tires were Pro-Line Flat Irons. Good eye!
mythbusters pro-line mythbusters pro-linek

Have you ever wanted to be a beta tester?  It’s not as fun as you may think, trust me, I know.  But here’s an opportunity from Pro-Line with their new Pro-Core tire tech.  According to Pro-Line this technology is so new that it is still under development by our R&D department. They are releasing a new version of their recently released Street Fighter SC tire with the Pro-Core tech integrated into it.  Pro-Core is a new type of internal support integrated directly into the tire, eliminating the need for foam inserts.  It is said to increase durability and cornering speeds.

The Street Fighter SC Pro-Core tires will only be available for a limited time directly from Pro-Line.  Check out the Pro-Line web site for more info and ordering.  Click through the read more link for a video of these tires in action.


Pro-Line raptor Pro-Line raptor

We had our first look at iHobby of the new Pro-Line Ford Raptor body, but now the official pics and specs are out. It comes with the bolt on number and side dam plates.

They have a version that fits the Slash, SC10, Ultima SC, and Blitz, then another version for the SCRT10 and Hyper 10SC. Make sure your ordering the correct one. I personally really dig bolt on accessories and hope Pro-Line continues to keep doing stuff like this.

Check out the Pro-Line web page for details.

Click through for a couple more pictures. READ MORE

Here’s something cool from Pro-Line.  A Volkswagen Bug body that actually has fenders on it.  How novel.  It actually casts a much different attitude than all the fenderless beetle bodies that populate the alternative-style short course landscape.  This new vision of an old body is officially licensed by Volkswagen, so you can expect all the decals necessary to replicate the look of the real thing, logos and all.  A spoiler with mounting hardware, window masks, and overspray film are also included.  The Volkswagen Full Fender Baja Bug body is available now at a list price of $39.95.  Unfortunately it’s only made to fit the Slash and Slash 4×4 right now.

Check out the Pro-Line website for more info.

Pro-Line closed cell inserts

New from Pro-Line are these rear 1:10 scale Closed Cell Buggy Inserts. People are starting to learn that inserts can make a real difference on the track. I remember years ago where just any type of foam to keep the tire from caving in was enough, and now the technology has improved so much, that these can really make a difference.

Check out the Pro-Line web page for details.

We’ve all been there.  Standing in front of a store shelf looking at all kinds of different products, not knowing which one to pick.  Saying to ourselves “If only there were some kind of tool or guide to help me figure out which one of these products I need!”  But nope, there never was, and you went home with a 15 amp fuse when you really needed a 50 watt lightbulb.  Oh those lightbulbs and fuses… so similar… so confusing.  But be confused no more!  The web team at Pro-Line has worked up a new tool to help you figure out what products you need.  Sure, the Pro-Line Pick by Kit tool can’t help you with your fuses/lightbulbs problem, but it can help you pick out the accessories that will fit your car or truck.  The tool is broken down into multiple categories, then each category features multiple kits.  Just find your car or truck and the Pick by Kit tool will magically show you all the tires, bodies, wheels, and other accessories that were made for your car.

Check it out now at the Pro-Line web site.

Pro-Line is celebrating their 28th birthday this week, but don’t worry, you don’t have to get them anything.  Instead they’re giving a present to you.  Starting today and running through the 31st you can take advantage of a 10% off coupon at the Pro-Line store.  Just use coupon code HAPPY28 during the checkout process and 10% will be taken off your order.  Get to the Pro-Line web site and start celebrating.

Another release of the Pro-Line Bulldog cab-forward body, this time for the Team Associated B44.1.  The body will come from the factory with decals, window masks, overspray, and a new wing.  You need to provide the paint and artistic skills to not make it look like crap.  It should be hitting your local hobby shop shelves “soon” and at a reasonable MSRP of $28.95.

For more info hit up the Pro-Line web site.

IHobby may be over, but we still have quite a bit of news and photos to share from the show.  Pro-Line had a ton of new products this year and we got to most of them, here’s one we didn’t.  This new wheels, called the Renegade, is going to be releasing some time soon.  It’ll be available in an offset to fit Slashes and other stock short course trucks, and it’ll also be available in an offset specifically for the Protrac Suspension setup that Pro-Line offers as a hop-up for the Slash.  The Renegade will be available in white, black, and Pro-Line yellow.  The price has yet to be determined.

Keep an eye on the Pro-Line web site for more info.

Pro-Line has a new hex adapter for the front axles of the SC10, opening up all kinds of new wheel options for the truck.  The units they are showing at IHobby are still the prototype, so price and ship date are still undetermined.  When that info gets finalized we’ll pass it on to you.