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Ares SpectreX

Unboxing the Ares SpectreX and FPV Kit!

I always love seeing packages on my desk, and this one came from the folks over at Ares RC, the SpectreX Quadcopter and FPV Upgrade kit. This little orange bugger is the next review I’m working on, and before I started chasing Brian and Cubby around the office, I took a few unboxing photos. See them below and keep your eye out for the [...]


Phone Drone 2

Make your phone a drone!

I was doing my usual ‘shopping’ on Kickstarter, and couldn’t help but see this need little design: the Phone Drone by XCraft! Designed as a simple quad frame, this drone uses a standard flight control board and couples it with your smartphone to create a self or manual flying drone for all your aerial photography needs! Here are some of the key features:Easy [...]


Naze 32 Tricopter Frame 4

The Next Level of Tricopter: Naze32 Tricopter Frame

I have built a few tricopters in my days, and I always had a messy wiring. It wasn’t for lack of trying; I just could not make it look ‘pretty’. Enter the Naze32 Tricopter Frame from RCExplorer! Featuring a built in Naze32 Flight Control Board and Power Distribution Board right into the frame, you can keep you wiring clean, as well as [...]



Raging Rotors: Whirlwind, or How the ImmersionRC Vortex…

  I’M BAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCKKKK! Sorry for falling off the planet RC, but I needed to go into hiding until I could remake my tinfoil hat 😉 This is an exciting time for FPV Racing: ImmersionRC has released the details about its new racer, the Vortex recently. This is a game changer, and there are a lot of nitty-gritty details about this quad that can be missed [...]


Yuneec Q500-4K

‘Aerial April’ continues with Yuneec!

Yuneec APV continues what I have dubbed ‘Aerial April’ by releasing a preview picture of a new Q500 Typhoon quadcopter. This one features a 4K resolution camera, what seems to be a bigger controller screen, and a neat gunmetal color. No details on pricing, release, or any other pertinent information, but you can see the comments and responses on Yuneec‘s Facebook Page. Look for [...]



Join the Race with the Blade Mach25 FPV Racer!

Joining in on the ARF racer crowd, Blade Helicopters announced a FPV Racing quad today: the Mach25! Featuring tilted forward motors and self-locking propellers, this quadcopter may just be what the non-DIY pilot needs! More features include:SAFE® technology equipped with 3 flight modes Spektrum 25mw ultra micro FPV camera system Powerful 2300Kv brushless motors Compact Castle Creations 4-in-1 ESC Self-tightening prop hubs Robust 2mm carbon-fiber frames Intense, multi-color [...]



DJI Announces New Phantom 3 Series of Quadcopters

This was a big day for DJI indeed, as they announce new Phantom quadcopters utilizing the controllers and software systems of the Inspire. There will be 2 versions: the Phantom 3 Advanced with 1080p video camera/gimbal system installed, and the Phantom 3 Professional featuring a 4K resolution camera/gimbal system. Besides using the DJI Pilot app featuring built in live-streaming capabilities, camera control, and practice simulator, the Phantom 3 series touts some [...]


3DRobotics Quad Preview3

New 3DRobotics Quadcopter Coming

It must be Aerial April, because the team over at 3DRobotics just modified their homepage with the date April 13, 2015 and a video teasing some baboons flying a new quadcopter. A few screenshots are below, but this is a definite upgrade from their current IRIS+ quadcopter. This month just keeps getting better and better! For all 3DRobotics news, trust BigSquidRC! See previous news Right Here.


DJI Event April 8th

BIG DJI Event Wednesday Morning!

With the Inspire1 only been on shelves a few months, it is hard to believe that DJI has something new to announce so early in 2015. Yet, tomorrow morning at 11:30AM EST in New York, London, and Munich DJI is hosting a livestream event for the world. Is it a new flight controller? New Quadcopter? Who knows, but I know what my phone’s data plan [...]



Amazon Gets Permission From FAA For Drone Testing

We have to admit, it’s interesting how fast the FAA is working and turning around this sort of thing. This is one of those items we figured would have to be stuck in government red tape for years, and here we are with the following: March 19–The Federal Aviation Administration today issued an experimental airworthiness certificate to an Amazon Logistics, [...]


ATTACK of the DRONES 2 copy


Audi seems to be feeding the hysteria regarding drones lately in their newest commercial for the all the available tech in the new A6. The commercial is made to be comical but I feel it’s a good reflection of what the Non-RC world thinks is reality with all the media hype and misinformation out there. For additional Quadcopter news click [...]


Blade Glimpse

Enjoy the visual with the Blade Glimpse quadcopter!

Looking for the best way to practice FPV without goggles? Grab a Blade Glimpse quadcopter and your smartphone and take to the sky! Using a WiFi based 720p camera, a video downlink with an 80 foot range gives you a live view of what you quadcopter can ‘see’. Other features include:Fully assembled, no building necessary SAFE® technology makes learning to fly a [...]



Raging Rotors: Ask Cub…Mato Sauce?

Hey guys, Cubby was sifting through his emails and shipped this one my way, which is a great observation/question from S. Kayess: “I have a rather unique question for you. I would like to purchase a Proto-x FPV and I noticed in picsures that I’ve seen, that the two front translucent white rotor blades look really cool lit up in the pale [...]


Goblin 380 Kit Unboxing

Peeking into the Goblin 380 Helicopter Kit

The moment has finally arrived: I got my hands on the SAB Heli Division Goblin 380 helicopter kit. I even have all my electronics already: servos, ESC, motor, battery, and flybarless unit. I cannot wait to start building, but for now see my choices in electronics and take a peek into the contents of this kit in the pictures below: Need more SAB [...]



Raging Rotors: FAA and the Rules, and an Amazonian Outc…

This past Sunday the FAA announced their proposed set of rules for commercial ‘drone’ use. Now we all know that ‘drones’ is not the correct term, but I am NOT getting black bagged by the government again. Here’s the skinny for those who want to use multirotors to earn some extra money:Pass an exam to prove proficiency Visual Line of Sight flying [...]