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Being a scale guy I am sucker for detail and something out of the box with amazing details is anything and everything  Mini-Z! So having this bug I have been spending some time over at Hobby Town Orland Park on the track they have set up and met the proprietors of Recession Raceway. Tom, Joe and Paul not wanting to go the super simple route and just move some dirt around they set out to make a real deal on road track. Since no one makes a kit to make an outdoor track this, the trio put their thinking caps on and used a ton of outdoor and water resistant building materials easily found at your local home improvement spot. The track has over a hundred linear ft of running area and is 3 feet or wider in the turns. For the daring they can run it in a figure 8 or put in a piece of barrier to get things flowing in one direction. The track is as fun to drive on as these guys are to hang out with, the dips and run off grass really bring home the scale realism.

Huge thanks’ to Tom, Joe and Paul and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this REAL back yard racetrack!

For all manner of gooey Mini-Z stuff click HERE!

Schumacher Fusion 28 Turbo Schumacher Fusion 28 Turbo

New from Schumacher Racing is the on-road Fusion 28 Turbo! It’s a 1/10th scale 4wd nitro speed demon. It uses the Schumacher X28 engine (Pico), and a 3 speed transmission to hit speeds of 80+ mph! Zoom Zoom!

Check the official Schumacher Racing site for more details.

Novak Kinetc-Ballistic Novak has just released their new Kinetic Racing Brushed/Brushless ESC and it’s available as a system with one of their 10 Ballistic Brushless motors (from 3.T to 21.5T).

This new ESC offers a ton of options, easily programmed using Novak’s NovaLink PC Interface, including Dynamic Motor Timing and digital current control. The Ballistic Brushless motors boast an easy to adjust timing assembly along with interchangeable wound stator construction.

Visit Novak‘s site for all the details.

Kyosho Rally Kyosho Rally

Want to drive like Travis Pastrana? You might not be able to hop behind the wheel of a real Subaru Rally car, but Kyosho has released a 1:10 Subaru that is sure to make rally fans happy. Based on the DRX (Drive Really Xtremeley?) platform, this car is loaded with cool features. The drive-train uses three differentials to distribute the power to all four wheels. The power is put down onto the ground by some gnarly looking rally-treaded tires that are wrapped around wire spoke wheels. All the suspension components match front to rear, so finding the right components is a snap. The suspension is also highly adjustable, and allows for stability on dirt and pavement at any speed. The power is produced by a GXR .18 engine and is delivered by a racing type 2 shoe clutch. A 103cc fuel tank allows for upwards of ten minutes of runtime. When it’s time to stop, the dual disc brakes slow the car down. The DRX rally car is currently available in (very detailed) Subaru livery.
Kyosho Rally
The body itself has functional light buckets and spot-on decals for all the scale fans. Thanks to the downward angle of the exhaust pipe stinger, there’s no need to worry about putting a hole in the body or having to clean exhaust residue off the exterior. It should be available in the United States some time this September. If you want to see it running, check out this video Kyosho made, it looks like the real deal in the dirt and on tarmac!

Speaking of indoor RC Racing, Strictly R/C also has some good mini rc racing happening in their basement this winter. They have recently remodeled their small scale track with 50×20 Ozite and using Calandra’s Click Track barriers. Wednesday Nights are the Big Race Night there, along with Sunday Afternoons. Check their site for practice times and fee’s.

Our good friend G from Underground RC drop me a line to remind everyone that if you are looking to do some indoor on-road RC racing in the Chicago area, to stop by, or give them a call to see what they have going on.

Right now they are racing Trans Am, 1/12, Recoil, unlimited 1/10th, and even a rookie class for kids. They race every Sunday with an I-Lap timing system on ozite. They also have a area for gas and electric cars and trucks. They open at 10am, racing starts at noon. I was there a few times last year for some indoor RC Drag Racing, the place is huge, and we had a good time. If you want, you can head over to youtube and search for Underground RC TransAm Race to see some of their location in action.

Ok, this has been long over due, and I finally have it started! I am currently working on a new version of the Videos page! Everything from RC Drag Racing, RC Monster Trucks, RC Cars, RC Drifting and Bashing to contest drawings is being collected into one place!

It’s going to take a few days to get all the videos together.. they have been really spread out. After that, I’m going to try and get them in some sort of order, and work on better descriptions. Wish me luck! lol

For now, head over to the NEW RC Videos section and take a look! There are probably a few you have missed.

More coming soon!

parma r12 body Here is the info sheen on the new Parma 1/8th scale R12 Nitro Race Body. It’s got a closed cockpit, tons of aerodynamic improvements and even has body stiffeners. If you are a on-road rc racer, this is probably on your ‘to get’ list! Click the image for the full version.

Parma Mohawk 2 Is it time for a hair cut? Parma has just released the 1/10th scale 190mm Mohawk 2 Sedan Body. The new Mohawk 2 meets the new GBS (Global Body Spec) Guidelines and is ROAR approved! Click the image to get the full spec sheet.