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Axial now offer a set of oversized universal axles for the Wraith 4WD as an upgrade.

wraith axels wraith axels

For a RRP of $45, these hardened steel axles will increase steering angle to 50 degrees, which is 60% more than the stock setup!

Keep an the Axial Website for full details in the near future.

HPI Racing¬†have decided to update the Wheely King 4×4 by giving it waterproof electronics, a 2.4ghz radio, and a lick of paint.

Like its predecesor, it’s powered by a 27 turn HPI Saturn motor for wheely-popping torque, a quick change battery slot for minimal frustration, and a full set of ball bearings for low maintenance and high durability.

Full details are available on the HPI Racing website!

Rogue Element Components is offering up another chance to buy what they say has been their most popular product to date.¬† For scale rig builders that desire severe detail you might be interested in REC’s alloy scale lug nuts and wrench for Tamiya and Axial trucks.¬† The lug nuts are available in two styles, 8-bolt and Warn Locker look-alikes.¬† You can buy them in sets of four each with wrench included or as a combo of two 8-bolt and two Warn.

As with all Rogue parts these are going to be a limited run item and only available to those who preorder and put down a deposit of $5 not later than October 23rd.¬† Final price will be $29.95 and you’ll have to pay your remaining balance by the ship date, which is expected to be October 26th.¬† There’s not a lot of time, so if you want a set you better hurry.

For more info, pics, and details on how to order check out the product announcement page.

Another new product’s existance has been leaked through an early advertisement.¬† This time it seems that the Losi Mini Rock Crawler is getting a professional make-over and being named the Mini Rock Crawler Pro.¬† There isn’t much detail in the advertisement but a few of the new features include a carbon fiber TVP chassis set, a full complement of hard anodized, threaded shocks, and blue compound Rock Claws tires.¬† The wording of the ad also suggests that the Mini Rock Crawler Pro will be a race roller, not a full RTR, so you’ll need to provide the necessary electronics to complete it and also sling some paint on the body.¬† I’ve uploaded a largish version of the ad, just click the image to the right to see it.

No other info seems to be available at this time, it’s not on Losi’s web site yet, but we’ll keep an eye on it and when we see something official we’ll pass it along.

axial xr10 beadlock wheels axial xr10 beadlock wheels

The Axial XR10 is going to be all the rage in the crawling scene here real soon, and to keep the ball rolling Axial is releasing some cool looking 2.2 VWS Beadlock Wheels to go along with it. I really dig the orange and carbon fiber look! They are compatable with the Vanquish Products wheel weight system as well.

Check out Axial’s site for the official info!

Recently we reviewed the Gatekeeper Mini GC Chassis from Duratrax for the Losi Mini Rock Crawler. Well it looks like Austin “Gatekeeper” Dunn is at it again with his new chassis for the Axial AX-10! The GC-3A is made from CNC-Machined T6 Aluminum, has a axle mounted servo plate and rear axle link plate. It also includes aluminum upper and lower links and center chassis braces along with a Delrin skid plate. The kit comes with everything you need to do the conversion from AX-10 to the new GC-3A.

Go check out the Duratrax website for more info.

Pro-Line swamper tires
Another sneak peak from Pro-Line shows their new Interco TSL Super Swamper tires! These tires are designed to be true scale with an official license from Interco Tire Corporation. They will be out soon for 2.2 and 1.9 scale trucks!
Head over to the Pro-Line website for details.

The Losi Micro Crawler is apparently popular enough to attract the attention of one of the bigger players in the rock crawling sector.  RC4WD has made some of their popular tires and wheels fit the Micro Crawler.  So now all you Micro Crawler owners can find a tire for every condition you may run into.   Some of the treads that are available are the Rock Crusher and Rok Lox.

Check out the RC4WD web site for more info, prices, and ship dates.

The fine folks at RC4WD sent word today that as of right now this very second many of their popular wheels and tires are now available individually instead of in pairs.¬† A few of the tires they’re offering as singles are the Dirt Grabber series, Mud Slingers, Mud Thrashers, and the very popular Rok Lox.¬† Right now there’s 15 tire types and 16 wheel types they are offering as singles.¬† RC4WD says they’ll add more as demand dictates so don’t be afraid to voice your opinion on what you want.

The tires are available under the appropriately named Single Tires category and the wheels under the Single Wheels category.

For a limited time all new Losi Night Crawler B-n-D kits will include an extra complete set of Losi’s high performance Comp Claws tires.¬† On their own these tires would set you back $40, so this is a pretty decent deal by any standard.¬† No other info is available right now so just keep an eye on your local hobby shop and they should be showing up soon.¬† But just for good measure, here’s a link to Losi’s web site.

So I recently mentioned we were heading out to join the NIRC and XIRTIC guys that were doing a little local RC Rock Crawling here in Illinois. It was a great time, with some sweet courses. The turn out was good for their first get together, and I think the key was everyone had fun. There was some great advice given, and some very cool vehicles! If you are in the northern Illinois area, and looking to get into or just check out the rock crawling scene, one of these NIRC events is a good place to start! I’ll post some pictures here, hit continue to see them all, and Bill posted a TON in the photobucket page you can see right HERE

RC Rock Crawling RC Rock Crawling

RC Rock Crawling RC Rock Crawling

Bill also posted a video! If I embed it, the music won’t play, so just hit his Firesprink281 youtube page to check it out.

RC Rock Crawling RC Rock Crawling

Axial Scorpion RC Rock Crawling busse map
A good friend of ours, Josh from – XIRTIC – Rock Crawling Products is having a mini RC Rock Crawling get together this Saturday which we will be in attendance at. So if you are in the area, make sure you stop by and grab some stickers.

WHEN: SATURDAY MAY 29th – 10:30am Check-In / 11:00am Driving
WHERE: BUSSE WOODS , (Cook County, IL. Higgins Road Location….See map)

This is an informal crawling GTG. Courses will be setup, and score sheets will be available. The total time that we are at Busse Woods will depend on how many drivers attend this GTG. We do intend on running 3 courses.

1:1 scale off-road tire manufacturer Pit Bull Tires is jumping into the r/c arena.¬† Their first mold is the Rock Beast XOR 2.2″ crawler tire, which is modeled after their full scale Rocker LT tires.¬† The Rock Beast features a multi-varied tread pattern that they say increases forward, reverse, and lateral traction.¬† Pit Bull is using their proprietary Komp Kompound‚ĄĘ rubber which is suitable for daily bashing and competition according to them.¬† You’ll be buying them by the pair and foam inserts are not included, but a decal sheet is.

Check out Pit Bull’s site for more info.