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RC4WD HobbyTown USA
If you are hardcore into the crawling/scaling scene, you known exactly who RC4WD is, and we got the pleasure of hanging out with them yesterday. RC4WD wasn’t showing off any unannounced products at the show, but they did have a wide variety of trucks, wheels, and axles on display. After spending some face time with the RC4WD crew, we were impressed with how easy they were to talk to, and how hardcore they are about getting even the smallest details right on their products.

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RC4WD BigDog
RC4WD, home of BigDog scale trailers, now has a collectible plush toy sporting the looks of their mascot. While the BigDog might not help you make it through a huge mud hole, it is sure to be a hit while out on the trail. Some of BigDog’s specifications include-

* Features RC4WD logo on back
* Height- 7.3″
* Width- 8.4″
* Weight- 2.57oz

The BigDog has a part number of #Z-L0058 and they are street priced at $19. Here is the link you want for full details.

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RC4WD Dick Cepek FC-II 1.9" Tires
The latest tires to be announced from the RC4WD crew are Dick Cepek FC-II 1.9s. These are fully licensed by Dick Cepek and should perform as good on the trail as they look.

* Designed for 1.9″ wheels
* Come in advanced X2 SS compound
* Weight- 1.62oz
* Width- 1.19″
* Outer diameter- 3.79″

The part number is #Z-T0119, they are street priced at $24, and you can get complete details at This Link over on RC4WD’s website.

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RC4WD Aluminum Tube Front Fender Axial Jeep Rubicon
RC4WD has announced a couple of new scale accessories for the Axial Jeep Rubicon. First up is an aluminum tube front fender with body panel. These are CNC machined from aluminum and come with an anodized black finish. Each fender weighs 1.7oz and they can add a nice touch of scale realism to your Axial scale/trail rig.

RC4WD has announced aluminum rear fenders for the Rubicon as well. These are also CNC machined with a black finish and weigh in at 1.02oz each. These are easy to mount, using 5 screws per fender, and are a perfect compliment to the front fender set.

Part numbers are #Z-S1156 for the front fenders, #Z-S1140 for the rears, and both are available right now. The fronts are street priced at $39, the rears are $29, and you can get complete information Right Here on RC4WD’s website.

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RC4WD Mickey Thompson 1.9 Baja MTZ Tires
Always upping their game in scale realism, RC4WD has announced some very cool looking Mickey Thompson 1.9 Baja MTZ 4.6″ tires. These licensed tires really have the authentic scale looks you are after and are molded in RC4WD’s X2 SS Compound for plenty of traction while out on the trail.

* Weight: 2.32oz
* Fits on 1.9″ wheels
* Width: 1.85″
* Outer Diameter: 4.6″

The part number is Z-T0123, street pricing is $29 per pair, and they are available right now. Get all the details at This Link over on the RC4WD website.

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RC4WD Mud Slinger 2 XL 2.2" Scale Tires
RC4WD Mud Slingers are a very popular tire in the scale community, they look realistic and get good traction, what more could you ask for? Bigger. Bigger is always better, and now you can get the Mud Slinger 2.2s in XL size. The larger diameter of the XLs make it easier to get over tough rock sections and to throw more mud than ever before.

The part number is #Z-T0122, they are street priced at $29 a pair, and they are available right now. For complete information hit up This Link over on the official RC4WD website.

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When it comes to scale tires I have “Pokémon Syndrome”. I just gotta catch em’ all. When RC4WD recently announced they were updating their classic Mud Slinger tire I knew I had to try them. The original Mud Slinger was one of the first scale tires that came out when the genre started getting hot. While the tires are technically unlicensed, they are inspired by a 1:1 Super Swamper Bogger.

So what’s new with this version vs. the original? The first is size. The old one was around 3.66” tall whereas the Mud Slinger 2 XL (part #Z-T0121, $25 a pair) is 4.21”. The second is the new ones are made of RC4WD’s soft X2-SS compound (the old ones were harder). To complete my “old mud truck” look I mounted them on some white steel wagon wheels.

The soft compound makes the big lugs very pliable and they grip most surfaces with no problem. They excel in the muddy stuff and love to push forward in the drink. They work very well on the wooded trail. They aren’t as tall as the latest Pro-Line, Pitbull, or Axial 1.9′s (they are all around 4.7” tall) and therefore don’t offer the same level of ground clearance, but not everyone wants a scaler with gigantic tires.

While I got them primarily for the mud, if I was to plan on doing a significant amount of rock crawling I’d notch the lugs to split them. Each lug is gigantic and by cutting each one into two the tire would conform to rock easier. It’s by no means bad on the rocks, but you’ll want to mod them if that’s your normal area of play.

My final verdict is this; if you like the size and look you’ll most likely be happy with the performance. They look very aggressive, are a nice all purpose trail tire and work fantastically in the mud. The tread pattern isn’t the greatest for hardcore rock crawling but you could probably change that with a little slicin’. I’m happy with the purchase.


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RC4WD Trail Finder 2 RTR Mojave
RC4WD has announced their latest truck, a Trail Finder 2 RTR with Mojave Body Set. Being a ready to run, the Mojave TF2 makes it fast and easy to hit the trail, and like most other RC4WD products, its scale detailing is top notch. A 2.4GHz radio system eliminates radio conflicts, while its 45 turn brushed power system should put out plenty of smooth power to get over tough obstacles. To get that power to the ground, the Mojave uses an RC4WD R3 transmission and one of their Hammer transfer cases.

* Painted body with dropped bed
* R3 transmission
* Scale realistic tube bumpers, rock rails & skid plate
* Mud Thrasher tires on 1.55 steel beadlock wheels
* Leaf spring suspension
* Aluminum ladder frame chassis
* Metal axles with locked diffs
* Hammer 4×4 transfer case
* XR3b 2.4GHz radio system
* Outcry ESC w/ 45 turn brushed motor
* Twister digital metal gear servos

The part number is Z-RTR0019, street price is $459, and they are set for a Mid May release date. This is the link you want for more information over on RC4WD’s website.

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RC4WD Interco Super Swamper 1.7 TSL/Bogger “Siped” Tires
Ever try siping an rc tire? Yes, it’s hard to get each cut exactly the same. Thankfully for you scale fanatics, RC4WD has announced Siped Interco Super Swamper 1.7s. With the new Super Swampers you get all the performance plus the cool looks of tires that have been siped.

Their part number is Z-T0117, they have a street price of $25 a pair, and they are available right now. For complete details Click Here to visit the RC4WD website.

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RC4WD Twisted Monster Truck Spiked Tire Tamiya
Do you have a classic monster truck that is in need of new tires? The folks over at RC4WD have announced their new Twisted spiked tires for the Tamiya Clodbuster. This all new design uses large spikes to provide good traction on a wide variety of surfaces.

* Weight- 2.57oz each
* Comes in X2 SS Compound
* Outer Diameter- 5.96″
* Width: 4.21″
* Designed to fit Clod sized wheels

The part number is #Z-T0118, they have a street price of $34 per pair, and they are available right now. To get more information simply hit up This Link which takes you over to the official RC4WD website.

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RC4WD Mud Slinger 2 XL 1.9 Tires
Bigger is always better, now RC4WD has increased the size of their very popular Mud Slingers. The Mud Slinger 2 XL 1.9″ Tires still have a great scale authentic look, but are now taller to help get that rig of yours through the deepest of mud holes while out on the trail.

* Fits 1.9″ wheels
* Outer diameter- 4.21″
* Weight- 2.57oz
* Comes in super sticky X2 SS compound

The part number for the Mud Slinger 2 XLs is #Z-T0121, they have a street price of $24 per pair, and you can get complete information at This Link.

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RC4WD LED Light Bar
In their quest to have the trickest products on the trail, RC4WD has announced a new 1/10 SMD LED Light Bar. This high performance light bar is not only designed up to brightly light up the trail, but to also add even more scale realism to your truck.

* Uses 20 individual LEDs
* Adjustable brackets for easy install
* Vented sides to dissipate heat
* Comes with standard receiver plug
* Designed to work on 7.4 volts
* Overall Length: 4.81″
* Overall Height: 0.81″
* Weight: 1.44oz

The light bar has a part number of #Z-E0056, a street price of $39, they are available right now, and you can get full information at This Link over on RC4WD’s website.

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I had been eying one of RC4WD‘s uber scale kits for quite some time so a few weeks ago I finally took the plunge on a Gelande 2. I’ve now had the time to give it a proper beating and see what it’s really made of. Is the beauty merely skin deep? Click “Read More” below to find out what I think.