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THE Cub Report, 05.01.2012, Version- Corry Weller > Danica P…

Remember a few years ago when CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was thought to be on its last leg? Remember over a decade ago when iHobby was thought to surely be gone in a “couple more years”? Actually, all trade shows of every sort were thought to be on the edge of extinction, and why shouldn’t they? The web [...]



RCX 2012 – Celebrity Sighting

Seriously you guys… you have NO IDEA how excited Brian was when he got to meet Brandi and Jarrod from the A&E TV show Storage Wars. I’m  hoping that’s just a shadow on the crotchal region of Brian’s pants. I don’t know for sure though, he was THAT excited.



RCX 2012 – The Original LipoSack

The LiPo safe charging bag is a simple tool that many of us use multiple times a day and probably take for granted. Nearly every RC company on earth makes a bag of their own, but have you ever wondered where the idea came from? It was the brainchild of Mark Wood. He invented the thing. And he’s still making [...]



RCX 2012 – RC4WD’s new Trail Finder 2 on display

RC4WD is showing off their recently announced but still unavailable Trail Finder 2 kit. Beyond the awesome scale looks, this sequel to the Trail Finder 1 features a newly designed chassis, an all new transfer case, a new R3 2 Speed Transmission, cast Yota axles and plenty of other great features.  The truck still doesn’t have a precise release date, [...]



RCX 2012 – Team Chase has some new skid plates

Team Chase is showing off their new skid plates for the Losi 5ive-T. These plates are made out of the same durable nylon material that their popular Baja 5T cages are made.  Team Chase claims that these plates offer extra protection for the 5ive-T’s chassis, gear box, and stock skid plate. These parts, like all Team Chase parts, will be [...]



RCX 2012 – Deals Galore

One thing that really separates RCX from our favorite show, IHobby, is the on-site vending. RCX gives very prominent positioning to a few major retailers. Pictured above is Pacific Coast Hobbies, another big vendor is HobbyPartz, at right. Both have great deals going on all weekend with show specials and new products. Both booths are enormously popular with show visitors.



RCX 2012 – Panther going for gold

News out of the Panther booth is all about their new Gold compound. They call it an intermediate soft that offers excellent dry track grip and better durability. Panther also claims that tires with this new compound won’t balloon (as much) under high speeds like the softer rubbers do.  Only a few of their treads are available in the Gold [...]



RCX 2012 – Novak Electronics

What a couple of pleasant looking fellows, eh? We stopped by the Novak booth to take a look at their newly announced Impact brushless ESC. You can read the announcement here. While the Impact was billed in the announcement as a small ESC, we were kinda surprised at just how small it is. Tiny would be a more appropriate word. [...]



RCX 2012 – Great Planes/Hobbico booth

Unfortunately, Hobbico didn’t have any beans to spill to us as far as new or upcoming products, but they still have a very large presence at RCX, showing off a ton of their relatively new products like the DuraTrax VW Baja Bug (which we recently reviewed), and all of their recently acquired Team Durango products.  Check out some more pics [...]



RCX 2012 – Traxxas shows off Funny Cars

Of course, the biggest thing at the Traxxas booth is their new line of funny cars. The cars and tree light system are on display, along with the 1:1 inspiration that brought these little rockets about. But those aren’t the only new things in the Traxxas booth this year. Traxxas is also showing off a new body for the Grave [...]



RCX 2012 – Celebrity Sighting

Pro freestyle motocross rider and Lucas Oil Off Road Pro 2 Unlimited truck racer, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg (left center), was prowling around the Horizon booth, racing with fans and being an all-around pleasant chap.



RCX 2012–Hemistorm

Ah yes, Hemistorm’s $250 Penta body for the  Losi 5IVE-T that we announced early April.  It continues to look awesome and it’s a great direct fit  body for the 5IVE-T. Below you’ll see the custom paint job we featured as well as another paint job in the main pic above. Enjoy!  



RCX 2012 – Tekin has a new motor

We got the whole gang at the Tekin booth together for a tender family photo. And then we set about grilling them about anything new they’ve got coming. Well, they do have a new brushless motor, dubbed the Pro-2, which is ideally suited to 2wd vehicles. But you should also check out this RX8 ESC in a white case. We [...]



RCX 2012 – Race Car Prototypes showing new bodies…

Alumicraft RC aren’t the only ones making aluminum bodies for 1/5 scalers. Race Car Prototypes, which is a company known more for making full scale race car bodies, is releasing their own aluminum body, which you can see to the left right (sorry, I was writing this post while looking in a mirror) here. But the one that caught my [...]



RCX 2012 – Airtronics

Airtronics newest entry level radio that is great for any basher, the MX-V.  These value 2.4ghz radios always catch my attention because at times, you get some serious bang for the buck without the cost of the higher end units.  Compatibility is always important within a line (receivers that work with all the FHSS surface radios within the family) so [...]