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Simplecopter Tilt with GoPro 2

Hey guys, 3DBill here, reviewing another V-Tail style quad. This one really is versatile just like a SUV when it comes to v-tail quads. The Simplecopter V-Tail can be folded, painted, customized, and comes as a kit for you to build. How does it stack up? Can it hold a camera? Hit the READ MORE button to check it out!


THE Team Durango DETC410 Touring Car Review

Team Durango DETC410 Touring Car Review

Team Durango has been known for years as a premium producer of off-road machines, luckily for us the UPS man dropped off their very first on-road machine, the DETC410 Touring Car, for some good old fashioned bashing action. As the first of its kind from Durango, the DETC410 sits on an all new, and very high-end, platform. Can you bash with it? Is it really that trick? Does it bring something to the plate that no one else offers? Hit the “Read More” and find out…


THE Helion Dominus 10SCv2 4×4 Short Course Truck Review

Helion Dominus 10SCv2 Review

The original Helion Dominus was an affordable and solid bash machine. Recently the Helion crew announced its successor, the Dominus 10SCv2. The version 2 comes with a much more powerful Reaktor brushless system, along with many other changes. Is the 10SCv2 that much better than the original? How does it stack up against the very stiff competition in its class? And more importantly, is it worth your hard earned cash? Hit the “Read More” button to find out…



Scale 4×4′s are white hot right now, and one of the trucks leading the charge is the Axial SCX10. The latest version to come down the pike is the sweet looking Casey Currie themed Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition. Is this RTR JK worth your hard earned duckets? Click the “Read More” to find out.


THE Carisma M40DT Desert Truck Brushless RTR Review

Carisma M40DT Desert Truck Review

Is there a hotter class than 4wd Short Course Truck right now? It seems that when we go bashing they are everywhere, and for good reason, they look good and can typically take a pretty hard beating. One of the newest trucks to enter the category is the Carisma M40DT Desert Truck. The M40DT comes with the brushless power and scale detailing that everyone is looking for now days, and it does it at a very affordable price point. After driving the truck for weeks (like escaped mental patients) what did we learn? Click the “Read More” to find out…


Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit

We recently got the chance to check out the new Buggy Conversion Kit from Pro-Line. This kit makes it easy to change your PL PRO-2 short course truck into a scale looking off-road buggy. Here is what we found out…

From - Pro-Line Racing
Direct Link - PL Buggy Conversion Kit

Details - Part number 6254-00, street price $76. Fits PL PRO-2 SCT, and Traxxas 2wd Slash when equipped with PL LCG chassis, performance tranny, and ProTrac rear tower.

Set-Up Notes - We converted over Cubby’s PRO-2 SCT that was equipped with an Xpert servo, Castle brushless system, Futaba 4PK Super R radio system, and PL Badlands tires on Split Six wheels. Mike over at Blaze RC threw a wicked paint job on the body for us, and we used a 3S Dynamite LiPo for power.

Build Notes - The Pro-Line conversion kit went together without a hitch. The instruction manual was well done and easy to follow, and all the parts went together without issue. Installing the conversion kit didn’t take that long, roughly 2 hours of wrenching at a leisurely pace.

Upsides - There are two major upsides to the Pro-Line buggy conversion kit, the scale looks, and how the buggy jumps. With scale appearance being of the utmost importance now days, Pro-Line did a great job with the body and roll cage. The plastic netting on the roll cage looks good and doesn’t get ripped out like rubber netting would. Also, the roll cage is keyed into the chassis to help make it stiffer, this also helps keep the chassis from getting bent on big hits. On the jumping side of things, there is no parachute effect on the buggy like you would normally experience with a short course truck. You could hit jumps on a windy day with the buggy conversion and never have to worry about it flipping over backwards, this is a big plus in our book.

Downsides - While we didn’t break any parts during our review, the buggy uses much smaller bumpers and does not use long/flexible body posts like on the truck version of the PRO-2. The bigger bumpers & body mounts on the truck help offer more protection during extreme bashing than the units on the buggy.

The Final Scoop - We found the Pro-Line buggy conversion kit to be a great product. It was easy to install, gave our PRO-2 a cool new look, and it took a beating without breaking. The buggy conversion also helped our PRO-2 jump a lot better on the big outdoor tracks that we frequent. The Pro-Line conversion kit rocks and we can highly recommend it to you.

THE Carisma Porsche 959 Rally Car Review

Carisma Porsche 959 Rally Review

The bash world has been abuzz since news broke that Carisma was hitting the states, and at the front of that buzz was one car in particular, the Porsche 959 Rally. We got our hands on one and have been driving it like we stole for a few weeks now. To boil it down- is the Carisma Porsche a solid bash machine that is worth your hard earned cash? Click the “Read More” to find out…


Model Aero Drifter Air Boat
While at E-Fest a few weeks ago we walked by the Model Aero booth and their Drifter caught out attention. The Drifter is certainly something different than what we normally drive, so we picked one up.

The Model Aero Drifter is made mostly from 6 mm Depron foam and takes a couple of evenings to glue together. It is just a chassis, so you will need to supply all electronics to get it going. We ended up using a Hitec HS-81MG for steering, a Castle Talon 90 ESC, a SuperTigre 1250kV outrunner brushless motor, a Traxxas 3S 1400mAh LiPo, and a APC 7×7 prop. The Drifter went together well for us even though we are used to putting together cars not foam aircrafts/boats.

Driving the Drifter was a completely new experience for us. The first big surprise was how fast it was. We were expecting it to barely get around, but it was actually about as fast as a normal short course truck. The second big surprise was – no brakes. This took some getting used to, but once you remember the only “brakes” you have is the friction on the bottom of the boat, you start to plan accordingly. Oh, there was one more big surprise, the Drifter turned really well. We expected it to push like a freight train, but it could literally turn on a dime. However, there was one caveat to turning, you had to be on the gas producing a lot of air for it to turn.

We had an absolute blast driving the Drifter. It was fast and loads of fun to drive on grass and water. On pavement the added friction took out some of the fun, as did bumpy areas that would sometimes let air get under the boat and cause it to flip over. We did break the boat a couple of time after roll overs, but we were always able to repair it with some foam safe CA glue.

The Model Aero Drifter chassis comes in at a very affordable $44 and we highly recommend it if you are looking for something fast and different. To get more information on the Drifter, simply Click This Link.

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Armattan Quads V-Tail Review (355mm)


3DBill here, V-tail quads are a bit more exotic than the average quad. They have four motors like a traditional quad but the tail motors are tilted to provide thrust to turn so it has tail control like a tricopter. Lets check out this back yard beast. Hit the “Read More” to continue onto our thoughts..


THE Losi 1/5th Desert Buggy XL Review

Losi Desert Buggy XL Review

5th scale was once only popular overseas, but now, thanks to companies like Losi and HPI, it has blown up here in the states. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at Losi’s latest 5th scaler, the Desert Buggy XL. Powered by a 23cc gas engine and using 4wd for better traction, the big Losi should be a great bash machine, but is it? Hit the “Read More” button to read what we found out about the DBXL…


THE Team Durango DEX410v4 Buggy Review

Durango DEX410v4 Review

10th scale 4wd buggies have a well earned reputation for being nuclear missiles. All around the globe you’ll find them tearing up tracks, and flat out hauling at local bash spots. Today we’ll be taking a close look at the Team Durango DEX410v4. The version 4 is the latest and greatest from Durango, with multiple upgrades over previous verions. Is it fast? Can you bash with it? Will it run circles around your buddies at the local bash spot? Click the “Read More” to find out…


Xpert Servo Review SN-3301
Viper RC Solutions are best known for their electronic speed controls, but now they have gotten into the servo game with a line-up called Xpert RC. We have beeen using and abusing an Xpert SN-3301 servo for a few weeks now, here is what we found out.

The Xpert SN-3301 is rated at .052 sec/60 degree at 6 volts, which is among the fastest you will find. It isn’t a slouch at torque either, being rated at 14.3 kg-cm at 6 volts (about 198 oz/in). Also, it utilizes a brushless motor instead of a coreless to help it draw less power. We have seen the SN-3301 listed at different pricing, but it looks like it has settled in at just over $100.

We mounted up the Xpert into our Pro-Line PRO-2 short course truck for testing. We used a TrakPower 2S Lipo, a Castle Creations brushless system for power (with BEC set at 6 volts), and a Futaba 4PK Super R to control the show. Once we had the Xpert bolted up we did a few full swipes of the front wheels with the truck in the air to get a feel for how fast the servo was, and it was impressive, it was “Holy Cow!” fast.

While driving the Xpert kept on impressing. We ended up giving it the nickname “Ninja” because of how fast it could throw the front wheels around. If you crave speed, the 3301 will not disappoint, it’s the kind of servo you want when you have to make split second course corrections. For example, like when a turn marshal unexpectedly puts an errant foot out on the track, or when you see your buddy’s truck is headed full tilt right at yours when doing speed runs in the parking lot.

Our 2wd Pro-Line short course truck didn’t present the heaviest of loads for a servo to push around, but the 200 oz that the Xpert packs was more than enough. Even in high speed corners on high bite surfaces the Xpert kept the front wheels of the PRO-2 locked exactly where we had them pointed.

So how smooth across the arc was the brushless powered Xpert? It was not the smoothest we’ve ever driven, but it wasn’t bad either. We didn’t notice any notchiness across the arc and when compared to low end servos it was buttery smooth.

A few other things we noticed -

* The Xpert was louder than most servos. It wasn’t so loud that you can hear it while driving, but in the pits you can definitely hear it humming.

* We had browned out the BEC on this truck with another servo, but experienced no issue with the Xpert.

* The Xpert uses a popular spline size (a 25) and uses a common 2mm metric screw to secure the horn.

Overall, the combination of Ninja speed, plenty of torque, and smooth movement left us very impressed with how it drove. If you are looking for a truly high performance servo to replace your stock RTR unit, the Xpert is a huge improvement that is instantly noticeable.

To get more information on the Xpert SN-3301 simply click This Link. To get more Viper RC news check out This Link on BigSquidRC.

THE Caster Racing E-Ultra SCT10 RTR Short Course Truck Review

Caster Racing E-Ultra SCT10 Review

Is there a hotter product category than 4wd short course trucks? Now days it seems like everybody is driving one. The folks over at Caster Racing shot us one of their E-Ultra SCT10 4wd short course trucks to see how we thought it stacked up to the competition. No doubt there are some serious heavy hitters in the class, how does the Caster compare? Hit the “Read More” to find out…