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Hitec D945TW Servo Review

Hitec D945TW Servo Review

A few weeks ago Hitec announced their new D Series line-up of servos. The D Series is Hitec’s 32 bit programmable line that promises high-end performance and adjust-ability. We have been bashing the daylights out of a D945TW to find out if it is one of the most elite servos on the market, how does it stack up? Read on… Quick [...]


Castle Mamba Monster X Review

Castle Creations Mamba Monster X ESC Review

Bashers love power, the more the better, and Castle Creations has long been a source of brushless systems for us bashers. A few months ago they unveiled their new X line up of ESCs which introduced more features and other upgrades. Myself along with the rest of the BigSquid Bash Crew has been beating on the Mamba Monster X to [...]


RC Gear Shop Brushless Review

RC Gear Shop 1/8 2150kV Brushless Motor System Review

RC Gear Shop is a new line of affordable gear from Tower Hobbies. One of the items in the RC Gear Shop line-up is a 2150kV Brushless Power System intended for 8th scalers. We’ve been bashing the living daylights out of one to find out how it stacks up against the competition. Does it have plenty of power? Does it [...]


RC Gear Shop 4550kV Brushless System Review

RC Gear Shop 1/10th 4550kV Brushless System Review

If you are a basher, chances are you are looking for an affordable brushless system to pump up the power in your car. One of the latest systems to hit the market is the 1/10th 4550kV with 80A ESC from RC Gear Shop. The RC Gear Shop brushless system is street priced at $94. Does it have plenty of power? [...]



Have I mentioned to yall how much I love the Aluminum Bling? Well I was tickled a bit when Brian asked me to toss on all the Hop Ups just released for the Dominus 10SC and the soon to be released sibling the 10TR. As a relatively new name in the RC World I was anxious to see what benefit [...]



Pro-Line Pro-2 LCG Performance Chassis for Traxxas Slash Rev…

THE Pro-Line Pro-2 LCG Performance Chassis for Traxxas Slash ReviewThere are a number of companies making LCG chassis’s for the Traxxas Slash and Pro-Line is the most recent to throw their hat in the ring. Pro-Line has a rep for putting out the coolest of the cool, and the best of the best, so how does their new Pro-2 LCG [...]


mip losi ten scte

MIP Pro4mance Losi Ten SCTE Chassis Review

THE MIP Pro4mance Losi Ten SCTE Chassis and Tuning Package ReviewDo you remember the era of the factory works bikes in motocross? The late 1970’s and early 1980’s? Well I do, and I lusted for a full on factory works bike back then, and today I lust after a full on factory works rc truck. Today we’ll be taking a [...]



Atomic Aluminum Wheels for the Kyosho Mini-z Moto – Review

I received a set of Atomic’s new wheels for the Mini-Z Moto. I hadn’t put much thought around it but I realized that these are in fact aluminum wheels while the stock Mini-z Moto wheels are cast out of a heavier metal. On a Mini-Z, switching to an aluminum wheel you rarely end up saving weight. Would the weight savings [...]


axial exo hop ups

Axial EXO Terra Buggy Hop Ups Review

THE Axial EXO Terra Buggy Hop Ups ReviewThe Axial EXO Terra Buggy is a very competent bash-mobile, but who can resist hopping it up? This week we’ll be taking a look Axial’s full line-up of hop-up parts for their EXO Terra Buggy. Are they just for bling, or do they toughen it up to the next level? Let’s find out… [...]


gh racing axial wraith hop ups

GH Racing – Wraith Hop Up Review

GH Racing – Wraith Hop Up ReviewThe Axial Wraith has been a very popular vehicle for crawlers and bashers alike. Whenever a vehicle gains that sort of popularity, the hop-up parts are not far behind. We recently got our hands on a handful of Wraith Hop-Up parts from GH Racing, got them installed, and have been beating on them for [...]


pro-line front hub

Pro-Line Losi XXX-SCT/SCB Front Inboard Hub Review

THE Pro-Line Losi XXX-SCT/SCB Front Inboard Hub Review So we own a Losi Ten SCTE, several of them actually. We also own several Losi XXX-SCT’s and SCB’s. All good, right? Wrong. You see the SCTE uses different rims than the SCT and SCB. And… on top of that, the SCT/SCB’s use different rims on the front than they do in [...]


animus hop ups

Animus Hop-Up Parts Review

Animus Hop-Up Parts ReviewFor a lot of bashers, it’s all about the hop ups. How much bling can you add to your ride? Some do it for looks, some do it for durability, but we all do it. Every time I’m online, or at a hobby shop, I can’t help but look to see what I can add to my [...]


pro-line transmisison

Pro-Line Traxxas Performance Transmission Review

THE Pro-Line Traxxas Performance Transmission ReviewTraxxas has sold roughly 9.412 zillion 2wd Slash’s/Bandit’s/Rustler’s/Stampede’s, and while they are a bashing staple and are generally solid trucks, they aren’t without fault. For example, how many of you Slash owners out there have blown out more than a few (dozen) spur gears? How many of you Stampede owners have cooked a few motors? [...]


Anza LCG Chassis for Traxxas Slash

Firelands Anza LCG Conversion for Traxxas Slash Review

Firelands Anza LCG Conversion for Traxxas Slash ReviewIt seems like forever ago that we heard about the Firelands Group was going to be putting out a LCG (Low Center of Gravity) Chassis upgrade for the Traxxas Slash. Then when we finally got to see a picture, we thought WOW, this could be interesting! Then we got one in our hands, [...]


strc wraith hop ups

STRC Axial Wraith Hop-Ups – Part 1

We recently got our hands on a boatload of ST Racing Concepts hop-ups for the Axial Wraith. A large portion of the parts are cosmetic, but several are functional. Once we get them all installed and some wheel time with them, we will write up more of a complete review.We decided to start with the Aluminium Motor Plate and [...]