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Robitronic Axial Helion Ko Propo booth Toy fair 2013
Robitronic had a large booth at Nuremberg filled with some of the hottest products in rc. Robitronic is a distributor for Axial, Helion, and KO Propo in Europe, thus they had all kinds of rc goodness in their booth. Check out the pictures below to get a feel for what it was like at the Toy Fair in the Robitronic booth.

To find out more information on Robitronic here’s the LINK, to view Axial’s latest products click HERE, and to see what Helion is up to HERE is the link. To see all our coverage of the Nuremberg Toy Fair just click on THIS link.

Axial Ridgecrest
A few pics from the Axial and Robitronic booth at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. I believe Robitronic are the official distributors of Axial in Austria. The highlight here is the recently discovered Axial Ridgecrest.

Catch all of our Nuremberg coverage by hitting this Nuremberg Toy Fair Link .

Robitronic is finally stepping onto the short course with their Smasher Short Course Truck.  The Smasher is 2wd, with extra long a-arms, a new style of chassis that provides more ground clearance, oil filled shocks, full ball bearings, a strong gear diff, and plenty more.  It’ll come from the factory as an RTR with a brushed 20-turn motor matched to Robitronic’s Speedstar 2 ESC, and it also features a 2.4 GHz radio gear and a strong steering servo.

Check out Robitronic’s website for more info.

Robitronic unveiled their all new electric 1/8 scale buggy, the Vision, at Nuremberg.  The Vision has been designed from the ground up for brushless power, it’s not just a simple conversion of a nitro buggy.  The chassis is carbon fiber, with alloy inlays to aid in heat dissipation, one unique feature among many on this car.  Robitronic is also touting their redesigned differential as a “radically new” design that offers up “supreme smoothness and zero frictional heat.”  The buggy also features extremely long a-arms to help it’s large bore shocks soak up all the bumps in the road.

For more info hit up Robitronic’s web site.

The hot looking Robitronic Protos V2 1/8 nitro buggy is now available as a RTR set.  The new setup includes a .28 size engine with an 8-port sleeve design and a black anodized tuned pipe.  It’s also ready to hit the track right out of the box with plenty of racing features, such as front and rear anti-roll bars, adjustable turnbuckle tie-rods, full ball bearings, large bore shocks, and alloy shock towers with multiple mounting positions.

The Protos V2 RTR includes Robitronic’s own TL-3C 3-channel, 2.4GHz radio system.  This radio features a 16 model memory, digital trims, and all kinds of other top level features you’d expect in a modern computer radio.  Steering and throttle are controlled by Savox servos.

No word on a price point, but it is available now.  Check out the Robitronic web site for more info.

Robitronic 3-channel, 2.4 Ghz radioThe Robitronic fellows have a new 3-channel, 2.4 GHz radio.  But that’s not all, it’s sporting a LCD screen with easily navigable menu system for changing all kinds of settings.  Some of those settings include steering and throttle exponential, end point, and dual rate; ABS braking, brake mixing, and a lot more.  The radio also has a 16 model memory for multiple setups, a built in fail safe, and up and down timers.  This looks to be a good radio, it’s too bad we didn’t get one for our upcoming 2.4 GHz radio shootout.

If you’re in the market for a new radio you might want to give this one a look.  Check out the Robitronic web site for more info.

Robitronic‘s got a new line of competition grade LiPos. Available in 1S and 2S stick and saddle pack configurations and in capacities from 4500 up to 5400 mAh. They are also being promoted as 40 to 50C. They’ve got a set that should fit you no matter what you drive. Check out the Robitronic web site for more info and specs.

Through the pleasant Austrians at Robitronic we got word that Muchmore is releasing a new charger called the Hybrid.  It’s capable of charging 1 – 15 Zellen cell NiMH packs or 1 – 6S LiPos/LiFEs at rates from 0.1A up to 5A and it can discharge at rates from 0.1A to 1A.  Best of all the Hybrid also has a built in LiPo balancer.  It’s going to be available in three colors: black, blue, and silver.  No word on price or availability (or if they’ll be coming to America), so keep an eye on the Robitronic and Muchmore web sites for info.

AXE Nitro EngineLooking for a little nitro power? There are some new AXE Rossi engines now available that cover 1/10th on-road to 1/8 off-road. Seen here is the AXE Truggy 4.0.

Check out Robitronic’s site for more info.

Robitronic ProgrammerHave a brushless Speedstar speed controller? Robitronic has a new ESC programmer for you. It can save the settings in it’s internal memory, and it’s ready to download all the settings to your ESC. It will also display maximum and current temperature and even maximum speed. Kinda cool.

Check out Robitronic’s site for more info.

Robitronic Universal Starter BoxDo you need a new starter box?  Robitronic has a new one if you’re interested.  The Robitronic Universal Starter Box is suitable for all the nitro cars and trucks out there.  Whether you race sedans or monster trucks, this box should work pretty well for you.  It can take it’s power from a pair of NiMHs or LiPos, or a 12v field battery if you have one.  The twin 550 motor powered drive belt/starter wheel can be adjusted and it’s orientation changed for either laterally or longitudinally mounted engines.  It really should work for just about everyone no matter what you drive.

Check out Robitronic’s site for all the specs.

Robitronic/KM Group H-K1 nitro sedanGot a lot of money laying around? Send it to us! Or if you’re a total jerk and don’t want to send it to us, you could always spend it on Robitronic‘s latest. In collaboration with the KM Group they have a new nitro powered, very high-end, racing sedan. It’s got a ton of carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium parts. It’s also adjustable out the ying-yang since it’s targeted at the high-end racing crowd.

And as a couple special enticements for pre-ordering they’re including a couple cool things. For the first 50 pre-orders they’ll engrave your name on the chassis AND they’ll also engrave your name on a set of KM Professional hex tools and throw them in the box as well. Obviously it’s going to be a very expensive car, and you’ll have to add all electronics, an engine, and exhuast system as well. No word on price or when you can preorder though.

Robitronic/KM Group H-K1 nitro sedan engraved chassis Robitronic/KM Group engraved hex tools

For all the info and a list of Super Luxury Optional Parts click through to Robitronic’s announcement.

Robitronic Speedstar Brushless 1/8 scale SpeedoHere’s another new item from Robitronic today, this time it’s a brushless speed control for 1/8 scale electric vehicles. The Speedstar Brushless ESC is LiPo ready and has many features making it suitable for racing. It’s got selectable current limiting, adjustable power curves and motor timing, and adjustable brake. Reverse can also be disabled. The Speedstar can handle 6 – 14 cell NiMH batteries and 2 – 4S LiPO and LiFE packs, sensored brushless motors down to 4.5 turns and brushed (in 1/8 scale? why?) motors down to 7 turns.

For some more info, plus some news about a motor to go with it, check out Robitronic’s web site.