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Team Associated Countertop/Setup Mat
Team Associated has a new Setup Mat that should come in handy while fixing or setting up your rc. The Associated pit mat is waterproof and fairly large in size at 16″ x 20″. The part number is #SP29, it has a street price of $19, and it is only available from

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Replay XD1080 Mini Camera System
RePlay has announced a new Action Camera to capture all those crazy bashing antics of yours, the XD1080 Mini. The 1080 Mini comes in the ultra small XD720 chassis (24 x 85mm), yet can record in full 1080p at 30 frames per second. When recording in 720 it can do 60 frames per second and it comes with 3 different mounting bases, making it easy to install in your rig.

The part number is #RP004, it hits the streets at $199, and they are available right now. For more information simply Click This Link over on the official Associated website.

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Pro-Line Phantom Associated B5 Body
The crew over at Pro-Line have released a teaser shot of their upcoming Phantom body for the Team Associated B5. Cab-forward design is all the rage in racing circles for better handling, but unlike other designs, the Phantom maintains a nice look with its flat roofline and flowing panels. More information on the Phantom B5 is coming soon, until then hit up the Official Pro-Line Website to check out all their fine products.

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RDRP Fiberglass set RC10 Classic
If you are looking to upgrade your Associated RC10 Classic but still want the retro look, RDRP has a Fiberglass Option Part Set for you. The set includes upgraded towers, battery plate, and transmission plate, and because they are made out of white fiberglass, they retain a period appropriate look.

The RDRP upgrade parts fit without modification and they work on all RC10 Classic, original RC10, and RC10 buggies with Stealth transmissions.

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Associated RC10 Worlds Car Kit
Team Associated has made it official, they are re-releasing the RC10 World’s Car. The World’s Car will come in kit form and is sure to bring back many a good memory for those of you who spent countless hours at the track driving the original.

The part number for the World’s Car is #6002, it should have a street price of around $270, and it is expect to hit hobby shops sometime in April. For more information on everything Associated hit This Link for their official website.

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Exotek Associated Direct spur gear hub
There are some applications where you might want to eliminate the slipper clutch on your Associated B4, T4, or SC10. Some of those applications include stock class racing, oval racing, or more basher type events like pulling or tug-of-war. The Exotek crew has a spur gear hub that is a sano way of eliminating the stock slipper set-up. Once installed just bolt on a standard Kimbrough spur gear and you are ready to jam.

The part number is #1379 and it has a retail price of $14. Hit up This Link for more information.

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RPM Wide Front Bumper Associated B44
The Associated B44 series of buggies are very fast and a blast to drive. However, they are not very well protected up front. The guys over at RPM have made a Wide Front Bumper to help your B44 take a big front hit.

Made out of world famous RPM plastic, their B44 bumper is 5″ wide to offer lots of protection. The bumper mounts with 4 screws and features RPM’s limited lifetime warranty against breakage.

The part number for the bumper is #73632, it has a street price of $9, and they should be available at the end of the month. For more information simply click This Link.

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Pro-Line Mirage SS Limited Edition RC10
Our friends over at Pro-Line have just posted a picture of their upcoming body for the Team Associated RC10 Classic, a Limited Edition body called the Mirage SS. The Mirage SS has a sleek look that should really set off your new (or old) RC10 gold tub.

The part number for the Mirage SS is #3421-00, it should have a street price of just under $30, and we hear they should start hitting hobby shops later this month. For more information on everything Pro-Line check out their Official Website.

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associated rc10 worlds car 6002
For all you vintage rc buffs it looks like Team Associated may re-release their famous RC10 Worlds Car Kit. The above picture was taken from the owners manual of the new RC10B5M and it clearly shows the Worlds Car as being listed with a part number of #6002. The limited edition RC10 Classics are no longer in production, so perhaps a Worlds Edition Buggy is next up for Team Associated.

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JConcepts Diamond RC10 Classic
If you want to boost the bling factor of your Associated RC10 Classic take a look at these Diamond Wing Tubes from JConcepts. These replace the stock wing mounts and are made from aluminum for a trick look.

* CNC machined
* High gloss black or silver finish

The part number for black is #2313-2, silver is #2313-3, and they are priced at $12. Hit up This Link for complete information.

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MIP Bypass1 kit associated 12mm shocks
We are big fans of the MIP Bypass1 shock pistons here at BigSquidRC. They are super tunable and can help your ride soak up some very rough terrain. MIP recently announced a Bypass1 kit for Team Associated 12mm Big Bore shocks. If you have the 12mm shocks on your B4, T4, or SC10, this is the piston kit for you.

* Full scale suspension technology for rc cars
* Infinite valve adjustability
* Dyno tested to match stock pistons
* Precision machined from bearing grade plastics
* Made in the USA
* Includes Fast, Medium, and Slow valves

The part number is #13230 and they are priced at $32. For more information simply click This Link.

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Team Associated B5 B5M Buggy
The latest installment in Team Associated’s buggy line-up is officially here, the RC10B5 and the mid-motored RC10B5M. Today we’ve got some under body shots and more information to see what the real changes are.

* Street pricing- $239 for the B5, $259 for the B5M
* Release dates- around March
* B5M comes with aluminum chassis, B5 comes with composite
* Factory Team 12mm shocks come on both
* VTS slipper comes on both models
* New transmission on both
* 14 carbide balls used in diff
* Gullwing front arms on B5M
* Heavy duty lubricated ball cups
* No servo saver in steering rack
* Part number #90001 for the B5, #90005 for the B5M

For more information on everything Associated check out their Official Website, for more Associated news on BigSquidRC hit up This Link.


We just posted the teaser pic, and now we have the real deal! Team Associated has officially announced the RC10B5 and RC10B5M. As you can see from the pictures, the B5M is mid-motor, while the B5 has a rear mounted motor. The goal for the RC10B5 was to make the best all around buggy for every type of surface. From loose dirt to blue-groove, and everything in between. The two versions share 90% of their parts across both platforms, but the different parts are what help make them a little more specialized. The B5M Mid-Motor is designed for ultra high grip on the high-speed high-grip tracks. If you have been waiting for a new 2WD buggy, your wait may be finally over.

Click Here to visit the official Associated website.

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