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Looks like the Toy Fair news from Nuremberg is starting to come in. Check out the new LaTrax Teton powered by Traxxas. It’s an 1/18th scale 4WD Monster Truck, comes RTR with a 2.4Ghz Radio, is waterproof, with part number #76054. Retail price should be $149.

We can’t help but notice it looks like a mini Traxxas Telluride. Even comes in the same colors. Maybe there will be a Grand Teton edition?

Length: 10.16″ (258mm)
Weight (with battery): 19.2oz (55g)
Height (overall): 4.65″ (118mm)
Wheelbase: 6.44″ (163.5mm)
Ground Clearance: 1.18″ (30mm)
Electronic Speed Control: Waterproof Forward/Reverse ESC
Motor (electric): 370 Brushed
Transmission: 10T Pinion / 60T Spur
Drive System: Shaft-Driven 4WD
Steering: Bellcrank
Included Batteries: 7.2V 6-cell NiMH with Charger

You can check out the LaTrax website for more details, or if you are looking for more LaTrax news check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Check the video below:

What do you guys think? Look like a worthy little basher?

RPM ESC Cage Traxxas VXL-3S
Ever broken off the mounting tabs on your Traxxas VXL-3S speed controller? Yes, we have too. Thankfully the folks over at RPM RC are good at solving such problems. RPM has created a new ESC Cage to make sure you esc stays firmly in place, even if you have an older one with the tabs broken off already. Made from engineering grade nylons right here in the USA, the RPM ESC cage can withstand even the toughest of bashing sessions.

The cage comes in two different colors, blue, part number #70605, and black, part number #70602. Street price is $9 and they have a release date of February 13th. Click Here for more information over on the RPM website.

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Pro-Line Apocalypse Body
You never know when the next Zombie attack will happen, prepare now with a Pro-Line Apocalypse clear body. Formed from genuine GE Lexan right here in the USA, the Apocalypse Armored Military Styling was designed to stand up to the toughest Zombie hoards and to the rigors of your local bash spot.

The Apocalypse is made to fit the Traxxas Summit, its part number is #3422-00, it has a street price of $32, and they are expected to hit hobby shops in early February. Hit up This Link for full information.

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RPM Green Tie Rod Ends Traxxas
RPM RC has added a new color option to their lineup of Traxxas rod ends, green. The green rod ends will go great with your Grave Digger, Monster Energy, or Kawasaki themed truck. Or, you might be like Brian and simply like the color green.

The part number for the short green rod ends is #80474, while the part number for the longs is #80514. Both come in sets of 12 and have street prices of $9 and $10. For more information simply click This Link to head over to the official RPM website.

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Pro-Line Apocalypse Traxxas Summit
Today we got a sneak peek at the latest creation from Pro-Line, their new Apocalypse clear Lexan body for the Traxxas Summit. As you can see in the picture, it is one tough looking body that will make quite a statement at your local bash spot.

The part number for the Pro-Line Apocalypse is #3422-00, it should have a street price around $35, and you should be able to get your hands on one in early February.

Click Here for all the latest Pro-Line news right here on BigSquidRC.

Be honest.. this body makes you want to own a Summit!

T-bone Racing Traxxas Rear Skid Plate
The crew over at T-Bone Racing have come up with a good way to protect that expensive motor on your Traxxas Rustler. Their rear skid plate is made from nylon and is large enough to provide some real protection while you are out bashing. The skid plate is easy to install and comes with T-Bone’s lifetime warranty.

The part number is #62005, it has a street price of $12, and they are available right now. To get full details simply hit up This Link.

For more TBR news on BigSquidRC check out This Link.

Robby Gordon Dakar 2014 HST
With the kick off of the 2014 Dakar Rally just 2 days away, there are a lot of wrenches spinning down in South America getting ready for one of the toughest races on Earth. One of the coolest trucks entered this year is from Robby Gordon. His bright orange Speed Energy, Toyo Tires, Traxxas backed truck looks trick and ready for some hard miles down south. Gordon’s HST sports a new body design this year, which we think would like mighty good mounted up on an rc vehicle.

For more information on everything Robby Gordon hit up his website, Planet Robby. To learn more about the 2014 Dakar Rally, check out This Link.

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2014 Traxxas XO-1 Super Car
Traxxas has updated their XO-1 speed run car for 2014. What might some of the updates be?

* BNG (bold new graphics)
* It no longer comes with batteries to save you some cash

The rest of the car looks to be identical to the previous version with Castle ESC and brushless motor, TQi controller, etc.

The part number for the 2014 XO-1 is #6407X, it should have a street price of right around $699, and they have a shipping date of January 3rd. For more information simply click This Link.

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We teased this a while back, but now it’s official. Check out the ST Racing Concepts Slash 4×4 1/8th E-Buggy Conversion kit. Some people call a conversion like this the backslash, but STRC is going with E-Buggy. It’s been a year since their 4×4 LCG Conversion kit, and this conversion is looking just as cool!

Advantages of this conversion are that it’s light weight. Almost 3lbs lighter than most 8th scale buggies, meaning you can use your 2S Lipo, and 550 motor setup and still have a blast. It’s available in blue, red, silver and black. You’ll need to supply the body, tires, wing, and 17mm hex adapters along with some other stuff, but this kit will get you started.

The part number is ST6808(B/BK/S), and has a MSRP of $69.

For more information hit up This Link.

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TheToyz Protector Shroud
When you bash hard you get all sorts of ugly inside your truck. One way of keeping your expensive electronics clean and happy is with a protector shroud. The crew over at TheToyz have a new fabric protector shroud to keep the inside of your truck debris free. It attaches with Velcro on the sides, while a zipper is used on top to maintain easy access to the vitals of your truck.

The part number for the shroud is #TOYZ 300, it has a street price of $24, and they are available right now. For more information hit up This Link.

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Mip Race Duty CVD Traxxas
If you are looking to shave some weight and rotating mass MIP has announced Race Duty CVDs for a bunch of Traxxxas vehicles. The lighter weight of the Race Duty CVDs can help your truck accelerate faster. The Race Duty series CVDs are recommended for no higher than 2S use and are not recommended for bashing.

* #13265 for Traxxas electric Rustler VXL, Stampede VXL
* #13255 for Traxxas Slash, Nitro-Rustler, Nitro-Stampede
* #13270 rear for Traxxas Slash 4×4, Stampede 4×4, Rally
* #13260 front for Traxxas Slash 4×4, Stampede 4×4, Rally

To get more information on MIP products HERE is the link to their website.

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RPM Traxxas Summit A-arms
All you Traxxas Summit owners can now rejoice, RPM now has Front A-Arms for your beast. Previously only the right arm from the RPM Revo set would fit properly, now RPM has made a new left arm to really help beef up your Summit.

The left front Summit arms become available early next month and are priced at $15. The part number for black is #70372 and #70375 is for blue. For more information simply hit up This Link.

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Pro-Line Sling Shot 2.2 Mounted 10101-10
Pre-mounted tires are great for saving time and the aggravation of the whole gluing process. Now you can get Pro-Line Sling Shot 2.2″ paddle tires pre-mounted on black Desperado Wheels. The Sling Shots have 12 paddles and are ready to roost some serious sand on your Traxxas 1/16th Revo.

The part number for the Sling Shot pre-mounts is #10101-10 and have a street price of $25 per pair. Check out This Link for more information.

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