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RC Fiesta Rally at Woodward Traxxas

4K Video – Traxxas Fiesta Rally at Camp Woodward

Driving a rally car is loads of fun. They rock driving on pavement and are crazy fun to jump. To show off how fun their Ford Fiesta Rally Car can be, Traxxas has posted a new video. The video features footage taken at Camp Woodward of the Fiesta grinding rails, catching air, as well as doing some general bashing. You can [...]


ARRMA Senton Mega Video

4K Video -Short Course Head-To-Head With The ARRMA Mega Sent…

Recently posted by ARRMA is a new video for the Mega Series 4×4 Senton short course truck. The Mega Senton is priced right and loaded with cool features to make your bashing life easier. The video below does a great job of showing off what the Mega Senton looks like while out bashing. There is some sweet roost footage, as well [...]


100 mph Traxxas Slash 4x4

4K Video – Traxxas Underground 100 MPH Slash 4X4

Just posted by Traxxas is a video called Traxxas Underground 100 MPH Slash 4X4. The video shows a bunch of upgrade parts that can be used to greatly increase the top speed of a Slash 4×4. Watch the video below to see just how fast the modified Slash 4×4 went, plus a teaser of things to come! Full details on the [...]


Traxxas Fox Edition Raptor Video

4K Video – Traxxas Fox Shox Edition Ford Raptor

Recently uploaded by Traxxas is a new video for the Fox Shox Edition Ford Raptor. The body on the Raptor is off the hook with serious scale realism, plus the attitude of Fox Shox livery. The video shows just how scale the Fox Raptor looks while driving, it makes us want to get in some trigger time right now! [...]


ARRMA Outcast Video

4K Video – Bashing Brothers With the ARRMA Outcast

Available in gray or orange, the ARRMA Outcast has proven itself an epic stunt machine. With its incredible power and shorter wheelbase, the Outcast is perfect for pulling block long wheelies, or triple backflips. The video below shows a pair of Outcasts getting in some bashing action. If you ever needed a reason to bring an Outcast home, just watch [...]


Pro-Line BFGoodrich KM3 Tire Video

Video – Pro-Line BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 Tires

Recently uploaded by Pro-Line is a video for their hot new 1.9″ BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 tires. The KM3s are just now hitting the full scale market and Pro-Line already has them for the rc crowd. Watch the video below to see the tires in action- crawling over rocks, blasting through mud, as well as doing some general off-roading. The video [...]


Traxxas Rustler VXL Video

4K Video – Traxxas 70mph RC Shreds Mountain Bike Course

The latest video from Traxxas features the Rustler VXL stadium truck. The VXL version of the Rustler comes with a powerful brushless power system which gives the truck insane power and speed. As you can see in the video below, the VXL powered Rustler has massive roost throwing capability and can easily make large jumps. The Rustler has long been [...]


Pro-Line Pro-Spec Scaler Shock Video

Pro-Line Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks Video

Get a good look at Pro-Line’s new Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks in the video below. The Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks were designed specifically for your scale crawler. They are available in three different lengths, plus internally they were engineered to be the smoothest shocks that Pro-Line has ever released. After watching the video, you can hit up This Link to learn more about [...]


Traxxas TRX-4 Video

Traxxas Video – TRX-4 Conquers California Wilderness

The latest video posted by Traxxas features the Land Rover Defender TRX-4. The video shows the TRX-4 roaming around in the California sun, climbing boulders, as well as driving through a stream. The TRX-4 won our BigSquidRC Scale Crawler shootout and has done a great job of bringing people into the world of scale crawling, watch the video below to [...]


Pro-Line Shop Talk Video

Pro-Line Shop Talk Scale Accessories Video

New from Pro-Line is a series of Shop Talk Videos. Their first episode is titled “Scale Accessories” and goes over how easy it is to install various Pro-Line scale gear to your rig. Watch below to see Pro-Line’s Paul Willhite go over various Pro-Line bodies, cages, as well as their scale accessories. After watching the video, you can hit This Link [...]


Traxxas Megaramp Video

Traxxas – World’s Biggest RC MegaRamp Stunt Session

Now THIS is how you do a video. That’s right folks, if you are into the bash scene, this might be the best video you’ll see all year. Attached below is the new Traxxas World’s Biggest RC MegaRamp Stunt Session Video available in up to 4K definition. The Traxxas crew set their E-Revo and X-Maxx loose at Camp Woodward and [...]


Traxxas Triple Fun VXL Video

4K Video – Triple The Fun With Traxxas VXL Power

New from the crew at Traxxas is a video titled Triple The Fun. The Triple The Fun video showcases three of Traxxas’ VXL brushless powered vehicles and does a good job of showing how much more power a VXL powered truck has over a normal brushed RTR. In the video you’ll see all three vehicles flying around various bash areas, [...]


Pro-Line Monster Jam World Finals

Pro-Line at the 2018 Monster Jam World Finals Video

To help promote scale monster trucking, Pro-Line has uploaded a highlight video from the 2018 Monster Jam World Finals. The video has action from the full sized trucks, as well as from the rc monster trucking that went down at the Las Vegas finals. With amazing scale detailing, modern day rc monster trucks look just like their full sized counterparts, [...]


Monster Bash ARRMA Granite 4x4 Video

Monster Bash With The ARRMA 4×4 Mega Granite Video

Uploaded by ARRMA late last week was a new video for the 4×4 Granite. The video, titled “Monster Bash”, is short but shows how fun driving the Granite 4×4 is. Below you can see a pair of Granite 4x4s jumping, throwing roost, as well as doing some general bashing. As you can see, the Granite 4×4 has long travel suspension [...]


Killerbody RC Video

KillerBody RC Toyota Land Cruiser LC70 Video Series

Recently uploaded by KillerBody RC is the 4th video in a series to promote their Toyota Land Cruiser LC70 scale crawler body. The video below has some incredible views, as well as some nicely done low speed scale crawling. Slowly creeping down ledges and over rocks, the video shows how incredibly realistic the LC70 body can look on your rig [...]