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I pull this move off all the time in the RC world, ask ‘Wrench’ or Tim or Cubby.. heck, it’s in several of our videos. Ok, maybe not on purpose, but it happens. Here’s we are doing it in 2008 with a HPI Baja 5B CLICK HERE!

But when you see a full scale truck do it, surrounded by thousands of soft squishy people behind the safety of caution tape, it takes it to a whole new level! Congrats to ‘Wildman’ Adrian Cenni for pulling off the stunt!

He didn’t even credit our Baja video for the idea!


This is easily one of the largest RC jets I have ever seen fly. It’s crazy huge at a scale of 1:15, about 16 feet long, and almost 3 gallon fuel tank! The Airbus A380 is impressive to hear, and see fly.. check out the video below.


Need more proof that quadcopters are taking over the world? Check out this new Lexus commercial that is 99% quadcopters, 1% Lexus car headlights. It’s a great little commercial showing some cool swarming stuff. Sure some of it is CGI but it’s still awesome to see.

Ohh. and make sure you check out the behind the scenes making of for some information on how they made the quads.

Need to see more RC On TV finds? Click the link.

Thanks to our skilled pilot 3DBill, we should be scaring plenty of candy out of kids hands! Muhahahaha!


We just posted a video of some of our demos that we did this year at iHobby 2013. This video was compiled from aerial footage that our own 3DBill shot with his tri-copter during a few of our runs. Check out some of the high-flying, extreme rc bashing. At one point there are 6 vehicles in the air at once! Enjoy!

Make sure to click on it and watch in HD!


No, it does not really have anything to do with RC, though the aerial footage was probably shot from a quad-copter. I think Adam ‘The Intern’ needs to give up the Suzuki toys and get to work on one of these! At least a RC version.

If you are skipping around the video, the tracks are around the 2:10 mark. Was hoping to see it use those back wheelie bar tires.

Pro-Line Pro-2 Video
The good guys over at Pro-Line have released a new video showcasing one of our favorite short course trucks, the Pro-2 SC. In the video you’ll see Matt and Gerardo go over some of the main features of the Pro-2. There is also footage featuring the Pro-2 in action, both on track, and running wild in a bashing environment.

To get more information on the Pro-Line Pro-2 simply click This Link. Click Here to read our full review.

ARRMA Granite BLX Review_00019

For those of you that didn’t catch the video we embedded in the ARRMA Granite BLX Review, it seemed like we should post it up for those that still like to watch the videos, but not do all that reading stuff.

Check out the beating we gave this vehicle during our testing! Make sure to watch it on Youtube in HD!


Our friends from Hemistorm recently posted a video Visiting the FG Factory (yes the high-end 5th scale stuff) – and had a chance to interview Mr. F. Gröschl. It’s subtitled for your convenience since these guys are over in Germany. Some interesting stuff, and worth checking out if you are into a little large scale industry stuff. Check the full video below.

Don’t forget to check the Hemistorm website for some of their cool products, or get more Hemistorm News right here on Big Squid RC.

You have seen the unboxing pictures, and read the Vaterra Glamis Fear Review, and now you can see it in action. We put together just a short video from some clips while we were out testing. Enjoy!

It’s Friday! Have you clicked a Mystery Link today?

Helion Criterion Top Speed
We first reported about the new buggy from Helion, the Criterion, Right Here. Now Helion has released a video showing just how fast the Criterion is. Using a radar gun and some old fashioned street running, the video shows the top speeds of the Criterion compared to several of its competitors. The Criterion is shown topping out at 33 mph, pretty fast for a 7 cell brushed buggy.

To get more information on the Criterion simply hit THIS LINK. To get even more Helion news check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Pro-Line Racing Rock Rage 3.8"
Pro-Line’s new upgrade tire for the Traxxas Summit is the Rock Rage 3.8. These were designed to increase traction on a variety of surfaces with its futuristic tread pattern. The Rock Rage was also the focus of Pro-Line’s “Name That Tire!” contest, with Greg Arnone being the guy that came up with the cool name.

Check out the video below to learn more about Rock Rage tires from Pro-Line’s Gerardo Gonzalez and to see the new tires in action. The Rock Rages have a part number of #1199-00 and a street price of $30 a pair.

Want more Pro-Line news? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.


If the images and info didn’t have you drooling over the new Vaterra RC Police Camaro, maybe the video of it in action will get you going!

Looking for more Vaterra news? Check out This Link right here on BigSquidRC.

Have you clicked all the previous Friday Mystery Links?