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Hobbico Drone Christmas Video Series

Videos – Hobbico Drone Christmas Series

To help put you in a holiday mood, the fine folks over at Hobbico have released a short video series featuring many different types of their drones. The star of the series is “Proto”, a spunky little drone that is filled with holiday spirit. Check out the video above to see what Proto is up to now and you can [...]


Pro Boat Voracity E 36 Boat Review 5

Pro Boat Voracity-E Video

During our testing for the review, we shot some footage of the Pro Boat Voracity-E 36 inch brushless boat. This thing was a beast! It’s fast, has really good handling, and will bring a grin to the face of anyone pulling the trigger on this baby. You can read our Full Review Right Here. Enjoy the video, make sure to watch [...]



Exclusive Pro-Line Racing Desert Eagle Video and Contest!

Don’t ask how we did it, but we got our hands on the FULL version of the new Pro-Line Racing – Desert Eagle Body Video a few days early! To celebrate, we are giving away a $50 Gift Certificate that can be used to buy this body (or anything else you’d like) from the Pro-Line Racing website! The raffle starts [...]


Eclipse Rover Kershaw Designs

Eclipse Rover Moving Video Monster Truck

Now days when people think about shooting video, Drones is the first thing on their mind. However, with government intervention on the way, and more and more no fly zones, using a surface based rc for capturing moving video can make a lot of sense. That is the reason that Joe Clark is making the Eclipse Rover. The Rover is specifically [...]


Dynamite TurboKick Video

Video – How To Install Dynamite TurboKick Power Booster

The folks over at Horizon Hobby have released a new video that shows how to properly install the Dynamite TurboKick Power Booster. When the TurboKick is activated by the third channel on your radio it cranks up the voltage to your ESC, resulting in more speed. Our full review of the TurboKick should go up any day now, and yes, [...]


Hobbico Holiday Drone Video

Part 1 – Hobbico Holiday Drone Video

Once again Hobbico is putting out a special series of videos for the Holidays. This year the focus is on drones, watch the video above for part 1 of what is sure to be a neat series to get everyone in the Holiday spirit. To get more details on all the drones offered by Hobbico simply Hit This Link, or by [...]


Pro-Line Trencher Video

Video – Pro-Line Trencher T 2.2″ Tires

Nothing beats Pro-Line Trenchers for an all around bashing tire. Recently, Pro-Line introduced a 2.2″ size to the Trencher line-up which is perfect for 10th scale stadium trucks. Watch the video above to learn more about the Trencher T 2.2s and you can hit This Link for full details over on Pro-line’s website. Can’t get enough Pro-Line news? Find more Right [...]


Traxxas X-Maxx Video

Video – Traxxas X-Maxx In Action

As part of the ramp up to the X-Maxx Monster Truck hitting hobby shops, Traxxas is releasing a series of videos to get your blood pumping. The latest video is of the X-Maxx getting in some rainy skate park action. Watch the truck and water fly in the video above and don’t forget the first batch is probably going to [...]


Video Blade Mach 25 FPV Racer BNF Basic

Video – Blade Mach 25 FPV Racer BNF Basic

Horizon Hobby have released a new video of their Blade Mach 25 FPV Racer in action. Check out the video above to see exactly what kind of performance you can expect from the Mach 25 and to learn more about some of its features. The Mach 25 is a great entry level machine for the aspiring FPV racer- it is [...]


GPM Aluminum Upgrades rcMart

Video – GPM Aluminum Upgrades at rcMart

The crew over at rcMart shot us a new video that they’ve worked up featuring GPM Aluminum Upgrades. You see, GPM upgrades are available in a bunch of different colors, plus they are made to fit a plethora of different vehicles. Watch the video above to learn more or you can Hit This Link to view all the GPM products [...]



Watch Bashing Videos at ARRMA TV

The good folks over at ARRMA wanted us to let you know about a portion of their website called ARRMA TV. You see, ARRMA TV has a ton of different videos showing just how extreme ARRMA vehicles can get. If you are hardcore into bashing, drop by This Link to check out all the action! Get More ARRMA news right here [...]


Hobbico Halloween Dromida Vista

Video – Hobbico Halloween: Stop in for a Spell

Yesterday we posted the teaser of a mad scientist working on a secret project. Today the secret has been unveiled, the folks at Hobbico have had some fun by making up a Frankenstein themed Dromida Vista. Check out the video below to watch the madness!!! To get more details on the Dromida Vista UAV/Drone simply hit up This Link. Click Here [...]


Serpent S110 SF2 Video

Video – Serpent F110 SF2 Formula One Car

The crew over at Serpent have released a new video showing the realism and performance of their new F110 SF2 Formula One car kit. Like most other Serpent releases, the F110 SF2 is a high-end product loaded with carbon fiber and other exotica. Watch the video above to see how it handles a paved outdoor track and to learn more [...]


Kyosho Hellcat Video

Video – Kyosho Dodge SRT Challenger HELLCAT

To help promote the release of their new 2015 Dodge SRT Challenger Hellcat the folks at Kyosho have put out a short video to show the car in action. Check out the video above for some good old fashioned on-road driving and to see what the Hellcat is truly capable of. The Hellcat comes as a Readyset with one of [...]


Boom Racing Type G Shocks

Video – Boom Racing Boomerang Type G Shocks

The folks over at AsiaTees Hobbies have released a new video showcasing Boom Racing’s new Type G Shocks. The Type G shocks were designed for a great scale look with an internal spring design. The Type Gs are available in a bunch of different colors, but for now are only available in a 120mm length (eye-to-eye 110mm). Check out the [...]