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Video Vaterra Nissan GTR GT3 V100-C

Video – Vaterra 2012 Nissan GTR GT3

The latest car from Vaterra is a 2012 Nissan GTR GT3. To show how cool it looks in action the Vaterra crew worked up an action video. In the video below you’ll get to see what the Nissan GTR GT3 looks like while blasting around an on-road track. The video also showcases some of the Nissan’s key features like waterproofing, [...]


Heli-Max 1SQ V-Cam Video

Video – Heli-Max 1SQ V-Cam Quadcopter

The Heli-Max 1SQ Quadcopter is an easy to fly and very durable machine. However, there is a new version, the 1SQ V-Cam that comes stock with an on-board camera. The video below showcases just how neat it is to fly around and take video. With the 1SQ V-Cam you can get some neat high angle shots, and when you add in [...]


Duratrax 835E Video

Video – Duratrax 1/8 Scale 835E Brushless 4WD Buggy

Duratrax has an affordable bash machine out right now called the 835E buggy (street price $399). It comes with waterproof brushless power and the great handling characteristics of a low slung 8th scale buggy. Even more importantly for the bashing crowd it comes with the Duratrax 1 year Stress-Tech Guarantee. If you break a Stress-Tech plastic part Duratrax replaces it [...]


Vaterra Glamis Unboxing Video – Big Squid RC Style

Have you seen those 20 minute rc vehicle unboxing videos, where they don’t even touch or open the box for the first 10 minutes? Yea.. you know the ones.. we fall asleep too! Well we decided to add our own twist to this popular video genre. For the record, we did not pick the Vaterra for any particular reason. We [...]


Robbie Gordon Stadium Super Trucks

Video – Robbie Gordon Stadium Super Truck Demo

If you haven’t heard, Robbie Gordon’s Stadium Super Truck Series is now in full swing. The SST series looks to be more extreme than previous indoor truck events. A couple of weeks ago at the San Diego round the SST track featured several supercross style doubles and a crazy do-or-die crossover section. As further proof of just how crazy these [...]


top flite giant scale spitfire

Video – Top Flite Giant Scale Spitfire Gas ARF

The crew over at Top Flite have just posted a new video on their Giant Scale Spitfire ARF. The video showcases the aerial abilities of this huge, perfectly scaled beast. The Giant Scale Spitfire ARF sports a wingspan of over 86″, a street price of right at $750, and it should be hitting your local hobby shop any day now. Check [...]



LEGO 1/7th Scale RC Caterham

Spotted this over at It’s a completely home built and amazingly detailed RC Lego Caterham in 1/7th scale. It has disc brakes, 5 speed + reverse, full suspension and the engineering underneath is mind blowing. Even the controller is built from scratch. If your a detail nut, or a LEGO fan, check out the video.


Thunder Tiger 1/8 MT4-G3

Video - Thunder Tiger 1/8 MT4-G3 Brushless 4WD 2.4GHz R…

The crew over at Hobbico have just released a new action video for the Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 monster truck. The MT4-G3 won our “Bash Vehicle of the Year” in 2011, and now it’s even better, coming with a new radio system and waterproof speed controller. We highly recommend the MT-G3 if you are a hardcore basher, it’s fast, tough, and [...]


Video Pro-Line body mounts

Video - Pro-Line Extended Front & Rear Body Mounts Inst…

The crew over at Pro-Line have just posted a new video showing you the step-by-step process of installing their extended body mounts on your short course truck. From cracking open the bag to the final touches, they walk you through every step to make sure your new body mounts go on perfectly. We’ve used the Pro-Line extended mounts on several projects [...]


Video Duratrax Camaro ZL1 Nitro 4WD 2.4GHz RTR

Video – Duratrax Camaro ZL1 Nitro 4WD 2.4GHz RTR

Hot scale looks are the biggest thing going in rc right now and the new Camaro ZL1 Nitro RTR from Duratrax has hit the nail on the head. It not only has a trick licensed body, but it’s also nitro, making it all that more realistic. Duratrax has released a new video showcasing their new Camaro ZL1 RTR, showing off some [...]


Video Pro-Line pre-painted short course bodies

Video – Pro-Line Pre-Painted Short Course Bodies

Pro-Line made big news a couple of weeks ago by releasing their very first pre-painted bodies. The two new pre-painted short course truck bodies from Pro-line are perfect for saving the time, money and hassle of having to paint your own body. To give you more information on them Pro-Line has released a short video highlighting some of their features. [...]


HPI 1969 Ford Mustang

Promo Video- HPI Vaughn Gittin Jr. 1969 Ford Mustang

The crew over at HPI Racing have released a new video featuring the Vaughn Gittin JR. 69 Ford Mustang. The Vaughn Gittin JR. car has been available for a while now and is based off their popular Sprint 2 platform. Watch the video below to see some cool rc drifting action, and hit up the HPI Website for more information [...]



ECX Revenge Video with Surprise Ending

We just posted the ECX Revenge Review. While going through some video footage, we caught this accidental wall slam that seemed like something we should share. Usually we do this stuff on purpose, this one was out of the blue, got lucky, and caught it. Enjoy!That’s one of those slams that just makes you cringe. For the record, I [...]



Tactic TTX650 6-Channel Transmitter Video

Recently we posted some information about the Tactic TTX650 Transmitter. Well, Tactic just released a video talking about some of the cool features that this radio has. Check it out here:I think suddenly think I’m in the market for a new radio!



Flyzone Tidewater EP Seaplane Video

New from Flyzone is the Tidewater EP Seaplane video. you get a chance to get some info and details about the plane as well as see it in action. This is one of those times, where if I had some actual ‘flying skills’ I think it would be really cool to fly one of these. Check out the video [...]