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Traxxas Rustler Video

Video – Traxxas Rustler and Man’s Best Friend

Everyone uses their rc cars differently, how many of you use yours to help your dog exercise? Does your dog like to chase your rc car? The folks over at Traxxas have posted a really cool video titled Man’s Best Friend. The video shows a Rustler VXL and a dog having some fun down on the beach, which if you are [...]


Spektrum FPV Video

Video – Spektrum Heavy Duty FPV Camera System

Is it time for you to finally invest in an FPV system? Horizon Hobby makes a strong case for it with their latest video. The video shown above highlights what it takes to install one of their heavy duty FPV Cameras in a buggy, truck, boat, and airplane. Once installed, driving/flying via FPV is an entirely new and immersive experience, [...]


Hobbico Halloween

Video – Happy Halloween From Hobbico

To help get you in the mood for Halloween, the good folks over at Hobbico have worked up a new video. The video shown above takes you through a haunted corn field maze, which are quite popular here in the Midwest, via a Dromida FPV drone. You’ll have to watch the video to see the surprises that they found inside! To [...]


Dromida Monster Truck Video

Video – Dromida Monster Truck Jam Session

New from Dromida is a video featuring their 1/18th Monster Truck. The video shows off the truck in a scale setting- hitting jumps and crush’n cars. We reviewed the truck a few weeks ago and had an absolute blast driving it, but we think it looks like even more fun when run on a small scale monster truck style course! Check [...]


Traxxas Youtube

Traxxas YouTube Tech Support Channel

New from the good folks over at Traxxas is a dedicated YouTube Tech Support Channel. The Tech Support Channel was set-up to help hobbyists with a wide variety of technical questions like how to tune a nitro engine, how to install a new battery connector, etc. The new channel should become a valuable resource for new people to the hobby, [...]


Traxxas bigfoot video

Video – Sending It With The Traxxas Bigfoot Monster Truck

To help promote their Bigfoot Monster Truck, the crew over at Traxxas have released a new video. Watch the above video to see the Bigfoot bust some big air and shoot roost in the corners. The Bigfoot comes on a tried and true Traxxas 2wd MT platform with a sharp looking scale realistic body on top. If the video perks [...]


Hobbico FPV Surface

Video – How To Install A Surface FPV System By Hobbico

FPV (first person view) has taken off like gangbusters on quadcopters, but the surface world is lagging a bit behind. To help show you exactly what you need to go FPV in your truck/buggy/boat, Hobbico has released a new video. The video shows step-by-step the electronics that you’ll need, plus a few friendly tips to make sure your first experience [...]


Pro-Line Monster Truck Video

Video – Pro-Line Badlands MX38 In Action

Check out the video above of Pro-Line’s ultra gnarly Badlands MX38s in action. Along with the high energy action shots, Pro-Line’s Gerardo Gonzalez goes over some of the key points that make the MX38 the ultimate loose terrain bashing tire. The MX38s are shipping right now and are priced at right around $49 for a pair pre-mounted on black F-11 [...]


Rock Crawling Foam Inserts

Pro-Line Rock Crawling Foam Inserts Video

The good folks over at Pro-Line have released an informational video about their new Closed Cell Rock Crawling Foam Inserts. Their new inserts come in two different styles and in 1.9 and 2.2 sizes. Watch the short video above to find out the perfomance advantages to using Pro-Line closed cell inserts in your rock crawler and you can hit up [...]


Pro-Line Ambush gag reel video

Pro-Line Ambush Gag Reel/Bloopers Video

Shipping right now to a hobby shop near you is the tiny but mighty Pro-Line Ambush. To show you guys that driving the Ambush is all about having fun, Pro-Line put together a really cool Gag Reel & Blooper Video. The Ambush Gag Reel is the best video we’ve seen all week, so be sure and check it out. If [...]


Kyosho SS teaser

HUGE Classic Car Teaser From Kyosho

Kyosho just shocked the world with the intro of their new Drone Racer, now they look ready to blow even more minds by putting up the above teaser for a new Classic Car. The video gives away quite a bit of what the car might be, the real question is, how bad do you want one? The BigSquidRC Bash Crew [...]


Traxxas E-Revo Video

Video – Desert Drama With The Traxxas E-Revo

Traxxas has a solid reputation for putting out excellent videos. Their latest features the Brushless E-Revo and takes place in a desert setting. If you are wanting to get your blood pumping for some bashing this weekend, watching the video above is a good way of doing so. The video shows some good old fashioned bashing, with plenty of big [...]


Pro-Line Custom SC Buggy

Video – Danny Huynh’s Radical Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Buggy

Australian Danny Huynh is well know for his custom rc projects. Recently he got his hands on a Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Buggy and went to work. Watch the video above to see what Danny was able to transform his PRO-2 SC Buggy into and to see it in action. Who knows, the video might inspire you to make your own [...]


Pro-Line Ambush Video

Pro-Line Director’s Cut Ambush Scale Crawler Video

With the anticipation building for the release of the Pro-Line Ambush, the P-L crew has released a Director’s Cut Video of the scale crawler in action. Set in the plush Pro-Line offices, the video shows how much fun the Ambush is when driven on/over a man-made indoor crawling course. In the video you can see just how capable the Ambush [...]


Flying Cars Movie

Feature Film “Flying Cars” To Showcase Team Associated Cars

When was the last time you watched a feature film that had rc cars in it? Or better yet for us bashers, a film that had an rc car long jump contest as part of the story line? An independent film called Flying Cars has just wrapped shooting and features our favorite hobby of rc cars. While we have not heard [...]