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fid baja brake

We recently posted information about the new 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brake System from FID Racing, and people went ‘oohhhhh’.

Well, they just let us know there is a video of the system in action. Talk about loosing some rubber on the stops, this system brings that vehicle to a halt! The HPI Baja 5B in the shop may just need a upgrade for 2013!

Don’t forget you can check the FID Racing Website for more details on this and all of their other products.

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Futaba 14SG 14 channel air radio
The crew over at Futaba have just released a video featuring their new 14SG 14 channel 2.4GHz air radio system. It’s a short video, but goes over all the major aspects of the 14SG like its ability to transmit and receive telemetry data. Whether you fly planes or heli’s the Futaba 14SG comes ready to handle the job. Check out the short video for all the details.

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Trakpower VR-1 charger video
The latest video from Trakpower showcases all the features and specs of their VR-1 battery charger and DPS 25 amp power supply. From a sweet looking, tilt-able screen, to a large back-lit display, to the ability to plug the charger directly into the power supply, this Trakpower duo makes a great combo. Check out the video below to see them in action.

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JQ Products THE RTR Snow Bash Video
There is nothing more fun after a fresh snowfall than heading outside for some snow bashing. JQ Products has just posted a neat video featuring their new THE RTR 8th scale nitro buggy and two boys getting their bash on outside in the white fluffy stuff. The video shows that the rc hobby really is great fun- anytime, anywhere and for anyone.

The new JQ Products RTR buggy goes on sale later this month with a street price of only $299, which should make it a good option for many of you bashers out there. Check out the video below for some snow bashing action, and hit up the official JQ Products Website for more information on all of their products.

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We do NOT condone this, nor do we recommend messing with any type of officials of any kind. Heck, we only had maybe 2 police incidents this year, which is way better than previous years! All that being said, this was one of those videos (even though it may be wrong) that made me laugh. Those TBS Discovery guys are nuts.

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Thunder Tiger eMTA video Cap
The guys over at Thunder Tiger have released a new video for their latest uber basher, the e-MTA monster truck. The video showcases some of the features of the new Thunder Tiger e-MTA and also contains some pretty sic bashing footage. The e-MTA looks impressive in the video, with lots of wheelies, and standing back and front flips. But just a little warning- watching this video will make you wish you were at your favorite bash spot right now!

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pro-line 2012 video
2012 is the 30th anniversary year for Pro-Line and no doubt they made it epic. From giving away tons of product in various contests, to their uber new Slash Pro 2 gear, to their new scale and racing products, they knocked it out of the park in 2012. Below is a short video that the Pro-Line team worked up to list some of their big wins in 2012, give it a watch.

For more information on all of Pro-Lines products HERE is the link to their official website.

And HERE is a TGIF BigSquidRC mystery link. :)

Electric Bigfoot 20 Car Crushing
Electric power has been the dominant force in rc for years now, and we see it creep more and more into the full size scene. The guys over at Bigfoot 4×4 Inc have taken full scale electric to a whole new level with their new Bigfoot #20. Take a look at the video below to see their latest creation using all that electric torque and power to crush a pair of passenger cars. We can’t wait to see more of the new Bigfoot #20 in action.

Interested in full scale monster trucking? Hit up the official Bigfoot 4×4 Inc Website. Looking for more information on rc monster trucks? Hit up This Link.

Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimied on the Rubicon Trail
Axial recently posted a cool video of their new RTR SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon on the Rubicon Trail. The video documents the 15 miles of gnarly terrain the SCX10 covered to earn the coveted Jeep Trail Rated badge. Be careful, if you didn’t want a new crawler before viewing the video, you will after.

For more information on Axial and all their gear check out the Official Axial Website. For more information on the new Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

Tamiya RC Soccer
Playing rc soccer is a popular way of bashing with your buddies here in the states, but from this video it looks like the Tamiya guys have taken it to a whole new level overseas. As seen in this video, goals with actual nets are used, and the field itself looks in pristine condition. Now if we can just get Brian to put a field like that in one of our back offices. :)

Want more information on all of Tamiya’s fine products? Hit up their official website right HERE. Looking for more Tamiya news here on BigSquidRC? THIS is the link you want.

Futaba 4PKS-R Super R
The guys over at Futaba have just released a video highlighting the updated features on their flagship, the 4PKS-R, also known as the Super R. In the video you’ll learn more about the Futaba Super R’s improved response time, dual ESC mixing for you crawlers, and gyro mixing for the drift scene. Click below to view the video and look for our full BigSquidRC review of the Super R in the next couple of days.

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We broke the news yesterday about the new Traxxas 1/10 Rally Car.
Traxxas just posted a video to help show it off! Check it out.

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The folks from Duratrax have released an official video for their DXR8-E 1/8 Buggy. As always, it’s a very well done video, and may help you make a decision if you are on the fence about picking one up!

And if that does not help, have you seen our Duratrax DXR8-E Review?