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Often readers send us their bashing videos, but rarely do we think they are good enough to post. This one from Shawn K. really stood out. Thanks for sending it in Shawn!


Think you have a video worthy? Drop us a line.. maybe we’ll post it.

About once a month or so, someone will email me a link to this video. It usually goes something like ‘Dude have you seen this?!’
Not that I mind.. it’s a cool video, and I like being reminded it exists. So why not share with anyone who may not of seen it right?

Thanks to everyone that has sent this in!

The folks over at  DuraTrax just released a teaser video for the new Duratrax DXR8-E! Enjoy!

More info as soon as we nail down some details.. you can check out the Duratrax Website, but there is no new information yet.

HPI Racing just posted a video of some of their testing of the HPI 5B Flux.
I know lots of people have been clamoring since there are kits that already let you convert your 5B to a brushless, they would of rather seen a 4×4 5th scale, but having it come direct from the factory brushless is a nice feature.

One of our readers (Landin the Macnx, thanks for the tip) sent us a link to the above video. It’s sort of a round about way of doing it, but some interesting ideas using Arduino, an iPad, a Android phone, and some Legos to control a RC car.

Here’s part of the video description:
I used two servo motors attached to the original remote control of the car to adjust speed and steering. These are controlled by an Arduino Uno, which gets the accelerometer data from the iPad through a socket server on my laptop. I also fitted my old Android smartphone to the car, which uses an IPCam app to stream the video to the iPad. The “camera”, the iPad and the laptop are connected to the same Wi-Fi network to share their data.

Talk about all the bells and whistles! I stumbled upon this video and just had to share it. We have shared a few of these 1/4 scale videos before, and I just really like the detail these guys put into the stuff.

The office here is already packed floor to ceiling with RC, so I’m not sure where we’d put one of these, but something about it is really intriguing to me.

After the break the guy shows off the insane stereo system built into the trailer! So if you are digging this, check out the others.


Since it’s sort of a Pro-Line day around here today with the Day 8 Contest and all, we thought why not post up a little more Pro-Line news.

Ty Tessmann has been working on a Project Stampede over there, and it looks like it turned out awesome! I think he’s been reading a little too much Big Squid because he is clearly showing the heart of a basher in this video!

For more information on what all has been added to the truck you can hit this Pro-Line’s Blog Page for info! Ty, next time your in the Midwest and want to get your bash on, call us!

We recently posted the news and pictures about the HPI Apache Flux 1/8 scale buggy, but now we see there is also a short course version! As if HPI didn’t have the attention of the world before, the announcement of a 4×4 short course truck pretty much put them over the top!

Here’s the video! More information coming soon, but wanted to share this asap!

Head on over to HPI’s website for more info!

Here’s a second official video from  DuraTrax showing off their new VW Baja Bug. We are really looking forward to getting behind the wheel on this one. Bring on the mud!

Check out the Duratrax Website for more details.

3d rc video 1 3d rc video

Big Squid RC presents the first All 3D RC Video! 1000′s of people were treated to the premiere last week at iHobby 2011, and now it’s live on-line! You will need the red/blue glasses to see it properly in all it’s 3d glory though. It will be in other formats soon (so you can watch it on your 3D TV’s ect.. ) but this was the first edit, so we only have the anaglyph version at the moment. Go grab your 3D glasses, some popcorn and enjoy!

Click through to see the video..

We have been able to do this with a Traxxas Stampede.. but didn’t think it would be so doable with such a large vehicle. Reader Daniel L. Sent in this video of him pulling off a front flip to back flip and landing it with his HPI Flux. That poor drive train.. lol

Nice jump Daniel! Keep up the sweet bashing!

Bill posted up a cool little video of some of the stuff we were doing while in Peoria over the weekend testing stuff for the upcoming shootout. The video show’s us messing around with the Traxxas Stampede doing all sorts of flips and fails, with some sweet slow motion footage. Check it out!

Nice job Wrench!

If you haven’t read the Thunder Tiger DT12 Review yet you should really check it out.

We just updated the review with a short video we did during our durability testing. In this one we jump the Sparrowhawk DT12 off the drivers stand roof at the Rivercity track in Peoria IL. After a tumble and roll landing, we drive it away! If your interested in a 4×4 1/12th scale off road, this may be the one your looking for.

Not too many vehicles you can do this too and drive away!