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Tamiya RC Soccer

Tamiya RC Soccer Video

Playing rc soccer is a popular way of bashing with your buddies here in the states, but from this video it looks like the Tamiya guys have taken it to a whole new level overseas. As seen in this video, goals with actual nets are used, and the field itself looks in pristine condition. Now if we can just get [...]


New 4PK Super R video From Futaba

The guys over at Futaba have just released a video highlighting the updated features on their flagship, the 4PKS-R, also known as the Super R. In the video you’ll learn more about the Futaba Super R’s improved response time, dual ESC mixing for you crawlers, and gyro mixing for the drift scene. Click below to view the video and look [...]


Traxxas Rally Video

We broke the news yesterday about the new Traxxas 1/10 Rally Car. Traxxas just posted a video to help show it off! Check it out. Need more Traxxas News from Big Squid RC? Hit the link!



Duratrax DXR8-E 1/8 Buggy Video

The folks from Duratrax have released an official video for their DXR8-E 1/8 Buggy. As always, it’s a very well done video, and may help you make a decision if you are on the fence about picking one up! And if that does not help, have you seen our Duratrax DXR8-E Review?


Mammuth 1/3 Scale Truck Test Run Video

We just received a link from Mammuth Works where they have gotten their 1/3 Scale Mammuth Rewarron Truck out and running to start doing a little testing. This is literally a ‘first test’ so they are taking it easy while they work out the details. Anything that size, you have to take pretty seriously and take your time with the [...]


MaxAmps Battery Boss Episode 3

For those of you following the online series from MaxAmps. The third episode of MaxAmps Battery Boss is now up and available for viewing. I think in the next episode they need to show how Austin gets IN the car. Looking for more MaxAmps news here on BigSquid? CLICK HERE.


son-uva digger

Traxxas Son-uva Digger Monster Jam Truck Video

Recently we posted the information about the new Traxxas Son-uva Digger Monster Jam Replica Truck. Well Traxxas has now followed up their press release with a video of the truck in action for your viewing enjoyment. Enjoy the embedded video below.. Looking for more news from Traxxas? Click Here for our Traxxas news.


team orion carbon wts lipo

Team Orion – How Lipo’s Are Made Video

This video is pretty cool. Team Orion just posted a video showing how their Lipo batteries are made. Sort of a mini tour of the factory, the production process, stuff like that. Check out the video below. Looking for more Team Orion news? Hit the link.



Team Durango DEX410v3 Video

Team Durango recently posted a video of the DEX410v3 4wd 1/10 scale buggy. In true Durango form, it will make your mouth water with their designs and implementations of parts. Enjoy the video.. Looking for more Team Durango News? Hit that link.


arrma granite

ARRMA Granite Beat Down Video

For those of you who haven’t read the ARRMA Granite Review yet, you missed a embedded video we did during some of the testing of the truck. You will be amazed at what we did to this thing. We seriously ran it into, and jumped it off everything we could find.. twice! And it drove away.. if you watch one [...]



ARRMA Vortex Video

The folks from ARRMA RC are on a roll with the videos lately! They just released another one, this time for the ARRMA RC Vortex Stadium Truck. Check out the embedded video below.. Need more ARRMA NEWS? Click the link.



ARRMA Raider Video

ARRMA RC has just put out a nice little video about the ARRMA Raider Buggy. The Raider is a 1/10th scale electric baja buggy that comes rtr with a 2.4Ghz radio. You can read our recent Raider review RIGHT HERE. Ironically enough, I was actually driving this vehicle earlier today, and having a blast with it. Need more ARRMA [...]



ARRMA Mojave Video

The folks from ARRMA RC keep cranking out the awesome videos! This one is for the Mojave 1/10 scale Desert Truck. Enjoy the action, some good stuff here! Looking for more ARRMA NEWS?


arrma fury video

ARRMA Fury Video

The folks over at ARRMA just released a cool new video of the ARRMA Fury. It runs through some of the features of the truck and their adjustable controller while giving you some cool action to enjoy! Check out our ARRMA Fury Review Here if you are looking for more info.


arrma adx10

ARRMA ADX-10 Video

We just caught word of the new ARRMA ADX-10 race buggy. It has steel gears, an oil filled diff, dBoots tires, slipper clutch, and everything else you’ll need to hit the track. It comes RTR and pretty much waterproof as well. Check out the video: Want to see what we thought of the ARRMA Raider? Check our Review Here.