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This video is pretty cool. Team Orion just posted a video showing how their Lipo batteries are made. Sort of a mini tour of the factory, the production process, stuff like that. Check out the video below.

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Team Durango recently posted a video of the DEX410v3 4wd 1/10 scale buggy. In true Durango form, it will make your mouth water with their designs and implementations of parts. Enjoy the video..

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For those of you who haven’t read the ARRMA Granite Review yet, you missed a embedded video we did during some of the testing of the truck. You will be amazed at what we did to this thing. We seriously ran it into, and jumped it off everything we could find.. twice! And it drove away.. if you watch one RC video today, it should be this one.

Head over to the ARRMA RC for details on the truck, or go read our review.

The folks from ARRMA RC are on a roll with the videos lately! They just released another one, this time for the ARRMA RC Vortex Stadium Truck. Check out the embedded video below..

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ARRMA RC has just put out a nice little video about the ARRMA Raider Buggy. The Raider is a 1/10th scale electric baja buggy that comes rtr with a 2.4Ghz radio. You can read our recent Raider review RIGHT HERE. Ironically enough, I was actually driving this vehicle earlier today, and having a blast with it.

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The folks from ARRMA RC keep cranking out the awesome videos! This one is for the Mojave 1/10 scale Desert Truck. Enjoy the action, some good stuff here!

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arrma fury video

The folks over at ARRMA just released a cool new video of the ARRMA Fury. It runs through some of the features of the truck and their adjustable controller while giving you some cool action to enjoy!

Check out our ARRMA Fury Review Here if you are looking for more info.

arrma adx10

We just caught word of the new ARRMA ADX-10 race buggy. It has steel gears, an oil filled diff, dBoots tires, slipper clutch, and everything else you’ll need to hit the track. It comes RTR and pretty much waterproof as well. Check out the video:

Want to see what we thought of the ARRMA Raider? Check our Review Here.

With all the Ken Block  news we have been posting lately, it seems only appropriate to add the DC Shoes Ken Block Gymkhaha Five video that just came out. Seems like 4 was just released, so I’m surprised to see 5 out soo quickly.

For those living under a rock, here is Gymkhana 5:

Maybe this is what it looked like when the pyramids were being built? Or maybe this is what it will look like when the aliens come back? From the looks of this video, they may be already here, and just a little smaller than we thought. The video starts off a little slow, but there are some really cool effects being done. Click through to watch the video..

fps russia

OK.. this is pretty crazy. For the record, we don’t condone, recommend or suggest anyone do this EVER! Not even this guy! But.. since it’s been done, the FPS Russia guy never fails to surprise with the insane creations they come up with. The fact that he’s got a quadcopter that can even lift a machine gun! I’m guessing he is NOT the guy flying. Flying a loaded machine gun around, aiming it at yourself and others, all under remote control that as well all know isn’t perfect or flawless. Watching it closely… it all looks pretty fake.. he’s looking away, and it’s flying around on it’s own. Either way.. it’s interesting to watch..

Click through the break to see the embedded video.


I saw this a couple of days ago. The amazing thing isn’t the amount of times he films catching these planes, but the places he stands while flying. This guy really gets around!

For those that haven’t seen this guys vids before, the end is a classic. I won’t spoil it for ya though. But if your bored with the video, make sure to at least jump to the 1:41 mark and watch from there.

It’s a promotional video put out by Traxxas talking about safety and things like that. At the end they slam the Traxxas XO-1 into a car door and it just disintegrates! We should of did this to ours before we gave it away! LOL.