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Big Air RC Jump Lee Martin McDonalds Mugen
Everybody digs big air and McDonalds UK has just released a promotional video featuring a Mugen truggy going huge. To put their new sandwich on the map, McDonalds enlisted uber pro driver Lee Martin to jump some semi-trailers with a Chicken Legend strapped to the back of his truggy. Needless to say they certainly got our attention and it’s awesome to see McDonalds featuring our hobby in one of their ads.

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Some pretty cool video of fireworks shot with a quadcopter, thought everyone might enjoy! Go fullscreen and HD.

HPI OCtane Savage VideosWant a closer look at the intricacies of the HPI Savage Octane? Have a new Octane and need some help getting it dialed in? The folks over at HPI have released a set of videos for their new Octane. The videos cover everything from the basics, like how to mix the oil and gas together, to how to fine tune the engine and 3 speed transmission. All the videos are short and well done, so whether you just need some tuning tips on your Octane, or don’t have one but are thinking about getting on the gasoline bandwagon, they are a good view.

To watch all the videos simply Click This Link. The link takes you to a page on HPI’s website where all the videos are listed for your viewing pleasure.

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Finally some video of the HPI Savage XL Octane! The world has been holding it’s breath for the release. Check it out…

Glad to finally get a chance to see it in action.

For more info from HPI hit This Link.

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Ares Winter Video Challenge
If you own an Ethos QX130 quadcopter or a Chronos CX100 helicopter, the folks over at Ares have a contest for you. They want to see videos of your Ares in action, and the top three will win HobbyTown USA gift cards. The gift cards range from $50 to $200, and the winning videos will be posted up on the Ares Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. If you win your video might even make the front page here on BigSquidRC. :)

Submissions are due by February 10th and you can get more information at This Link.

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ARRMA Polar VORTEKS Snowmageddon Video
The good folks over at ARRMA have a new promo that makes it easy to score a free t-shirt. All you have to do is film your ARRMA RTR out running in the snow then post the video up on the ARRMA Facebook page. Assuming you have some snow in your area it sounds like an easy way to score a t-shirt to us.

The ARRMA Vorteks Snowmageddon t-shirt giveaway ends on February 15th and you can get complete information on the official ARRMA Facebook Page.

To read the latest news from ARRMA check out This Link on BigSquidRC.

Great Planes Videos
Our friends over at Great Planes have sent out two new videos showcasing the features and flying abilities of some of their aircraft. In the first video below you can learn a lot more about the F1 Rocket Evo Sport Scale ARF and see it in action. The second video features the Escapade MX GP/EP ARF, showing how versatile it is and how well it can maneuver in the sky. Prices for the two planes are $179 for the F1 Rocket Evo and $139 for the Escapade. Hit up This Link for more information on them.

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Ken Block WR8 FLUX HPI Europe Video

HPI Racing has just released a new video of their Ken Block WR8 FLUX in some wild action at their European warehouse. Watch the video to see not only some sweet drift action, but also what rc is all about, having some good old fashioned fun. Don’t forget to check out the HPI Website for more information on all their products.

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Talk about all the bells and whistles! I stumbled upon this video and just had to share it. We have shared a few of these 1/4 scale videos before, and I just really like the detail these guys put into the stuff.

The office here is already packed floor to ceiling with RC, so I’m not sure where we’d put one of these, but something about it is really intriguing to me.

After the break the guy shows off the insane stereo system built into the trailer! So if you are digging this, check out the others.


So there are a bunch of people at e-volo who got their brains together to make a huge multi-copter. In the video you can see the big battery packs strapped on each of the struts, and what looks like giant brushless motors on top. The thing that blew me away is that he goes and grabs a normal 2.4ghz rc flight radio to fly the thing with! Honestly, I’m not sure Wrench hasn’t already done this and just not filmed or told anyone about it yet! LOL!

Still cool to see it in action.. seriously all the technology has been there for a while, it just took someone dumb brave enough to sit between 8 slicing and dicing machines with no protection.

All new episodes of the MythBusters will soon be upon us! The first of which is this Wednesday night at 9:00pm eastern on the Discovery Channel. We here at the Squid are big fans of the fedora sporting ADHD guy and the mustachioed, beret wearing, mountain of a man (or maybe it’s just Kari… yeah, that’s probably it). Anybody who’s watched the MythBusters knows that they have converted more than a few full size vehicles to radio control in cases when having a human driver would be too dangerous. We can only guess what kind of cool new radio controlled projects they might have up their sleeves for this season. So let’s reminisce about some of their projects from seasons passed, shall we?


But the ladies sure loved him...

I read and watch a ton of stuff on the internets every day. Some of that stuff I end up liking a lot and bookmarking for later. This new weekly feature highlights those links.

Build Log: Dumas 19′ Racing Runabout – This will be one to keep an eye on for a while. It’s going to be a long project from the looks of it.

Photo of the Week: Disco’s red hot ride. Forum member and comedian Desmond “Disco” Dailey show’s off his current drag car project. You might have to scroll down a bit if your browser doesn’t take you straight to the post.

Shopping Around: Save some cash, spend it on other stuff… – Check out my previous article about some of the ongoing rebates in the industry.

Video of the Week: Disassembly – A cool parts explosion animation of a non-descript R/C helicopter. The guy made it for his demo reel to show off his computer animation skills.

More Video: The Radio Control Show, Episode 45 – Info about RCX, the HPI Blitz ESE, Florida Jets event coverage, Aeroworks P51 Mustang ARF, new Kyosho products, Off-Road Shootout Sweepstakes grand prize RTR Baja 5T, HPI Vorza giveaway.

Even More Video: RCX 2010 Live Cams – Can’t make it to RCX this weekend? Well you could always sit at home and watch live streams, I mean, that’s almost just as good right? Am I right? Hello?. Three different streams are available, one showing the vast show floor, another showing off-road action on the dirt track, and a third mobile cam that will have interviews and product demos.

Here’s some video we shot while testing out our new Platinum Edition Traxxas Slash 4×4 in the snow! Good times! The video on Youtube is also uploaded there in hi-def!