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Dress up your Blitz like a Ford F-150

Pro-Line has a new F-150 body for the Ford lovin’ HPI Blitz drivers in the crowd.  It’s officially licensed and features all the Ford styling that all the Ford fans seem to love for some reason.   This body comes molded in durable, clear Lexan and includes all the usual stuff: decals, masks, and over-spray film.  It’s a quick and easy drop on replacement for your, no doubt, beat up and tired Blitz body.

Get some more info and pics at the Pro-Line web site.

Hey Pro-Line? Where’s the love for RAM fans?  A Tundra body would be cool too.

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Posted by in HPI Blitz, HPI Racing, Pro-Line on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 at 8:40 pm