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Duratrax Pre-mounts for Losi and Associated SCT 4x4's
Duratrax has just released their popular line-up of short course tires pre-mounted on Duratrax wheels specifically for the Losi Ten SCT/SCTE and the Associated SC10 4×4. Using pre-mounts makes it exceptionally easy to bolt on a new set of tires to your Losi or Associated 4wd short course truck. The pre-mounts are available in C2 or C3 compounds and come on black wheels. The Duratrax wheels are also available in white and yellow. Street price for just the wheels are $8 a pair, while street pricing for the pre-mounts are $25 a pair. Expect a release date of mid-September.

Duratrax Pre-mounted Combo’s-

DTXC3674 Lockup SC C2 MNTD SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3675 Lockup SC C2 MNTD SCTE 4×4 (2)
DTXC3682 Lineup SC C2 MNTD SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3683 Lineup SC C2 MNTD SCTE 4×4 (2)
DTXC3690 Shotgun SC C2 MNTD SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3691 Shotgun SC C2 MNTD SCTE 4×4 (2)
DTXC3698 Posse SC C2 MNTD SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3699 Posse SC C2 MNTD SCTE 4×4 (2)
DTXC3702 Bandito SC C2 MNTD SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3703 Bandito SC C2 MNTD SCTE 4×4 (2)

Duratrax Wheels Only-

DTXC3832 SC Wheel White SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3833 SC Wheel Yellow SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3834 SC Wheel Black SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3835 SC Wheel White SCTE 4×4 (2)
DTXC3836 SC Wheel Yellow SCTE 4×4 (2)
DTXC3837 SC Wheel Black SCTE 4×4 (2)

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