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Dynamite 2S Lipo for Vaterra Kemora Kalahari

The two new Vaterra 14th scaled vehicles, the Kemora and the Kalahari, come with an old school, low current, Ni-MH pack. If you really want to boost your new Vaterra’s performance a Lipo battery should be your first step.

Dynamite has announced a new Lipo that pops right into the Kemora and Kalahari. This “long” form factor Lipo is a 2 cell (7.4 volt) 2000 mAh pack that gives more power off the line as well as higher top speeds.

Part number for the new “long” Dynamite Lipo is #DYN1476 and they have a street price of $40. For more detailed information click THIS link which takes you to the official Horizon website. Don’t forget that you’ll need a Lipo charger for this battery as the one included with the Kemora and Kalahari is only for Ni-MH.

Thinking about getting a new Vaterra? Check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.