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Exceed 6x6 MadTorque CrawlerLooking for a big crawling machine? Is 4×4 just not enough for you? If so, the picture above of the Exceed MadTorque 6×6 should get your attention.

The MadTorque uses 3 solid axles to put the power to the ground from its three 540 brushed motors and two electronic speed controllers. An aluminum chassis, six oil filled shocks, and multi-link suspension help it climb over tough rock sections. Some of its other features & specifications include-

* RTR w/ 2.4GHz radio system
* Waterproof
* Comes with 6 cell 3300mAh Ni-MH battery
* Equipped with ball bearings
* Bead lock wheels
* High torque servo
* Length- 790mm
* Wheelbase- 630mm
* Width- 360mm

The part number for the MadTorque is #03C20 and it has a street price of $289. Hit up This Link for more information.

You Never Know what is behind a BigSquidRC TGIF Mystery Link.


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  1. Chevis commented thusly:

    Truck’s cool, but that is the best mystery link EVER!

  2. Jon attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Best part about this might be the chassis plates, would make 6×6 monster crawler builds much easier…….

    But the truck looks a lil too long and wide for my more scale oriented tastes, first thing I would do is shorten all the links.

    Still a very neat truck tho, I’m not a big fan of that company, but kudos to them for bringing a rather niche vehicle to market.

  3. Daniel commented thusly:

    Or, maybe a 10×10 custom Traxxas truck:

  4. Foxx commented thusly:

    I would’ve put the two axles on the front and one in the rear, four wheel steer on the front. Maybe dualies in the back. Also I would’ve give it a ‘robot’ or ‘sci fi rock crawler’ look, that body is fooling no one LOL looks like an empty shell.

  5. mattN said:

    Looks good but i have owned a exceed rc befor and they’re not the best put together rc‘s on the market. Luckily it looks good enough that they will b able to sell. O and no one makes hop ups for exceed rc.