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fps russia

OK.. this is pretty crazy. For the record, we don’t condone, recommend or suggest anyone do this EVER! Not even this guy! But.. since it’s been done, the FPS Russia guy never fails to surprise with the insane creations they come up with. The fact that he’s got a quadcopter that can even lift a machine gun! I’m guessing he is NOT the guy flying. Flying a loaded machine gun around, aiming it at yourself and others, all under remote control that as well all know isn’t perfect or flawless. Watching it closely… it all looks pretty fake.. he’s looking away, and it’s flying around on it’s own. Either way.. it’s interesting to watch..

Click through the break to see the embedded video.

Lets hear from our quad guys.. fake or what? Comments are on.


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  1. 3DBill said:

    Seen this a couple days ago… CGI. Even if it were real most rc pilots tend not to look away from a model while its flying.. especially if its carrying a lethal weapon onboard. Well done video but it falls into the same bucket as the fullscale one wing plane landing.. Entertaining but not real. Tip to gun guys.. watch it during the reqoil as it fires and the muzzel flash ;).

  2. Adam proclaimed on this day:

    Doesn’t matter if it’s real or not this is the future. Speaking from experience anyone can build a tri/quad copter for a for a under 300 USD with parts from eBay or HobbyKing and that includes the FPV gear so think what the military must be able to do with their resources?

    • 3DBill attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

      Well aware of the potential.. Its not something i would want to put out there though. The military has had rc to play with since it was invented.

  3. Brian's mouth spewed forth:

    FAKE! The explosions in the dummies gives it away. Plus the quad is obviously CGI.

  4. Matthew Powers broke a vow of silence to say:

    Viral Call of Duty Marketing…

  5. Evan J commented thusly:

    I don’t know… The explosions look fake but the copter seems pretty real to me. I love these things, especially the AR. Drone from Parrot. Those are awesome.

  6. alex said this nonsense:

    The rotor blades look a little funky for hauling that around, and where would the 100shot mag be? I agree parts are probably fake in the video but could make a rc helo that looks like that with a gun, prob airsoft m4 barrel

  7. Morgalad commented thusly:

    This video is fake but I recommend other videos of the same guy specially one playing with an AA-12 Automatic shotgun, this guy have access to they coolest guns in the world and that’s why the Call Of Duty guys hired him for the promotion.