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helimax md-530 helicopter
If you’ve been holding back on picking up a new Heli-Max helicopter, now might be the time to snatch one up. Announced today were rebates on three of their popular models-

* MD-530 TX-R: Pictured above, this is an “intermediate” level heli that comes set-up to use your own transmitter and sports a $30 rebate which brings the price down to right around $90.

* Axe 100 CP RTF: Pictured below, this is an “advanced” level heli that comes RTF with radio gear and has a rebate of $50 that brings the price down to about $150.

* Axe 100 CP TX-R: Also pictured below, is the same as the RTF except it uses your own transmitter. The Axe 100 CP TX-R sports a street price of about $99 after a $60 rebate.

All of these are available right now, the rebates last through the end of January, and you can get more information on the official Heli-Max Website.

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