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Hitec X1 MF 80-Watt Battery Charger
Hitec announced today a brand new battery charger for their product line-up, the X1 MF. The MF stands for “multi-function” and it boasts two features you won’t find on ordinary chargers- a servo tester and a built in motor rpm tester. Some of the other features and specs include-

* AC/DC, single port charger
* 80-watts/10-amps of charging power
* Charges Lithium, NiCd/NiMH and Lead-Acid types of batteries
* Built-in Motor RPM Tester
* Built-in Servo Tester
* USB PC Control Interface
* Universal Balancing Board
* Upgradeable Firmware
* Part #44176

Street price is $89 and you can learn more information about all of Hitec’s fine products on their Official Website.

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