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KO Propo EX-1 KIY Version 2
KO Propo has just announced their EX-1 KIY Version 2 for all you high-end transmitter users. A number of upgrades have been incorporated and it now features a 5% faster response time. Some of its features and specifications include-

* Version 2 is a software improvement for response and linear feeling.
* Conventional response increased 5%.
* Transition from moving the steering back/forth quickly and small movements have been improved.
* Motion feeling has been enhanced. Improvement for human interface for a more natural feeling but still maintaining a faster feeling.
* Version 2 Master Units (FHSS & ASF) are compatible with current Grip and Steering Units.
* External plastic case is the same as previous version, just software and PC board has been changed.
* Current customers with Version 1 will be able to send in their Master Units for a PC board change to the Version 2 at a later date once the boards are available.
* Master Unit EX-1 FHSS Ver.2 plus KR-411FH receiver, Part #10520
* Master Unit EX-1 ASF Ver.2 for Mini-Z only, Part #10522
* EX-1 KIY 2.4GHz FHSS Set Ver.2 Tx/Rx, Part #80519
* EX-1 KIY ASF Set Ver.2 for Mini-Z only, Part #80521

Hit up the official KO Propo Website for more details, and hit up THIS link for more KO news right here on BigSquidRC.