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Kyosho releases new F1 chassis – MF-015

Vodaphone #1

Kyosho has updated their Mini-Z F1 with the new MF-015 chassis.  These are expected to see US soil Jan. 20th with shipments going out to dealers shortly afterwards.  The first two will be based on the McLaren Mercedes MP4-25  Vodaphone #1 and #2 car. This is an ASF (Auto Select Frequency) 2.4ghz chassis that you pair to an existing 2.4ghz ASF transmitter.  If you haven’t seen one of these in person, you owe it to yourself to check it out in person. The scale detail is astounding in such a small package (1:24 scale)

Updates include a new RA-24T receiver/speed control that offers 2.4ghz and some pretty trick onboard electronics.  “Chase Mode” which is activated via a 3rd channel on your compatible transmitter.  This is like KERS on the full scale F1 cars in that the cars can operate at 70% throttle and activate a 3 second boost to 100% throttle for overtaking.  There is also a port to accept Kyosho’s Gyro to activate onboard stability control (steering and throttle).

To run the car you’ll need 4 x AAA batteries (rechargeable highly recommended), and a compatible 2.4ghz ASF transmitter.  Kyosho recommends the EX-5UR as it included the 3rd channel if you wish to use Chase Mode .  You can also use KO Propo radios that accept the 2.4ghz ASF module or 2 channel Kyosho KT-18 (no “Chase Mode” support). Optionally you can get the I.C.S. USB adapter to adjust many different onboard settings including adjusting how many “boosts” everyone gets in Chase Mode to act as a form of handicapping.

Visit the official Kyosho page for more info.

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