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Capacity Test
The test for capacity was done much the same as in the first shootout, all packs were fully charged on a Duratrax ICE (selected because it’s still arguably the most prevalent charger on the market) at a 1C rate, then discharged to 3.0 volts per cell (6.0 volts on all these 2S packs) at a 1C discharge rate (5 amps for the packs listed as 5000 mah, and a 5.2 amp rate for the lone 5200 mah pack). Capacity was determined at the end of the discharge.

Points Manufacturer/Battery Capacity
1 ACE 5000 40c 5028
2 Zippy 5000 30c 4974
3 JGB 5200 35C 4970
4 Hyperion 5000 30c 4855
5 Checkpoint 5000 40c 4688
6 Venom 5000 20c 4635
7 Common Sense 5000 40c 4621
8 Winforce 5000 30c 3728

LiPo Battery Shoot Out
Click the chart for larger version.

Remember: The tests are all scored by points, lowest to highest. The lower the score the better, like a game of golf.

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