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Lipo Shootout 2 – Voltage Under Load

LiPo Shootout 2 – Voltage Under Load Test
Packs were fully charged at 1C, then discharged at 30 amps continuous to a cut off point of 6.0 total volts by a Competition Electronics Turbo 35. We chose 30 amps because it’s a heavy enough load to create problems in weak packs, and it’s also a relatively close load to what many drivers will pull when using brushless motors. The higher voltage that a battery can put out under a load, the faster that it is going to feel on track.

PointsManufacturer/BatteryVoltage Under Load
7Common Sense7.17v

LiPo Battery Shootout 2 Voltage Under Load
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Remember: The tests are all scored by points, lowest to highest. The lower the score the better, like a game of golf.

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