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LiPo Shootout – Price Comparison

LiPo Shootout – Price Comparison Test
Perhaps the single most important category of the test, and one would think that price would be the easiest to judge, but think again. Whenever possible, we used the price off of Tower Hobbies, as Tower tends to set the “street price” for most products. When a battery was not listed on Tower, we resorted to Google. The prices we list below are our best shot at listing a true street price as of July 2009.

Points Manufacturer/Battery Price in Dollars
1 SMC Lightning Volts 5000 20c $69.99
2 True RC True RC 5000 $75.00
3 True RC 6400 15c $88.00
4 SMC Sport Max 8000mah 28c+ $89.99
4 Thunder Power Sport Race 5400 25c $89.99
6 Speed Power 4000 25c $99.00
7 Team Checkpoint 3600 30C 114.99
8 CORE RC Core RC 5000 $119.99
9 Thunder Power Pro Race 5000 40c $124.99
10 SMC C-Max 5200 40c+ $125.00
11 Thunder Power Sport Race 8000 22c $159.99

LiPo Battery Shootout Prices
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Remember: The tests are all scored by points, lowest to highest. The lower the score the better, like a game of golf.

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