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LiPo Shootout – Voltage Under Load Tests

LiPo Shootout – Voltage Under Load Test
Packs were fully charged at 1C, then discharged at 30 amps continuous to a cut off point of 6.0 total volts by a Competition Electronics Turbo 35. We chose 30 amps because it’s a heavy enough load to create problems in poor packs, and it’s also relatively close to what many drivers will pull on a consistent basis when using brushless motors.

Points Manufacturer/Battery Voltage Under Load
1 Thunder Power Pro Race 5000 40c 7.13v
1 Thunder Power Sport Race 8000 22c 7.13v
3 Thunder Power Sport Race 5400 25c 7.12v
4 SMC Sport Max 8000mah 28c+ 7.1v
5 SMC C-Max 5200 40c+ 7.08v
6 SMC Lightning Volts 5000 20c 7.03v
6 True RC 6400 15c 7.03v
8 Speed Power 4000 25c 6.98v
9 True RC True RC 5000 6.97v
10 CORE RC Core RC 5000 6.96v
11 Team Checkpoint 3600 30C 6.8v

LiPo Battery Shootout Voltage Under Load
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Remember: The tests are all scored by points, lowest to highest. The lower the score the better, like a game of golf.

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