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Week 6!

That’s right, after a short break, we are back! We figured everyone was getting tired of posting a comment every day, so we thought we’d give you a few days rest.

If you have not heard, we are giving away a Dozen Mystery Vehicles! One a Week for the next 12 weeks! The vehicles may by nitro or electric and are from the following companies: ARRMA RC, Team Durango, Duratrax, and Thunder Tiger!

So how it’s going down this week. You need to enter a comment below, but this time around to keep everyone on their toes, we need your comment to be in the form of a small poem, rhyme, or rap. ALL entries must be in by 8pm cst. Monday September 24th. And we will announce a winner at 10pm CST. Don’t worry, the winner will still be random from all valid entries.

Because of shipping issues, this contest is limited to the continental United States Only. Sorry. Getting radio and other equipment overseas and across boarders lately just isn’t that easy any more, and costly.

Comments left on the Facebook page do NOT count. You must enter a comment on the Big Squid RC webpage.

You can enter more than once, but it won’t help your chances.. but if you are feeling extra creative, feel free to share.

Comments are turned on for this post! Start rhyming!

I’ll get ya started.. there once was a squid from nantucket (PS.. keep it clean! )


The comments below are the property and opinions of the commenter that made them.  Any opinions expressed in them are not necessarily shared or endorsed by Big Squid RC management or staff.  Please keep comments on topic and civil.  We reserve the right to delete comments and ban commenters at any time and for any reason.

  1. Hector J opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Come on free stuff

    • Sean Gardner attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

      This is not a valid entry. small poem, rhyme, or rap. Disqualified

  2. Joe Cimino proclaimed on this day:

    …that came from the sea by the bucket.
    they swam and they swayed,
    but with great dismay,
    they were calamari by supper!

  3. Tony Feliciti broke a vow of silence to say:

    R C Short course R C Short course
    Hack fest time, hack fest time
    ball cups are a popping, ball cups are a popping
    D N F, D N F

  4. lbenton broke a vow of silence to say:

    Another roll of the dice

  5. Robert Ruggiero said:

    Violets are blue Roses are red,I would love to win this giveaway instead… ;)

  6. Derek Rader said this nonsense:


  7. Joey said this nonsense:

    Roses are red, Violets are blue…
    I need a new RC, How about you???

  8. kyle riedel proclaimed on this day:

    That sat upon his lonely bucket. He waved hello, eating jellow, thinking “why does everyone have a evil stare at me.

  9. Mike King opened their gaping maw and spake:

    This is it, I told myself I was a winner.. but I probly lied to myself.

  10. Jesse Vaughn attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Durangos are red thunder tigers are blue my o my was that a duratrax that blew past you.

  11. Brandon said this nonsense:

    Another week, another. Please pick me, or I might die.

  12. Kyle Cooper opened their gaping maw and spake:

    I need something good so I can show up all the racers in the RC hood!

  13. El Stinko said:

    I need a new race car
    without it, I will never be a track star.
    Losing every week
    makes me an RC geek.
    I work on my driving,
    but my junk is always sliding,
    and casing the jumps
    has earned me the nickname of “Rookie.”
    So gimme some free stuff,
    but not too good,
    I still need an excuse
    for hitting the wood.

  14. Taylor Smith said:

    there once was a squid from nantucket
    he was gonna give me a free RC but was a little reluctant!

  15. Waylon broke a vow of silence to say:

    Drove my rc truck into a wall, man i lucked out and it didnt take a fall. All because of bigsquidrc review of the ruckus, i lucked out and am going to save a couple buckus!!!

  16. Justin said this nonsense:

    I once drove my slash into a tree.
    It broke into more parts than I could see.
    One hit my eye.
    I started to cry.
    Then all of my friends laughed at me.

  17. Jason Owens broke a vow of silence to say:

    I guess I can enter even though I won’t win :(

  18. Jory's mouth spewed forth:

    Seriously…..a rhyme?
    You act like I have that kind of time.
    You should just give the prize to me.
    I’m the most deserving, don’t you see?
    …hey, wait…

  19. Steve C's mouth spewed forth:

    Squidily diddly has 12 arms!
    Squidily diddly threw us all great charms!
    A free rc to the winners for 12 weeks!
    Boy isn’t it so sweet!
    Big squid RC just can’t be beat!!

  20. JoeO said:

    Let’s do this again…winner..winner. chicken dinner!!!

  21. Eddie F's mouth spewed forth:

    I visited a page on Big Squid
    And submitted a comment I did
    I hope to win this contest
    so I can feel like the best
    but if not off to eBay I bid

  22. Mike bailey said:

    Be awesome to win one fellows!

  23. Jesse's mouth spewed forth:

    I’m old and tired and I don’t rhyme
    but I need some new stuff so I’ll try this time
    All these new products coming on the scene
    I want to try them but I don’t have the green
    So Big Squid’s a promising they’ll give me a chance
    So I gots my fingers crossed wearing my lucky pants
    If I win a new truck not only will I be pleased
    I won’t have to keep hereing” can I drive Grandpa PLEEEEEEZ”

  24. Rick attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    I feel the need for RC Speed

  25. Derrick attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    I hope I win a nice buggy
    from the guys at big squid RC
    it would make me happy

  26. Jeff Podina attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Squiddy, diddy, doooo….I need a new RC more than you!

  27. fennec proclaimed on this day:


  28. Ryan N. proclaimed on this day:

    Roses are red violets are blue I hate driving my slash in to dog pooh.

  29. Kevin said:

    I would love to win a truggy
    Or maybe evens buggy
    If I had a monster truck
    I might never get stuck
    I could hit the trails with a scaler
    Or go to the track with a new racer

  30. biff opened their gaping maw and spake:


  31. jimbo74 attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    things look kinda grim,
    i really need to win,
    can’t play in the sand,
    without a cool rc in my hand.

  32. Jerry opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Does this have to rhyme
    cuz my rapping is weak
    But I’m not too meek
    To ask that this be my time

  33. george silliman said:

    here i sit with nothing to do, so i write this poem just for you. hopefully ill win a new free car,if not ill enter again,hardy har har…..

  34. Matthew Powers's mouth spewed forth:

    Ahem…Yo…..Yo..CHeck me out right here yo,
    Im dropin this phat rhyme
    an I’m gavin’ a good time
    all it takes is a few choice lines
    and that free r/c vehicle will be all mines [sic]

  35. sam s attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    There once was a squid from Nantucket.
    To big of a squid for a bucket.
    He had a short course,
    that could outrun a horse.
    He was the big squid from Nantucket!

  36. Tracy M attempted to articulate the following, but failed:


  37. Dave broke a vow of silence to say:

    This is great!

  38. Isaiah Rosencrans attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    do, do, do da, di da….traxxas mini revo, half sized ken block, mini slash, brushed summit oh my gawd another mini slash, ford mustang vxl, mini rally vxl, brushed ford mustang, and kyles mothers busch… do do, di da, do da…. Mini ford fiesta, mini grave digger… how about a mini.. battleship, brushed mini revo, second mini brushed replica.. HPI.. OH MY GAWD HERE COMES ANOTHER SAVAGE…. =0

  39. Marc Deaso said:

    This Weeks giveaway will be mine
    If you want to enter, that’s just fine
    It wouldn’t be considered a sin
    As long as you know I will win
    My new RC will most definitely shine

  40. mason morris said:

    i open a window and a breez rolls in and i jizz
    i check my phone and saw you rang and i jizz
    i go out into the pouring rain and i jizz, RUCKA NUCKA FO’EVER

  41. Nate proclaimed on this day:

    Dirt & mud jungle where dreams are made of
    There’s nothing you can’t do
    Now you’ve won with Big Squid
    These winnings will make you feel brand new
    Big jumps will inspire you
    Let’s hear it for Big Squid

  42. xerxes attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    evrybody stop da pressis, kuz xerxes is heer!
    hees a recoverin alkaholik, but pass him a beer!

    kuz its party time, & hees inda house,
    2many drinks & heel b waring mandis blouse!

    dancin onda tables, hees a belly dancer today,
    Cubby throws pennys kuz dats all he gets paid!!!

    manny throws singls, its all in good fun.
    jeff hoy cant throw anythng xcept a tantrum!!!

    me & him playd football once, he was da quartrbak.
    tim & brian blitzd us & jeff hoy got sakd!

    he fumbld da ball & lost us da game.
    & 2 make mattrs worse, his ankle got spraind!!!

    den he got upset & his eyes startd 2 tear.
    wen xerxes sed hees seen bettr arms on a chair!!!

    dis is all tru. u can ask anyone.
    whos playd flag football wif bigsquid for fun!!!!!!

  43. shawn roy's mouth spewed forth:

    I want in…LOL

  44. lance said:

    Buggies are nice but the person that c but the person that came up with this contest is very very clever

  45. kevin patrick broke a vow of silence to say:

    over the triples into the lead
    the others will be jealous
    cause BSRC gave me a Durango for free

  46. Greg said this nonsense:

    Im here everyday!
    Ive been trying for 6 weeks!
    Make my wishes come true!
    So i don’t have to spend another week with the boo hoos!
    I can’t rhyme!
    But you get the point!
    So give me free shit!
    Pleae! lol

  47. Michael Lettieri broke a vow of silence to say:

    I’m in.

  48. Brian commented thusly:

    I Post.
    I Win.
    I Hope.

  49. jamie myhre said this nonsense:


  50. Doug Gernaat's mouth spewed forth:

    … he ate rcsoup and puked it.

  51. Sean Fredericks opened their gaping maw and spake:

    In it to win it is what I say, come on BigSquid, pick me today.

  52. Alex proclaimed on this day:

    I write strange, original parodies
    When stupid bs is allowed
    Then Cubby has a 10-watt-bulb
    And shouts out, loud and proud,
    “This Alex is getting annoying, he thinks he is something unique,
    let’s make everyone use their brains, be creative, so to speak!”
    And from toilets across America, redneck rc’ers record their thoughts,
    Oh, when Monday rolls around, there’s sure to be lots and lots!
    So, while I surely will not win, I now have a new goal:
    Get you guys to ban me, for being a freeloader troll!

  53. jon tet said this nonsense:

    beans, beans
    the musical fruit
    the more you eat
    the more you toot,
    the more you toot
    the better you feel
    now you’re ready for another meal

  54. Reaper broke a vow of silence to say:

    I really hope to win a new truck but doubt I will with my darn luck!!

  55. lil reaper's mouth spewed forth:

    Heck far, I love to play with my RC car

  56. Jim ellison's mouth spewed forth:

    SiX is my lucky number!

  57. kirk attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    I had a blast when I smashed it, bashed it, totally trashed it. Now I need a new one so I crash it

  58. Mike D.'s mouth spewed forth:

    please please please please please please please pick me!!!!

  59. Bruno proclaimed on this day:

    When is the announcements for winners?

  60. dannydietze opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Back for more

  61. LOS JR said this nonsense:


  62. isaac attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Please Big Squid
    Hook me up
    Im just a young gun
    wanting a new truck

  63. VIkram's mouth spewed forth:

    Some dude got a MT4-G3
    For free.
    What do I get Big Squid RC.
    I would love something from Durango or ARRMA or Thunder Tiger you see.
    But I don’t have the dough, my pocket’s empty.
    So come on Squid, wrangle up something for me!

  64. Mike Singleton attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    lets go!

  65. jerry stephens proclaimed on this day:

    another click count. Can I have a car please?

  66. Mike said:

    Me me meeeeeeeee!!!!

  67. Sean Gardner said:


  68. Stephen Gerfen opened their gaping maw and spake:

    A change in the game.
    I wonder what the prize is.
    It is raining now.

  69. Jason Montgomery proclaimed on this day:

    Oh, rc car.
    You jump so high
    You go so fast.
    Why can’t you let my money last?
    The squid knows why, he is wise
    He may even give me a little prize.

  70. Ralph Kittrell opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Bigsquidrc is the site for me,
    especially when they are giving away rc’s for free,
    pull up a chair while i grab my bango,
    and rap about free rc’s like team durango,

  71. Gray Malkmus opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Yo yo yo
    My name is Gray
    I’m ready to win
    And run an arrma
    Or durango
    Or thunder tiger…
    Yo yo yo

  72. tom frankito attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    I love to race the rc short course.
    My wife would rather I did not.
    Once I snuck out and she called me a snot,
    now I just race in the back lot!

  73. Tim Mastenbrook commented thusly:

    there once was asquid from Nantucket…
    my new jumping Big Squid winning truck he must duck it!

  74. Todd K said:

    To win or not to win, now that is the question.

  75. Mitchell carroll said this nonsense:

    I had an rc. It was stolen from me. I’ve been crying all day. Like a little bay bay. My car hit a wall and that was my rc downfall..

  76. chaz l. said this nonsense:

    You gotta put them in there place before the race!

  77. chaz l. said:

    You gotta put them in their place before the race!

  78. torquelover attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Got back in the hobby, hello ECX Torment.
    Was for the kid, the low price was heaven sent.
    Kid got bored, on the shelf it went.
    Brushless and lipo, oh no the axles are bent!
    UPS to the rescue, VXL axles they sent.
    A few months later, life is boring now, with just one Torment.
    Come on Big Squid, send another truck for our entertainment!

  79. Brian Rohe opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Roses are red
    My cars always broken
    So give me a new one
    And it too will get broken!

  80. Natalie frankito's mouth spewed forth:

    My husband has a lot of rc cars.
    They are spread all over the garage.
    If you pick me to win the contest,
    It’s my turn to make a mess!

  81. Reapers Wife proclaimed on this day:

    Here I sit,all broken hearted. Dying to win but, this is retarded.

  82. Duston said:

    there once was a squid from nantucket
    …that wrapped its tentacles around a bucket
    It lifted it high
    Then let out a sigh
    Then grunted real loud and chucked it.

  83. Craig T commented thusly:

    Nothing rhymes with orange!

  84. mark batchelor said:


  85. Adam Watson opened their gaping maw and spake:

    MC/RC in da house!
    Rap song, rap song, we sing our rap song and the crowd goes wild.
    Hey shawty, ya reely lookin nice, let me take ya to da moovies cuz I know you like.
    Let me take you to da moovies shawty, a little later and you will be my baby, let’s sit down and just be by my side, I got da popcorn, I know just what you like. Yo, this be a tribute to Bangs, best rappa alive. Gets me some RC, reel EZ, when I get it for free, from BSRCeeeeeeee, boyeeeeeeee, ah yeeeeeeah

  86. Jason Brown said this nonsense:

    Yo yo yo chillIin like a villan with a free rc!! That’s right pick me!!

  87. Clay Berry's mouth spewed forth:

    Yo Yo Yo, Whats up Rc Dogs,
    I need me a new rc to run in the Mud Boggs!
    Needs to be wicked and sick,
    Something new from Week Six!
    Yeah thats me just chillin’,
    Sitting back hoping for a winning!

  88. Laura's mouth spewed forth:

    My name is Laura!
    And I want Morea!!
    R/C R/C!
    yeapee yeapee!

  89. jkennedy broke a vow of silence to say:

    duratrax,arrma rc, what will it be.thunder tiger,team durango.could it be. find out in one short week.

  90. Tiffany broke a vow of silence to say:

    There once was a squid from nantucket that jumped out the big red bucket, and said where is my RTR RC because I’m ready to truck it!

  91. John said:

    So nerved up about who is to win, please BigSquid don’t let it be kin. Give this here stranger a chance, untold fortunes await at first glance. Hence do not prance and invite me to thy wonderful dance.

  92. Reapers Wife said this nonsense:

    Hey,I just met you,and this is crazy,so here’s my entry,so pick me maybe

  93. Reapers said this nonsense:

    R.C. racing is my life! I love it about as much as I love my wife!

  94. Jeff Robichaud's mouth spewed forth:

    I say hey,
    I want to win today,
    So why not pick mey,
    So hey hey im the winner today

  95. Cliff Matthews said:

    I want to win an R/C car.
    My chances of winning could not be more far.
    So pleae pick me and you will see,
    I will be very grateful since I have no money!

  96. Nick OConnor said:

    I hope I win the the rc monster truck,
    With all the entries lately I’ll need some luck,
    Hope to be takin a new rc crazy bashing,
    Jumping over hills, eating up rocks and mashing!

  97. John Cortes opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Count me in for week 6!

  98. Taimur opened their gaping maw and spake:

    I posted every here day,
    Hoping I wouldn’t stray,
    But Big Squid didn’t include me in the Giveaway,
    I tried,
    I cried,
    but in the end I never qualified.
    Now I’m back,
    hoping to win so I can hit the track.
    Please read my post,
    because if I don’t win,
    this laptop will be toast.
    Keep me from forever becoming a Ghost.
    Your friend and Fan,
    T – who loves you the Most.

  99. mark vanderwerf said:

    New AE short course buggy give away???

  100. cecil kates proclaimed on this day:

    I love freebies

  101. LOS JR commented thusly:


  102. RichE Rich opened their gaping maw and spake:

    By entering the contest i know i have a better chance at winning then by not entering! LOL.

  103. isaac commented thusly:

    i plead
    a new rc is what i need!

  104. Mike said:

    Just realized my last entry was valid so…. Roses are red, violets are blue, give me the prize or I’ll light this bag of dog poo!

  105. Daniel Rosengren's mouth spewed forth:


  106. bryan said this nonsense:

    I don’t need to make a rap, i will win it anyway

  107. Kevin said this nonsense:

    pick meeeeeeeeeeee

  108. Mike bailey said:

    I’m the winner this week I just know it!

  109. Justin P. broke a vow of silence to say:

    Enter to win
    On Big Squid RC
    Only six more weeks
    To claim your RC for FREE!

  110. Tridachnid said:

    Franklins tower there hangs a bell. It may have one good ring you may tell. One ring by night, one ring by day. It’ll ring like fire if you lose your way.

  111. Harry attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    I’m in….still

  112. Megan's mouth spewed forth:

    Gears of the hardened steel,
    Arms of fiber laced nylon,
    By the time you read these words,
    My brushless rc will be long gone!

  113. Jason brewer's mouth spewed forth:

    In the abyss the kraken waits
    longing for the release of rc stash
    for upon it’s tentacles shall it’s worth be weighted
    so that all men shall know where to spend thy cash
    and all will know what is best for the bash

  114. J. Little commented thusly:

    I’m not a rapper, I seldom rhyme
    havn”t wrote a poem in a very long time
    But if thats requireed to win this rc
    I’ll finsh this with, please pick me

  115. Marshall proclaimed on this day:

    Roses are red when you win.
    My ESC is Blue by noon.
    My Battery is Hot by then.
    O’ How I yearn for a new Truck to Turn.

  116. jerry stephens commented thusly:

    ready and willing

  117. Bill Roberts commented thusly:

    Please give me an RC Truck
    With these contsts I never have much luck

  118. Jason p attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Roses are red voilets are blue wish I win thanks to the bsrc crew

  119. Terry broke a vow of silence to say:

    There once was a man,
    who had a big fan,
    and came up with a plan,
    to fly across a large span,
    so he used a spray can,
    to paint his fan tan,
    and strapped it to his minivan,
    the police enacted a ban,
    but he drove past their sedan,
    and now he fits inside of a can.

  120. Al Gio proclaimed on this day:

    There once was a squid from nantucket who couldn’t keep a lid on his bucket
    For he bashed every day to take the boredum away
    But with the high air of his jumps and the blazing speed of his ride
    He often landed on his hood or cartwheeled on his side
    So sadly today he awaits
    For the glue to dry on his wheels as he ducttapes his lid with a gleen in his eye.

  121. airmayle's mouth spewed forth:

    oh where oh where does my little free rc lie.

  122. mason morris proclaimed on this day:

    i came by a bucket……
    and then i screwed it…..
    i lost all my posssions, so i said screw it

  123. Ragu commented thusly:

    Not to really sound whack,
    but I’m gonna need my own shack
    when I win this new RC
    to show how awesome my car collection will be!

  124. Ryan n. proclaimed on this day:

    What will I do for r.c. I rhyming rapping fool I may be?

  125. Kyle Cooper broke a vow of silence to say:

    If I win I will give to my next of kin!

  126. LOS JR opened their gaping maw and spake:


  127. Izzy said:

    Across the desert sands,
    Came a gypsy caravan.
    Men on camels,two by two.
    I really love Big Squid RC too!

  128. Jude commented thusly:

    I really want a new car
    I haven’t won one so far

  129. David said this nonsense:


  130. cecil kates commented thusly:

    I’m really appreciate this promotion.

  131. Steve S opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    My kids have rc cars
    And I want one too

  132. Erich deesch commented thusly:

    They did the bash
    They did the RC bash
    Oooooo they had a blast
    The adults were bashing
    And the trucks were smashing
    They did the bash
    The RC monster bash

  133. Reaper said:

    Here we go with another rhyme. I hate doing this every time. For a new rc truck I would kill,I just hope this contest is for real! Having to enter daily is enough without having to rhyme and stuff.So please let me win so I won’t have to rhyme ever again.

  134. Landon proclaimed on this day:

    I want a new rc to bash
    I need a new rc to thrash
    I hope i win, with some luck,
    A brand new Buggy or short course truck!
    Maybe i’ll take that rc off some ramps
    with a Brushless system rated at 120 amps
    I’ll bash this rc till’ it breaks in half
    Or maybe i’ll race it on a track.
    I hope i don’t loose a suspension pin
    OMG i hope i win!

  135. isaac commented thusly:

    i woke up with a croissant
    but an rc is what i really want

  136. Mike bailey broke a vow of silence to say:

    Be nice to win after my team choked yesterday.

  137. Nick Gekoskie broke a vow of silence to say:

    There once was a squid from nantucket,
    Who ate his lunch in a bucket.
    He was a tad chubby,
    Must have been named Cubby :P
    But when he entered and one a contest at
    That nobody got a smokin date to prom.

    Thanks guys

  138. Richard proclaimed on this day:

    OMD “Oh My Dog!”

  139. Reapers wife said this nonsense:

    It is getting really hard to make a rhyme every time. I have to win, don’t want to rhyme again!

  140. LANCE commented thusly:

    and happiness but it seems like m but it seems like my Rc collections always grows

  141. Tracy M said this nonsense:

    You ask me to make all my post clean but I still haven’t won a GOSH DARN THING!

  142. Geoff said this nonsense:

    No rhyming for me
    Cause all I see
    Is a new RC for me
    Good luck everyone on tommarows drawing

  143. fletch's mouth spewed forth:

    There once was a squid from Nantucket
    Whose tentacles was so long he could suck it
    He said with a grin
    As he wiped off his chin
    If I had an RC I’d huck it.

  144. Ryan n. proclaimed on this day:

    Roses are red violets are smelly I could really use a new Durango in my belly?

  145. Tridachnid said this nonsense:

    Meow, meow, meow, am I cow?

  146. Aaron Klapatch's mouth spewed forth:

    The comment I leave should be a rhyme
    this is poem is mine and only mine.

  147. george silliman said:

    im not a big fan of writing raps,but if its gets me a new car ill keep doing this crap ;)

  148. Rick commented thusly:

    Roses are Red Violets are whatever
    I can’t make a Poem, but I can bash where ever.

  149. Buck-O proclaimed on this day:

    Big Squid is offering a contest for free R/C’s!
    I looked at the rules and said, YES PLEASE!
    I too some extra time…
    Made sure my entry was a rhyme.
    And completed my entry with ease.

  150. Evan's mouth spewed forth:

    Yo yo look at me,
    It’s time for me to win an rc.
    I post everyday, but no luck you see,
    Tomorrow will be the day
    I ger an rc for free!

  151. Zach B said:

    There once was a site called Bigsquid
    Who bashed and flipped trucks on their lid
    If you believe what they say
    New is all they give away.
    Those jokesters sure know how to kid.

  152. LOS JR's mouth spewed forth:


  153. Jose Reyes said:

    Gator Boots, with the pimped out Gucci suit
    Ain’t got no job, but I stay sharp
    Can’t pay my rent, cause all my money’s spent on Rc’s
    I got a quarter charge lipo in my new Xo-1
    But that’s alright cause I’m gon’ ride
    got everything in my moma’s name
    but I’m hood rich son

  154. jerry stephens said:

    add one more to the shameless click promotion…..

  155. chris sias broke a vow of silence to say:

    my name name is chris and i don’t want to miss this epic contest. big squid is their name. my rap is kinda lame but i want to win all the same.

  156. Greg Allen's mouth spewed forth:

    Roses are red, violets are blue, i’m a Schizophrenic, and so am I, and we would love to win!

  157. Geoff commented thusly:

    No rapping for me
    cause my RC just hit a darn tree
    So plz pick me to win that new RC
    Today is Monday the day of the drawing
    If you pick me no more parts will b flying

  158. Mike King commented thusly:

    Got to be today. This is the one.

  159. cecil kates attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    6 is my lucky number

  160. Jeramy Walburn attempted to articulate the following, but failed:


  161. Ed opened their gaping maw and spake:

    How do I love thee, BSRC? Let me count the ways.
    I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
    My brushless monster truck can reach, when feeling out of sight
    For the ends of bashing and ideal race
    I love thee to the level of every day’s
    Most quiet need, by sun and scale LED KC Daylight

  162. benjamin frye said this nonsense:

    i would look great w- a new r.c.!

  163. Jake Parrigan commented thusly:

    Big Squid Rc is the place to read for all of your rc fantasy’s!

  164. Kyle Cooper said this nonsense:

    If I rap like crap, can I still get an RC for me?

  165. tridachnid said:

    I like to drive my RC cars. My radio range is far. I bash it hear & I bash it there. No other driver can compare.

  166. R/C in AZ broke a vow of silence to say:

    Big Squid says what they mean,
    and mean what they say.
    Best web site ever.
    Day after day.

  167. Terry Baucom said:

    The other day
    We went out to play.
    My son said I hate to be a bore
    But my truck won’t run no more.
    As he spoke
    I new it was broke
    We need a new one right away!

  168. taylor said:

    well i sucked at racing this weekend…..I wouldn’t mind winning

  169. Jude attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    please let me win
    my hope is getting thin

  170. mason morris proclaimed on this day:

    there once was a squid from nantucket who had a bucket
    he thought why he was here and said
    why dont i just forget it

  171. Jeffro attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Sing this like Biz Markie – Just a friend

    Oh Big Squid you…you got that RCeeee
    You say its just a truck, but I’ve got no kind of luck.
    Oh Big Squid you…you got that RCeeee.
    I need something to bash, and I want to save some cash.

  172. Cory proclaimed on this day:

    there once was a squid from nantucket
    who often drank nitro from buckets
    then along came a lipo who sat down besides him
    and now babies will be coming

  173. Sean's mouth spewed forth:

    Like a child likes to nap, like a hand likes to clap, I like to rap, and drive trucks, BOOM!

  174. Tim Cloud broke a vow of silence to say:

    A new RC is what I wish for
    But my Wife said I could spend no more
    So here I sit sad look on my face
    I guess I will have to wait to race

  175. Jose opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Hell yeah!

  176. Sam's mouth spewed forth:

    There once was a man from Nantucket (Naperville actually),
    Whose RC truck looked like a big bucket (of bolts).
    His brasher friiends laughed, and made funny faces,
    Till one day he came in with First Places!

  177. Sam said:

    One,two, three four five,
    Everyone listen up, come along let’s jive.
    We got a savage, revo, jato, and rail,
    But a Durango, arrma, duratrax or tiger would be swell!

  178. Charles commented thusly:

    As the leaves do fall
    I see the need for basher
    Leaves in air again

  179. ari rosenblum said this nonsense:

    roses are red violets are blue i have a dead ext2. so dont hesitate to pick me while i wait cause if you do, ill be glad as can be.

  180. Andrew said this nonsense:

    Roses are red, violets are blue, big squid picked me, better luck next week for you

  181. multi-bash attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    A Haikou
    Driving too quickly
    Finger pulled hard, never brake
    Where’d that tree come from

  182. Reaper attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Here I sit all broken hearted,hope to win so I don’t feel so retarded.

  183. Loving woman said:

    If I don’t win there will be great sorrow because my husband’s birthday is tomorrow.

  184. isaac proclaimed on this day:

    oh my
    i wouldn’t wana buy
    a free rc is what i want before i die

  185. Darth Dennis said:

    When I was young I wanted an rc
    But My parents wouldn’t buy one for me
    I needed money no doubt
    So I got a paper route

    It was a few months later
    That I was able to buy a Kyosho Raider
    It was a while before I left the pit
    Because it came as a kit

    I raced up and down the block
    Then I broke the servo saver on a rock
    Off to Phil’s hobby shop I went
    Just the beginning of all I spent

    Now I’m a dad
    It’s a lot of fun and not too bad
    But what I now dream
    Is for a new rc machine

  186. lance hopkins opened their gaping maw and spake:

    wow a bunch of poets on here ohh it sounds so dear, people will do anything for free on here

  187. Gabe opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Haikus are easy.
    But sometimes they don’t make sense.
    Free RC stuff.

  188. David commented thusly:

    Jack and Jill
    Went up the hill
    To fetch a pail of water,
    Jack fell down and broke his crown
    and Jill collapsed with laughter!

  189. george silliman attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    is it to late to enter for today ?
    if not ill enter right away !
    for the truck im about to win,
    lets do this and begin !

  190. Ryan n. opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Roses are red violets are blue squid are smelly and slimy to.

  191. Carl Burkhart commented thusly:

    There once was a squid from Nantucket
    Whose RC CAR came home in a bucket…
    Drove it like they stole it,
    Had a lot of fun…
    But they bashed it to pieces,
    One for everyone

  192. Chris McBrayer broke a vow of silence to say:

    My name is Paco I live in a Hancho and earn 5 pesos a day.
    I give my 5 pesos to Lucy who gives me a buggy and take my 5 pesos away. Now I need truck.

  193. Chris McBrayer opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Oh my buggys, trucks, and 1/5 scale. I only I had one.

  194. David broke a vow of silence to say:

    There once was a squid named Id
    He failed at all that he did
    His trucks always broke
    Always going up in smoke
    And wasting all his parents cash
    Which they’d rather spend on hash
    His trucks grew quite old
    In fact some had mold
    And his mother threw them away
    and said Id no more play!
    With his lipos all puffy
    And his nose oh so stuffy
    He went to see the big squid
    Who was not fond of Id
    He said Id GO AWAY
    I’ve no time for you today!
    and Id ran and he cried
    till his eyes spied
    His other friend Cubby
    Who might be a tad chubby
    But Id doesn’t mind
    in fact you will find
    that Cubby is quite the lady killer
    That joke is not filler.
    But Cubby was kind
    And saw Id wasn’t fine
    So he thought up a plan
    and boy it was grand
    He’d give Id a new Basher
    And say Id GO SMASH’ER
    With old trucks in the grave
    Our friend Id was saved!
    And He and Cubby Bashed
    and smashed till the cows came home.

  195. Jude attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Please pick me
    So I can get a RC free.

  196. Mike Singleton said:

    need a new ride!

  197. Gerrit Dumond said this nonsense:

    Thanks Big Squid

  198. Rick proclaimed on this day:

    RC is Great!

  199. Taimur attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    …He kept all the best RCs in a bucket
    When asked if he would share,
    I talked me down with a fierce stare.
    “I had to ask” Oh Squid I said to him,
    but deny me from the winnings was how he brought me to task.
    So through these words I offer my silent wish,
    that he grant me an RC so he can continue to be my favorite dish.
    Thank you oh Generous Squid,
    Now email me of my winnings and I’ll tell everyone who did!

  200. Geoff said:

    My name is poncho
    I bash a honcho
    It falls a part everyday
    I go to big squid
    To try to win
    A new basher for to bash today ……

  201. Laxal50 opened their gaping maw and spake:


  202. Jude opened their gaping maw and spake:

    I would love to win a RC car.
    So please pull my name from the jar.

  203. Jude proclaimed on this day:

    Please let me win a RC car.
    All you need to do is pull my name from the jar.