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Ty Tessmann Pro-Line Video

Video – Pro-Line Suppressor Buggy Tires with Ty Tessmann

Having problems putting all that power to the ground with your 8th scale buggy? A great tire option on looser surfaces is the Pro-Line Suppressor. Watch the video above to hear the World Champ Ty Tessmann talk about some of the features on the Suppressor, as well as see him demonstrate just fast they can get around a track. Also, [...]



Yeah Racing – GC301 drift gyro spotlight

What’s up drifters? Evol here with some more cool kit for your RC drift car. This week I got the new Yeah Racing GC301 drift gyro to help you get your slide on. It’s a funny thing about gyros, some consider them cheating, but on RWD they are considered almost necessity. On the 4WD side of things I used [...]


JConcepts Finnisher TLR 22-T 2.0 MM Body

JConcepts Finnisher Body for the TLR 22-T 2.0 MM

Need a new lid for your TLR 22-T 2.0 MM? If so, check out the new Finnisher series body from JConcepts. Like other bodies in the Finnisher line, the unit for the TLR 22-T 2.0 was made to improve handling on a wide variety of tracks. It has built in air escapes to aid in jumping on windy outdoor tracks, [...]


PROTOform PFRX Rallycross Clear Body

PROTOform PFRX Rallycross Clear Body

Whoa! An off-road body from PROTOform? Yes indeed, PROTOform has announced the PFRX Rallycross body to fit your rally car or short course truck. The PFRX brings signature PROTOform style to the dirt. Looking like a sport compact sedan, it features exaggerated fender flares and an oversized front grille. The body is priced at $36, its part number is #1540-40, and [...]


Reedy Compact Charger

Reedy 423-S Compact Balance Charger

Reedy has announced an affordable new balance charger called the 423-S. A single button is used to keep operation simple and it can charge LiPo, LiFe, NiMH, or NiCd batteries. For power, the 423-S is rated for a maximum rate of 4 amps and it has a maximum LiPo cell count of 3S. The charger is street priced at $49, it [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby- You Ask the Questions, I Make Up the Answers

“Build yourself 1/8 scale truggy Good evening sir, Been in the hobby with my 12yo son now for just over 2 yrs. Went with a rustler that had been extremely good. Now I want to go bigger and am wondering if you had any opinion on a build it yourself 8th scale truggy. Don’t need a remote or batteries, esc and motor [...]


Maverick iON 18th Scale

Maverick iON Line Gets Two New 1/18th Scale Vehicles

Over in Europe, Maverick has expanded their 1/18th scale iON line-up with two new vehicles. As you can see by the picture, they’ve added a new RX rally car and a DT off-road buggy. Both come standard with 370 sized brushed motors and put the power to the ground with 4wd. 1200mAh Ni-MH batteries are used for power, the electronics [...]


JConcepts Atlas Axial Vaterra

JConcepts Ford Atlas Body for Axial and Vaterra Scale Trucks

JConcepts continues to expend their product line-up and their latest product is a new body for the scale/trail crowd. The new Ford Atlas is designed to bring scale looks to Vaterra Ascender and Axial truck owners. The wheel wells were designed to accommodate 1.9″ sized tires and the body was molded from heavy duty polycarbonate to take a beating. * Officially [...]


ARRMA Senton Review

ARRMA Senton BLX Review

Among the bashing community short course trucks are a favorite, especially 4 wheel drives. They have a great combination of scale looks, toughness, and drivability that are great for bashyard bashing. We’ve had the opportunity to thrash the latest SCT from ARRMA, the 4wd Senton BLX, for several weeks now. Did it live up to the ARRMA name? How does [...]


Airdog Auto Follow Drone

Airdog Auto-Follow Drone with Video

A company called Airdog has a new drone that will automatically follow you around to capture cool aerial video. How does it work? The Airdog comes with a quadcopter and an Airleash/tracker. Normally the tracker is mounted to your body for the quad to follow behind, but we can see enterprising bashers mounting the tracker to their cars/trucks instead. The [...]


Hobbywing Max8 ESC

Hobbywing EzRun Max8 ESC

The latest esc announced for the 8th scale market is the Hobbywing EzRun Max8. Designed for heavy duty 8th scale applications, the Max8 is waterproof and rated for a maximum cell count of 6S LiPo. * Continuous current- 150 amps * Motor limit- 2400kV on 6S * Comes with cooling fan * Size- 59.8(L) x 48(W) x 36.8(H) The Max8 has a part number of [...]


VBC GhostEVO Carbon Touring Car

VBC Racing GhostEVO Carbon Touring Car Kit

VBC Racing has announced a Carbon Fiber version of their GhostEVO touring car. It comes loaded with carbon fiber parts to make it not only look cool, but to perform better than ever. * Carbon fiber chassis, upper deck, and shock towers * Full bearing set * 7075 aluminum parts * Long travel aluminum shocks * Floating servo mount * Low friction belt system The GhostEVO Carbon [...]


Intech Sport Buggies

Intech Sport Series BR-6 2.0 and BR-6E Buggies

Newly announced from Intech is a pair of Sport Series buggies, the nitro powered BR-6 2.0 and the electric BR-6E. Designed to be competitive at an affordable price point, both buggies come with black anodized Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum shock towers and light graphite parts to improve performance. Pricing and a release date have yet to be announced, but you [...]


boom racing helical gears scx10

Boom Racing Bevel Helical Gears for the Axial SCX10

Boom Racing has announced Bevel Helical Gears for the Axial Racing SCX10. The new 38T/13T gear set is precision machined and is made of hardened steel for long life out on the trail. * Weight- 40 grams * Black in color * 5mm shaft * Designed for a perfect fit The gears have a street price of $17, a part number of #BRSCX3813, and [...]


Video Dromida Brushless

Video – Dromida Speed Series Brushless Buggies and Trucks

Last week Dromida officially announced their new Speed Series 1/18th Scale Brushless trucks and buggies. This week they have released a video of them in action. Check out the video above to learn about some of their key features (more power, waterproof, 2.4GHz radio) and to see them in action. The brushless Dromida’s are shown driving in a variety of [...]