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What's new: Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Pro-line Trencher 2 point M2 Tires Mounted Desperado
Last month Pro-Line announced their 2.2″ Trencher Tires for the Traxxas 1:16 Revo, now they are available Pre-Mounted on either Desperado or Titus Bead-Loc wheels. Pre-mounts save time and work thus making them a favorite around the BigSquidRC offices. If you are looking to mount up the best bashing tires you can buy on your Traxxas Mini-Revo, these are the way to go.

The Trencher 2.2″ pre-mounts on Desperado Wheels have a part number of #1194-11 and a street price of $25 a pair. The part number for the Trencher 2.2″ on Titan Bead-Locs is #1194-13 with a street price of $40. For more information on everything Pro-line simply hit THIS LINK.

Looking for more Pro-Line news? We have loads more Right HERE on BigSquidRC.

ROAR RC RacingYou probably remember from back in February a lawsuit between Trinity/Epic (and their business pardners) against ROAR Racing. The lawsuit has now been settled and here is a press release from Fantom Racing (who get motors from Trinity) stating some of the details.

“Trincorp Reaches Settlement Agreement with Remotely Operated Auto Racers.

JUNE 24, 2013 – WASHINGTON, DC – Trincorp, LLC, along with three other companies (Fantom Racing, Team EAM Inc, and Putnam Propulsion), have reached a settlement with Remotely Operated Auto Racers (ROAR) to resolve all outstanding issues regarding the removal of the Trinity D3.5/17.5 motor from the ROAR approved list.

The parties were able to reach a settlement without either party admitting or conceding any liability for claims raised in the lawsuit after Mr. Ernest Provetti of Trincorp, LLC was able to personally meet with ROAR’s President, Mr. Steve Mruk. At that meeting, the parties agreed that the interests of the individual racers. who purchased the Trinity D3.5/17.5 motor after ROAR initially approved the motor, should take priority in structuring the settlement. Accordingly, the parties crafted the terms of the agreement in order to provide a meaningful opportunity for those racers who had purchased the Trinity D3.5/17.5 motors to actually race the motors in ROAR sanctioned races for a specified period of time.Trinity RC

Under the terms of the agreement, the TRINITY D3.5/17.5 Trinity motor will be reinstated on the ROAR approved list on July 1, 2013 and will remain on that list though the first quarter of 2014, upon the release of the new TRINITY D4/17.5, when it will be removed. Trincorp has guaranteed this will occur before March 30, 2014.

ROAR, a non-profit organization staffed by unpaid volunteers, is a sanctioning body, which operates for the benefit of the racers. The ROAR Executive Committee is committed to improving it operations through a set of measures which are intended to become effective within the next ninety days. The operational changes are as follows:

ROAR will reinstate an independent testing laboratory for product evaluation and testing by September 1, 2013.

In order that the ROAR members and the RC Community will be better informed regarding ROAR’s operations, ROAR will also put in place new rules and standardized procedures for the product approval process, including avenues for affiliate members’ direct participation with ROAR.

Trincorp, Fantom, Team EAM, and Putnam will continue to support and participate with ROAR in promoting and regulating radio controlled automobile racing.

ROAR appreciates the continuing participation and cooperation of Trincorp, Fantom, EAM, and Putnam as affiliate members of ROAR.”

So that’s the word folks, remember comments are open so feel free to let the world know what you think about this.

For more information on ROAR Racing check out THIS LINK, to see what’s new with Team Trinity just click HERE.

What's new: Monday, June 24th, 2013

Spektrum Tattoo
I know a whole lot of guys that are hardcore for rc, but I think Eric Callaway has taken it to another level. While at the ShowMe R/C track last weekend I met Eric and found out he is really into Spektrum radio gear. He uses their transmitters, receivers, and servos, pretty much everything they make. In fact, he likes their gear so much he decided to get a full blown Spektrum Tattoo on his forearm to permanently show the world.

Eric isn’t sponsored by Spektrum, it wasn’t done on a dare nor did someone else pay for it, he got it because he really likes their gear. We have to applaud anyone so hardcore for the hobby and I would be surprised if the Horizon/Spektrum crew doesn’t get a hold of Eric to give him a hook-up after seeing his tat.

Are you so hardcore you’ve also gotten an rc related tattoo? If so, shoot us an email right HERE.

Want more to read more Spektrum news here on BigSquidRC? Check out THIS LINK.

Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 1.9" G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires
It’s rare to have a product that is not only extremely scale looking but also enhances performance. The new Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 1.9 Tires from Pro-Line look to have hit that nail on the head.

Officially licensed and built from the original design data from Interco, these new tires from Pro-Line just might be the most accurate reproduction of a full size tire ever made.

Pro-Line knows that looks mean nothing if there isn’t class leading performance to back it up. Pro-Line made the new Interco’s XL in size, nearly a half inch taller than the originals and almost a quarter inch wider. Using bigger tires in the scaler/crawling game can make the difference between rolling through a section or being stuck there forever. Throw in Pro-Line’s sticky G8 compound and memory foam and these tires should perform just as good as they look.

The part number for the Pro-Line Interco TSL Super Swamper XL’s is #1197-14 and you can expect a street price of $26 per pair.

Want to get even more details? Simply click on THIS LINK that will take you over to Pro-Line’s website.

What else has Pro-Line been busy with lately? Find out right HERE on BigSquidRC.

ShowMe R/C Show-Me ShowDown
The ShowMe RC crew has been around a long time now, for over a decade, and last weekend I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with them at their Show-Me Showdown event. Some of you may remember ShowMeRC for being one of the first and biggest websites dedicated to bashing with chapters all over the country and for their Camp Maxx events. Now days they focus more on their track and holding an event every month or so.

The ShowMe RC track is located a few miles North West of the St Louis Missouri metro area and is where they get their rc on. A typical ShowMe RC event consists of getting in plenty of track time during the day and then some camping overnight, it’s all about having fun in a super relaxed atmosphere. Truggy’s and Short Course Trucks are the most popular vehicles at their events now days, but any type of vehicle is welcome to hit the track.

To get more information on the ShowMe R/C track just hit THIS LINK to head to their Facebook page.

Looking for more event coverage on BigSquidRC? If so, click right HERE.

Pro-Line Hauler Bag
It is amazing just how fast rc gear can accumulate. There are the tools, the tires, the battery chargers, and all the spare parts, rc gear tends to pile up real fast.

To help keep you organized and make it easier to get your gear from the garage to the local bash spot (in style!) Pro-Line has announced a new Hauler Bag.

The Pro-Line Hauler is large enough at 21″ x 20″ x 13.5″ to hold loads of rc goodness in its 4 drawers and it comes with two Bungee straps to secure your favorite bash machine on top. To make it easy to get to the bash spot it comes with a long extending handle and wheels on the back.

The part number for the new Pro-Line hauler bag is #6058-03 and it has a street price of $169. The direct link to more information over on the Pro-Line website is right HERE.

Pro-Line is always putting out cool new gear, check out more RIGHT HERE on BigSquidRC.

RC NewsHey it’s Monday morning, or at least you are reading this on a Monday morning, I am writing this on Sunday. I’m on my way back home from a few wonderful days (insert sarcasm tags here) in the Guangdong Province, but seriously, I can’t wait to get back home and hit the DVR to see what happened at the AMA Motocross Budds Creek National. Hopefully someone, anyone, other than RV2 pulled out the OA. Please no texts or emails, I hate spoilers.

I always learn a lot from my trips to Asia, it is of course the epicenter of manufacturing for the rc industry. The manufacturing processes are of course quite interesting, but to me it’s way more about the personal interaction. The relationships between us Americans and overseas manufactures is like a complex game of Chinese Go, each trying to gain a strategic advantage in territory.

On a different topic of sorts…

Ever notice all the “special/collector/limited edition” video games? They are crazy hot among the gaming community. How about all the “Uber edition of the week” high end sneakers? Did you see that there is a $50 “Mega Ticket” that includes a poster, 3-D glasses, and digital download for Brad Pitt’s latest movie World War Z? I could go on and on here, but you get the point, many different types of products have gone to “special/limited/uber edition” models to help move even more product and generate more revenue.

How does this have anything at all to do with rc? Well… rc hasn’t been especially affected by “special edition” models, there have been a few here and there, but you can certainly expect to see a lot more of them coming. What this means to you as Mr Joe Blow RC Consumer is that you’ll end paying more money for the car/truck/buggy you really want because it’s going be to stamped with a “special”, “limited”, or a “collectors” tag. Hey, the tactic has proven to work ridiculously well for other products, and the rc manufactures aren’t dumb, they know it’ll work for rc as well. There will always be “suckers” out there that will pay an extra $100 for a “limited edition only 2000 made” Happy Flower SCT.

Don’t think it will happen in rc? Do you remember the “Limited Edition” HPI Savage from last summer? Did you not see all the press around the “Limited Edition” old school RC10 announced a couple of weeks ago?

From talking face to face with the HPI people they were ecstatic how quickly their LE Savage sold out. And while I haven’t inquired about how many pre-orders have been put on the “new” gold tub AE, I’d guess I would be shocked. One thing is for sure, doing a limited edition is a great way of getting people to crack open their wallets for some rather ordinary product.

Now I’m not against our industry increasing sales, hell, if this industry goes belly-up I’m out of a job too. But… what I hate seeing is the rc industry following the lead of so many others and using the “limited edition” tag to make “quick money” without adding much “real value” to their products. IMO, going old school, spending the extra resources to come out with new-from-the-ground-up products is the way to rake in the bucks today, and long down the road, all the while doing what is right for consumers.

I think the manufactures have to look at it like this- do they want to make money long term with stellar product lines that help advance our hobby/industry and provide real value to consumers, or is making the quick buck with LE models worth the loss of revenue down the road?

That’s it for this week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Friday, June 21st, 2013

Pro-Line 1966 Ford F-150 Clear Body Short Course Truck
The BigSquidRC Bash Crew went nuts when they first saw the new Pro-Line 1966 Ford F-150. Many of our staffers are simply tired of the same old looking short course truck bodies, the new ’66 F-150 from Pro-Line is anything but the norm. If you are looking to bash with some style, the Pro-Line ’66 F-150 should be right down your alley.

The Pro-Line ’66 Ford F-150 “Hay Hauler” is a clear body intended for short course trucks. Extended body mounts will be needed for most applications and are available separately. The F-150 is formed from genuine GE Lexan and comes with over-spray protection and window masks. The part number is #3408-00, the street price is $37, and you can get more information at THIS LINK over on Pro-Lines website.

You don’t really want to click, but how can you resist a certified BSRC Mystery Link?

burn effect smoke generator
Want to take scale realism to the next level on your drift machine? This is how you do it, with a Burn Effect on board smoke generator. The smoke generator makes it looks like you really are burning your tires off as you slide around the track.

The Burn Effect comes with a cylinder that heats up when connected to your cars battery pack. When you drip in some of the supplied liquid the hot cylinder starts emitting smoke and your car instantly becomes the “hottest” one on the track. The cylinders come anodized in 6 different colors- red, blue, black, purple, silver and pink.

How do you get your hands on one of these? Your best bet right now is by clicking on THIS LINK that takes you to oospeed, an rc drifting website.

Happy TGIF rc enthusiasts, if you want good luck this weekend you have to click this Mystery Link.

Pro-Line Rat Rod Clear Body Traxxas Revo Summit
A couple of weeks ago Pro-Line teased their new Rat Rod clear body for Traxxas Revo 3.3, Summit, and E-Revo, now we’ve got the full scoop.

Pro-Line has always been known as a trend setter, not a follower. Their new Rat Rod clear body is a low profile hard top roadster with a big front grill and round headlights which will make a bold statement down at the local bash spot. Pro-Line left off the hood to highlight a detailed super charged engine that comes with stickers ranging from a 396 to a 502. The Rat Rod is molded from crystal clear GE lexan and of course it is made right here in the USA.

The part number for the PL Rat Rod is #3410-00 and the street price is $32. Click right HERE for the direct link to more information over on the Pro-Line website.

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Blade Red Bull BO-105 CB 130 X BNF Helicopter
New from the guys over at Blade is their officially licensed Red Bull BO-105 CB 130 X helicopter. In the full scale world the Flying Bulls are known world-wide for their wild aerobatics, now you can own a detailed replica that packs plenty of performance when flying down at the local airfield.

Some of the important features and specifications include-

* BNF, just add a 6 channel helicopter radio to get going
* Detailed scale looks
* AS3X flybarless system
* 6730kv brushless motor
* 2S 300 mah Lipo included
* Comes with battery charger
* Rotor diameter 12.1″
* Weight 5.4 oz
* Length 13″

Part number for the new Red Bull helicopter is #BLH3880 and the street price is $279. For more information on the Blade website simply Click This Link.

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Pro-Line Pin Point Rear Indoor Carpet TiresIn the northern part of our country it can get mighty cold in the winters, off-road racers then head indoors to get their rc fix. Sometimes they race on moist clay, but sometimes they opt to race on carpet. Until now, choices for long wearing tires that offer great traction have been pretty limited.

Cue the good guys over at Pro-Line Racing. Pro-Line has just announced new front and rear tires specifically for use on indoor off-road carpet tracks.

The Pro-Line Pin Point rear tires use a sine wave pattern on its sharp pins to get you more traction. To make sure they don’t burn off in one run, Pro-Line has come up with their all new Z3 carpet compound. If you are looking for great traction without the need to buy a set of tires for every run, the Pin Points should be the “must have” tire for the rear of your buggy this winter. The part number is #8228-103 and they have a street price of $16. Hit THIS LINK for more information on the Pin Points.

Pro-Line Wedge Front Indoor Carpet TiresPro-Line has new Wedge carpet off-road tires for the front of your Durango DEX210, Associated B4, Losi 22, Kyosho RB6, etc.

The Wedge front tires use hook shaped pins to give plenty of steering, while the new Z3 compound helps them last. The Wedges are also very narrow and low profile, two attributes that are wanted for carpet off-road racing. The part number for the Wedges is #8225-103 and their street price is $15. Hit THIS LINK for more information on the Wedges.

Thank goodness it’s Friday, why not check out a BigSquidRC Mystery Link?

What's new: Thursday, June 20th, 2013

JConcepts SC10 Body Mount Grommet with Leash
Isn’t it amazing how you can go out for an easy bash session, barely hit anything, and come back missing one (or more) body clips? Most of the BigSquidRC Bash Crew has made the switch over to Pro-Line Thumbwashers so we don’t have to worry about losing body clips anymore, but for those of you that have not JConcepts might have a way for you to never lose another clip.

The new JConcepts body mount grommets w/ leash are made from silicone to help cushion your body and keep body clips from disappearing. They are available in three different colors (blue, black and clear) and have a retail price of $6. While they were designed to fit the Associated SC10, they should work on other models as well. For more information hit THIS LINK that takes you over to the JConcepts website.

What else is new at JConcepts? Find out HERE on