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What's new: Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

[Update: Live show is over, check out the replay above or on our YouTube channel.]

Guess what. We’re doing a show tonight! Huzzah! Last week’s failure to launch was all Brian’s fault. Even though he tried to blame it on Kevin and that kid with the floppy hair. The real story is Brian’s tea cup poodle, appropriately named “Little Princess,” got stuck in the dryer vent somehow, he was an emotional wreck the rest of the night. His face was much redder than usual. And he was crying like a little girl. Anyhow, there’s a lot of good tv shows on tonight, so I’m probably going to be watching them while Brian does all the talking. Be sure to hit the chatbox up with questions that may or may not be asked and answered. The chat is open now, we’ll let you know when the video is up. Thanks for tuning in tonight and not watching all those great shows on tv tonight.


Last weekend we hit the second round of the Chi-Town RC Drift Challenge. The event was put on by the Midwest Slidewayz RC Drift Club, and hosted at Orland Park Illinois Hobby Town.

Mark and his crew did a great job at the event, and we look forward to checking out more of the rounds in the future. The announcing was a nice change from most events we attend, and he was really getting the racers and the crowed into the action with the play by plays as well as encouraging the drivers to push themselves to the limits for big points and bigger crowd reactions. Towards the end of qualifying it was all about who could get closer to the wall on the main straightaway and the announcer would go crazy encouraging them to go for it much to the crowd’s delight!

Below are the winners, and the current overall standings.

Hobbytown USA Orland Park Round 2 Winners

1ST Place:Steve Quannid
2ND Place:Brent Nagy
3RD Place:John Bieronski

Chi-Town RC Drift Challenge Points Tally

1.Rob Jakubowski-25
2.Matt Petersen-20
3.Brent Nagy-20
4.Steve Quannid-20
5.Pattrick Anderson-15
6.John Bieronski-15
7.Ken Cline-10
8.Casey Day-10
9.Alfred McDonaugh-10
10.Tom Lambert-10
11.Erwin Jonson-10
12.Blazing Barry-5
13.Chris Charles-5
14.Brandon Reinert-5
15.Talon Ganz-5
16.Frank Zaragoza-5
17.Justin Priola-5
18.Alex Nagy-5
19.Mike Blaney-5

We have a TON more pictures after the break, click Read More to check them out!

LAZER ZX-5 FS Race Spec 50th Anniversary
Tight on space? Kyosho Mini-Z’s can be a good way of having big fun in small areas.

The latest Mini-Z is a commemorative 50th Anniversary special edition Lazer ZX-5 buggy. It’s based off the popular 4wd Mini-Z buggy platform and comes BND needing a transmitter to get up and going. The Mini-Z Lazer ZX-5 also comes with a “Tiki Tiki” chase mode that you can enable. Chase mode limits full power to only 70% with the exception of a set amount of “boost” periods that take power up to 100%, thus making it more exciting to race.

Part number is #32282BCRS and you can get full information at THIS LINK over on the official Kyosho website. For even more Kyosho news, check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

HIRO SEIKO aluminum steering wheels 7 and 15 spoke
As an rc’er, nothing is more personal to you than your transmitter and replacing the wheel is a great way to add some bling factor while improving its feel. Also, if you are one of those guys that likes to rip the wheel off with a Superman death grip after you get hacked (read- someone like Cubby), a sturdy aluminum wheel can come in quite handy.

Hiro Seiko has announced two new styles of CNC machined aluminum steering wheels. The new styles are 7 and 15 spoke and come in a wide variety of colors. These wheels can fit KO Propo, Futaba, Airtronics, and Spektrum radios when mated with the proper adapter. To view all the available colors and to get more information, check out THIS LINK over on the official Hiro Seiko website.

Have you read our last transmitter shootout? Check it out Right Here.

Overdose Vacula Drift Chassis
The latest uber drift chassis to hit the market is the Overdose Vacula. Looking good is a big part of the drift scene and the Vacula is bling’ed out from front to rear with carbon fiber and anodized aluminum parts.

For performance, a center-line mounted battery tray is used for optimal weight distribution, long stroke suspension is utilized, diffs are locked center and rear with a ball diff in the front, and twin belts are used to put the power down.

The part number for the Overdose Vacula kit is #OD1445, the street price should be right around $690, and look for them to start shipping in late July. For more information on everything Overdose click on THIS LINK for their official website.

Looking for more information on rc drifting? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

CORE RC Emergency Soldering Iron 7.2-12v 60WWe’ve all been there before- out bashing and a wire comes loose. The problem is, the nearest source of AC power might be miles away.

CORE RC is now selling a DC powered soldering iron. The iron operates on DC power sources from 7.2 to 12 volts, meaning you can use anything from a 6 cell Ni-MH pack, to a 3S Lipo, to the 12 volt battery in your full scale car for a power source. This means no matter where you are bashing you’ll have a soldering iron ready for duty.

The part number for the CORE RC DC soldering iron is #CR195, the street price is around $22, and we have not received word if it will be getting imported here to the states. To get more information check out THIS LINK over on the Schumacher UK site.

Have you read our last soldering iron review? If not you can check it out HERE.

What's new: Tuesday, June 18th, 2013


That’s right, the official Big Squid RC Bash date has been announced, and this year we are going to entertain a Swap Meet as well!

Have a bunch of RC stuff collecting dust in your garage or closet? Why not bring it with, set up a table and put a price tag on it! Maybe someone will trade that old buggy for the monster truck you have been wanting! You will need to BYOT (Bring your own table), and please try to limit your amount of items to one table full.

The bash will be held in the Orland Park Illinois Hobby Town. Registration starts at 10am, and events start at 11am!

As far as events at the bash, we will be running an Obstacle Course, RC Sumo, the ever popular Shopping Cart Slam plus a few more!

We have started to gather prizes for the event, so make sure to mark your calendars! August 3rd 2013 is going to be a blast!

We recommend being on a 2.4Ghz radio system, as these bashes tend to be a little chaotic. Also, the intended vehicles for this bash are Monster Trucks and Short Course Vehicles. We will allow some ‘other’ vehicles to participate, but there may be events your vehicle may not be able to join in. For example, if you want to enter your 1/5 scale ride in the Sumo, and there are no other 1/5th scales signed up.

Watch for more information and details as they get sorted out.

Questions? Leave them in the comments below!

Video Vaterra Nissan GTR GT3 V100-C
The latest car from Vaterra is a 2012 Nissan GTR GT3. To show how cool it looks in action the Vaterra crew worked up an action video. In the video below you’ll get to see what the Nissan GTR GT3 looks like while blasting around an on-road track. The video also showcases some of the Nissan’s key features like waterproofing, Spektrum radio gear, and scale detailing.

Street price for the Vaterra Nissan GTR GT3 is $289 and it should start hitting dealer showrooms in early July. Simply click THIS LINK for more information over on the official Vaterra website. To see what else Vaterra has been up to check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Blade 600 X Pro Series Kit
Brushless/Lipo power systems have done incredible things for what rc helicopters can do, case in point is the new 600 X Pro from the crew over at Blade. Not only does it come with a powerful E-flite Heli 700 500kv brushless motor, but the rest of the helicopter has been designed to take full advantage of massive power, resulting in a machine that can pull off even the wildest 3D maneuvers.

The Blade 600 X Pro is a kit that includes-

* Sleek pre-painted fiberglass canopy
* Revolution Flybarless 600mm carbon fiber main blade set
* Revolution 95mm carbon fiber tail blade set
* E-flite 10A BEC
* E-flite Heli 700, 500Kv brushless outrunner motor

The part number for the 600 X Pro is #BLH5625 and it has a street price of $580. Simply click THIS LINK to go straight to the 600 X Pro page on the Blade website.

Want to read more rc helicopter news? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

To see the Blade 600 X Pro in action, take a look at the video below.

RPM Products Front Bumper Skid Plate Team Durango DESC410R
The crew over at RPM RC Products have set their sights on a new vehicle to upgrade, the Team Durango DESC410 series of trucks. The first product they’ve worked up for the very popular Durango 4wd SCT is a Front Bumper/Skid Plate.

To start off with, RPM made their bumper wider than stock to protect more front end parts like the a-arms and hinge pins. Next they made the skid plate 20% thicker than stock, yet made it only reduce ground clearance by 1mm. RPM also removed the stock bumper support ring, ensuring that crash energy is not transferred to the diff housing, but to the chassis where it belongs. Finally, RPM designed the bumper to accept RPM light buckets for those of you looking for that trick scale look.

Part number for the RPM Durango front bumper is #73682, retail price is $14, and they should hit hobby shops in about 2 weeks. For more information, HERE is the direct link to the bumper on the official RPM website.

What else has RPM been up to lately? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

What's new: Monday, June 17th, 2013

pandora rc subaru impreza WG 22B
Pandora RC has a trick new body that should look great on your touring car or drift machine. Their new Impreza 22B clear body is their latest entry into the aftermarket body market and is scheduled for a late July or early August release date. I know there are a lot of Subaru fans here in the states that should be salivating to get their hands on one of these.

For more information on everything Pandora RC, hit up THIS LINK to head over to their official website. To see what else Pandora has been up to, click THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

HotSlots Bash Fest Urbana Illinois

On Saturday the BigSquidRC Bash Crew attended Bash Fest 2013 put on by HotSlots Hobby in Urbana Illinois. HotSlots has been open for several years, but only in the last several months have they really started getting into the rc scene. Looking to promote both their store and the hobby, HotSlots decided to hold a good old fashioned bash.

HotSlots held all the events on the parking lot just outside of their store. They put up barricades to make it safer for people watching, rented a lift to help measure the high jump, had the County Market grocery make food for the event, and even had the local police drop by to radar the top speed contest.

The staff of HotSlots were super organized, all the events went off without a hitch and we got home before we expected. For being the first rc bash event that HotSlots had ever put on, they did a fantastic job. HotSlots got some great exposure from their event and we had a total blast. Also of note was the fact that HotSlots donated all the profits to their local middle school robotics club.

Event Results

Speed Run

1st- Craig N. (Losi Brushless Eight-T)- 78 mph
2kd- Tim M. (Losi MIP SCTE)- 68 mph
3rd- Adam M. (Traxxas E-Maxx)- 68 mph

Obstacle Course

1st- Tim M. (Vaterra Glamis Uno)
2kd- Ethan (Losi SCTE)
3rd- Brandon (Traxxxas)

High Jump

1st- Craig N. (Losi Brushless Eight-T)- 40 feet
2kd- Tim M. (Losi MIP SCTE)- 35 feet
3rd- Ethan (Losi SCTE)- 30 feet

RC Sumo Wrestling

1st- Brandon (Traxxas E-Maxx)
2kd- Abigail (Associated SC10)
3rd- Steve (ECX Ruckus)

Demo Derby

1st- Steve (ECX Ruckus)
2kd- THE Cub Reporter (Thunder Tiger TS-2e)
3rd- Gevon (Traxxas Slash 4×4)


1st- Adam M. (Vintage Traxxas Bullet)

Click on the “Read More” button for 5 more galleries of pictures from the big bash.


Stadium Super TrucksHello readers, industry types, and people who just happened along via some random Google search, this is THE Cub Report, a weekly rant-n-rave session about the rc world.

Rc racing is so freak’n screwed up, yet the vast majority of racers have no problem just “going with the flow’. Thankfully I’m not wired that way… For example, over the weekend ROAR (LOL) held their 8th scale nitro buggy and truggy off-road nationals (wow that’s a lot of qualifying descriptors).

Problem one- Last weekends race was one of the many “national championships” ROAR holds every year. There are so many different ROAR national champions in any given year that the distinction of “national champion” no longer carries any weight with consumers.

Problem two- Even though ROAR says they are trying to save the race teams money, each national event is too long. It takes about a week to practice, qualify, re-qualify, then actually get down to “racing”. They could accomplish the same thing over two days, saving loads on hotels, food, tires, nitro, etc. Yes, maybe entries need to be limited- restricted to those who qualify/resume their way in. Too many racers combined with too many rounds of practice/qualifying equals wayyyyyy too much money spent by the teams and Joe Blow racers.

Problem three- “TQ” is freak’n screwed all the hell up. Even though they spend nearly a week determining a “TQ/top qualifier”, the TQ driver isn’t guaranteed the TQ spot on the A-main grid. Hell, sometimes they don’t get to race in the “A” at all. For example, in the premier “8th scale nitro buggy” class, the driver that EARNED the “TQ” spot last weekend ended up not making the A main because of issues in yet another qualifying race. Seriously? This is despicable. If you waste a week figuring out who “TQ” is, the least you can do is make sure that person gets a spot in the “A”. And if you are a racer, where is the honor in beating a field that doesn’t even contain the top qualifier?

Problem four- Because they qualify for so long, teams have started issuing statements like “We totally dominated round four of qualifying!” after every round, and in every class. Ok, so too many press releases go out on actual real races, now teams water things down even more by putting out statements on each round of qualifying?

Problem five- Luck is a part of racing, always has been, always will be, but “luck” is wayyyy too big of a factor in rc racing. How can I say that? The TQ at the last two 8th scale worlds hasn’t made the A, nor did the TQ from last weekend at the ROAR race. That’s one example. But to me this is the bigger problem- basing your most prestigious national championship on just one 60 minute race, on one weekend, at one track. This is ludicrous if ROAR/IFMAR/Whoever is honestly trying to figure out who the fastest racer is. There is a reason why ‘real’ racing bases their championships over an entire series. It’s a whole lot easier to luck into a win at a single race than to prove week in and week out that you are indeed the fastest man on the grid. Can you imagine an F1 champion based off just Monaco? How about the AMA 450 national motocross champion based on just one moto from Unadilla? No, me neither.

Problem six- I really hate it when such-and-such a driver/company put out a PR saying how they just TQ’ed/Won 4 classes at a “big” race. I have news for the manufactures, if you want a win to actually matter, it has to be in the ONE PREMIER CLASS. On the racer side of things, where is the honor in winning a class that isn’t the premier class? That’s right, there is none. If you are an uber/elite racer, stay out of the lesser classes and let someone else get a win for a change. Kind of hard for up-and-coming racers to ever get a win when the big factory paid guys race every single class on the entry sheet.

I could go on and on here, yes seriously I could, but I’ve gone long enough on the very same things that I’ve already complained about a dozen times.

To boil it down, I’m not the only one thinking these things, but rc racing will continue to be one big joke until the “right” people grab their stones and demands change. Oh and, because everything is always about the money, rc racing isn’t a very good “marketing tool” the way it sits right now. I’ve talked to many “higher up” industry types that complain about the exact same things that I do, but they just don’t want to make waves for fear of backlash.

Well, to you industry types afraid of “backlash”- the smarter people in the industry (and in the public) will admire a person that sticks up for what they believe in and for what is good for our hobby. Lastly, many of our industry’s “big names” are no spring chickens anymore, they have to be thinking about the legacy that they’ll leave after they are gone. I can think of no better legacy than being the man responsible for taking rc racing out of the dark ages……..

That’s it for this week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots, and why not speak up for some change?

YOUR Cub Reporter