For Bashers, By Bashers!
T-Bone Racing rear bumper ARRMA Kraton

T-Bone Racing Wide Basher Rear Bumper for the ARRMA Kraton

Recently voted by you as the winner of our BigSquidRC March Bash-Ness contest, the ARRMA Kraton has no doubt taken the basher world by storm. But even a great bash machine like the Kraton can be improved, for instance take a look at the new Wide Basher Series Rear Bumper from T-Bone Racing. Their new bumper is extra wide to [...]


JConcepts Dirt-Tech Foam Grip

JConcepts Dirt-Tech Foam Steering Wheel Grip

Get a better handle on that steering wheel of yours with the new Dirt-Tech Steering Wheel Grip from JConcepts. The grip is made from the same foam used for closed cell tire inserts to give it a medium/firm feel. The outer diameter of the grip is said to be neutral (we guess that means a medium size) to fit a [...]


MaxAmps 24 Volt Power Supply

New Upgraded MaxAmps 24 Volt Power Supply

MaxAmps has announced that they have done some upgrades to their beefy 24 Volt Power Supply. First off, variable speed fans have been included to make the unit quieter. Secondly, the power supply now comes with an extra set of outputs making it easier to connect a second battery charger. What remains the same is its huge power output, with [...]



SSD 2 Speed Transmission Conversion for Axial Yeti

Need a little more top end from your Axial Yeti? The folks from SSD RC have announced a new 2 Speed Transmission Conversion for the Axial Yeti. Features: * Hardened steel gears and shafts * Hardened steel gear shift mechanism * CNC machined aluminum shift servo mounts * Direct fit into Axial Yeti transmission and chassis * High gear is faster than the stock gear [...]


Team Associated RC8B3 Buggy

Team Associated RC8B3 Team Kit Nitro Buggy

The crew at Team Associated has announced their new RC8B3 8th scale nitro buggy. The RC8B3 is touted to be an all new replacement to the old RC8, something that AE racers have long been waiting for. Full details can be seen at This Link at the official Team Associated website with a list of needed parts to complete the [...]



Drift Itch – RWD drifting – Is it here to stay?

Is RWD drifting here to stay? If the industry is any indication it is. It seems like every RC Drift company either already has one (a rear wheel drive) or is currently working on one. The idea of it is fantastic and watching videos of them in action is very compelling, but in practice it can be very difficult. So [...]


Serpent Cobra 811 Buggy 2.2

Serpent Cobra 811 2.2 8th Scale Nitro Buggy Kit

New from Serpent is the Cobra 811 2.2 nitro buggy. While not an all new design, it does feature a number of upgrades to make it the best nitro buggy yet from Serpent. The upgrades for the 2.2 buggy include- * V2 rear uprights * V2 wheel axles * 98mm driveshafts * Wheel-axle boots * 2.3mm front anti-roll bar The 811 2.2 has a part number [...]


Losi Gasoline 8IGHT-T Truggy Unboxing

Unboxing – Losi 8IGHT-T Gasoline Truggy

The new Gasoline 8IGHT-T Truggy from Losi comes with some of the hottest features in the rc world. It has AVC active vehicle control and it comes stock with a Dynamite .31 cubic inch Gasoline Engine. Our full review goes up very soon, until then please enjoy some unboxing pictures. As we cracked the box open on the Gas 8IGHT-T we [...]



PPR Reptile Radio Wheel Grips – Lower Price

Remember a while back when we did a Product Spotlight on the PPR Reptile Radio Wheel Grips? If you don’t remember, or you missed it, you can check it out HERE. We just got word that they have lowered the price on them. You can head over to the official PPR Grips website to check them out. What’s great, is they [...]


JConcepts New Release – Scorpios SCT Tire

JConcepts Announces New Scorpios SCT Tires

JConcepts has announced that their Scorpios tread design is being released on a new short course truck tire. The Scorpios feature a scale looking tread that should work well on everything from loose dirt to rocky terrain. The tires come in JConcepts super soft green compound and come standard with closed cell foam inserts. The Scorpios are priced at $26 [...]


Team Durango Diff

Video – How Fast Can You Remove a Team Durango Diff?

Back in the day, getting a diff out for a rebuild or inspection was a pain in the rear. Now days, cars are designed to make the task a whole lot easier. Case in point- the new line of Team Durango 8th scalers. To demonstrate just how fast a diff can be removed from one of their new cars, Chris [...]


DE Racing SpeedLine PLUS SC

DE Racing SpeedLine Plus SC Wheels

The guys over at DE Racing have announced SpeedLine Plus SC wheels for your short course truck. Available in white, yellow, or black, the SpeedLine Plus SC wheels feature DE’s “Sure Lock” foam retention system to yield more traction and to eliminate inconsistencies while driving. The wheels are available to fit a variety of Associated, Losi, Kyosho, Tekno, and Traxxas [...]


Cubby Horizon AVC

THE Cub Report, 04.12.2015, Version- Understanding Brushless

Last week one of my minions working in the industry shot me a link to a new “blog”. In that particular blog, the writer talked a whole lot about brushless power systems, but mainly about BL motors. Post after post talked about things like how to rebuild a brushless motor, how to service a brushless motor, how to upgrade the [...]


JConcepts Lil Chasers

JConcepts LiL Chasers SCT Tires

The JConcepts crew has just announced new tires for your SCT called LiL Chasers. The LiL Chasers feature small rectangular lugs and were designed to give you more traction on outdoor tracks. Closed cell foam inserts come standard and they are available in green (super soft) compound. The LiL Chasers are priced at $26 per pair and they are also available [...]



March Bash-ness Champion – ARRMA Kraton

Wow what a final match that was! I do not believe we have ever had a final change leaders that many times. Normally one vehicle will get out to a small lead, and it stays there the whole time. This was a seesaw battle for sure and the Yeti XL was making a big push when voting closed. Congratulations to [...]