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What's new: Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Tactic Digital Servo
The crew at Tactic have announced an affordable new line-up of servos. With eleven different models to chose from they should have a servo for nearly any application. Each Tactic servo comes complete with mounting hardware and a 1 year warranty.

Specs at 6 volts-

TSX5 Micro Servo HS – 14 oz-in & 0.09 sec/60, $9
TSX10 Micro Servo Digital HT MG – 23 oz-in & .10 sec, $14
TSX20 Mini Servo HS 2BB – 55 oz-in & .13 sec, $17
TSX25 Mini Servo Digital HS 2BB – 91 oz-in & .12 sec, $20
TSX35 Standard Servo Sport – 73 oz-in & .16 sec, $10
TSX40 Standard Servo HS MG 2BB – 99 oz-in & .13 sec, $22
TSX45 Standard Servo HT MG 2BB – 151 oz-in & .17 sec, $22
TSX47 Standard Servo Digital HT MG 2BB – 132 oz-in & .16 sec, $25
TSX55 Standard Servo UT MG 2BB – 203 oz-in & .21 sec, $23
TSX57 Standard Servo Digital UT MG 2BB – 188 oz-in & .20 sec, $30
TSX65 Standard Servo Digital HV MG 2BB – 323 oz-in & .15 sec, $59

Some of the Tactic servos are already available while others should be out in the next few weeks.

To get more information on their entire line-up simply click THIS LINK.

Thank goodness it’s Friday, how about a TGIF Mystery Link?

Vaterra Twin Hammers 1.9 Rock Racer Review

So I opened up the old email box this evening and I had several emails asking if I knew what was up with the Vaterra Twin Hammers being recalled. I thought the first letter was just someone messing around, but then after the third similar email I decided to do a little contacting myself! After a few phone calls, a friend emailed me a letter that was apparently sent to all retailers.

“Dear Retailer:
You are receiving this notice because you purchased one or more of the following Horizon Hobby products.

VTR03000 Twin Hammers 1.9 Rock Racer RTR

VTR234004 Front Rocker Arm Set: TWH

VTR334002 Rocker Set Aluminum: TWH

Due to an intellectual property dispute regarding U.S. Patent No. 7,887,074, owned by Traxxas LP, Horizon Hobby is requesting that all retailers with effected items received before June 8, 2013, return unsold product to Horizon. Offering to sell and selling the effected items may expose you to a claim of patent infringement.Contact Horizon Hobby Customer Service to set up a return for credit. (All effected items shipped after June 8, 2013 have had the rocker arm modified.)

Revised product will be available shortly and any backorders will be filled with the modified product. “

We never like hearing about stuff like this, but it happens. We’d file it under the rumor mill, but a bunch of my sources have confirmed it. At least it’s only a recall from hobby shop stock. Since we don’t know any of the details yet, I will hold off on any comments. Hopefully Vaterra can make a quick fix and get them back out on the shelves!

Have you seen our review of the Vaterra Twin Hammers?

Looking for more Vaterra news? Click HERE to find more right here on BigSquidRC.


Hey Cubby~

So I figured I would come to the experts to get a real answer to my question. I purchased a Venom 8.4v 5000mAh 7-Cell for my Traxxas Slash last summer. I have probably run about 20 cycles thru it and suddenly the battery won’t take a charge anymore. I hook it up to my charger and it tells me it is full but when I put it into my slash it rolls a few feet then dies. I always follow the proper charging instructions and take good care of my batteries. I also use a nice charger for Lipo, NiMH batteries that I can control the power inputs. I am currently using the original Traxxas battery that came with the truck on the same truck and charger and it’s no problem. So the question is: Can I do anything to fix the battery like discharging it and recharging again or am I stuck with a dead battery?

Cubby- Congrats Sean, I proclaim yours as “letter of the month” thus entitling you to an uber new BSRC t-shirt. Shoot Brian your snail mail and shirt size for the hook-up.

So… you’ve got a Ni-MH that won’t charge anymore. If your other pack works fine and this one is having issues, yes, it sounds like one (or more) cells have gone bad in the pack, but lets try something first.

Is there any shot of reviving the bad pack? Probably not, but give this a try first. You say you’ve got a “nice charger”, lets hope it’s nice enough to have a discharge function. Attempt to discharge your bad pack at 5 amps, down to .8 volts per cell. Once the discharge is over and the pack has cooled, attempt to re-charge it, this time at a very slow rate, such as 1 amp. If the pack still refuses to charge, you can either attempt to isolate and discard the bad cell (or cells), or just call it a day and get a new pack.

Best of luck, enjoy your new uber shirt, and you should really think about upgrading to some Lipos.

Two simple questions

HPI do a couple of electric powered 1/5th scale models, the Baja 5B flux and the Super 5SC flux. How do they rate as bashers and which one is best?
Also, when are you reviewing the Thunder Tiger eMTA?

Cubby- Hey Gary, thanks for taking the time to shoot me an email, hit Brian up for your sticker pack.

Normally I dislike emails with the words “simple questions” in the title. Typically those mean hours of pondering and cursing. But… for perhaps the first time ever, yours are indeed simple to answer.

Are the HPI Baja 5B and 5SC Flux good bash machines? Pretty simple answer here, I have no idea, we’ve never reviewed them. The only 5th scale HPI we’ve reviewed was the original gas 5B, and it rocked. We still beat on our review 5B on pretty much a weekly basis. However, we don’t have either of the Flux 5th scalers in house, I’ll shoot out a request, but no promises if we’ll get them reviewed.

Next, when are we reviewing the Thunder Tiger eMTA? Well… we posted the unboxing pics back in March and have been reviewing it ever since. I haven’t been a part of that review, so Brian and Bill must really be going the extra mile on that one. I’ll crack the whip on them this weekend at our big Bash & Swap Meet in Orland Park to see if they can get that review wrapped up.

That’s it for this week, submit your questions and random rants to Cubby at If your letter hits the big-time you get a free sticker pack, if I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month” you win a free t-shirt. Yay. If your email doesn’t get answered don’t write back flip’n out, my letter screener immediately deletes those, you are essentially wasting keystrokes, and really that’s my job.

YOUR Cub Reporter

What's new: Thursday, August 1st, 2013

RC4WD Extreme Duty XVD Axles Axial AX10 Scorpion SCX10
Do a lot of serious driving with your Axial and tired of having axle problems? RC4WD has announced new Extreme Duty XVD Axles to make your day on the trail go a whole lot smoother. Some of their highlights include-

* Heat treated to handle serious power
* Completely new design
* CNC machined for close tolerances
* Allows for up to 50° of steering angle

The part number for the Extreme Duty Axles is #Z-S0902 and they have a street price of $59. Hit up THIS LINK for more information.

RC4WD has loads of cool scale gear, find more Right Here on BigSquidRC.

2013 ARRMA Granite RTR Monster Truck
The bashing public has been waiting for the new ARRMA’s to roll out, and here’s the first, the 2013 Edition ARRMA Granite. This version remains brushed, but comes with multiple upgrades to make it even better than the original. Some of the new upgrades include-

* Waterproof servo with more torque
* Easier access servo box
* Body has more strength in key areas
* Body has different proportions and graphics
* 6 cell 3000 mah NiMH battery included
* New ATX100 radio system
* High tensile steel and high grade aluminum hardware

The part number for the 2013 Edition ARRMA Granite is #ARAD10**, it keeps a low street price of $199, and you can expect to see them start hitting your local hobby shops in mid-August.

To read more ARRMA news check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.


So the Big Squid RC Bash and Swap Meet is TOMORROW!! We have been getting emails from people asking all sorts of questions, and we figure many more people probably have the same questions, so why not answer them all right here!

Q: What sort of prizes are there going to be?
A: All sorts! We have a new HPI Blitz, some stuff from Pro-Line, swag from a few different companies and a few surprises! Don’t forget the Helion Invictus and Animus Contest!!

Q: Do I need to bring a table?
A: Yes, if you want to use a table. This is an outdoor event in a parking lot. Some people just pit out of their cars, but if you want to sit down at a table to work on your rc stuff, you’ll need to bring a table and chair.

Q: Where exactly is the bash at?
A: The bash will be held in the parking lot of the Orland Park Hobby Town.

Q: Is there power?
A: Yes, sort of. We will have a few extension cords running out of the Hobby Town. So we are not guaranteeing power, there are some outlets available. If you bring one or two batteries you should be good for the day till the free-for-all starts.

Q: Are there bathrooms there?
A: Yes, inside the hobby shop. Just go inside and ask a friendly employee for them to unlock it for you.

Q: Will there be food and drink?
A: There is a pop machine inside. There are a few close fast food restaurants in the area.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It’s FREE! We just want people to come out and have a good time!

Q: Does it cost for a swap space?
A: Nope! That’s free also! Come clean out your garage. We ask that you try and limit your stuff to 1 table. We don’t need other hobby shops showing up to sell their stuff. :)

Q: How do I sell my stuff?
A: You are 100% responsible for your stuff. So keep a eye on it! We recommend putting a price on everything you bring to sell with masking tape or a sticker or something. That way if you are walking around or bashing, and someone is looking at your table they can get an idea if they want to buy it or not.

Q: What if I buy something from the swap meet that does not work?
A: Buyer BEWARE! If you are worried, ask to see it run before you pull out the cash. People are bringing dusty stuff from their garages and basements, we would guess there will be some GREAT deals on things that may not be 100% in working order. And you are right outside a hobby shop! Go inside and order the rest of the parts you need to get it working.

Q: What’s the Schedule for the day?
A: Depends on the turnout. We will have a minimum of four events planned to run. Guaranteed events are: Obstacle Course, SUMO, Shopping Cart Slam, Demolition Derby. All rules will be explained before each event. Registration for those events starts at 10am. Events start at 11am! We will take a short break after the first 2 events for people to do some swap/shopping, or food, etc. The day is usually done by 6pm, but ya never know.

Q: Can I run a different vehicle in each event?
A: Sure! If you want to run your monster truck in the SUMO event and short course in obstacle, or whatever, that’s fine. The more vehicles the merrier!

Any other last minute questions? Drop us an email, and well try and answer it as fast as we can. See you this Saturday!

Vaterra 1969 Camaro SS Touring Car RTR
Our friends over at Vaterra have announced a new car, a 10th scale 1969 Camaro SS Touring Car. The 69′ Camaro comes on their 10th scale V100 platform with a Spektrum 2.4 GHz radio system and Dynamite brushless system. Some of its other highlights include-

* Officially licensed body
* Shaft driven 4wd
* Waterproof
* 3300kv brushless motor
* Oil shocks
* Everything comes in the box

Part number for the newest Vaterra is #VTR03016 and it has a street price of $379. Click on THIS LINK for more information.

Catching up on Vaterra news? Click HERE to find more right here on BigSquidRC.

Team Losi Racing TLR 8IGHT-E 3.0 Electric Buggy Race Kit
Losi has given some big updates to their 8IGHT-E race machine, now introducing their 3.0 version. Some highlights of the updates include-

* Updated chassis layout
* Servo and speed controller mounted towards front, battery and motor towards rear
* New center dog bones and outdrives
* New shock towers, hubs, and suspension mounts
* New droop screw system
* New wing and body
* New wheels

The part number for the TLR 8IGHT-E 3.0 is #TLR04002 and it has a street price of $669. Click HERE for more information.

Looking for more Losi news? Click HERE to find more right here on BigSquidRC.


I was recently hanging out at the Killerbody RC office, taking pictures and drooling over some of their new products coming out! We brought our Traxxas XO-1 along because we knew they had a new body for it that will be released soon! They have an officially licensed 1/7 scale Chevy Corvette GT2 body, and it looks amazing! There is a race edition as well as a standard edition. They will be available in a bunch of different colors. The details on these are top notch! From the stickers and paint down to the built in light buckets. If you own a XO-1, you probably need a new body, and that body should be one of these Vettes! These pictures do not do it justice, in person it is just awesome. Watch for more Killer Body RC pictures from our visit here soon.

You can get more info at the official Killer Body RC website.

Click Read More to see even more pictures!

What's new: Wednesday, July 31st, 2013


lego_4x4_crawler_boxSo LEGO / Technic had a contest recently called the Co-Creation Challenge. They took over 1000 submissions from all over the world, and the winner would get a tour of the LEGO factory and they would build a limited edition of 20,000 units.

The winner? A 4×4 Crawler that actually works! Who would of thought that a 4×4 RC LEGO Crawler would ever be a kit you can buy? It even has a LED Lights and a working winch!

Here are the details:

• Vehicle is remote controlled for extra fun
• Features an amazingly rugged set of 4×4 wheels with cool bodywork and individual styling
• Includes an LED front light so the Crawler can find its way
• Features a motorized winch to haul other vehicles and help the Crawler winch itself out of trouble
• Collect one of only 20,000 models, each with its own unique license plate number
• A technical build that will really test your building skills
• Cool chrome extras like the fender and winch give this vehicle a real edge!
• Take on tough terrain with the massive wheels and sprung suspension
• Includes 1 LEGO® Power Functions M-motor and 1 LED light cable
• 4×4 Crawler measures over 7” (20cm) high, 16” (43cm) long and 7” (20cm) wide

You can see the submitted video below!

Click ‘Read More’ to see the video of his factory tour as well as proto-types of the vehicle being produced.

2013 Brushless ARRMA
Our buddy Dave shot us a link to a new teaser video of the new ARRMA Brushless vehicles. The video is certainly short and sweet, but you can still see some of the changes that have been made to the line-up.

We expect more news on the new ARRMA’s any time now, until then you can hit up THIS LINK for the official ARRMA RC website. For even more ARRMA news check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Kyosho Comic Racer
We posted some photo’s a few weeks ago on this one and now Kyosho has released more information on the Comic Racer Mini-Z Readyset. The Comic Racer Subaru Impreza WRX STI certainly has a distinct look, very much like the cartoon’ish Car Town vehicles you see on Facebook.

* Based off the Mini-Z buggy platform
* Full bearings
* Oil shocks
* 2.4 GHz radio system
* ICS interface
* Chase Mode power limiter
* 4wd with slipper clutch
* 130 sized brushed motor
* Wheelbase: 115mm
* Width: 107mm

We have received no word on when, or even if, the Kyosho Comic Racer will be hitting the states.

Want to catch up on your Kyosho news? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

THE Futaba 4PLS (4PL Super) S-FHSS Telemetry Radio Review

Futaba 4PLS 4PL Super Review

The venerable Futaba 4PL was perhaps the best radio system ever made for the bashing market. Well it’s deceased now, replaced by a newer model, the 4PLS (Super). Does the 4PLS live up to the high expectations? Being Futaba’s first surface radio with telemetry, did they get it right? Can it take an epic beating? Click the “Read More” button to find out… (And see the Durability Testing Video)