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What's new: Thursday, June 5th, 2014

tamiya lexus Eneos Sustina RC F TB04
For all you Japanese Super GT fans, Tamiya has announced their new Eneos Sustina Lexus RC F. This very scale realistic on-road machine sits on Tamiya’s TB-04 shaft driven 4wd platform. New sealed gear diffs allow for tuning via lighter or heavier diff oils, while its IFS horizontally mounted front shocks maintain a low profile allowing for a more realistic body shape.

The Tamiya has a part number of #58595, its street price should be right around $350, and you can expect to start seeing them hit hobby shops in late July. For complete details simply click This Link to visit Tamiya’s website.

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What's new: Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Tamiya Lowride Pumpkin M06
The recently announced Tamiya Lowride Pumpkin is a kit that comes with an old school truck body riding on their M-06 chassis. While it might not be high tech, it certainly gives builders a solid platform to build something wild off of. Also, its huge front bumper looks like it is ready for demo-derby right out of the box.

The part number for the LP is #58594, it is street priced at $175, and they are expected to start hitting hobby shops in August. Hit up This Link for its official page on Tamiya’s website.

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What better way to challenge yourself and your piloting skills than earning achievements and sharing your bold and daring exploits with fellow pilots? The guys over at Flytrex have come up with a flight recorder to measure altitude, speed, and other metrics to share with your fellow pilots.

For added fun, they also included in their social networking challenges and achievements to earn and add a little bit of competition between pilots. Personally I’m already at my limits of comfort flying my quad, so any challenges outside that zone may be ignored just to keep my flights fun. Either way, I cannot wait to slap this bad boy either into my Ardupilot quad or my 350QX.

The chipset plugs as an intermediate between your GPS and mainboard, and starting at $50 you can hook it up to Ardupilot, DJI Phantoms and Naza-M systems, and Blade 350QXs. Details and how to order them can be found on the Flytrex website Right Here.

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AsiaTees Hobbies June Giveaway Flysky
The crew over at AsiaTees Hobbies wanted us to let you know about their June Giveaway. This month AsiaTees is giving away 6 FlySKy Transmitters and Receivers to their customers. To get complete details simply click This Link to head over to the AsiaTees website.

AsiaTees also wanted us to let you know they are now stocking loads of Tamiya cars and trucks. To get more information and to see which cars they are stocking simply hit up This Link.

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Serpent Spyder SRX-2 RM SCT
The Serpent Short Course Truck has been teased for months, now full details and pictures have arrived.

The first short course truck from Serpent is a 10th scale 2wd variety which is based off their uber SRX buggy platform. The truck was designed by none other than former IFMAR World Champ Billy Easton and comes in a rear motor configuration. While the Spyder SRX-2 SCT was designed for racing we have no doubt bashers will latch on to them if they are a solid overall truck. Some of the highlights of the new Serpent SCT include-

* 12mm big bore shocks
* Polycarbonate inserts in side guards
* Lightweight body with flares
* Narrow chassis design
* 3 pad slipper clutch
* Ball diff
* High performance geometry
* Durable front and rear bumpers

The part number for the new Serpent is #500004 and you can get full details at This Link over on Serpent’s website.

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Traxxas TQi Wireless Link Model Bluetooth GPS
The folks over at Traxxas have a new version of the TQi that connects your car to your Apple device via Bluetooth. The radio, the TQi with Traxxas Link Module, comes stand alone so you can add it to any car you please, and it also now comes standard with several popular Traxxas cars and trucks.

So what’s the big deal here? After you download the Traxxas Link App to your Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod, the new TQi can connect wirelessly to your device, allowing you to do several things. You can change radio settings wirelessly from your phone, you can manage your custom settings for up to 30 different models, and you can also view real-time telemetry on your phone. Combined with the Traxxas GPS Speed Telemetry Module, you can even view real time speeds on your phone. Right now the Traxxas app is only available for Apple products, but the app for Android is said to be coming soon.

* 6507X: TQi 2.4GHz (4-Channel) with Traxxas Link Wireless Module & 5-channel Receiver, street price $175
* 6509X: TQi 2.4GHz (2-Channel) Traxxas Link Enabled Transmitter with 5-channel Receiver, street price $119
* 6530: TQi 2.4GHz (4-Channel) Traxxas Link Enabled Transmitter
* 6528: TQi 2.4GHz (2-Channel) Traxxas Link Enabled Transmitter
* 6511: Traxxas Link Wireless Module

For complete details hit up This Link over on the official Traxxas website.

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What's new: Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Top Flite Zero A6M Giant Gas ARF 60cc
The Zero is a legendary fighter plane from WWII and now the guys over at Top Flite have a giant scale 86″ version for your flying enjoyment. Their new Zero is not only huge, but is loaded with scale details to make it really something to look at between flights. While the Top Flite Zero is no trainer, it was designed for ease of flight with good maneuverability up in the air. Some of its features and specifications include-

* Wingspan- 86″
* Weight- 25.5-27.5 lb
* Wing area- 1276 in²
* Length- 70.5″
* Requires at least a 7 channel radio, 8-12 servos, 50-50cc gas engine, and Robart retracts

The part number is #TOPA0712, it is street priced at $750, and they should start hitting hobby shops in mid June. Get complete details at This Link over on the Top Flite website.

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Hot Bodies TCXX Upgrade Pack
The new Upgrade Pack for the Hot Bodies TCXX was first shown at Nurnberg in January, now HPI/HB has released full details. To boil it down, it comes with a slew of upgrades to make your TCXX touring car the best it can be. Some of the upgrades included with the pack are-

* V2 rebuild-able DCJ set
* One piece servo mount
* Version 2 motor mount
* Big bore shock set
* New front and rear towers
* 2.25mm thick V2 carbon fiber chassis

The part number for the upgrade pack is #112285 and you can get complete details by hitting up This Link over on the HPI website.

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ST Racing Concepts Aluminum Parts Associated B5 B5M
The good folks over at ST Racing Concepts have just announced a number of new aluminum upgrade parts for the Associated B5 & B5M buggy. If you are looking to add durability to your B5/B5M while adding some bling, have a look at the parts below.

First up are the STRC aluminum rear camber link mounts. Made from high grade aluminum these mounts add some weight to the rear of the buggy for more rear traction, and are available in three different colors (gun metal, blue, and silver). The part number for the B5 unit is #STC91377B/GM/S and it is priced at $18. The unit for the B5M is #STC91518B/GM/S and comes in at $10.

STRC also has new aluminum hex adapters. The stock hexes are made from plastic and can strip out, the high grade aluminum units from STRC are much more difficult to round off. These are also available in three different colors, the part numbers are #STC91441B/GM/S, and they are priced at $11 per pair.

The STRC crew has also worked up CNC machined aluminum shock mount bushings. The STRC units are more precise and durable than the stock pieces for smoother suspension action. These one piece units have a part number of #STC91445B/GM/S and are priced at $11 for a complete set of 4.

Get more information on all these parts at This Link over on the official STRC website, and you can click Right Here for more STRC news on BigSquidRC.

What's new: Monday, June 2nd, 2014

RC Freaks Speed Challenge 2014
Everybody likes to go fast and last weekend we had the pleasure of attending a High Speed and Drag Event put on the RC Freaks. The RC Freaks are a Facebook Group that are very active on-line, and they also like to put on various rc events. Last weekend they invited anyone and everyone out to have some fun going really, really fast.

The RC Freaks are based out of St Louis Missouri, so they found a big empty parking lot in Fenton Missouri (a suburb of St Louis) to host the event. There were two different style events held, a 300 foot high speed run where the winner was decided by top speed on a radar gun, and 100 foot side-by-side drag racing.

In the unlimited 300 foot speed run there were all sorts of different entries. From 5th scale buggies to 2wd stadium trucks, you name it and it was going really fast. In the end it was Roderick and his 96 mph XRay NT1 (converted to electric) that posted the fastest speed. Second place went to Chad (one of the event organizers) with a run of 89 mph by his Ofna DM-One. Third place went to Franklin at 85 mph with his XRay 8th scale off-road buggy.

The 100 foot drag event was up after the high speed run. Drivers could call out other drivers and race the best 2 out of 3 to determine a winner. Roderick, Phoenix, Jamie, and even our own Hawaiian Chris got in some wins during the drag racing. Once again a wide variety of vehicles were used, some were nitro, some were electric, and everyone had a good time seeing if they could beat the person in the lane next to them.

Special thanks to RC Freaks for organizing the event and to all the guys from the STL Drag Racing Club for coming out and supporting the event. The RC Freaks event had a solid turn-out (my guess was around 40 drivers) so hopefully we’ll see more events like this one in the near future.

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Hit the “Read More” button for 4 more photo galleries after the jump…


Suburban AeroClub of Chicago  Memorial Day Float Fly (22)I attended the Suburban AeroClub of Chicago (aka SAC) Memorial Day Float Fly last weekend and checked out all the float plane fun going on. There were planes powered by electric, nitro, and gas and it was fun to watch them fly off the water and sometimes bounce and nose over on landings only to be rescued by boat when landings didn’t go so well.

There were lots of neat planes (and a helicopter or two) and I can’t wait to check out their other events, which can be found on the SAC website Right HereRead More to see more galleries and video from the event!



This is your chance to enter to win one of the new Pro-Line 2013 Ram 1500 True Scale Clear Bodies! Their new True Scale stuff looks awesome, and we have partnered up with Pro-Line to give away two of these awesome bodies! One Short Course style that fits vehicles like their Pro-2, or Traxxas Slash, Slash 4X4, and SC10. The other will be their Monster Truck style that fits Traxxas T/E/2.5-MAXX®, T-MAXX® 3.3, REVO® 2.5, Savage!

We will draw two winners from all the entries. We are giving away CLEAR versions of the Ram 1500′s, so if you are drooling over that paint job in the pictures, you’ll need to do that part yourself. Since every contest we get the emails, this contest is open to readers WORLD WIDE!

The deadline for entries is Monday June 9th 2014 at 11:59pm CST. A winner will be announced sometime on June 10th. Two random winners will be chosen from all entries received by our software.

You know what to do, good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember, you can come back each day and earn more entries!

Cubby Keeps Breaking TrucksOur industry really likes noobs, the rc hobby would not exist without them. If you are in fact a noob and reading this, thank you for giving the rc hobby a shot. However, just because you are an rc noobie doesn’t mean you have to look like one. Here is my advice on how not to stick out like a sore thumb as an rc noob when around seasoned hobbyists-

At The Hobby Shop-

Know the easiest way to spot the noob at a hobby shop? Yup, he’s the guy up at the counter with his car in hand. If you don’t want to appear as an rc noob leave your car/truck/buggy at home. Yes, if you are at the hobby shop you are most likely there for replacement parts, but that doesn’t mean you need to drag in your filthy truck to show the hobby shop worker that your front a-arm is busted up. Trust me, he has seen your truck/car/buggy a hundred times before and your new Ruslter VXL isn’t going to impress him.

What you really need to bring to the hobby shop is a part number. Look at your truck, see what is broken, look the part number up in your manual, then hit the hobby shop. While I know several hobby shop employees that have memorized thousands of part numbers, most are not that way, if you bring in the part number you are saving both yourself and the hobby shop time. And… at crappy hobby shops the guy behind the counter might actually look up the wrong part number, so to make absolutely sure you get the part you really need, trust me, just bring the part number in with you.

If you are shopping for a new car, don’t have the guy behind the counter pull down two dozen different models ranging from a Losi Micro SCT to a Losi 5IVE-T to look at. If you are that clueless about what you really want, chances are you aren’t going to be happy with whatever you pick off the counter. Do some research at home (like reading reviews on BSRC), before you crack the door on your LHS to buy a new car.

Also… don’t haggle. Seasoned hobbyists know the mark-up is diddly squat on kits/rtrs, and they know the hobby is in a slump right now, your LHS can use every penny they can get. As a noob why would you want to keep your LHS’s doors open? Because if you break your truck on a Saturday morning you can drive down to your LHS and have your truck running again in an hour. If your LHS goes belly up it will take days before you’ll have your truck up and running again. Do you want to drive again later today? Or sometime next week? Ya, support your LHS.

At The Track/Bash Spot

Want to know the easiest way to spot a noob at the track? Ya, he’s the guy driving backwards on the track while standing down on the ground. If you don’t want to look like a noob get up on the stand and drive the right freak’n direction.

Now… yes, the BSRC Bash Crew is known for driving backwards on local tracks, but I can assure you we only do it to really set off the racer types that are wound wayyyy tooooo tight. For you, driving backwards can mean a nasty collision, which will cost you in parts, plus it can mean a run in with the local track a-hole, which might leave you in jail after you punch him in the face. Make life easy, drive the proper direction.

As far as the stand goes, it does give you a much better view of the track, making it easier to stay between the pipes. Many noobs crash a lot and tire quickly of going up and down the stairs (the famous “walk of shame”), therefore they elect to drive from the ground. The proper way of doing it is to get up on the stand and SLOW DOWN, and keep driving slower until you are no longer crashing.

Also… if you are noob who inherited some old truck from your Uncle Bob, you will stand like crazy if it isn’t 2.4GHz. It’s been nearly a decade since long antennas were common on transmitters, so if you don’t want to stand out, don’t even show up with an old school 27 or 75 MHz radio.

Want to really stand out as a noob at a track? Drive Traxxas. While Traxxas has kept our hobby alive for years, the vast majority of noobs at the track drive that particular brand. Don’t want to look like a noob? Give something else a try like an ARRMA, ECX, Durango, or Vaterra.

One more thing about noobs at the track, do NOT sway back and forth up on the stand. It makes you stand out as a noob, and drives the guys next to you absolutely INSANE. Just stand still, I promise you physically swaying from side to side will not make your truck drive any better on the track.

Cruising the RC Boards

Ok, so internet boards are dying off, so this actually applies more to Facebook Groups, but if you do not want to look like a noob don’t go full goofball on everyone that doesn’t agree with your opinion (that’s my job… seriously). But seriously, seasoned hobbyists have been surfing the rc sites since the ’90s and have already been hit with truck loads of hate and negative comments, so many that 20 years later there is absolutely nothing you could ever say that will even get their attention, all it does is signify you are a noob.

Another thing that will instantly make you stand out as a noob- regurgitating what you’ve read on-line, but never actually done yourself. For instance, if another noob asks “Which is better, Associated or XRay?” and you reply even though you’ve never personally owned either brand, you instantly look like a huge noob. If all your replies contain first hand info that you’ve learned all by yourself, you’ll be giving much better info than 90% of the people on the web, and will not come across as a noob.

Btw, “feels like” speed isn’t what you should post on-line about your car. Ok, so you are a noob and your car “feels like” it is doing 90 mph, this does not mean you should post that it actually does 90 mph, instead you post post its actual speed (probably closer to 30).

Want to sound like you are in-the-know with the industry types? Talk about THE Cub Report. Pretty much all the “big” names in the industry read it every Monday, and if someone brings up a certain Cub Report and you haven’t read it, ya, you are gonna look like a serious noob. So read up, there are hundreds of old Cub Reports to catch up on.

So that is it for this week’s Cub Report, get out and support your local bash spots and hobby shops when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter