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2016 ARRMA Senton BLX Unboxing

Unboxing The 2016 ARRMA Senton BLX

The folks over at ARRMA doled out plenty of upgrades on their 2016 line-up of vehicles. We recently unboxed a brand spank’n new 2016 Senton to give you a look at what’s inside the box, plus to take a look at some of those upgrades. The new Senton received a face-lift via new livery, but its real improvements came in the [...]


Pro-Line Predator Clear Body AE B6 B6D

Pro-Line Predator Clear Body For AE B6 & B6D

New from Pro-Line is a high performance Predator Body for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. The Predator can not only give your Associated a cool new look, but was designed to yield more balanced handling around the track. Made from crystal clear Lexan, the body comes with over-spray protection, window masks, and a large decal sheet. Pricing for the latest [...]


Pro-Line Destroyer 2.2 Tires

Pro-Line Destroyer 2.2″ All Terrain Tires

Ready to put some truly high performance tires that have a great scale look on your monster truck? That is where the new 2.2″ sized Pro-Line Destroyers can come in handy. The new 2.2″ Destroyers are molded in P-L’s soft M3 compound rubber and come stock with soft white foam inserts for maximum performance. For looks, the Destroyers are dialed [...]


CRC Gen-X 10 RT World GT-R Kit

CRC Gen-X 10 R/T World GT-R Kit

Pan cars are great fun for going REALLY fast on a smooth surface. The newest 1/10th scale pan car from CRC is the Gen-X 10 R/T World GT-R kit. Designed for the World GT-R class that is gaining popularity at many tracks, the Gen-X 10 R/T is ready for realistic full body/rubber tire racing. It is easy to see from [...]


Mega Series ARRMA Raider XL

New ARRMA Raider XL 1/8 Mega Series Buggy

The Raider XL BLX has been extremely popular in its brushless form, soon it will be available in affordable Mega Series trim. The Raider XL Mega Series comes with a brushed power system, perfect for beginners or those on a budget. The Mega Series Raider XL is an 1/8 scale 2wd buggy with a 13 inch long wheelbase and a [...]


Traxxas Robby Gordon Gordini Slash

Traxxas Robby Gordon Gordini 2wd Slash

It has been a while since a new Traxxas Slash 2wd has been released, to end the drought they have announced the Robby Gordon Gordini. Robby’s Gordini won a stage at the Dakar Rally as well as winning the overall at the Mexican 1000. Soon you’ll be able to own the Slash 2wd replica, which should look pretty cool while [...]



RUDDOG RP690 1/8 Brushless Motors

European company Ruddog has announced their RP690 series of Brushless Motors. The 690 series are sensored motors designed for 1/8 scale racing that are both high performance and affordable. High quality materials from around the world were used to give the motors improved heat dissipation and to help overall performance. To suit different driving styles and track conditions three different [...]


Long Jump Cubby

THE Cub Report, Version- Paying The Iron Price

Happy Monday to everyone out there in rc land, I trust you all had a great weekend. As per the norm, your friendly, lovable Cub Reporter had an interesting weekend. I got the weekend started off by busting out a ton of laps with the latest edition of the ARRMA Typhon buggy, then got in even more laps with one [...]


MIP Yoga Pit Mat

MIP Yoga Style Pit Mat

Step up your pit area game (or tailgate) with the new Yoga Style Pit Mat from MIP. The new MIP pit mat is made from a black thermoplastic elastomer, the same stuff that Yoga mats are made out of. This makes it easy to roll up for easy storage while helping it to keep screws from flying off into the [...]


Duratrax Spur Gears

Duratrax Spur Gears

New from Duratrax is a line-up of 48 and 64 pitch Spur Gears. The 48 pitch spurs range in size from 78 to 90 teeth, while the 64 pitch range from 98 to 120. The spurs are made from a durable plastic and can be used on a wide variety of different vehicles. The spur gears are priced at just $3.49, [...]


2016 ARRMA BLX Buggy Unboxing

Unboxing – 2016 ARRMA Typhon BLX Buggy

Did you know that the 2016 version of the ARRMA Typhon has received a number of updates? If not, now you do. The new Typhon comes with a new Tactic radio system, beefed up wing mount, updated wheels, and a number of other changes. The price point stays the same at $429 and they are shipping right now to a [...]


arrma nero monster truck review

ARRMA Nero Monster Truck With Diff Brain Review

Without doubt, the most highly touted and anticipated car of 2016 is the ARRMA Nero monster truck. A series of teasers about its new “rc brain/smart diff” kept the rc world wondering just how radical the latest vehicle from ARRMA was going to be. Once announced, the Nero did not disappoint, it was pure radical from nose to tail. The [...]



Everybody's Scalin' For the Weekend - Tamiya, Where Art Thou…

Before getting into the topic at hand, big kudos to RC4WD for hiring Richard Trujillo and John Thornton. While I do not know either personally, I have been following their work for years via message boards. Trujillo is also especially notable as of late because he is the brains behind the Vaterra Ascender. Huge get for RC4WD. Ok, back to our [...]


RC4WD Rough Stuff Limited Edition Red Metal Front Bumper TF2

RC4WD Rough Stuff Limited Edition Red Front Bumper For The T…

This just might be one of the coolest front bumpers ever released. RC4WD recently announced their limited edition Rough Stuff Red Front Bumper for their Trail Finder 2. The Rough Stuff bumper has tough off-road styling and comes with Hella Round and IPF Square Lights, making it one sharp looking unit. * Made from stainless steel with ABS plastic parts * Red [...]


RS5 Modelsport XF Formula One Chassis

RS5 Modelsport 1/5 XF Formula One Chassis

New from European company RS5 Modelsport is the 1/5th Scale XF Formula One Chassis. The XF brings scale realism and high performance to the 1/5th on-road scene, plus, it just looks cool. Some of it highlights include- * Servos & receiver box mounted on the same carbon plate * Works with Zenoah & Beast engines * Easily accessable front MonoShock * Easy to change [...]