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What's new: Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Dromida RTR VideoHave you tried out one of the Dromida 18th scalers yet? They are affordable and small enough to be a blast in small spaces. Dromida has released a new video to show off the LED Lights and some of the other features of their latest vehicles- the DB4.18 buggy and the DT4.18 truck. Both new releases have a more scale appearance and both come in at under $120. Watch the video below to see more of their features and you can hit up This Link for even more details.

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What's new: Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

CRC Xti-WC KitOne of the most popular indoor carpet classes has always been 1/12th scale and now you can own a version of the car that Marc Rheinard used to win the last 12th scale world championship. The CRC Xti-WC is now available for sale and comes with all the latest 12th scale design technology. The WC edition features a new chassis as well as a new U-plate front sub-frame to make it faster, tougher, and easier to drive than ever. The Xti-WC was also designed to be ultra-adjustable to suit both mod or stock racing. You can Click This Link to get more details over on the official CRC website.

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Rage RC 5000mAh Battery ReviewSometimes you just need an inexpensive NiMH Battery to get the job done. Sometimes you may not have a LiPO battery charger, or maybe you just want to keep things simple. Such is the need for a battery like the Rage RC 7.2V 5000mAh NiMH.

We received a pack for testing a couple of months ago and have been putting it through the BigSquidRC ringer ever since. What have we found out?

* The Rage comes with a simple “Tamiya” style connector that works on numerous entry level products.

* With a standard 6 cell NiMH form factor, the Rage easily fit in every application that we tried. We used it in several vehicles, from an ECX Torment, to a Pro-Line PRO-MT, to a Traxxas Slash, the Rage was always a perfect fit.

* We also used the Rage in the roto-start of our nitro powered Duratrax Camaro. In this application it had plenty of power and turned over the nitro engine easily.

* While the Rage didn’t have the energy density (read- runtime and voltage output) of a LiPo, it had excellent power and runtimes compared to a pair of different low mAh RTR packs that we had laying around. For example, in our brushed Torment the truck was noticeably faster when using the Rage than when driven on a 1500mAh RTR NiMH.

* We conducted a 1C (5 amp) discharge on the Rage using a Hyperion 720iNet3 to get a capacity reading. The Rage NiMH was stated to be 5000mAh, while the Hyperion showed it put out 4732mAh on its first cycle.

We had no issues with the Rage RC 5000 NiMH and can highly recommend it to you. It has a low street price of $29 and its part number is #RGRNM5000-6. Click Right Here for more details over on the Hobby & Recreation Products website.

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Hitec Q-Cop 450 QuadcopterYou probably know Hitec for their world class servos, but they also sell a lot of air gear. Now, for the first time ever, they have introduced a quadcopter, the Q-Cop 450. The Q-Cop isn’t a low end unit, it is a high performance quad aimed at the mid-range of the market. Some of its cool features include-

* Brushless power and ultra-efficient propellers
* Comes with 3S 11.1V 5300mAh LiPO battery
* Up to 33 mph cruising speed
* Up to 25 minutes of flight time
* GPS directional control
* Return-to-home feature
* WiFi connection with 1000′ range
* Mobile device app for both iOS and Android
* Built in HD camera
* Shoots 16 megapixel stills and up to 1080p at 30fps video

The Q-Cop 450 has a street price of $799, a part number of #13613, and you can hit up This Link for more details over on Hitec’s official website.

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RC4WD Raceline Raptor 2.2 Beadlock WheelsGive your truck a hot new look with a set of RC4WD Raceline Raptor 2.2″ Beadlock Wheels. These are officially licensed by Raceline Wheels and were designed to give your truck a big boost in scale realism. The wheels were designed to be tough too, they are CNC machined from billet aluminum. Some of their other features and specifications include-

* 12mm hex
* Outer diameter: 2.2″
* Width: 1.19″
* Weight: 3.3oz
* Comes with scale wheel nut cover w/ Raceline logo

A set of four has a street price of $139, a part number of #Z-W0192, and these are available right now. Click Right Here for more details over on the official RC4WD website.

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Video Proto-X FPVIf you’ve been living in a cave the last few years you might not have heard that FPV is all the rage in the air community. Recently Hobbico announced an FPV version of their extremely popular Proto-X Quadcopter. The Proto-X FPV allows you to fly via watching a video feed on its transmitter, plus you can record and download the video from your flight. Check out the video below to learn more about the features of the Proto-X FPV and to see exactly what video shot from the Proto-X FPV looks like.

The Proto-X FPV is priced at $229 and you can get one on pre-order at This Link over on the Tower Hobbies website.

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What's new: Monday, November 17th, 2014

ARRMA Kraton Electronics UpgradeHi, my name is Iron Mike and I like long walks on the beach and destroying rc cars. You might know me as a part of the BSRC Bash Crew or perhaps from the Prop Wash boat column that I’ve been slacking on (for months now). A few weeks ago Cubby comes over to my house and drops a brand spank’n new ARRMA Kraton in my lap. Holy smokes, it was my lucky day! The Kraton is easily one of the biggest, baddest bash trucks on the market. Then I realized that if he was dropping it in my lap, it was only because there was work to do. Luckily for me I was told my only job was hop it up, using any type of gear I wanted to. A few minutes later I had Cubby’s company credit card in hand and was on the phone with Tower Hobbies ordering up some seriously kick ass electronics.

Please click on the “Read More” button to find out exactly what I installed, along with step-by-step instructions on how to switch out the electronics in your Kraton.



As Cubby mentioned this morning, our second issue has shipped! We can’t thank the hobby shops for all their support! The list is growing every day, and it’s actually a little overwhelming. As you can see, next month we are going to need a van to get to the post office!

mail_bagAfter a few trips into the post office with a dolly full of boxes, the guy behind the counter offered up their cart! This saved a ton of time, but the look on his face when we walked back in was like ‘uh-oh’. LOL

Expect them to hit shops Tuesday/Wednesday depending where you are at in the country compared to Chicago. Australia, Japan, Europe and Canada may take a little longer.

Click Right Here to see what shops are carrying the new monthly. If you are a hobby shop owner, click that link to see what information you need to send over. The list isn’t complete, but we are doing our best to keep up with the additions, so if you have sent us your information in the last week, and your shop isn’t up there yet, hang tight.

Thanks again to all the hobby shops for their support!
Show them a little love and stop in this week!

Boom Racing Aluminum Upgrades ECX Torment Circuit RuckusAre you proud of your ECX 2wd Torment, Ruckus, or Circuit? Want to make it all it can be? Just want to uber-it-out? Boom Racing has announced a slew of aluminum upgrades to give your ECX a trick new look and to make it tougher than ever. To suit your taste, all the upgrades are available in four different colors- silver, blue, gun metal, and black. The list up of aluminum upgrade parts include-

* Steering blocks
* Castor mount
* Front a-arms
* Rear a-arms
* Rear hub carriers
* Steering bellcranks

Hit up This Link for full details over on the official Asiatees Hobbies website, and you can Click Right Here to get more Asiatees Hobbies news on BigSquidRC.

Krypton 1.9 Scale TiresIn the never ending quest for trail supremacy, RC4WD has announced a new 1.9″ tire called the Krypton. The Kryptons are molding in RC4WD’s famous X2SS super sticky compound and can give your truck a whole new look while increasing its traction.

The Kryptons hit the street at $25 per pair, have a part number of #Z-T0130, and they are shipping right now. Head over to the official RC4WD Website for more details.

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falcon hobby supplyThe fine folks over at Falcon Hobby Supply have a special running right now. By using the code “BigSquid12″ over on their website, you can save an instant 12% off your order. Why should you use Falcon Hobby Supply? For a few reasons actually, they are a supporter of your favorite website (hint, hint, BigSquidRC), they stock loads of surface and air products, plus they are centrally located in good old Springfield Illinois. Another good reason to use Falcon is the fact that they carry the Carisma line of rc products, one of our favorites for bashing. You can get a hold of them the old school way by calling toll free 855-603-2526, or go new school by hitting up THIS LINK to visit their official website.

2015 XRay XB4 BuggyOften considered the “fastest” indoor off-road racing class, there is no shortage of competitive buggies in 1/10th scale 4wd. The latest to hit the market is the newly updated 2015 XRay XB4. The highlight of the new XB4 is its “2-n-1″ design that allows you to either run saddle packs or a single shorty LiPO battery. Some of the other changes on the 2015 machine include-

* Revised aluminum chassis
* New carbon fiber top decks
* New front shock tower
* Beefed up bulkheads
* New aluminum motor mount
* New slipper clutch
* Optional center diff

The new XB4 will hit the streets at right around $450 and you can hit up This Link over on XRay’s website for more details.

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CubbyFirst up, before I get to the meat of THE Cub Report, I have some good news. Big Squid RC Monthly issue number 2 is shipping today! Yes, they will be on hobby shop counters as early as Tuesday! What does it take to get a FREE copy? It’s gonna take a visit to a local hobby shop. While you are in an LHS that has the FREE BSRC Monthly you can check out what they have new in stock for the holiday season, shoot the bull with the guys behind the counter, and check out fliers that they probably have posted on how to meet up with other hobbyists in your area. How do you find out which hobby shops have them? Hit up THIS LINK, or if you are a hobby shop that wants to distribute our monthly, hit the “Contact Us” link at the top of our site and let us know.

On to the filet mignon…

Most industry types and hardcore hobbyists have heard that Traxxas has been all over the lawsuit bandwagon lately. You probably remember their lawsuit again Horizon/Vaterra over a suspension design. They also filed a lawsuit a few months ago against Redcat/Namero concerning a steering patent, and another a couple months ago against HPI/Hobby Products International over a receiver box design. Their latest lawsuit is against the mighty HobbyKing over patent infringement of a connector.

Yes, absolutely, all these lawsuits have made for some excellent watercooler fodder, and of course there are two camps concerning the issue. The camp against all the lawsuits generally think it isn’t good for the hobby and that it doesn’t look good for Traxxas. These people talk about how much harder it will be to design new products when you have to wade through thousands of patents just to build a new car. These people also know there is a negative connotation that comes along with the word lawsuit, and when it it seen right next to “Traxxas” all the time, it can’t be good for them.

Then you’ve got the type like myself… those that know business in America can not exist without patents and that they need to be strictly protected. Traxxas has taken the time and spent the money to patent many of their designs, they certainly have the right to protect that. And more so, IMO a few lawsuits now will vastly help to keep various companies in general from “stealing” designs in the future. The lawsuits Traxxas is filing now will help fend off illegal use of patents for not just themselves, but for dozens of other rc companies. Hopefully the lawsuits will make companies think twice before mindlessly copying another company’s designs.

Over the years I’ve talked to numerous companies who are sick and tired of their designs and products being copied/stolen/cloned. Most of these companies felt powerless to do anything, and for good reason, it isn’t easy/inexpensive to sue another company, especially one in another country. Once again in just my opinion, I think it is well past time that a few lawsuits got thrown around to wake everyone in the industry up that other company’s patents should not be used without the proper permission. Not just for Traxxas, but for every company out there. Also, I feel it will lead to more innovation. I mean, if one company has a half dozen patents on steering racks, it forces a car designer to come up with a new design, hopefully one that is better than any of those that came before it. Of course everyone has their own thoughts on this matter, feel free to flame it up on your fav message board, FB group, or comment page.

Ok folks, that’s it for this week. Next week I’ll be doing my annual “What the bsrc bash crew wants for Christmas” column, hopefully the guys have some cool new picks this year. Have a great week, and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter