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What's new: Thursday, September 11th, 2014

ASK Cubby

“Summit vs Yeti

Hi there,
I have liked the Summit for a long time because it was good all around, but now that the Yeti was made, I’m liking the Yeti more than the Summit. The two R/C’s have about a $150- $200 price difference (I think. I haven’t checked the Summit price in a while) but it looks like the Yeti might be better. It is definitely faster. But can it do the same things the summit can, and do it just as good or better?

Long story short I just want to know if the Yeti is just as good or better than the summit. Thanks!


Cubby- Yo hey Cam, you’ve made the big time, be sure and shoot us an email containing your snail mail so we can get ya the hook-up on one of our sweet sticker packs. For all the rest of the throngs reading this, you can have a sticker pack too, hit the “BSRC Shop” button at the top of the page. Our stickers instantly give you street cred and will show all your buddies that you are indeed a hardcore basher.

Oh ya, you wrote in with a question. One of my favorites, a “which is better”, but yours has a twist, you are comparing two very different sized vehicles.

So which is better, the Axial Yeti or the Traxxas Summit?

I have not run both of them back-to-back over the same terrain, so that makes the comparison a bit trickier. However, I have put in a lot of time with both independently. Based on my time with them…

These are two different types of beasts. The Axial is all around quicker, has more top speed, and is much more controllable while at speed. The Yeti can take a hit without breakage, and can be used to blast around a cul-de-sac or for an all day trail drive with your buddies.

The Summit is physically much larger, allowing it to get over large dirt clods or rocks. It has good power on tap as well, but it likes to wheelie and traction roll too much.

To boil it down, IMO the Axial Yeti is the better overall bash machine. While smaller, its speed and handling are simply better suited to general bashing.

“Slickrock lipo battery

Hey Buddy. Plse help a newbie. Just parked a Slickrock next to my Losi MRC Pro. I believe the std nmh battery is a big mistake. Our local South African RC shops are not exactly balls of fire hence I can’t find a suitable lipo battery for my new S/rock. Want to keep it in the box for now. Can you please tell me what lipo batteries I can look for. Many thanks.

Ronnie B.”

Cubby- Hey now Ronnie B, thanks for writing in and hope you plaster your Slickrock with the BSRC stickers that you will receive in the mail.

So you are from South Africa? As you probably know many of our staffers are all about Zef style. Sorry to hear your local hobby shops are not “balls of fire”, but then the Slickrock uses a small sized pack that isn’t available at a lot of hobby shops here in the states either.

We never received a Slickrock for review, so I’ve had no first hand experience with it. Stock it uses an odd 3+3 2/3A NiMH, which is great for fitting in its cube like battery tray, but not so good when it comes time for finding a replacment. The only pack I can think of that might be a good fit would be a MaxAmps 2S 860mAh. That pack should fit fine without modification and have more than enough current to get your rig around. Otherwise… I would recommend you go to your favorite on-line LiPo retailer and look for a pack with a form factor of roughly 30 x 30 x 50mm.

There is one more option, ditch the stock battery box and slap in a more readily available 2S 1200mAh’ish pack. Most LiPos in that size will fit inside the cage of the Slickrock, but not inside the stock battery box.

Have fun, go fast, and send us pics of the carnage.

Hey, that’s all I got for this week. Shoot me your selfies, screenshots, questions, rants, and perpetual motion machine plans to Cubby at BigSquidRC. I doubt it will, but if your letter hits the big time you’ll get a free BSRC sticker pack, and if I proclaim it as “Letter of the Month” you’ll receive a way-super-dope BSRC t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Pro-Line Axial Yeti
The Axial Yeti is arguably the most eagerly awaited release since the Traxxas Slash. Now that they are hitting consumer hands, the folks at Pro-Line have done a short article on some simple hop-ups to make the Yeti an even better off-road machine. In their article the Pro-line crew shows you how to mount upgrade front shocks, new tie-rods, and what it takes to install their sweet Secure-Loc body mounts. To make it easy to replicate their mods, they use plenty pictures and list all the part numbers needed.

To take a look at all the mods they performed, simply hit up This Link over on Pro-Line’s official blog.

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Dromida Kodo Quad
We first got to lay eyes on the Dromida KODO a couple of months ago at the HobbyTown USA convention, now more information has been released as it nears its ship date.

The KODO is Dromida’s first entry into the air market. It was designed as an entry level quadcopter, easy to fly and easy on the pocketbook. The KODO comes fully built and ready to fly, and it even comes with an on-board camera to add to the fun. At 3.5″ in length the KODO can easily be flown indoors, while three gyros and accelerometers allow even first timers to make successful flights.

The part number is #DIDE0005, it is priced at $59, and these should start hitting hobby shops next month. Click Right Here to check out the official Dromida website.

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What's new: Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Axial Yeti Review_00016

A lot of people are starting to get their Axial Yeti’s in hand! Woo Hoo! We can’t wait to start seeing more of them at bash spots tearing it up! We want to let everyone know what Axial has put out a cool little Pre-Run check list for you! Yes you, with the new clean Yeti! It covers stuff like battery tray adjustments, drive shaft and wheel nut securing, and more!

If you have a Yeti, or you have one on order, you should head over to this page and read up.

What’s that? You don’t have an Axial Yeti? Have you seen our review? We won’t tell anyone, just go read the review and see what you are missing.

THE Kyosho AXXE Wireless LAN iReceiver Sand Buggy Review

Kyosho AXXE Review

FPV, some say it’s the future, some won’t drive any other way, but most have little to no experience with it. Today we are taking a closer look at the Kyosho AXXE. The version of the AXXE we received is part of Kyosho’s iReadyset series, it comes with their iReceiver and can be driven by a wide variety of Android and Apple devices. With the addition of an optional Kyosho camera, it is as close to a full out of the box FPV set-up that you can buy. Does the Kyosho deliver a good FPV experience? Is driving with your cell phone any fun? Hit the “Read More” button to find out…


SWORKz S350T Truggy
The folks over at SWORKz have been teasing their first ever truggy for months, now they have released full details.

The 1/8 SWORKz truggy is dubbed the S350T. This is a nitro powered machine loaded with high performance features. Some of its highlights include-

* 7075 aluminum chassis with black hard coating
* CVDs all around
* Sealed front and rear arms
* 150cc fuel tank
* 7075 shock towers
* Pro 2.0 shocks with hex bladders & impact pistons

The part number is #SW-910019 and you can Click Here to check out the official SWORKz website.

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RC4WD Raceline Monster SCT Wheels
Looking for a realistic set of wheels for your short course project truck? They don’t get much more realistic than the new Raceline Monster Short Corse Beadlock Wheels from RC4WD. These are machined from aluminum and officially licensed by Raceline.

* Uses a universal 12mm hex
* 2.2/3.0 size that works with most SCT tires
* Width- 1.7″
* Negative offset- .89″

The part number is #Z-W0064, they are street priced at $69 per pair, and they are available right now. For complete details Click On Over to the official RC4WD website.

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HPI Discount Tire Micro RS4 Drift
Coming soon from HPI Racing is a Micro RS4 Drift featuring Discount Tire livery. This version will come as a RTR and features hard tires and locked diffs, making it easy to drift your way around your local bash spot. Yoshihara Designs Champion wheels and a highly detailed body make it look just like its full scale equivalent, while a 180 sized motor and 4wd put the power to the ground.

The part number is #112856 and you can Click Right Here to get more information over on the official HPI website.

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What's new: Tuesday, September 9th, 2014


The first time we saw the new Axial SCX10 RAM Power Wagon, we knew we couldn’t pass this one up!

We dig the way the body can come apart, and the ability to add on the roll cage. The battery way up front keeps us from having to mod it ourselves, and should make the truck handle much better out of the box.

Make sure to hit Read More to see the rest of the galleries.

HPI Rallycross Wheels
HPI has come up with a way for your WR8 Rally Car to really stand out in a crowd, their new bright Orange 35mm Method Wheels. Officially licensed by Method, their bright color and cool design can drastically change the look of your car. Also, these were made to be a perfect fit for several of HPI’s 2.2″ on-road tires, making for an easy install.

The part number for the wheels is #113688 and you can get more information over on the official HPI Website.

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Thunder Tiger EB4 G3 Buggy
We are big fans of the Thunder Tiger G3 platform. G3s are typically rugged, drive well, and they don’t break the bank. The latest vehicle in Thunder Tiger’s G3 line-up is the EB4 G3 Brushless Buggy. The EB4 uses the G3 chassis and comes ready to run right out of the box. Some of the highlights of the EB4 G3 include-

* 2000kV 1350 watt brushless motor
* Suspension based on ROAR Championship winning EB4 S3
* High torque metal gear servo
* Comes with ACE race spec ESC
* Heavy duty steel diffs
* Front and center CVDs
* Comes with Deans connector

The part number is #6400, these are available right now, and you can get complete details by hitting up This Link over on the official Thunder Tiger website.

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Mugen MBX7R Buggy
The 8th scale buggy World Championships are quickly approaching. As such, expect to see a lot of new products being announced for debut at the big event.

Mugen knows what it takes to win world championships and they have just announced their latest uber race machine, the MBX7R. The 7R is based off the highly praised MBX7, with updates and refinements to make it an even more lethal racing machine. Some of the highlights of the 7R include-

* New 16mm big bore shocks
* Re-designed front hub carriers
* More camber adjustability in front arms
* Front and rear universal driveshafts
* New rear wing mounts
* Re-designed baffle in fuel tank

The part number is #E2015 and you can get complete details at This Link over on the official Mugen website.

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What's new: Monday, September 8th, 2014

ARRMA Raider Mega Series Unboxing
Today we are sharing some pictures we took while unboxing the new ARRMA Mega Series Raider. The Raider was the first vehicle ever shown by ARRMA, this is the Mega Series version, ARRMA’s most affordable line intended for new drivers or people on a budget.

The Raider is completely RTR, meaning it comes completely built and even includes a battery and charger. The Mega Series uses waterproof electronics, but also comes with cost savings items like Phillips head hardware and plastic instead of metal in certain areas. Our full review will go up next week, until then enjoy the unboxing pictures.

The Mega Series Raider is priced at only $159 and you can get full details over on the official ARRMA Website.

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