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Associated Factory Team Aluminum Servo Horns

Associated Aluminum Servo Horns

Have you ever snapped a plastic servo horn before? If you have a big truck with a beefy servo, it can easily happen during an extreme bash session. The fix to the breakage issue is to use an aluminum unit like the new ones from Team Associated. Associated has just announced their Factory Team Aluminum Servo Horns. These come in 23 [...]


Speed Run Cubby

THE Cub Report, Version- Lessons I Have Learned…

At a bash over the weekend, I witnessed something peculiar. I’ve been in the hobby since the Earth cooled, but I had never seen this before. A youngster drove his Vaterra Ascender over to my pit area, sat his transmitter down, then walked away to meet up with his Dad. 45 minutes later, he came back over, picked up his [...]


TheBuildRC Option Parts Kyosho Honda NSR500

TheBuildRC Option Parts For The Kyosho Honda NSR500

Do you have a Kyosho NSR500 Motorcycle? Have you been thinking about hopping it up? If so, the crew over at TheBuildRC has something for you. New from TheBuildRC is a Carbon Fiber Option Part Set for the NSR500. Carbon fiber is light, yet strong, and can add a great touch of bling to your Kyosho. Pricing for the carbon fiber [...]


T-Bone Racing RR10 Bomber Upgrades

3 New T-Bone Products For The RR10 Bomber

Do you drive your RR10 Bomber with reckless abandon out on the trail? If so, beef it up with the new upgrade parts created by the good folks over at T-Bone Racing. First up are Front Lower Link Guards. These are made from .125″ nylon and take the abuse so your front lower links don’t have to. They are priced [...]


110% Shock Pod

110% Racing Shock Pod

Make all those summer shock rebuilds easier with the new Shock Pod from Ty Tessmann’s 110% Racing. The shock pod has a trick look and is made from a high quality acrylic. Designed to fit both 1/8th and 1/10th scale off-road shocks, it is also easy to break down, saving space in your pit bag. The shock pod is [...]




It’s the near the end of March, and you know what that means right? It’s the time when our readers tell us who they think is the current king of rc in the world! It’s Big Squid RC’s 6th Annual March Bash-ness. For the Big Squid RC Newbies, March Bash-ness is our annual Reader’s Choice event where you, the readers, [...]



Tetsujin Sunflower deep dish drift wheels

Tetsujin has released another style for their deep dish super rim lineup. The Sunflower is designed to look like a painted steel wheel popular with some drifters. They feature same 6,9,and 12mm selectable offset of the other deep dish wheels and come in several colors for you mix and match. These are available now for about $7.50 a pair. Want to grab [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – To Bling or Not to Bling

To bling or not to bling, that is the question I’m asking this week. I’ve got a project monster truck in the works and I plan on hanging a pair of Vanquish F9’s under it. It’s going to be my first purchase of complete machined housings and as such the question above is on my mind. You see in most of r/c [...]



G-force – Drift tire remover

Ever get a set of drift tires stuck on your favorite set of wheels? The G-force drift tire remover will help you press out those stubborn wheels allowing them to live again. It features all aluminum construction and comes in 2 colors. These should make any tire change quick and easy. These are available now for about 69 dollars US. Want to [...]


Dynamite 120A BL Marine ESC

Dynamite Marine 120A Brushless ESC

Getting that boat of yours ready for some Springtime bashing action? Does it need a new ESC? If so, the folks over at Dynamite have announced a new Marine Brushless Electronic Speed Controller. The unit is rated for 120 amps and is water cooled to help keep temps down. The ESC has a street price of $137, a part number of [...]


Xpress Xpresso K1

Xpress Xpresso K1

We posted a few days ago that Xpress is making a big comeback. The first car that Xpress is teasing is called the Xpresso K1. What is an Xpresso K1? Well, it is a rear wheel drive tenth scale on-road car that was designed to work with Tamiya WR-02 bodies. It can be run as a normal on-road car, or [...]


XRay NT1 2016

2016 XRay NT1 Nitro On-Road Kit

One way of fulfilling your need for speed is to get a smoking fast on-road car. Nitro 4wd tenth scalers are extremely quick around a track, or a cul-de-sac. The latest to hit the market is the 2016 edition of the XRay NT1. The NT1 has long been one of the most elite cars in its class, the list of [...]


Aquacraft Mini Rio Tactic Boat

Aquacraft Mini Rio Now With Tactic Radio

The popular Aquacraft Mini Rio Offshore Racer is now getting an update by shipping with a Tactic TTX300 Radio System. The boat stays mostly the same with its ABS hull and water cooled 380 motor, but the addition of the TTX300 is a nice upgrade with its reliable, interference free performance. The Tactic equipped Mini Rio is street priced at [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby- Here Comes The Questions, There I Go Out The Door

“iHobby 2016….train edition? Cubby, What was the deal with iHobby this year? Kudos to Horizon for coming out, but literally everyone else but parma was a no show, including you guys. What gives? I had a few trucks in my car waiting to see if there was a place to run, but nothing. I was so excited to see all kinds of new stuff, [...]


Empire Of Dirt Benefit Bash

Empire Of Dirt – Bash & Benefit Event

Coming up on April 24th in New Florence Missouri is a Bash & Benefit in memory of Randy Nordman. Randy tragically passed away on March 8th and was the owner of the Empire of Dirt RC Remote Control Park and Campground where the bash will be held. Open rc bashing will take place from noon until dark along with a [...]