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Pitbull Dirty Richard Foam Tire Inserts

New Dirty Richard Foam Inserts From Pit Bull Tires

Looking to gain an edge on your competition? If so, using the proper foam inserts in your scale rig or crawler can make a world of difference. To help you get maximum performance out of your tires, Pit Bull has announced Dirty Richard Single Stage Foams. These high performance inserts are available in firm, medium, or a soft density. Pit [...]


SWORKz S35-T Pro Nitro Truggy

Teaser – SWORKz S35-T Pro Nitro Truggy

Just announce by SWORKz is the S35-T Pro Nitro Truggy. The S35-T Pro is based off of SWORKz latest nitro buggy and comes in kit form. Here are some highlights of this nitro powered track machine- * Pro shock towers made from 7075 aluminum * Longer BBS shock system w/ emulsion style caps * Lightened 7075 chassis * Front & rear universals * Heavy duty [...]


HRC Racing Jeep LED Light Bar

HRC Racing Jeep LED Light Bars

Light up those night trail drives with the new Jeep LED Light Bars from HRC Racing. There are three different bars ranging from 4 to 6 lights featuring grill covers with the Jeep name on them. These are expected to start shipping next month and were designed to fit on the roof of 1/10th scale crawlers. HRC8723J4 – 4x White LED HRC8723J5 [...]


MIP Wide Track Kit Traxxas TRX-4

MIP Wide Track Kit For The Traxxas TRX-4

Have you put some big tires on your Traxxas TRX-4 and are now having clearance problems? The folks at MIP are here to save the day. MIP has a new Wide Track Kit made just for the portal axles on the TRX-4. With the kit you’ll gain 8mm in total width, giving your big new tires the extra room they [...]


Futaba 7PX Video

Futaba 7PX Spotlight Video

The Futaba 7PX is getting super close to shipping here in the states. It is slated for an early October release date, a time that many Futaba fans are anxiously awaiting. We’ve gotten our chance to use the 7PX already and were really impressed. Its ergonomics are typical Futaba, meaning top shelf, and we found its menu system to be [...]


JConcepts Snoop Nose Chevy Race Truck Body

JConcepts “Snoop Nose” Chevy Race Truck Body

Just announced is the “Snoop Nose” Chevy Race Truck Body from JConcepts. The video below features Fred Reep and Dan Wyatt at the 4-link nationals in Lancaster, Ohio where they talk about how cool the new body is and some of the factors that went into its design. If you are looking for a new monster truck body for your [...]


SSD Front Bulkhead Losi Rock Baja Rey

SSD Front Bulkhead For The Losi Rock/Baja Rey

Attention Losi Rock Rey & Baja Rey owners, SSD has a trick new part for you. New from SSD is an Aluminum Front Bulkhead for the Rock & Baja Rey. The bulkhead not only looks super trick, but is also CNC machined from aluminum for the ultimate in durability. * Grey anodizing * Direct fit, easy to install * Large pinion bearings- 11 [...]


Video Redcat Everest Gen7

Action Video – Redcat Everest Gen7

Now slated to start shipping in early October, Redcat has released a new video showing the Everest Gen7 in action. From water, to rock crawling, to general off-roading, the video below gives you a nice look at the Everest Gen7, as well as its general capabilities. Furthermore, at just over 1 minute in length, you can have a good look [...]


Xpress Execute XQ1

Xpress Execute XQ1 Touring Car

What’s new from Xpress? Well, they have a new high-end touring car called the Execute XQ1. The XQ1 is a kit made from premium materials and was designed to cut fast laps at your local carpet track. Here are some of its highlights- * Carbon fiber chassis, towers, top deck * Easy roll center adjustments * One piece bulkheads * Marked pre-load rings to [...]


Event Reminder - October 14th Pro-Line, BigSquidRC Monster T…

Here we are folks, our mega-bash with Pro-Line grows closer every day. On October 14th in Banning California, the Pro-Line & BigSquidRC Monster Truck A-Palooza will take place. On that day you’ll be able to get in some serious bashing, while hanging out with other people who also love the hobby. Monster Truck A-Palooza has loads of different events to compete [...]


RC4WD Wood Roof Rack Cruiser Body

RC4WD Wood Roof Rack For The Cruiser Body

Have you been looking for the perfect scale accessory for your RC4WD Cruiser? If so, have a look at the CCHand Wood Roof Rack that RC4WD has made specifically to fit the Cruiser. The rack is hand welded from stainless steel, plus it has genuine wood planks for the ultimate in scale realism. * Available with or without lights * ABS injection [...]


Traxxas Road Racing Fun at Woodward Video

Video – Traxxas Road Racing Fun At Camp Woodward

Have you driven an on-road car lately? If not, Traxxas has a new video showing you how much fun it can be. The video below shows a pair of 4-Tec 2.0s cruising around Camp Woodward. There is some drift action, and for all you fans of airtime, the Traxxas crew even hit some small jumps with the Ford GT and [...]


Intech ER-14 ARR

Intech Racing ER-14 ARR Buggy

Announced earlier this morning by Intech Racing is the ER-14 ARR buggy. The ER-14 is an older platform that will now be available as a ARR/roller. The ARR version makes it super easy for new hobbyists to hit the track and start racing. * Pre-built ARR * 1/10th 4wd buggy * Aluminum chassis * Available with clear or pre-painted body * Carbon fiber shocks towers * [...]


Sunglass Cubby

THE Cub Report – Upcoming Madness

Here we are folks, yet another Monday, yet another Cub Report, thanks for reading. This time of year is a busy one within the industry. After coming off some slow summer months, everyone is now ramping up for the Christmas sales season. The holiday sales season is famous for being a make it, or break it, time of year in [...]


PROTOform Upgrade Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0 VTA

Video – PROTOform Upgrading The 4-Tec 2.0 For VTA Racing

With winter getting closer every day, it is time to get ready to race indoors. If you are a new Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0 owner, racing the local VTA class could be lots of fun this winter. Lucky for you, the folks at PROTOform have released a new Video showing you how to get your Traxxas ready for battle. In the [...]