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MIP C-Drive Axial Yeti

MIP X-Duty Rear C-Drive Kit for the Axial Yeti

The Axial Yeti is tough but its plastic rear driveshaft can be prone to breakage under heavy use. If you have been twisting/breaking the stocker, MIP have announced a new X-Dutry C-Drive Kit. For the ultimate in durability, the MIP unit is made from heat treated steel and uses their spline drive technology. The part number is #14390 and it has [...]


Unboxing the Dromida Kodo from Hobbico!

The quadcopters from Dromida just keep coming, and just off the truck and on the shelves of local hobby shops is the Kodo, a new flipping, camera touting, bug-looking quadcopter. This quad can flip, take pictures and video, and can be picked up for only $60. I know we gave at least one away at iHobby, but now I get my own to [...]


Pro-Line PRO-MT Video

Video – Pro-Line PRO-MT in Action

The folks over at Pro-Line have released a video featuring their new PRO-MT monster truck. The PRO-MT should make a BIG splash in the bashing world, watch the video to see it in action and to learn more about its features. To get full details on the PRO-MT, check out its official page on the Pro-Line Website Our full review [...]



Unboxing the Axial Yeti XL

Yep, the review has been posted… but there are a few things that we didn’t show that are in the box that we felt needed to be shown. Plus, we didn’t show the box in the review. Everyone likes to see what the boxes look like, what they say, etc. So enjoy the unboxing photos of the Axial Yeti XL! [...]



THE Cub Report, 10.12.2014, Version- #‎ForzaJule…

Hey, first things first, don’t forget that this weekend is our huge, way-over-the-top, 10 Year Anniversary Bash & Party. We’ll be going big, crashing hard, eat’n cake, and giving away some way super dope gear. Like what? Like a brand new nobody-can-buy-yet Axial Yeti XL and a top of the line Futaba 4PX. All you have to do to win [...]



HPI Racing GTXL-1 Vintage Body

HPI Racing has a new body to give that monster truck of yours a cool vintage look. The GTXL-1 Vintage Body projects a 70’s/80’s pickup truck image that is sure to make your truck stand out in a crowd down at your local bashing spot. It is made to be a perfect fit on the Savage XL Octane and Savage [...]


Associated APEX Scion Racing tC

Associated APEX Scion Racing tC RTR

The latest car from Team Associated is a Scion Racing tC RTR that is part of their Apex series. The AE Scion tC comes with brushless power and a body modeled after Fredric Aasbo’s Hankook Racing Scion tC. Some of its other features include- * 1/10th scale 4wd * High grip tires on 5 spoke wheels * 3300kV Reedy brushless motor * Water resistant [...]



Thanks Team!

Year after year we strive to go bigger than the last, not only on the website, but at events, shows, bashes, or wherever the Big Squid Crew might be. This year the Big Squid RC Crew went above and beyond expectations at iHobby 2014! Our schedule was insane with two huge product unveils, our own print unveil, 2 surface demos [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ For the Weekend &#…

While the gang was at iHobby last weekend, I was busy getting in wheel time with arguably the biggest “traditional” scaling platform release this year; the Vaterra Ascender. Big thanks to my trailing buddy Matt Worthington for letting me have at his new truck for an afternoon of trailing and neighborhood crawling. Given that this isn’t my own truck and [...]


Boom Racing Asiatees Gmade R1 Upgrades

Boom Racing Upgrades for the Gmade R1

Can’t get enough bling for that Gmade R1 of yours? The folks over at Boom Racing have 5 new aluminum upgrades to set your Gmade apart. The upgrades include aluminum front & rear link mounts, servo mount, rear axle lock-out, steering blocks, and a center skid plate. All of these are available in three different colors and you can get [...]


Heli-Max 200FP V-Cam

Heli-Max 200FP V-Cam Helicopter

There seems to be camera equipped quads everywhere you turn, where are the helicopters? Well here is one, the new Heli-Max 200FP V-Cam. The 200FP was designed to be easy to fly for beginners and comes with a 720P HD video/still camera. More highlights of the 200FP include- * Electric fixed-pitch helicopter * Stable enough to be flown indoors or out * Comes [...]


Pro-Line Pro-MT Monster Truck

Our First Drive with the Pro-Line Pro-MT Monster T…

As we were finishing up the Pro-Line Pro-MT review that goes up on Tuesday, we started talking among ourselves about our first experience with the truck. You see, the first time we got to pull trigger on the Pro-MT was nearly 2 months ago during our California Dreamin Road Trip. Our first drive included a big parking lot, a dirt [...]


BS Squidink_05_porta_10_09_2014

SquidInk #4

It’s time for another edition of SquidInk! Not that we see a lot of porta potty destruction, we have run into a few of them. (Wrench, I’m looking at you!) It’s also amazing the amount of people we see texting while trying to drive their RC. Seriously, put the phone down! Don’t forget to click the pic above for the [...]


MIP C-Drive Vaterra K5 Blazer

MIP X-Duty C-Drive Kit for the Vaterra K-5 Blazer

Trail driving is a lot of fun, right up to the point when you get in a tight spot, then tag the gas and pop a driveshaft. To help eliminate that lowly walk of shame back to your truck for a replacement shaft, MIP has some new heavy duty driveshafts for the Vaterra K5 Blazer. The X-Duty C-Drive Kit from MIP [...]


TheToyz Nano Quadcopter Storage Case

TheToyz Nano Quadcopter Storage Case

In the beginning there was the Estes Proto-X. It blew away consumers and was the big sales hit of X-mas 2013. Since then a dozen different companies have put out nano sized quads. To help protect and keep all your nano quadcopter gear organized, the fine folks over at TheToyz have announced a new storage case. The storage case features heavy [...]